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Q/A with Kevin Goldstein

In what has become one of my favorite yearly traditions, Kevin Goldstein was kind enough to donate some of his time to answer questions about Phillies prospects and his newly released Top 11 (well, really, top 21) prospects list, which you can view here at Baseball Prospectus. Kevin’s coverage of the minors is second to none, and his accessibility and willingness to interact, especially via twitter, makes him a real asset to the prospecting community. You can follow him here. Thanks again to Kevin for taking the time. Check below the fold for the full Q/A

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Open Discussion Post – 25 February 2011

The Phillies played a game yesterday. The long winter is finally subsiding. And we have things to talk about. I’ll open the floor for discussion. And I’ll post the prospect highlights from the 8-0 win over Florida State to get everyone started.

Naylor: 2 IP – 1 H – 2 K
Stutes: 1 IP – 1 H – 3 K
Schwimer: 1 IP – 1 BB
De Fratus: 1 IP -2 K
Mathieson: 1 IP – 1 BB – 2 K

Michael Martinez: 0/2, RBI
Rivero: 0/1
Larish: 0/1
J-Berry: 1/1, R
Brown: 1/3, R
Galvis: 1/2, RBI
Barfield: 1/2

Annnnnnd. Go!

Quick Summary of Off-season Minor League Acquisitions

I wrote a couple of posts outlining most of our minor league free agent signings and other acquisitions this off-season for another site–I’ll copy them (and extend them a bit) here.  There aren’t a lot of Jason Werth-type players on these lists, but some decent AAA insurance here and there, and a couple of players who might surprise if they get healthy or find their confidence. The post is organized by position players first, then pitchers.

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Baseball America Top 100

Baseball America released its Top 100 today.  The Phils were well-represented:

#4–Domonic Brown

#39–Jonathan Singleton

#56–Brody Colvin

#70–Jarred Cosart

Among guy who have been traded, Kyle Drabek ranked #29, Travis D’Arnaud was #36, and Jonathan Villar was # 94.

EDIT–>While I’m at it, the Baseball Prospectus annual was just published (not sure if this will change online) and has Brown at #4, Colvin at #60, and Singleton at #63.  Drabek is the only former Phil at #14.

A quick word on the comments section here.

I’m going to write one very brief post on this. The comments on this post will be turned off. My hope is that this clears up any gray areas or uncertainties. I’m going to use bullet points here so it is really easy to follow.

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* By choosing to read the site, you understand that I make the rules, and I enforce the rules as I see fit.
* In the last week, I’ve had to remove more comments than I had to remove in the 4+ years the site has been operational prior to the last week.
* I have a very busy life. I do not have time to sit here for hours a day and weed through/edit/delete comments because people are being abusive and nasty. Compared to most outlets of the internet, the discourse here is very friendly. Which is a testament to 99% of the people who regularly contribute.
* Going forward, if you see someone causing trouble, just ignore them. By responding, you only give them fuel.
* Any comments that break the rules, ie, personal attacks, foul language, or anything else unsightly will be removed. Consider this your first and only warning. If you don’t like this policy, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not one for censorship, but I’m also not one for people taking a dump on my lawn, and this website is my lawn. Or something.
* In short, please grow up and be respectful of the site and each other. If you can’t make your point without being insulting, derogatory or overtly nasty, then your point probably isn’t worth making.

Carpenter to the ‘pen

In what has been a whirlwind week for Pitcher Drew Carpenter  (and with a scarcity of Minor League News), Todd Zolecki is reporting that the Phils have decided to move Carpenter to the bullpen.  This time last week, Carpenter had just reported to Spring Training as a member of the 40 man roster and most likely one of the top starters in Lehigh Valley.  With the acquisition of Brian Schlitter, who was added to the 40 man roster, Carpenter was first designated for assignment, cleared waivers, and is now back at camp as a reliever. Phils pitching coach Rich Dubee told Zolecki that ” We’ll try to simplify some things…Get him back to a fastball, cutter, split…We think he has enough stuff to get through a lineup one time.  Getting deeper was a little too difficult.” Carpenter, 25, was the Phils 2nd round draft choice in 2006 out of Long Beach State.

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Top 30 mailbag

I went through my Top 30 in great detail, now I’ll answer your questions about my list. Lets start off with 3 questions from Derek:

Do you have any ‘deep sleepers’ for this upcoming year? Guys that aren’t top 30 or even top 40 who you think have a chance of being top 15 next year?

How about the next M. Taylor or J. Singleton, guys that are on the radar, but have huge seasons that move them to the top of the list?

How would you rank Biddle, Cosart, May, and Colvin based on pure stuff?

Jumping from way off the list into the Top 15 could be tough, but the guy I could see making the biggest jump is Brian Pointer. I really like his swing, he has a good blend of power and speed, and he could make a big impact if all goes well. A number of the international signings from the last year, Anderson Gonzalez (SS), Francisco Silva (SS), Franklyn Zavala (LHP), and Miguel Nunez (RHP) could also emerge.

In terms of the “next Michael Taylor” type, I think Gauntlett Eldemire or Cameron Rupp are good candidates to fit this mold. Both are college guys with big tools, and both had disappointing debuts.

In terms of raw stuff, I think you’d have to rank them Cosart > Colvin > Biddle > May.

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My Top 30 Prospects for 2011: Part 10

And then we reached the end of the line. Today is the final installment of my Top 30 prospects for 2011. I hope you enjoyed the new format, breaking things up into 2 weeks worth of discussion. I know that I had a lot more fun writing it this way, as I was able to devote a significant chunk of words and thoughts to each batch of prospects, instead of spending the bulk of my time on the top 10 guys, and then just giving brief overviews of the next 20 guys. Today I’ll cover my last 2 prospects, as well as some thoughts on guys who didn’t make the list. As always, my goal is to outline why I chose the player and then let you decide if you agree or not. So, without further delay, lets finish this.

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