8 thoughts on “JC Ramirez had labrum surgery last week

  1. My understanding is that the surgery was on the labrum in his hip. Still not good, but not the same “kiss of death” as the shoulder labrum.

  2. Even though it is his hip – are there any examples of pitchers coming back to All-Star Level with a Hip Labrum (Brett Myers?), or Shoulder Labrum Surgery?

  3. Read that it was comparable to what Utley had, and not considered a major risk (i.e. career threatening). Had the issue all year and they let him pitch with it (and pain) b/c it wouldn’t get worse.

  4. This is a reminder that we have never really had a clear resolution of whether or not Aumont has a serious hip problem, as the rumors around the time of the trade indicated. What is the real deal with him? I think Myers has been as good post-surgery as he was before he injured his hip. He’s pitched every bit as well this season as he did in his best Phillies season of 2005. Can’t really say the same yet about Utley.

  5. I don’t see what was gained by having him pitch a whole year. By the end of July he probably learned all he could and you certainly need him absolutely whole next year.
    Pitching in pain is not conducive to proper form. JC probably sucked it up for a while but……..

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