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SONAR Review Volume 1: NL East

Hello, and welcome to the first part of my 2010 SONAR review. As you know, last winter (and really it was 2 years in the making) I unveiled a new metric I had created to try and evaluate minor league performance across all levels, taking into account a player’s age, his league he was playing in, his home park, and measure the performance based on his true performance, not just the standard 3 slash stats. I re-worked the stat a few times, trying to get the kinks out, and then rolled out my final scores for the 2010 season. All of the data is found here, as well as a primer on the basics of what the score measures and my rationale for creating the metric. Now that we have a full year of data, I want to re-visit my lists heading into 2010 and see how good SONAR was as a predictor, based on 2009 performances used to create each player’s SONAR score. I’m going to do 6 parts, one for each division, and keep them in separate posts. So check below and we’ll get started.

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