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End of Season Review–Catcher

A look at the production (or lack thereof) from the Catcher position in the Phils organization in 2010 with predictions on where players will end up next year. Next up: The Outfield on Friday or Saturday.

Lehigh Valley

Paul Hoover, 34, 255 AB’s; .247/.326/.345 with 2HR and 21 RBI; .300 vs. LH, .231 vs. RH, .246 with RISP, .288 Post All STar; 9% bb rate, 23% k rate.  24/81 (30%) CS; 7 errors (.986), 6 passed balls in 67 games. Hoover did not play as well in 2010 as he did in 2009 and the years may be catching up with him.  Still serviceable as a AAA catcher but the Phils may want to look elsewhere for depth. Continue reading End of Season Review–Catcher