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A review of my Top 30 prospects for 2010

Instead of waiting to look back at my Top 30 until next season’s top 30, I figured I’d devote some substantial words to my list. My goal is to try and figure out where I was right on guys, where I was wrong, and identify if my philosophies as a whole have a blind spot, or if things were simply unforeseeable last winter. I’m going to refrain from making too many 2011 slanting comments, I’m not doing a preliminary top 30 now, this is just to look back at my rankings and figure out how good/bad they were. Check below for more.

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End of Season Review–Middle Infield

A last look at the Middle Infield in 2010, how they fared and what to expect.  Next up: Catchers on Monday.

Lehigh Valley

Brian Bocock, 25, 380 AB’s; .226/.313/.303 with 4 HR and 31 RBI’s; 13/19 SB; .277 vs. LH, .212 vs. RH, .224 with RISP; .288 Post All Star; 11% bb rate, 21% k rate. 12 Errors in 119 games at SS (.977); 4.23 R/F. During the beginning of the season, Bocock looked completely lost at the plate.  He has improved dramatically throughout the season.  While I can’t imagine he is going to hit any more than.240 at any time, his defense is phenomenal and saves a ton of runs up the middle.  Mid season I could never could have imagined saying this, but I hope to see Bocock back in 2011. Continue reading End of Season Review–Middle Infield