Bastardo to Philly, Baez to the DL,

The Phillies announced today that Right handed relief pitcher Danys Baez was placed on the DL with back issue and LHP Antonio Bastardo was called up from AAA Lehigh Valley to take his spot on the 25 man roster.  Bastardo, 24,  has allowed runs in just one of his 20 appearances for the ‘Pigs this year.  Opponents are hitting just .190 against him and he is averaging over 1.5 K’s per inning pitched.  Although he has struggled in his limited time in Philly this year, Bastardo certainly can bring more to the table then Baez at this late stage of the season, a season in which Baez has struggled consistently from the beginning of the year.

Also, the effort by Mike Cisco last night starting for Reading must be noted, a game in which he threw a complete game shutout, striking out 10.

17 thoughts on “Bastardo to Philly, Baez to the DL,

  1. Kick butt Tony. Can he swing the bat too? I’m thinking of requesting Philly to call up the Lakewood position players. They can’t do any worse.

  2. Baez was terrible for most of the year but his last three appearances were great; he gave up one hit and no runs in 3 innings of work and now he suddenly goes on the DL? How ironic! Hopefully Bastardo can pitch up to his potential on the major league level. Most of the Phillie callups this year have been disappointing; admittedly in very limited action.

  3. Although not in love with Baez, his last 4 outings have been better. The one disappointing aspect is that Baez cannot pitch multiple innings when used.

  4. I like the 2nd lefty in the bullpen, but much rather would have had Zagurski up. Is Zagurski healthy, I like his performances this year at the big league level more than bastardos.

  5. Another great starting performance at the Reading Phillies tonight. Drew Naylor 7 inning, 11 k’s 5 hits, one run (earned) in the 1st. 1 walk allowed.

    Tuffy Goeswhich is the offesvive star contributing 4 rbi’s off of back to back homers and a single.

  6. Ed, I’ve seen Zagurski pitch several times at the AAA level this season. I have a hard time imaging that he could outpitch Bastardo right now. Zagurski’s command is much too spotty to make him a reliable MLB option.

  7. Cisco’s outing was particularly outstanding. He gave up a hit and BB. They were both in the 1st inning. He retired 25 straight to end of the game. In the words of Mel Allen, “How a-bout that”.

  8. Another great followup to this might mark Cisco as the goto emergency starter.
    But if not what a way to end a injury year. Grandpop must be proud.

  9. Remember, this move has more to do with postseason flexibility than for an injury to Baez. This is similar to a few years ago calling up John Ennis and immediately putting him on the DL.

  10. Savery with three hits, including a double, as the DH against Scranton. He looked like the best hitter in the lineup.

  11. Another rbi single last night. Savery currently hottest young lefthanded bat in the high minor system.

  12. I thought that perhaps the Phillies could have brought up Michael Stutes instead of Bastardo when Danys Baez got hurt. Stutes has had a good record at both AA and AAA this year. He’s pitched well lately and appears to be about ready for his first shot against major league hitters.

  13. Jonathan Singleton is back!

    Past 10 Games: .351/.455/.568
    His season OPS is back up to .884.
    He’ll be 18 until September 18th on top of all that. Insanely impressive season by one of the younger players in the SAL.

  14. Re Singleton – I recently looked at two years of the Sally league & Midwest league (2004-2005). Of the 40 players who were in the top 10 OPS for those years/leagues, 5 were 18 or 19. All of them made the majors, 4 of them are regulars.* Singleton is now 8th in OPS. Small sample size, but that level of success at that age in that league is a VERY good sign of future success.

    *The exception, Travis Denker is an interesting guy. I know nothing about him beyond the numbers, but his numbers were pretty good in his only major league season, granted only 42 PA, considering his age & positions. Fielding was better than average per UZR. But since then no more major league experience, and he’s knocked around in the minors (with very varied results). What’s the story there?

  15. Dennis,
    Phillies have a 40-man roster limit that has to be managed. They basically have to call-up a third Catcher so that puts them at 39. They should keep one open spot for an emergency callup or waiver claim.
    Moyer can be put on 60-day DL to open another spot but that will likely go to Dobbs or Ransom.
    Additionally once placed on 40-man Phillies would basically have to release Stutes to take him off the 40-man. No reason to lose that flexibility when Mathieson and Zagurski are ahead of him. (It is also why bringing up Worley made little sense to me unless it was as trade bait.)

  16. LarryM, it looks like Denker jumped past AA and he hit the wall in AAA. His numbers in Fresno weren’t bad but when he hit the International League, he performed terribly. Slugging .343 in Pawtucket is not going to help your career. He looks like a guy who doesn’t have enough power to play first base, but not a good enough defender to play second regularly either. Guys like that can still become bench players, but there are only so many spots.

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