August 20th Discussion

Sorry about the lack of a daily posting yesterday. Life keeps getting in the way of my minor league baseball obsession. We’re back and better than ever on this mid August Friday. Only a few more weeks left in the regular minor league season. Last night’s boxes

GCL Phillies won 5-0.
Williamsport won 4-2.
Lakewood lost 8-5.
Clearwater lost 12-2.
Reading lost 15-10.
Lehigh Valley won 5-2.

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  1. Thanks for depressing me. The VSL is done. Minor League baseball will be done, as you said, in a few weeks. Then there’s a lull until the fall/winter leagues kick in.

    Pointer had a single in his first pro AB. Congrats!

    James went 2 – 5 with 2 HRs and 3 RBIs. Singleton had a HR and single. Let’s hope he’s catching his second wind.

    Lendy Castillo pitched 6 innings, giving up a hit and 0 runs, 5Ks and BB. He has 44Ks in 39 2/3 IP since coming over from the DSL. He’s 21 so he’s not a “baby” but he is getting the job done.

    Worley and Buchanan had the only other pitching lines of note last night. It seemed that a lot of pitchers were lit up. Worley went 6 2/3, 5H, 1 R 3 Ks, BB. Buchanan went 5 IP, 3H, 6K, 3 BB.

    Schoenberger is tiring. He’s hitting .156 in his last 10 games with 15Ks. He’s had 24% of his Ks in the last 10 games. He’s had more Ks so far in August than he had in any other full month. He’s also had 2 Errors last night. People who’ve seen him say he’s a little man so the long season must be taking it’s toll. He has to go on a conditioning program to strengthen himself for the long haul.

  2. Not happy about season ending but already looking forward to see who steps up next season. Pointers utube stuff looked impressive, Singleton at a higher level, and all of the impressive pitching prospects at their next level. Just wondering does anybody think the phillies have a prosect that should be promoted 2 levels? As far as someone moving 2 levels prob Hewitt going back to GCL, lol.

  3. It looks like several starting pitchers had off nights last night, notably Josh Zeid, Austin Hyatt and Joseph Esposito (who?) pitching for Clearwater. I guess it can happen even to a good pitcher (e.g. Cole Hamels last night). It is interesting that in the 12th inning last night, Kyrell Hudson ran for Kelly Dugan and scored the go-ahead run. It makes me wonder about the level of Dugan’s speed (wasn’t he drafted as a center fielder?) or whether he was tired or injured. Dugan is now over .300 at Williamsport and 3 of his 6 hits are doubles

  4. I believe Dugan was a 1b when he was drafted. He may have to get out his 1b glove to clear up the OF logjam in Lakewood next year.

  5. I wonder if james can move two levels, that mostly likely would be asking too much ,I guess, with his lack of experience.

  6. I’m not sure Hudson pinch running for Dugan is any sort of indicator on Dugan, but more of an indicator on Hudson. From all that’s been said, he’s got game changing speed and he could steal a run. Nice weapon to use in extra innings or late in a game.

  7. Williamsport had 18 K’s in 12 innings. Nice to see Altherr is back in the line-up.

    Also good to see Dugan hitting outside of Florida. It’s fun to watch a guy go through a hot streak like he’s been on…

  8. Dugan had the leg infection when he was on the DL. That could be the reason for the PR.
    Also, Joe Esposito was signed out of the Atlantic League (Independent). Just a fill-in guy.

  9. Interesting that the 31st round draft pick Jim Klocke came up with a key single in the 12th inning last night to help fuel the Cutters win. He was pinch hitting for the third round draft pick Rupp. Klocke has a nice stroke from the left side.

  10. Dugan-since coming off his leg injury- which was not that long ago, it has been standard practice to remove him after 3 AB’s or so. Now until the 13th inning he lasts. I do not think the pinch running by Hudson is indicative from what is known from here of anything other than they have alot of OF’s that should play now and they want to work them in when they can, and continuing to work in Dugan from the injury. The lineup last night had Altherr in CF and Dugan in RF, so maybe they work Hudson off the bench for awhile ,looks like they have a logjam for now. Alvarez was LF and Rundle was DH, and Santana and Hudson did not start. Should continue the last couple of weeks. Ryne White starting to play more at 1B, Jake Smith at 3B still not hitting much, nor is the other (more played ) 3B Alonso. Maybe they slide Cusick to 3B before the end of season, if he is not slightly injured to cause the recent drop in playing time.

    VSL- batters with more walks than strikeouts- Willians Astudillo (3B) Eduards Tolo
    (SS), and Alexis Salazar (OF) . Maybe those 3 go to Stateside Spring Training along with relatively newly signed Wilmer Oberto (OF) and maybe a return trip for LHP Ely Izzuriaga.

    DSL- fairly good seasons by SS Witer Jimenez (in what is rumored to be his 2nd good season with team) and 2B (former 3b this season and big money signing) Carlos Valenzuela. Maybe they make the trip and among position players a chance for 3B Yeisson Morales, OF’s Jorge Castillo, Delvi Francisco, 1B-C Felix Marine, and C Rafael DeLaCruz. and some pitchers.

    GCL- Christopher Duffy came on strong as of late, but not so much to indicate he should have been placed higher , I say. Also good batting from Geancarlo Mendez and 2nd time draftee, Patrick Murray. Looks like Francisco Diaz clearly became the #1 Catcher.

    Lakewood- 500 AB’s for Jiwan James and at .278 with all the other things, good solid year of experience. Steven Batts playing alot of 3B lately with Jeremy Barnes at 2B, Schoenberger spelled at SS by minor league vet Gabriel Suarez , newly demoted Korby Mintken, or vet Keoni Ruth, mostly a 2B with Barnes sliding to SS. What with the OF surplus in low levels, maybe they include one as a MTBNL in the Sweeney trade, Usually they include a list of players to choose from and if not that cash. Maybe they include Hewitt on that list, but since experience wise he could conceivably go to Clearwater next season, maybe they make it a lesser experienced guy who is tradeable, but most of the Williamsport guys might be too good for that.

    CLW- James Murphy back playing 3B from time to time.

    RDG- Garcia leading off , seasonal average at .319, Gosewisch batting 2nd of late.
    Overbeck up to 9 HR’s at Reading and 20 on the season. Maybe they can move him to AAA next season and work him there , in lieu of another Minor League Free Agent.

  11. Is it usual for a team to sign a lot of free agent this time of year for minor league team. I really don’t remember last year if we did, My answer to the Hudson over Dugan running I Dont believe it has anything to do with Dugan ability to play center, rowland doesnt have a lot of speed but makes up for it with his ability to run good routes to the ball.

  12. Reading the Sickels piece does temper my enthusiasm a little. While a lot of players who were in 10-20 range or even lower have moved up a little or a lot, it seems that most of the top 10 were mild disappointments, with a couple of obvious exceptions. Though I think part of it is that some of hs judgments are a little on the harsh side. Ramirez has had his ups and downs, for example, but I don’t know if it’s fair to say his “stock has dropped.” Maybe he’s more tuned in to the scouts that I am (okay, I’m sure he is) , but Ramirez just turned 22 a couple days ago and he is holding his own in AA. I still see him as a possible mid rotation guy, and maybe he’s a step closer to that.

  13. James has to cutdown on his strikeouts. 116 k’s in 500 AB’s, for a guy with 5HR. Not a power guy for sure, at least at this point.

  14. Phillies closing in on GCL North title. 5 game lead with ten to play. League will award a trophy to Champion this year.

  15. Phillies minor-league prospect Tyson Gillies, 21, arrested in Pinellas County early this morning on felony count of possession of cocaine.

  16. lol this is getting ridiculous. I can only imagine how the front office is feeling about the Cliff Lee trade.

  17. Sickle’s comments need to be tempered with the fact he a very harsh grader. He gave the #1 prospect in all of baseball a B+… even if he was having a very good year in the minors, and is contributing in the majors. Also, given Cosart’s advances this year, a C+ is not warranted. Colvin a C+ as well… ?

    On the flip side, Aumont a B- when he was demoted and has not really kicked ass at a lower level? I just don’t get it.

  18. Larry – That also has to do with the poor order that Sickles had for his top 20. Check it vs. PP’s top 30. PP’s is significantly better, and I think most of us said the same thing at the same time. Cosart @ 9, Colvin @ 15, & Singleton @ 11 etc.

  19. Throw in sandberg – he clearly states the rankings and ratings were done prior to the season. Only the comments are updated

  20. Throw-IN those are his grades from preseason. He just re-lists them with his comments on how their seasons have went. He’s not saying thats what he thinks of them now.

  21. Well, if history serves, Gillies can hopefully play this injury-to-drug charge fiasco into a downward spiral of cocaine, alcohol, and strip clubs then resurrect himself into an All-World outfielder like Josh Hamilton. When is the next homerun derby in Yankee Stadium???

    What a jerk.

  22. Drug use makes one a jerk? Violating an arbitrary set of laws while not harming anybody=jerk. Roffle

  23. RULZ, talk to Josh Hamilton and his family and friends on that subject. Committing a federal felony does make you a “jerk” to your employer and fanbase (who traded a CY for you and spend $ on your development) regardless of how you feel about controlled substances and their harms and benefits.

  24. Yeah, I’m still far from joining the “system is bare” crowd. But while we can dismiss the doomsayers, and on the other extreme the people on this site who think every prsopect is a potential all star (I exagerate but not by much), it’s hard to know just how the system is doing vis a vis other systems. I’m not an expert on other systems, and with one or two exceptions, no one who comments on this site is. We reasonably look to the comments of experts, but even that is an imperfect guide, especially mid season. I’m on the optimistic side of the reasonable commenters, but who’s to say that (for example) Nobody’s somewhat more pessimistic take isn’t more accurate (though I’m more convinced that some of his other worries are exagerated, for reasons discussed elsewhere).

    And of course the Gillies thing – ughh. I still had fairly high hopes for him, despite a mildly negative comment from me in another thread (just before I heard about the arrest).

  25. “while not harming anybody”

    Tell me how drug cartels don’t harm anybody?

    I’m pro-legalization, but that doesn’t mean I think coke of all things at present is a trade to support.

  26. Gillies ticks me off. I can’t even formulate a decent response.

    I guess he’ll get a 50 game suspension and then whatever Philly might wants to heap on top. He lost nearly the entire year this year and now another chunk of next year. Dope! I guess that works at a number of levels.

  27. Gillies was in a drug cartel? I missed that part of the article. He screwed up big time, but don’t make it worse than it is. It is a non-violent crime that hurts nobody. The downside is that baseball punishes drug use with a suspension. He should have beat his wife and then he’d with baseball

  28. How is calling him a “jerk” making it “worse than it is”? If a firm spent a bunch of money hiring me, and then spent a bunch of money on my compensation and training, I’d be a jerk for committing a federal felony too (one that kept me unproductive for the equivalent of 50 games).

    He’s stunting his own development as a prospect. The farm/Phils take that hit. There may not be any physical harm to others, but no one said the guy was a wife beater.

  29. Sophist
    No one has said it is a “federal felony”. He was charged by the Pinellas County Sheriffs Department. I am IN NO WAY excusing these allegations, but accuracy is very important in a time like this.

  30. @RULZ
    No, but his (or the purchaser’s) drug dealer’s drug dealer’s distributor’s up-chain supplier works for somebody who does terrible things. Other drug supply chains are (usually) much less fraught with death than cocaine, especially if they originated in the States.

    I don’t care what you do to your body, but I don’t ignore the consequences of such actions…

  31. although I think there may be a difference between some forms of possession that don’t raise to the level of felony…

    in any case, point taken.

  32. “I bet he was buying it from Angelle.” Inappropriate comment. That’s what’s bad about the net, You can thow a name out there and tarnish someone’s reputation, who, to the best of our knowlegde, is no way implicated with the Gillies arrest.

  33. Last night was the best it gets for Iron Pigs pitching – Worley, Schwimer and Mathieson. Look for all three to join the big club 9/1 and for Worley to start one of the games on the 9/6 DH vs the Marlins.

  34. Double-jump comment is interesting. Again better for off-season discussion about where prospects should be placed next season. My uneducated opinion is that no prospects should skip Clearwater or Reading.
    Clearwater is the Phillies second home and I’d want all prospects to spend some time there. I think it is an important level of development but could see an experienced college reliever or field only experienced position player could skip right to AA.
    No prospects should skip Reading. AA is supposedly the largest jump in the minors and often considered the proving ground for top prospects.
    Since most teams use AAA only for major league ready players, only a few top prospects are likely to remain there very long. Marginal prospects can spend careers there.

    With Lakewood being stacked, most of that team should just move up to Clearwater. I do not see any of them that should move to Reading, with possible exception of Zeid.

  35. We shouldn’t read anything into the fact that it’s a felony. Under Florida law, there is no misdemeanor charge for cocaine possession. No matter how small the amount, cocaine possession is a felony charge.

  36. Vermont … agree, I think Worley will start a game, actually looking forward to that. Hoping he can compete for #5 next year.

  37. Rizzotti has been hampered by a bad thumb since he joined LeHigh. Says he’s been really struggling to swing the bat properly.

  38. Recently several of the Phillies Big Three Pitching Prospects had good games. The question comes to light who is having the best year in 2010. Attached I have included performance information on the Phillies Big Three Starting Pitching Prospects over this year. I have also included information on Trevor May for 2009’s regular season and playoffs.

    Name – Brody Colvin – Jarred Cosart – Trevor May
    Year – 2010 – 2010 – 2010
    Age – 20.0 – 20.2 – 20.9
    Level – A – A – A & A+
    IP – 124.0 – 71.3 – 120.7
    R – 65 – 34 – 53
    ER – 44 – 30 – 50
    H – 114 – 60 – 88
    XBH – 39 – 14 – 26
    SO – 110 – 77 – 165
    BB – 40 – 16 – 76
    WHIP – 1.24 – 1.07 – 1.36
    ERA – 3.19 – 3.79 – 3.73
    BB/9 – 2.9 – 2.0 – 5.7
    H/9 – 8.3 – 7.6 – 6.6
    K/9 – 8.0 – 9.7 – 12.3
    Run Ave – 4.72 – 4.29 – 3.95
    Ave Starting Pitcher Game Score – 52.6 – 54.8 – 55.4
    GRADE – 2- – 2 – 2+

    Name – Trevor May – Trevor May – Trevor May – Trevor May – Trevor May
    Year – 2009 – 8/15/09 thru Playoffs – 2009 Playoffs – 2009 & Playoffs – 2009 & 2010 Combined
    Age – 19.9 – 19.9 – 19.9 – 19.9 – —
    Level – A – A – A – A – —
    IP – 77.3 – 36.0 – 11.0 – 88.3 – 209.0
    R – 24 – 3 – 0 – 24 – 77
    ER – 22 – 3 – 0 – 22 – 72
    H – 58 – 21 – 5 – 63 – 151
    SO – 95 – 40 – 11 – 106 – 271
    BB – 43 – 22 – 5 – 48 – 124
    WHIP – 1.31 – 1.19 – 0.91 – 1.26 – 1.32
    ERA – 2.56 – 0.75 – 0.00 – 2.24 – 3.10
    BB/9 – 5.0 – 5.5 – 4.1 – 4.9 – 5.3
    H/9 – 6.7 – 5.3 – 4.1 – 6.4 – 6.5
    K/9 – 11.1 – 10.0 – 9.0 – 10.8 – 11.7
    Run Ave – 2.79 – 0.75 – 0.00 – 2.45 – 3.32
    Ave Starting Pitcher Game Score – 57.5 – 62.6 – 67.5 – 58.6 – —
    GRADE – 1 – 1++ – 1+++ – 1 – —

    All three are very good prospects but all have warts that need to be addressed.

    Brody Covin’s wart is that he gives up way to many unearned runs. Does he get upset when someone makes an error that he loses concentration that he lets the runner score or does he take so long between pitches that his fielders become bored and lose concentration. Covin is allowing almost 5 run per 9 innings. This number is way to high. In addition he allows over 8.3 hits per 9 innings and only strikes out 8 batters per 9 innings.

    Cosart’s wart is that he is injury prone. His hits allowed per 9 innings is much better than Covin at 7.6 while he strikes out an impressive 9.7 batters per 9 innings.

    May’s wart is that he walks far too many batters. He is averaging almost 5.7 batters per 9 innings. But he is by far the most unhittable of the big 3. He is allowing only 6.5 hits per 9 innings and is striking out over 12.3 batters per 9 innings. These are truly impressive stats. In addition, he has spent over 2/3 of the year at a higher level A+ ball. In addition he has allowed the least runs per 9 innings of the big 3 with 3.95 runs per 9 innings. In roughly the same amount of innings as Colvin, he has allowed over 50% less extra base hits.

    It is Phillies management and coaching staff’s responsibility to try to remove the warts.

    Firstly, for Covin they have to determine what is causing the extraordinary number of unearned runs and then work with the pitcher to reduce the number.

    Secondly, for Cosart, they need to closely watch his innings and limit his innings. When he is injured they need to be very conservative as to when he comes back to pitching.

    Thirdly, for May they need to work on his mechanics so that he does not fly open with his shoulder and lose control. In addition, May need to work with a pitching coach who he communicates with better. That may have been the reason he was sent down to Lakewood and since he has dramatically improved his walk rate.

    If the warts mentioned are removed, then all three of the big 3 could windup becoming good starters in the Major Leagues. Getting back to the question as to who is having the best 2010, it shows that May is the best performing prospect both this year and last.

    How good are Trevor May’s stats? I knew off the top of my head that his stats were good but just how good are they? I needed to compare them to other pitchers to see how good in fact they are. I first searched among existing Major League pitchers. I compared May’s numbers to numbers posted by Roy Halladay and John Santana, the two best pitchers in the last 7-8 years. May’s numbers did not compare since May’s numbers for hits/9 innings and Ks/9 innings were much better. In looking at the numbers I have come to the conclusion that Trevor May has missed bats at a rate greater than any other pitcher has in that pitcher’s Major League career.

    Trevor May’s has allowed fewer hit/inning pitched over his two year minor league career than any pitcher has in his Major League career. Trevor May has allowed only 6.5 hits/9 inning over the last 2 years. Nolan Ryan holds the major league record over his career and has allowed 6.6 hits/9 inning. Second on the all time list is Sandy Koufax with 6.8 hits/9 inning.

    Trevor May has struck out 11.7 Ks/9 over his 2 years minor league career. Randy Johnson holds the career Ks/9 record for the Major Leaguers with 10.6 Ks/9. Nolan Ryan is second with 9.5 Ks/9 over his career while Sandy Koufax is third with 9.3 Ks/9.

    Trevor May’s bb/9 is a bit high. He is averaging 5.3 bb/9. For frame of reference purposes, Koufax averaged 3.2 bb/9 while Ryan averaged 4.7bb/9. Both Koufax and Ryan had yearly bb/9 rates early in their career that were in the high 5’s & 6’s and Randy Johnson had a very successful season with Seattle in 1991 with a bb/9 rate of 6.8 and 1992 with a rate of 6.2. Randy Johnson’s highest yearly bb/9 rate was 7.9 in 1989 with Montreal in limited innings.

    Why an I comparing Trevor May’s performance # to the performance # of Hall of Famers? First of all I am comparing hard factual statistical numbers to other hard factual statistical numbers that happened to be performed by Hall of Famers. And I realized that I am comparing relative short term minor league stats to longer term major league stats. But the point is to get a frame of reference to measure May’s performance. I am not comparing intangibles or feelings or opinions. Number 2 is because there is no one else has similar #s to compare May’s to. No Joe Schmo from Kokomo has ever allowed less than 6.5 hits/9 while striking out more than 11.5 batters/inning over his career that I can find. It just happens to be that May’s current performance numbers are keeping company with Hall of Famer’s performance numbers.

    The next question are May’s performance numbers for real? Well he has consistently put up those numbers over the last 2 years. Can he keep putting them up? I do not know but for the here and now those are his #s. But if he does continue to put up similar numbers, he will certainly become a very good major league pitcher.

    Buddy Ryan once said on cutting Cris Carter from his squad that all he could do is catch touchdowns. Well all that Trevor May does is miss bats. But I guess the scouts feel that missing bats is not an important skill for a pitcher to have.

  39. Interesting analysis Nepa. My fear for all of these guys is just staying healthy.
    No Kerry Wood type stories please. I want to see them in Philly by 2013/14.

  40. NEPA.

    I know you put a lot of time into that write-up, but, truly, you cannot compare a 20 year-old’s low A ball statistics for one year to major leaguer’s career statistics. It’s like comparing a college quarterback’s statistics in the WAC to an NFL player’s statistics.

    I see where you are going, but it’s such a reach that it has very little relevance.

  41. Geancarlo Mendez has had an unbelievable last 8 games with 18 rbi’s after 3 more today. For August he is hitting .340 in the GCL and for the season is hitting .371 with runners in scoring position.

  42. Nepa…. way to much time on your hands.
    PhxPhilly… I wouild think AA is the biggest jump. You go from three single A teams, albeit different levels of competition, to 1 AA team. Guys in Williamsport, lakewood and clearwater may never smell reading.
    If I am wrong please let me know.

    Also 2 Weeks ago I called LarryM an idiot. I apologize it was not called for.

  43. Howard 1-2, 2B, RBI before being replaced w/ a PR in rehab assignment at Lakewood

  44. 1flyfan —
    You are sort of right — well fewer than half of the prospects in the A leagues will reach Reading and get significant playing time, let alone do halfway decent there. Position players up to Reading this season for significant action: Rizzotti, Overbeck, Garcia (Gillies)
    Among pitchers: Naylor, Ramirez, DeFratus, Hyatt, (Aumont)
    Similar numbers for last year: Brown, Galvis, Gosewich, Taylor, Susdorf, Drabek, Cisco, Flande, Schwimer, Rosenberg, Stutes, Worley, Chapman
    Depending upon how you count, that’s about 10 guys out of the roughly 30 guys drafted each year, plus the half dozen or so Latin American guys who will come stateside for the first time. Most of these guys will reach A-ball, so it seems the odds of a guy progressing from A-ball to AA with us are a bit worse than 1 in 3.

  45. With another clean inning tonight Justin DeFratus is making it look easy at AA. In his last 12 games out of the pen in 16 innings he has given up no runs, only 8 hits, striking out 17 while walking only 3 to pick up a win and three saves.

  46. NEPA – I like the general point you are making that we may have someone special in Trevor May.

    If you compare May’s BB/9 with those of Koufax, Ryan and Randy Johnson early in their professional careers, he looks even better. May does not throw as hard as those guys, though, and I don’t know if his overall stuff is as good as those guys. Of course, we are comparing May with three all-timers. Even though he comes up short compared to those three, there is still plenty of reason for optimism. There have been quite a few pitchers with control problems when they were young who went on to have successful major-league careers. Let’s hope that May becomes another.

  47. These May, Koufax, Ryan comments are among the most absurd I’ve seen on this site. “Cody Overbeck is a top 10 prospect” and “I wouldn’t trade Jason Donald for Clay Buchholz” are still pretty good though.

  48. NEPA, I’m not going to jump on you as hard as some people here, but I do see a common thread between this and a Happ comment that (I am pretty sure) was from you a couple weeks ago. With Happ, it was “if he can maintain his ERA around 3.00, he’ll be an ace.” Sure; you don’t need 8 paragraphs to prove that. But the problem is that there are plenty of reasons to think he WON’T maintain that ERA, and you don’t address that issue.

    In this case, you “prove” that, if he dominates major league players like he’s dominating low A pitchers, AND if he lowers his BB rate, which some of the all time greats have managed, he’ll be pretty great. But, uh, so what? Plenty of pitchers have dominated low A to that extent; probably less that one in a thousand (ten thousand, maybe?) go onto the same level of success in the major leagues. That’s the big problem with your argument; the lesser one is that while some pitchers manage to conquer early BB issues, many don’t.

    I like May also, but really what’s the point of comparing low A numbers to all time greats?

  49. Went to Auburn-Williamsport last night and there were some standouts and guys that need major work.

    3 Up:

    Gustavo Pierre: Flashed some monster tools tonight connecting on an opposite field triple and showing his plus speed. Plate Discipline is much better than the previous two times that I’ve seen him and waited for his pitch a couple of times.

    Carlos Perez: Plus Plus Speed for a catcher, can really get down the line. Not a big guy so I don’t think he’ll be more than a 10-15 HR threat, but showed a good eye at the plate not looking overmatched.

    Kelly Dugan: He was the best prospect on the field tonight. He flashed his potential to become an elite hitter with good power. Set up very similar to Jay Bruce, and showed a good eye at the plate not looking to hack away. When he made contact the ball was scorched off the bat and had that special sound to it. He only went 1-4 but he missed a HR by about five or six feet, and due to Auburn’s centerfielder having great range was robbed of two more doubles in the gap. He used all the field as his double was opposite field. He could be a big 2011 breakout for the Phillies.

    3 Down:

    Domingo Santana: Granted he just turned 18, he should have been in Williamsport all year and played instructional league ball until June. Massive trouble with breaking stuff and was flailing at stuff that was in the dirt in nearly every at bat. He also looks pretty filled out so he might not have as much projection left as people think.

    Aaron Altherri: Just disappointed that he didn’t play tonight. I wanted to see the tools, because He looked a lot like a younger Domonic Brown and had a very thin build.

    Williamsport infield defense: This was some of the most shoddy defense I’ve ever seen. It looked like a little league team in Williamsport.

  50. Good for Wolever! The mets are poison. I have called the mets GM the best exec on the best exec on the Phils. Please let me do it again. I would only wish the mets on Ed Wade.(aka Mr. Ed)

  51. Did you read the comment from a Mets fan on the link from KevinS? It’s classic

    “He must be good if we’re not considering him”

    Love it!

  52. I was at the Lakewood game last night and might have been the only one in the house more interested in seeing Julio Rodriguez than Ryan Howard or the fireworks. I think somebody on here reported that he was working in the low 90s his last time out. Well, he sure wasn’t last night. He only hit 90 on the stadium gun twice last night. He fastball was mostly 87 to 89. He also threw a curve ball that sat between 65 and 70 mph. Four of his first five Ks were on that pitch. (I missed his last K.) I guess he didn’t have his A game last night, but they only hit two balls hard off him (one was foul, the other was a double that drove in the first run of the game). I’m not sure how he gets it done, but he does.

  53. Geancarlo Mendez continues to sizzle and hopefully wins a berth in Instructs. He went 3 for 3 today with another RBI. He now leads the GCL in rbi’s and has 19 in his last 9 games.

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