Around The System–Catcher

Thin at catcher throughout the organization as you have to go down to Single A Lakewood before seeing a name that has starting catcher potential at the major league level.

Lehigh Valley

Paul Hoover, 34, 208 AB’s; .231/.310/.308 with 2 HR and 16 RBI’s; .313 vs. LH, .206 vs. RH, .233 with RISP, .250 since July 1.  10% bb rate, 23% k rate. 53 games at catcher, 6 errors (.985), 6 passed balls.  Thrown out 20/63 (32%). Hoover has struggled at the plate even at AAA this year, but is the best the Phils have for a September call-up Does a decent job defensively.

Dane Sardinha, 31, 176 AB’s; .227/.270/.330 with 4 HR and 22 RBI; .162 vs LH, .245 vs. RH, .310 with RISP, .160 since July 1; 4% bb rate, 28% k rate. 2 errors (.995) in 50 games at C.  7 passed balls. Thrown out 13/51 (25%). Adequate AAA backup.


Tuffy Gosewisch, soon to be 27, 244 AB’s; .238/.343/.381 with 5 HR and 22 RBI; .264 vs. LH, .230 vs. RH, .220 with RISP; .303 since July 1.  12% bb rate, 17% k rate. 2 errors in 74 games (.996), 2 passed balls; Thrown out 19/68 (29%). Gosewisch continued to do a nice job defensively and has been hitting over the last six weeks.

Kevin Nelson, 29, 122 AB’s; .230/.289/.295 with 1 HR and 18 RBI’s; .185 vs. LH, .242 vs. RH; .361 with RISP; .259 since July 1. 8% bb rate, 20% k rate. 3 errors in 28 games (.983), 2 passed balls; thrown out 4/16 (25%).  Adequate AA backup.  Not much more.

John Suomi, 29, 153 AB’s between Clearwater, Reading, and LV. .255/.286/.379; 4 HR 20 RBI; 3% bb rate; 19% k rate. 30 games at C, 5 errors (.978); thrown out 2/31 (6%). His arm prevents him from being anything more than an organizational guy.


Joel Naughton, soon to be 24, 107 AB’s, .346/.400/.486; 3 HR and 19 RBI, .400 vs. LH, .325 vs. RH, .469 with RISP, 9% bb rate, 16% k rate. Returned from his 2nd DL stint on 8/5, after spending a month of the DL during h is most recent stint. 5 errors in 31 games (.980); 1 passed ball; thrown out 9/50 (18%).  Very small sample size due to injury but has been hitting very well.  Defense remains somewhat suspect.

Torre Langley, 22, 98 AB’s between Lakewood, CLearwater and Reading..235/.290/.265 with 0HR and 9 RBI; 8% bb rate, 23% k rate. 31 games at catcher 2 errors (.992), 0 passed balls; thrown out 20/43 (43%). Still young, Langley has shown some defensive promise after being signed as a free agent this year.

Tim Kennelly, 23, 316 AB’s; .282/.358/.377 with 4HR and 48 RBI; .278 vs LH, .283 vs. RH; .317 with RISP; .374 since July 1; 9% k rate, 11% bb rate. 52 games at C with 8 errors (.982); 5 passed balls; has thrown out 14/71 (20%). Has also played 12 games in RF, and 27 games at 3B.  At the plate, Kennelly is ready for AA, the question remains where to play him.  He is less than adequate behind the plate (although improved) and has shown very little range at 3B.

Robert Stumpo, 23, hitting .067 in 30 AB’s with CLearwater.  Has served as a stop-gap in CLearwater due to some injuries.  33rd round pick in 2010.


Sebastian Valle, 20, .250/.376/.426 in 376 AB’s; 14 HR and 63 RBI; .231 vs. LH, .256 vs. RH, .315 with RISP, .241 since July 1. 5% bb rate, 22% k rate. 8 errors (.990) and 11 passed balls; Thrown out 49/144 stealing (34%). Power numbers are improving at throwing out runners at a very nice rate.  Still needs to improve his eye at the plate.

Kyle Lafrenz, 23, 67 AB’s; .169/..186/.269 with 0HR and 6 RBI; Has made 3 errors in 22 games at C (.981)Has thrown out 7/38 (18%). 22nd round draft pick last year.


Cameron Rupp, 21, 129 AB’s, .240/.342/.411 with 4 HR and 22 RBI; .171 vs. LH, .266 vs. RH, .227 with RISP, .254 since July 1; 12% bb rate, 20% k rate, Played 17 games at C and  made 6 errors (.957); 6 passed balls; Thrown out 6/34 (18%).  Phils 3rd rd pick this year.  Has stared to pick it up recently.  His defense is probably of most concern if he is going to be moving to Lakewood next year.

Jeff Lanning, 23, 88 AB’s; .295/.333/.636 with 7 HR and 22 RBI; .214 vs. LH, .333 vs. RH, .324 with RISP, 5% bb rate, 27% k rate. 3 errors in 20 games at C (.933) thrown out 1/8 (13%).

James Klocke, 22, 76 AB’s; .250/.296/.368 with 0HR and 13 RBI; 2 errors in 16 games (.985); 4/28 thown out (14%)


Marlon Mitchell, 19, 56 AB’s; .268/.379/.339 with 0HR and 6 RBI’s. Thrown out 7/31 (23%); 5 errors in 21 games (.980). Phils 27th round pick in 2009 draft.

Francisco Diaz, 20, 55 AB’s; .273/.344/.364 with 0 HR and 8 RBI; 1 error in 20 games; Has thrown out 14/38 (37%). Signed as a free agent prior to ’07 season.

Chace Numata, 18, 38 AB’s; .211/.302/.237 with 0 HR and 6 RBI; 0 errors in 13 games, 6 passed balls; thrown out 3/16 (13%).

6 thoughts on “Around The System–Catcher

  1. It appears to me that the Phillies consider Catcher a critical defensive position and that is okay with me. Handling the high upside arms is extremely important. For that reason I expect continued no upside guys filling out rosters.
    It would nice to hold on to Naughton if he proves he could be a worthwhile backup. Still does not deserve a 40-man roster spot though.
    Kennelly should focus on hitting. His best chance to play in the majors will be as a platoon guy who can hit lefties and be a RF/3B/3rdC. If possible, I’d like to see him as multipurpose guy at LHV. If he hits maybe he can get a roster spot.

    I hope Valle and Rupp can continue to move up one level a year. If one flames out hopefully the other will produce. Ruiz may be worn down by 2013 when Valle is at AAA and Rupp at AA. Many years until then.

  2. Cameron Rupp has been very good with basestealers this year. I know the 18% thrown out doesn’t show it, but Williamsport pitchers have been absolutely terrible at holding runners on. During Thursday’s game, Rupp made a pair of throws right on the bag at second. One of which the second baseman was late covering and missed the throw, the second of which neither the second baseman nor shortstop covered and it hit the runner in the chest and bounded into left field allowing the runner to get to third and getting Rupp charged with an error.

    His defense is the least of the Phillies’ concerns. They want to make sure he can hit at this level. He got off to a terrible start, but has been very good the last month and is hitting for good power and is a very good situational hitter.

    Lanning is showing some good power of late. Don’t know how this guy got away from Minnesota.

  3. I see Cameron Rupp as a Kelly Shoppach type. Will probably never hit for average but possibly hit with enough power to be a worthwhile player.

  4. Dear Stumpo….

    Relax – chill do not despair…. We love you.

    Good advice – grow a Sal Fasano Type Mustache and you will be bullet proof!

  5. Nice to see Gosewich with his OPS up over .720. If he can keep that up going forward, I think he can make it as a major league backup catcher. He looks good defensively and quite athletic for a catcher. Nicer to see Valle and Rupp coming on with the bat. I really don’t know what to make of Kennelly at this point, he really should have been in AA this year. I agree Naughton is a guy I hope the Phillies can keep. He also seems like he could develop into a major league backup catcher several years down the road.

  6. Likes Rupp’s defense, not afraid to make tough throws and try to get runners stealing, for sure, though he started slowly at WPT. ALso promising as a hitter with good balance, though no need for campaigning for double and triple jumps yet.

    Valle looks like to be tested in Clearwater , he can continue it is hoped.

    GCL- No Angel Chavarin who has caught alot and hit some lately.LHH.
    Francisco Diaz HB seems to be the starter there as it appears he leads in AB’s offense and defense (after latest games) Marlon Mitchell LHH fairly close , so maybe WPT for these 2.
    Numata a couple years younger, more or less , than the above, seems like they try to get him AB’s most every game. HB

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