Jiwan James Q and A

You asked and Jiwan James answered with the help of Greg Giombarrese at the http://blog.blueclaws.com/.  See below for the deatils.

Have you used insights as a pitcher to help you hit? Not really. It’s just two totally different worlds. As a pitcher you’re trying to keep the hitter off balance. As a hitter, we’re just looking fastball and reacting. It doesn’t really help that much.

You had the long hitting streak but went 0-9 in the 18-inning game at Delmarva. Then you bounced back from that. What’s the key to responding mentally to tough nights over a long season? You just have to do it. You can’t do anything about yesterday. You have to take your confidence back to the plate and look forward to what’s coming ahead.

You have a lot of fast guys in the system, yourself, Gilles, Myers, Gose (before he was traded)…who do you think is the fastest runner in the system? (laughed) We haven’t all raced at one time. I ran with D’Arby in spring training and he won. I’m willing to say it’s probably either D’Arby or Tyson (Gilles) that’s the fastest.

Greatest strengths and weaknesses? Right now, it’s hard to say. I’m trying ot figure myself out. I can’t say what’s my strength and weaknesses right now since I’m still trying to learn and get comfortable. I’ve made some adjustments but you just have to keep going. Maybe next year I’ll be able to answer that question.

Along those lines, what adjustments have you made as the year has progressed? Early in the year I was pretty much swinging at anything. Leading into the second half I started being more selective and I shortened my swing. Now it’s pretty much up the middle and the other way. Early in the year I was trying to pull the ball, hit for power and force things to happen. Now I’m letting everything come to me.

Where did the focus on plate discipline come from, you, the Phillies, or or everyone together? I guess both. As a hitter, you have to figure some things out on your own. Basically you are your best hitting coach. They coaches see things, they can tell it to you, but it might not register like if you pick it up yourself.

Toughest part of the transition to every day player? Mental part of the game. It’s a lot of hard work, trying to come out every day and get ready to play every night.

As a former pitcher, what do you think of Colvin, Cosart, Shreve and those guys? Happy you don’t have to face them every day? Yea. Being on the team I’m happy I don’t. Cosart and Colvin. 97 and 98. You don’t see that every day. The average guy is 88-91. Facing that would definitely be tough every night (laughs).

How has your physical conditioning changed since your move to everyday player from pitcher? I’m trying to put on a lot of pounds now, get a little stocky. As a pitcher you don’t want to get too muscular so you can stay loose. As a position player you want to add muscle and fill out.

With Gose getting traded, a CF a level up, did you view that as a vote of confidence from the Phillies in yourself? Not really. I guess it does show they have some interest in me. But that’s something I can’t worry about. I have to take my game and play day by day, and let them handle everything else.

What were you thinking those last few days, ultimately Villar gets traded? Nothing really. We never know what’s going to happen. We’re not in the office or on those phone calls. It’s like a curveball really. You never know what’s coming. Villar got his call, I’m thinking ‘Man, we’re losing our shortstop.’ After every win we did the jump celebration. I lost that one. I need to find someone else.

9 thoughts on “Jiwan James Q and A

  1. I go with Gillies as the fastest.

    Liked reading the part about hitting up the middle and to the opposite field. Domonic has so many exciting parts to his game, but I was most impressed with how hard he would hit balls up the middle.

    Hopefully Jiwan keeps improving. Excited about his potential. Thanks to all involved for the Q&A.

  2. Thanks a million gregg, as always. And thanks to Jiwan for answering the questions. Seems like a pretty level-headed guy. Which will help as he moves up the ladder.

    Excellent stuff.

  3. It’s this type of stuff that makes this site a must read. Thanks for all your efforts Gregg.

  4. Appreciate these posts.
    Jiwan seems like a young player who is just playing ball and reacting to what he sees on the field. Probably a good attitude given his very early injuries, position switch, and obvious talent.

  5. Awesome post. Thanks to everybody for putting this together, especially Jiwan and gregg!

  6. I like Jiwan’s statement that he’s looking for the fastball and react. A month or so ago, I was listening to a YES Yankees broadcast. Tino Martinez and Paul O’Neil were talking about hitting approach. Tino said he was always thinking about what the pitcher had thrown him in the game, what he’d been thrown in previous games, what should he be sitting on. O’Neil says, I didn’t do any of that. I went up looking for a fastball. Every pitch, he was sitting on the fastball. If he got something else, he’d react. He said, no one could sneak a fastball by him.

  7. Jiwan seems like he has his head on straight, a good attitude, and a cool guy. Thanks for giving us some personality, Jiwan and Gregg. Helps me root harder for you!

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