Brown and Cosart headed to the Futures Game

UAS roster is here, the world roster is here.

Jarred Cosart Low Class A Lakewood (SAL)
Noted as a two-way player as an amateur, Cosart has blossomed since
focusing on the mound and now dials his fastball up to 96 mph. He’s
just 20 and in his first full season, but Cosart could move quickly.

Domonic Brown, of Double-A Reading (EL)
Brown’s tools put him among the best prospects in the minors, with his ability to hit for average and speed rating as his best tools. He should be ready for the Philadelphia outfield by next season.

36 thoughts on “Brown and Cosart headed to the Futures Game

  1. Could Cosart be the next Yohan Flande?!? Only time will tell.

    In all seriousness, this is a nice honor and a good indicator of what type of prospect Cosart really is.

  2. Cosart and Flande are different pitchers,
    Cosart has already pitched one and a half years in the minors and is 20. Flande pitched his first year at twenty.
    Cosart is a strikeout machine, a pure power pitcher, and Flande is a control and groundball specialist.

  3. Yeah, I was just kidding jkearse. I take it your a newer poster here. If I make a comment that sounds off-base completely, odds are I’m being sarcastic.


  4. I love Dom’s batting stance. It’s very old school. I expect him to hit around .315 every year.

  5. Hiya NEPP!
    You see that Jon Villar has hit a HR and is batting leadoff for the SAL North All-Stars!
    I’m disappointed that Cosart isn’t on the all-star team as well.

  6. ****Dom Brown is a monster. Any chance he gets a september call up?****

    I would expect he goes to Lehigh in the next few weeks and is a Sept callup when they expand rosters. That would follow the pattern of him being a top prospect.

  7. brown 3-4 with 2 homers tonight, he can’t do any worse than ibanez is doing right now

  8. Brown most likely will not be the savior to this offense, rather patience will be. As aweful as Ibanez has been there are signs of improvement so dont rush D Brown. Brown is awesome but lets not rush him just because we want to see him.

  9. Dom Brown won’t be up before 1 Sept…barring a massive rash of injuries to OFs above him that is. He’ll go to Lehigh in a bit, hopefully do well there and then get a cup of coffee in Sept in prep for next year.

  10. yes this i know, brown wont be playing for the phils until next year most likely, saying ibanez has an .833 OPS in his last 10 starts doesnt really say much, hes hitting .245 and doesn’t hit for any power

  11. The ball is like a beach ball for Dom Brown now…and Rizzoti too…he has three hits tonight..becoming that fringe prospect…Reading starting to play some good baseball…looks like Naylor had a good start

  12. Have you been checking out John Hinson in the College World Series? In one inning I saw him rip a line drive single, steal second, advance to third on a ball that hopped a few feet from the pitcher. In the defense half he made a nice charge play and showed a gun. This is a very solid player!

  13. Call me crazy, but when a guy (here, Brown) has spent 5 years in the minors, is still only 22, has a broad array of skills (5 tools, actually) is hitting .325 with about a .400 OBP and about a .600 slugging percentage in half, it is natural to think that the player is ready, or nearly ready for the majors. I don’t think they’re rushing him. If anything, they are being especially slow and cautious with him.

  14. Brown: no rush. Let him take the final polishing at AA & AAA LV so that he is more olikely to fulfill his promise when he does come up.

    Those last few tweaks lead in that direction. He’ll likely be in Philly for a long time.

    By the way, Ibanez, before last season, was known consistentlyto be a second half hitter.

    Patience here and in the Brown situation.

    Considering that Brown had considered football instead of basebal and his baseball experience was less fulsome than many other draftees, the Phils have done a fine job of bringing him along to be just short of the bigs, now.
    I’d maintain trust in them now.

  15. Brown is something else for sure. Him moving to AAA is not a big deal. He gets to see a good variety of good pitching in AA and does not see too many 33 year old career AAAA guys.

  16. I think Brown needs to face those ‘crafty’ AAAA pitchers, especially the LOOGYs like JR Swindle. (Is he still around?).
    If the Phillies were not a veteran team fighting for a playoff bid then Brown would be close to his major league debut.
    But there is no room for him in Philly. Even the 4thOF has a decent pedigree and cannot get playing despite the funk of the starters. Plus the 40-man roster might even prohibit him from a Sept callup if the Phillies need to keep someone like Tavares available for the playoffs as a pinch runner.

    Cosart is well deserving, he has been good all year.

  17. So guys I think a good comparison to what Brown will be early into his career is whats going on with Carlos Gonzalez in Colorado. Lefty, 5 toolers.

  18. PhxPhilly
    Ben may have a pedigree but he is hitting .224 and no Hr. maybe it isn’t his fault 67 ABs.
    I don’t know why Charlie has to play Raul every day. In my view it hurt him last year as well.
    Almost time to go “all in”. This week will tell a lot with Rollins back.

  19. ****I don’t think they’re rushing him. If anything, they are being especially slow and cautious with him.****

    I think they’ve gone exactly the right speed with Dom so far. This has been his first real breakout year…before he was posting very good but not earth-shattering numbers. He really has come into his own this year and its likely he’ll end up as a Sept call-up and be pushing for a starting position by Age 23. Hardly holding him down for no reason.

  20. Exactly right. They aren’t being especially slow with him. Look at a guy like Dexter Fowler, he is as close to Brown as I can find (more patience less power). Numbers are very similar and their pace through the minors were similar. The Rockies got anxious because of a monster year at AA and promoted him early. Now they have to send him back to AAA for more instruction.

  21. I guess I agree with the pace of Brown. It’s just that sometimes when you insert a young player (Miggy with FLA in 03′) in can provide a huge spark. If Brown is as good as we all think (potential top 2 overall heading into 2011) he should have no problem transitioning to big league pitching after a few weeks.

  22. Mark, you stated: “he should have no problem transitioning to big league pitching after a few weeks.” The problem is that the Phillies are in a dogfight right now and can’t afford to play him for a few weeks just to get him ready. So, if he comes up, he sits on the bench with a few at bats here and there and probably never gets adjusted to big league pitching. Brown still needs to play regularly and that won’t happen in Philly, so he needs to stay in the minors unless they are willing to hand him a starting job.

  23. Carlos Gonzalez is a monster. One of the best pure hitters to come up in quite a while. Fine acquisition by Colorado (from Oakland).

  24. Phillies hating from Keith Law!

    Jarred Cosart, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies/USA:
    I’ve been a little bit of a broken record on this one, but Cosart has pitched his way into the upper echelon of starter prospects in the minors with a major uptick in his velocity this season.

  25. From todays Baseball America Daily Dish:

    Meanwhile, In Games That Count . . .

    Domonic Brown found out he’ll be heading to the Futures Game yesterday afternoon, then went out and blasted two home runs for Double-A Reading. The Phillies outfielder went 3-for-4 on the night, raising his line to .325/.395/.614 and giving him 15 homers for the year, good for third in the Eastern League.

    “I feel pretty locked in in the box,” Brown told the Reading Eagle. “I’m just trying to keep it going. I don’t know if it’s the best feeling I’ve had, but it feels pretty good.

    “I don’t know what I’m doing right now, and I really don’t care. I’m just trying to stay locked in.”

    Brown has certainly been locked in lately, as he’s riding an 11-game hitting streak and is batting .368/.417/.671 in 76 June at-bats. As the season reaches its midpoint, his days in Reading figure to be numbered.

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