Savery Moved to the Bullpen

As first reported by Jeff Schuler, the IronPigs beat writer for the Morning Call, former first round draft pick Joe Savery has been relgated to the bullpen by Lehigh Valley, with Brandon Duckworth to take his spot in the rotation.  Savery has made four relief appearances in his professional career and each of the four have come on the heels of early inning rehabs by Phils on the DL. 

Savery has had a major problem in the first inning of almost every appearance this year, with an ERA now topping 9.00 in the opening frame.  In fact, as Schuler notes, Savery has an ERA over 9.00 in the first two innings of his 13 starts, with an atrocious WHIP of 2.16.  The hope is the work in the bullpen will help resolve the issues in the first few innings of games.

20 thoughts on “Savery Moved to the Bullpen

  1. He was great at Rice. I remember watching him in the College World Series and thinking “WOW, this kid is good”.

    Damn shame.

  2. Savery was one hell of a hitter in college, I think the Phillies should drop the pitching experiment and try him out at 3rd or OF. His fastball just has no movement and that was his best pitch.

  3. He was barely good enough as a 1B in college (defense wise) and his bat wouldn’t play there in the Majors from all accounts. He was a good, not great college hitter.

    Wouldn’t hurt to try him though.

  4. Here’s hoping they can get him straightened out and he can still have a productive career as a reliever. Maybe he can find some of that lost velocity as well.

  5. unfortunately all the people who blasted this draft pick when it was made seem to be vindicated…..although most wanted Porcello and he was just sent down….I know they are 2 different cases….Porcello is 3 years younger and does not have the arm injury that JS does….but Porcello got a ML contract and a very hefty signing bonus…not sure the amount but I think it was around $7-8 million…….the Tigers were forced to bring him up earlier than they wanted to because of his ML deal…..just goes to show there are no sure things in baseball………well somebody in the nation’s capital may prove me wrong, but he also may be a mutant….we need DNA testing on him.

  6. The Savery pick didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad pick at the time. The Phillies take calculated risks on a lot of players. When they don’t work, they don’t work. But when the due work (Hamels, Cosart, Brown, Singleton), the results are spectacular. You won’t hear me second guess them on this pick, it’s a byproduct of their drafting style. Failures are inevitable.

  7. I just remember that there was a lot of negative posts right here on this board when that pick was made, thats all.

  8. Gregg, so is this not supposed to be a permanent move?

    To be honest, I kind of hope it winds up being permanent. If there’s any way Savery’s going to resurrect his career, it will be by retiring lefties and keeping the ball on the ground — traits he showed flashes of early on his pro career. Who knows, maybe a shift to the bullpen, where he works in one- and two-inning stints, will help his stuff tick back up a little?

  9. I think the bullpen should be permanent for Savery. It’ll give him short term goals, just 3 outs (or less) to focus on, and he will be able to throw harder, theoretically (he may already be). Or maybe J. Moyer needs to teach him how to do the slow-throw.

  10. There was not a lot of negative posts about the Savery pick when it was made. Somebody is rewriting history.
    You would have thought someone committed a heinous crime though, when they picked Hewitt.

  11. I know PP was really against the Savery pick, of course that could have been because he wanted the Phils to take Porcello….there was more anger over the Hewett pick because we were linked to him by more publications and a lot of people saw it coming…..the Savery pick was not forseen, but it was still ripped because of the doubts about his arm and all the problems Rice pitchers had once they left tha program because of over-worked arms……

  12. At first thought I wished they would demote him and let him relieve and hit (he is a special case). But then where? We are after all the goto place for first basemen.
    Diamond hit it on the head. Any port in a storm.

    Still hoping for a happy ending/

  13. Sounds counterintuitive to move a guy, who has trouble getting anyone out in his 1st inning of work, to the bullpen. But I’m all for it, if he can become productive in any way.

  14. He is a warning that even ‘minor’ shoulder surgeries are very troubling and have worse prognosis than TJ and other elbow issues.

  15. As I recall most of the debate on the Phillies boards when Savery was drafted was over the medical terminology. It was said to be something like ‘removed bone spur that had frayed rotator cuff, not serious cuff damage’ and then we debated was that a tear or not. He tried to pitch with the problem for quite a while, which would have caused more fraying or tearing, depending on your preference in terminology. Anyway, he has never gotten his pre-injury velocity back and was throwing slower this season than when he pitched at Reading, which is not encouraging.

  16. I rooted for Savery since the beginning but he just doesn’t have it anymore. He was great at Rice, but now not so much.
    Hey, at least he has the degree and bonus money to fall back on. I just feel like this is the beginning of the end for him

    First a “temp” move to the pen. Next an injury or work on his mechanics. Finally after struggling out of the pen, he’s let go.

    I just feel like it ain’t going to happen with him. Not saying I’m right but just don’t see it.

  17. Intuition and baseball don’t go together . Ask Moyer our ace.
    Another sad Savery fan here. Maybe he can turn around like
    Aumont seems to have done.

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