Roster Shuffling, Zagurski Up, Mathieson Down

Lots of goings on today at CBP, with Jimmy Rollins activated, Carlos Ruiz placed on the DL, Greg Dobbs designated for assignment,  Mike Zagurski called up from Lehigh Valley, and Scott Mathieson clearing waivers paving his way back to Lehigh Valley.

Ruiz was placed on the DL with what is most likely a minor concussion retroactive to Saturday June 19, 2010.  He will be eligible to come off the DL on Saturday July 3rd.  Dane Sardinha currently is the backup catcher after his recall from Lehigh Valley on Saturday.

Since the designation of Scott Mathieson for assignment on Saturday, the Phils had been going with 11 pitchers, which changed today with the recall of LHP Mike Zagurski from AAA Lehigh Valley. Zagurski has been outstanding as of late, having not allowed an earned run since April 30th (19 appearances) and is leading the International League in K/9. After undergoing Tommy John surgery is ’08, and working his way back through the system last year, Zagurski has an impressive ERA of 2.35 and WHIP of 1.14. Mathieson did, in fact, clear waivers today and he was optioned back to Lehigh Valley.

The struggling Greg Dobbs was also designated for assignment after hitting just .152 this year and 1-25 in his pinch hitting specialty.  With his designation, the Phils have 10 days to trade, release, or waive Dobbs.

46 thoughts on “Roster Shuffling, Zagurski Up, Mathieson Down

  1. Greg DFA. Does that mean that they are going to call up Dom Brown? I do not want that to happen.

  2. They will not call up Brown unless one of the regular outfielders gets hurt. Most likely candidates to get called up would be Ransom or Mayberry for RH pinch hitting duties

  3. Does anyone know how long it will take for the Scott Mathieson situation to be resolved? I realize he’s in limbo right now, but does anyone know how long it will take to be resolved?

  4. I believe Mathieson was optioned back to Lehigh as a result of all the above moves…

  5. so our bench now has both Valdez and Castro. Not that Dobbs is anything to write home about, and I could see replacing him with a more productive bat, but they are redundant, and not in a good way. Hopefully this is just a very temporary precaution that will be resolved when JRoll plays a few games without incident.

  6. It appears they won’t be calling up anybody to replace Dobbs bat, they are replacing him with Zagurski and keeping both Valdez and Castro for now until they are sure JRoll is ok. At some point either Valdez or Castro will be DFA’d and replaced with a bat, I’m guessing for one not currently in the org.

  7. I would guess that Dobbs would take a minor-league assignment (assuming that he’s not picked up off waivers and I think that’s a fairly safe bet to be honest).

  8. Here’s hoping that in two weeks Jimmy is still completely healthy and Mayberry is recalled to replace either Valdez or Castro.

  9. I think Castro is the next one to go and we should replace him with Mayberry who is in my opinion better than Ben Francisco at just about everything

  10. Well obviously another lefty is needed in the pen.

    Id like to get Mayberry up to DH or play LF for the Blue Jays series. I don’t see Valdez leaving anytime soon, because his glove and bat are head and shoulders above Castro.

  11. Isn’t Ben Francisco a career 100 OPS+ major league hitter? Not sure Mayberry is better than him at “everything “.

  12. I can forsee this as a precurser to a right handed hitting pinch hitter IF or OF player picked up near trade deadline. Mayberry or possibly Ransom would be the in house canidates.

    Hope Mathieson can regroup and proves he should be back up. Kind of crappy to be sent down after just the one appearance. He was hitting 98-99 at times.

  13. The Philles also have Ross Gload, which originally, weren’t Dobbs and Gload much alike as players off the bench?

  14. Everyone wants Mathieson to make it back, but I am not sure he has the stuff to get there. Throwing straight 96 MPH fastballs to major league hitters doesn’t cut it, unless you have some decent secondary pitches, to keep the hitters off the fb. I saw one fat slider the other night, straight down the pike, that was hittable.

  15. I like Dobbs on a personal level, but having Dobbs and Gload at the same time made very little sense (except that Dobbs can play third . . . kinda, sorta) as they are very similar players. Well, now we’re in the middle of year 2 of needing a right-handed power bat off the bench. I expect them to go out and actively look for that player. They want Francisco to be that player and more, but he has yet to get traction as a Phillie. We’ll see . . . .

  16. They might have preferred Mathieson to Zagurski, but Mathieson has to stay down for 10 days, I believe.

    I have a feeling major league pitchers would eat Ransom alive. He has low BA with some power.

  17. I am not a big fan of the split-fingered fastball as I think it ruins arms, but, had he not had TJ surgery twice, I would think Mathieson would be an excellent candidate for that pitch. Mathieson reminds me a lot of Mike Scott. Like Mathieson, Scott was a big guy who threw very hard, but threw the ball as straight as an arrow. He wasn’t that good until he found the splitter and, from that point on, he was lethal.

  18. since i never look at the LV box scores, i didn’t know that zagurski had such awesome stats. seriously impressive. it would be so big for the phils if he is able to perform out of the pen as a lefty. good luck kid!

  19. Can’t say I’m all that excited about the LV options for bench players. Mayberry has never really excited me as he seemed to simply go through the motions everytime I have seen him play with the Pigs. I think Francisco could put up quality numbers but he would definitely need more AB’s than what Charlie is giving him now.

  20. @ PPFan

    Same deal for me, since theres so few prospects there.

    Most Phillies fans dont seem to like Francisco for no particular reason. I guess that they never saw him play in Cleveland. The main reason probably is hes rarely made good contact while in the red and white. But when he hits a ball on the barrel, he has plenty of pop. Hes definitely the best RH bat anywhere in the system after Polanco and Werth.

    I think the heat will hopefully help prevent Jimmys calf from straining or tightening up, as long as he stays hydrated too.

  21. Ben Francisco from what I have seen isn’t a good fielder or bat off the bench. If he is our best option after polanco and werth, then in my opinion its a weak system for right hand bats. Wish I could understand how people judge mathieson over one appearance. He has a live arm, like the article said he was just throwing fastballs as most likely told in a blowout game.

  22. It’s likely that the calf will bother Jimmy for the rest of the year so Valdez and Castro won’t be DFAd anytime soon.

  23. I wouldn’t hesitate to DFA either. Utility infielders who can’t hit grow on (figurative) trees.

  24. Mathieson must have been claimed by one or more teams. The Phillies recalled him thus he is back on the 40 man roster. He has to stay down for at least 10 days.

  25. Now glad to see Rizzotti Dhing tonight. Good training for Matt if he could become the Phils second lefthanded bat off the bench in the near future now that Dobbs is gone. Just can’t see them keeping both Valdez and Castro sitting over there on the bench if J-roll is 100%.

  26. Rickey – Yeah, I think you’re right. Assuming this team makes the playoffs, you can’t have Valdez and Castro on the roster.

  27. Rizzotti is not on the 40 man either.

    Didn’t they pull Bastardo up and down within 48 hours this year ? Or was that because he was optioned – and Mathiesson had to clear waivers?

  28. Dobbs might be recalled in a couple of weeks. I think Amaro feels he needs regular at bats to get his timing resolved. He’s been clutch for 2 seasons, perhaps 40-50ABs at LHV will turn him around.

  29. Not sure why the ‘trade’ of Zagurski for Mathieson. Why didn’t they just bring up Zags in the first place? I would like it must be related the ‘option’ weirdness.
    I know Sardinha is not a prospect but it looks like he mashed RH pitching at LHV. I’m sure they will not trust him at catcher late in a game and will not want to use him as an early pinch hitter but he cannot be any worse hitting than Dobbs was.

  30. 40 man roster- both Brown and Rizzotti will be eligible for the Rule 5 draft this offseason, so very likely they will be added to the 40 man roster this offseason, so if they want them they will add them now.

    Valdez and Castro can remain on the roster indefinitely because it is always a good idea to keep a reserve Middle Infielder on the bench and especially with Rollins tending to be injury prone this season. Having Castro in reserve enables more pinch hitting from Valdez and I don’t see any indication that Mayberry would be any better in that role than he is and Mayberry won’t give any good defense at SS either. Having 2 similar players as Francisco and Maybery as reserve OF’s that is the real redunancy and with the starting OF’s all giving indications of better future hitting there would be scant playing time for one , let alone both of them. Also the OF overload would leave only 1 Middle Infield reserve which would make that player mostly unusable in the game and stuck in a stand-by role. If they did choose to add a hitter at some point, it should preferably be a LH Hitter because there are very many more Right Handed Pitchers than Left Handed Pitchers.

  31. Marfis-
    You would prefer the redundancy of Valdez and Castro over Francisco and Mayberry? Thats laughable. Only having one reserve middle infielder is also resolved because of Polanco’s versatility. He can play 2b, ss or 3B if necessary, while both Valdez and Castro can also play those three positions. You dont see any “indication that Mayberry would be any better in a PH role than Valdez”…Its times like this that you should renew your call for JJ Furmaniak to the majors.

  32. Just for kicks look up Sardinha’s brother middle name. Its worth the experience.

    The Phils probably should of gone young relief in the spring and added if they have to. The pen is so inconsistent you can’t fault Charlie.
    I think there will little “honeymoon” time for Zag or any other propects

  33. Don’t see any evidence that Mayberr, Castro, or Valdez are good RH options off the bench.

    More likely, the Phillies have begun actively shopping for another bat for the bench since there is no option currently in house to fill that role.

  34. Mayberry has done fairly well playing as a regular on LVIP but one does not know if he will be able to continue hitting well with the reduced opportunities a pinch hitter receives. Seemed that Mayberry in his last Philadelphia stint did most of his hitting when he was able to play in the field and get multiple chances to hit and when he pinch hit he did not do much. If he would have been a good pinch hitter then , he would likely still be in Philly and someone other than Francisco might have been thrown in with Cliff Lee. And since there are so many more RHP’s they would be best served with acquiring a LH bat rather than just having Ross Gload and Schneider who may be needed to be held back as a spare catcher, once the return of Ruiz relegates him back to the bench, if trends continue.

  35. Andy Tracy is the Phillies best option as a pinch hitter off the bench. But they prefer somebody who can play 2nd or 3d or SS, (especially with Rollins’s durability questionable) and they prefer a left-hander, which is why they are hoping to get Dobbs through waivers, playing at Lehigh Valley, and back on track, sort of like they did with Brett Myers a few years ago. I expect Dobbs or an infielder from outside the organization to replace Castro or Valdez within a month, and Tracy to help the Phillies in September.

  36. And another thing , as to the Polanco versatility issue,if only one Middle Infielder on bench, in order to use Polanco at SS or 2B someone must play 3B. The options for that with the proposed bench eventually of Mayberry, Francisco, Gload, Schneider, and Valdez ( who presumably would be already playing SS or injured if there was a need to shift Polanco ) or a pitcher, don’t seem that promising.

  37. Allentown
    “They might have preferred Mathieson to Zagurski, but Mathieson has to stay down for 10 days, I believe.”

    No, the could have called up Mathieson because part of the rule states that a person optioned does not have to stay 10 days in the minors if he is replacing an injured person and a pitcher can replace a disabled position player and vice versa. Since, Ruiz was disabled at the same time the Phillies could have activated Mathieson instead of Zagurski but chose Zagurski.

    Throw-In Sandberg
    “Didn’t they pull Bastardo up and down within 48 hours this year? Or was that because he was optioned – and Mathieson had to clear waivers?”

    Yes they did on April 29 the Phillies optioned Bastardo to the minors and recalled him on April 30 to replace Madsen who was disabled on April 30. It has nothing to do with the waivers as both Bastardo and Mathieson were optioned.

    “Not sure why the ‘trade’ of Zagurski for Mathieson. Why didn’t they just bring up Zags in the first place? I would like it must be related the ‘option’ weirdness.”

    It has nothing to do with the “option weirdness”. Zagurski is in the same boat as Mathieson as to options. He will need to clear optional waivers in order to be optioned to the minors.

    Players who were added to the 40-man roster more than 3 years removed from when they are being optioned need to clear optional waivers. Mathieson was added to the 40-man roster on June 17, 2006 which is over 4 years removed from when they wanted to option him on June 19, 2010. Zagurski was added to the 40-man roster on May 25, 2007 which is over 3 years removed from now. He will need to clear optional waivers to be sent to the minors.

    As we speak, the Phillies probably have asked optional waivers on Zagurski. That will take 3-4 days to clear but once he clears they can option him at any time without having to ‘designate for assignment’ him in order to allow him to clear waivers. A player placed on optional waivers while on the 25-man roster has no effect on his status on playing in games while the club is waiting for him to clear the waivers.

    The problem with Mathieson was that when they wanted to option him to the minors was to close to when he was called up.

    Two days ago in the daily discussion I gave a detailed explanation of how optional waivers work.

  38. If someone is sent down they have to stay there for so many days before they can be recalled. The exception to this rule is when there is an injury (madson’s toe) and then the recall can happen quickly.

  39. great inning for Z tonight. compare that to matheison and you see why i say that pitch speed is over rated. location is more important. not that Z throws slow. but it takes more than throwing 96-98.

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