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Not a whole heck of a lot to talk about behind the dish.  Like most organizations, a scary lack of depth.  The guy most want to talk about is Sebastian Valle, who has been mildly disappointing in the first third of the season.   Look for the next edition of Around the System, looking at starting pitching, sometime next weekend or early the following week after the draft excitement settles a bit.

Lehigh Valley

Paul Hoover, 34, .229/.289/.273 in 83 AB’s.  2HR 9 RBI 0SB; .133 vs. LH, .250 vs. RH; .227 with RISP; 6% bb rate, 27% k rate. 41% CS rate.

Dane Sardinha, 31, .253/.284/.432 in 95 AB’s. 4 HR 14 RBI; .111 vs LH, .321 vs. RH, .292 with RISP, .188 in May. 2% bb rate, 25% k rate. 29% CS rate.


Tuffy Gosewisch, 26, .198/.273/.328 in 116 AB’s. 3HR 8 RBI; .207 vs. LH, .195 vs. RH, .188 with RISP, .117 in May. 9% bb rate, 17% k rate. 31% CS rate.

John Suomi, 29, .400/.412/.733 in 15 AB’s in Reading. 1HR 5 RBI.  Also had 38 AB’s between CLearwater and Lehigh Valley, hitting .289. All 15 runners who have tried to steal on him have been successful.

Kevin Nelson, 29, .208/.269/.229 in 48 AB’s.  0 HR and 4 RBI. Has been on the DL for the past two weeks. 25% CS rate.


Joel Naughton, 23, .292/.320/.500 in 48 AB’s.  2HR 7 RBI.  Spent about a month on the DL. 13% caught stealing rate.

Tim Kennelly, 23, .190/.313/.278 in 126 AB’s. 1HR 19 RBI; .119 vs. LH, .226 vs. RH, .308 with RISP, .230 in May, 13% bb rate, 13% k rate. 21% Caught stealing rate

Jeff Lanning, 23, 14 AB’s. .143 avg.


Sebastian Valle, 19, .241/.295/.362 in 174 AB’s.  4HR 25 RBI. .189 vs. LH, .264 vs. RH, .286 with RISP; .238 in May; 7% bb rate; 22% K rate. Thrown out 32% of runners.

Torre Langley, 22, .344/.389/.406 in 34 AB’s.  0HR 5 RBI.  Thrown out 29% of runners.

Kyle Lafrenz, 23, .273 in 22 AB’s.  0HR 4 RBI.  Thrown out 17% of runners.


8 thoughts on “Around the System–Catcher

  1. Kennelly managed to hold his own pretty well in the time he spent in Reading last year. I wonder why he went back to Clearwater to start with and why he’s struggled so much. He takes a good amount of walks but the batting average is just terrible.

  2. Langley is no kind of prospect. He has however sold monorails to Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook.

  3. A few years ago catching was a strength and we had depth. Jaramillo was going to be a capable backup. Marson was a rising star. D’Arnaud was potentially the best of all of them and Valle was young but talented. We even talked about Kennelly being a utility guy who could play 1st, 3rd, LF and catch. Now Valle who is having a tough season at Lakewood is the only one left. I don’t think there are any other catching prospects in the system.

    The Phils drafted Andrew Susac last year. I think they made a hard push to sign him but he went to Oregon State instead. He would be the guy we’d be talking about right now, if he was signed. Luckily Ruiz is a good catcher and you can find many capable backups on the scrap heap every year. Schneider is a very good backup for now.

  4. Watched Kennelly catch three of the four games in the recent Thresher’s homestand. The Phils now view him as primarily as a catcher but he did play a couple of innings at third to spell Overbeck while Naughton caught in Thursday’s game. He was hitting well with runners in scoring position coming onto the series and drove in a couple of runs on a double the first night. The humidity was so bad by Friday night that the bat boy from the dugout steps had to throw the balls directly to the catcher after each foul ball because the balls became too moist in the home plate ump’s side pouch. Kennelly did throw one runner out easily but otherwise had little chance on msot steal attempts because the pitchers did not hold the runner close. The heat and humidity of Florida wears down just about everybody there but especially catchers and pitchers. Tim did a good job handling Jesus Sanchez on Friday who was the most impressive starter that I saw in the four game homestand. His fastball was sitting at 91-92, change in the low 80’s and a curve in the high 70’s.

  5. Thanks Rickey, I saw Kennelly catch a game last year for Reading. He was solid with blocking balls, staying in front of pitches that were in danger of getting away. He had a weakness though. He couldn’t catch the pop foul behind the plate. He let it play him. He set up under the ball as it came down but the spin on the ball is working it back towards home plate. He ended up twisting backwards and then dropping it. It’s a tough play to make but he had trouble with it a lot last year.

    You also talk about the heat in FL. I’m concerned about Aumont going there after being up North until now. Aumont’s a Canadian and FL sun and humidity will be especially tough on him. I was one of the people who thought Aumont should have started in CLW and moved to Reading, if things were going well. Now he’s going when the heat is really coming on.

  6. Aumont played half a season last year in a place called “High Desert.” It’s not an unfamiliar challenge.

  7. I’ll be curious to see what catchers the Phils take in the draft because this list makes you pray for Ruiz’s continued good health.

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