Some new prospect videos

Courtesy of the PhilliesProspects Youtube channel

Colby Shreve, June 3rd

It looks like he’s a bit more over the top than he was before the surgery, but he’s much more under control here and his delivery seems less violent. Its going to take him time to rebuild his arm strength and come all the way back, but his delivery looks good.

Matt Way, June 4th

To my untrained eye, I’m not a fan of the stabbing motion he makes with his arm before he comes toward the plate.

Sebastian Valle, June 3rd/4th

He has a bunch of moving parts and a big leg kick that serves as his timing mechanism, and I have a feeling that as he learns to repeat his swing mechanics more, and is able to maintain his timing, that he’s going to hit because he has strong wrists. But when he gets out of sync, its easy to see why he might struggle.

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Leandro Castro, June 3rd/4th

Lets just say he doesnt get cheated at the plate.

Jonathan Villar, June 3rd/4th

Pretty simple, compact swing. Don’t see much power in there.

and Villar batting RH

Swing has a bit more movement here than his lefthanded stroke.

Jon Singleton, June 3rd/4th


30 thoughts on “Some new prospect videos

  1. I make a genuine effort to not get too excited about LWD guys but Singletons 1.2+ OPS and Cosarts near 11 K/9 this deep into the season are making it tough.

  2. Do we have any scouting updates on Julio Rodriguez? He made PP’s Top 30 prospect list, but I had not noticed him before.

  3. Sometimes a player just forces you to let go and get excited. Just enjoy while it lasts, hopefully 10-20 years.

  4. Also not a big fan of how Way throws across his body. Would like to see him open up his hips more in his delivery to get more drive towards the plate.

    He’s a bit of a slinger..

  5. I just watch the Blue claws tonight and Julio Rodriguez was dominate thru 6. 1 unearned run but alot of pop ups and strikeouts (7).
    Villar wasn’t impressive he did have 2 doubles, 1 SB, 1 E, and 2 RBIs but he didnt strike me as being something good/great.
    However Singleton, Valle, Hewitt, and James all looked good. Singleton had 3 hits including a no doubt about it homer to right and 2 double. He had great swings with power. James and Hewitt both had 2 hits and showed thier speed off and they can cover some ground in the outfield. Valle had 1 hit but looked good even when he got out.
    Now this was only 1 game but those 5 did impress me.

  6. hey bob d. i haven’t heard much about julio rodriguez, what kind of pitches did he throw and what was the velocity of some of his fastballs, thanks

  7. Yes, I can’t help but be excited about Singleton. Is he not the best prospect in the system at this point. I know Brown is good, but if you could have either one, who are you taking right now. In other words, who has more trade value? It’s probably close.

  8. “if you could have either one (Brown or Singleton), who are you taking right now”


  9. Brown is still well ahead of Singleton. But Singleton certainly has the look of a top 5 prospect right now.

    If I had to pick our Top 5 right now, I’d go with…


    I think.

  10. Maybe it’s not close between Brown and Singleton. I’m no expert. In fact, I’m fairly new at this. But would you trade Singleton for Drabek or Taylor at this point? I have another question.

    Is Singleton the best hitter prospect in A-ball right now? If so, where does that put a prospect historically? He has a 1.256 OPS.

  11. They really need to start considering teaching Singleton the outfield at this point. If he continues at this pace, would a call-up in mid 2012 be realistic?

  12. Of all the bats I saw at Clearwater this week the most improved was Anthony Gose. All of the sudden he has become a five tool power pull hitter. When I first saw him last year he hit everything the other way. This week he drove two hard hit singles into the hole to right and then Friday night hit a long home run to right to the base of the Best Western light tower at Brighthouse and then lined a ball down the right field line which with his speed he turned into a triple. He caught everything hit his way in center and threw a strike to third from straight away center to nail a base runner. He seems to have turned the corner and should have a great second half.

  13. Well maintaining an OPS of 1.2 thru AA is highly unlikely, so safer to assume that he would spend 2012 in reading. If it did stay that high they would be talking about him in terms of Heyward/Stanton and the Phils would have to find a way to field him.

  14. now granted its a small sample size so far, but if singleton keeps doing what hes doing in low A, I don’t see how they don’t move him up to clearwater this year. If he is destroying fastballs on a regular basis in low A, why not move him along and see what he can do against a little more advanced pitchers.

  15. Interesting food for though, was checking some extended statistics on singleton, hes riding a monstrous .458 BABIP right now with a 19% LD rate. I know BABIP for hitters isnt as telling as pitchers but still interesting.

  16. We’re very happy with Cosart’s performance so far, but check out the Braves’ Julio Teheran. He’s a year younger than Cosart and already has been promoted to Hi-A. His numbers are great, and I don’t think he’s had a bad outing all year.

    Our competition is not asleep.

  17. Cool Singleton video. He looks like a body builder but they should give him pants that fit. All kidding aside,how fast is Singleton.
    Another stellar night!

  18. The reason singleton is getting me excited isnt only his numbers, but what the scouts are saying, people say he had a okay senior season some thought on his being a little bored with the competion, his bat was ahead of the level of high school play, dont know if that is true, but he is special and no reason not to be in clearwater in july to fast track him. hopefully he learns the outfield and becomes ibanez replacement, and brown is victorino or werth replacement.

  19. PGD, Julio Rodriguez threw fastball and at least 2 off speed pitches one was a curve that seemed to have alot of late movement and the other was likely a breaking pitch. The fastball may have toyed with 90mph but there was no gun last night. He had the hitters off balanced and no one got a solid hit off of him till the 6th inning. A Villar throwing error cost him a run.

    And Singleton was knocking the cover off the ball – very impressive.

  20. JoeM … I think they are talking about Singleton like Heyward. Not Heyward now, but Heyward when he was in LoA

    Mego … Don’t see them moving him anytime soon. I think Heyward is a good blueprint to follow. He got a few weeks in HiA after about a full season in LoA

  21. Tom- Heyward is a good comp so far at least on the level that he fell a little in the draft albeit to 14 overall because his plate discipline was so good that he walked like a million times in high school. He obviously should have been taken number 1. Singleton looks like he had the same thing happen to him but it hurt him a lot more in falling to the 8th round. Glad we snagged him.

  22. If to go back to the comments on videos thing, I see there’s kind of a whole library on Sebastien Valle. An interesting one is the “Brittany DiMarco and Sebastien Valle’ thing. A kind of music video in a relatively recent style, it starts off in Spanish and goes to English, and features Brittany in various “risque” poses interspersed with stills of Sebastien Valle in baseball action, and lots of written comments (it’s a slide show) of the ooh-baby-baby type. In it she refers to “mi novio”, but I don’t know, and the video doesn’t show they have ever met. That’s an unusual one.

    On an unrelated note: ESPN just had on an interesting piece of the 3 recent ( 2 perfect games and the Jason Donald debacle) on why the rise in pitching. I noticed (and it seems to indicate moreso that the “internet-no-spellin’ ” crowd is taking over, it was labeled “Dominate Pitching”.

  23. For me, even more impressive than the walks is the raw power.

    In 86 AB, he has 17 XBH and an ISO of .337.

    Now, anyone can get hot for a month, which is why sample size always has to be considered. But if he finishes this season with an ISO in the .250 range, that’s wildly impressive for an 18 year old playing in a full season league.

  24. meh, Singleton’s another lefty. No place in the Philly line-up for another left handed bat. Trade Bait….

    That was a joke of course 😉

  25. I’m sure this has been discussed before, and I realize it’s way, way too early, but … can Singleton play any other position? How does he profile defensively, and does he seem like he’s a candidate to make a position switch? Obviously, since he’s lefthanded, the outfield is the only option. Looking at this video, he doesn’t look like a total hulk, so maybe he has the necessary athleticism. But presumably he’s at 1B right now for a reason.

  26. Alexander – we’ve been talking about Singleton’s position for several weeks. Many think he is sufficiently athletic to play left field. If he hits like this, I’m sure they’ll find some place to put him.

  27. I agree with the comments about Singleton’s build and athleticism. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly he beats it out to first in the video… definitely not the big dude I was expecting. He may still have some growing to do, but he looks like he could handle a switch to left field in my absolutely nonexpert opinion.

  28. I think it’s too early to worry about anyone replacing Howard or changing position to prepare for Howard’s moving on…

  29. Sure, I realize you don’t mess with Low-A prospects simply because of what the ML roster looks like right now, and it’s sort of absurd about talking about a player being “blocked” when it’s not even an issue until 2012 at the earliest. That said, it’s always nice to know what the options are. My question wasn’t about whether they should move him, just about whether he has the tools, including an arm, that would make such a move possible. Even left field is beyond the defensive capabilities of some 1B’s–I seem to recall they tried Howard there for something like three games in the minors, and the results were comical.

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