June 4 Discussion posting

Before we get to the specifics, a quick programming alert. I’m probably not going to write any more long postings on the draft, since I’ve already kind of said my piece, and picking at 27, its a crapshoot as to who is available anyway. I’ll try and check this weekend if there are any more pieces to make mention of with regard to specific names. At this point, I should be able to do a live update for Round 1 on Monday night, with some instant feedback, but I doubt I’ll be able to update things Tuesday during the day. But I’ll try and work something out to make sure we have some real time coverage of the draft.

Now, onto last night’s action..

Lehigh Valley wins 3-1.

Mathieson with save #9

Reading wins 12-7.

DBrown: 3/5, 2B (12), SB (9), CS (5)
Flande got rocked

Clearwater lost 13-0.

Trevor May got shelled. His ERA is climbing, he’s been very inefficient, but like I mentioned with Aumont yesterday, not too concerned. The swing and miss stuff is still there, he’s just adjusting to the rigors of his first full pro season, and he’s struggling with command. He’s young.

Gose with his 16th caught stealing. That’s staggering. Paging Davey Lopes…..

Lakewood lost 7-2.

Shreve got shelled, not concerned.
Singleton goes 0/2 with 3 BB, now up to 16 BB to 14 K. Pitchers are scared.

the end.

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  1. And even though Shreve got walked, he still struck out seven and only walked one. I guess that’s a good argument for not walking batters – had he been wild, a few more runs would’ve scored, the team would’ve had to go to the bullpen earlier, etc.

    Singleton was productive with his walks too – one of them was with the bases loaded, and he came around to score on another. Could the high amount of walks attributed to being pitched around? I thought that teams usually didn’t pitch around guys until the higher levels.

    – Jeff

  2. Harold Garcia has been nothing but consistent since he returned from injury. He’s hit in 16 of the 18 games he’s played in. He’s hit in 11 straight. He’s been on base in 17. He’s only batting .286 but his OBP is .354. He’s just starting to get back into it.

    Flande’s line was terrible. “Rocked” doesn’t even come close. Let’s see, 5 Hits, 6 Runs, 2 BBs, 4 HBPs and a balk. Did I miss anything? I’ve always liked Flande. Let’s see what happens with his next outing. On the plus side, the bats came to play. 4 HRs: Bozied, Rizzotti, Maher and Gosewisch. Even Freddy had a couple of hits.

    In CLW, 11 runs in the 4th but the offense was interesting. 7 hits, 7 BBs, 0 R and a HBP. There were 3 DPs, 2 outfield assists and a CS (Gose’s 16th) against them. 11 guys LOB.

  3. Lots of line drive outs lately for Singleton too, so he is not getting fooled or forced into weak swings even when he takes a little 0-fer. It’s pretty clear to me pitchers are pitching around him. Happens less at lower levels, but this guy’s rep is big now and no pitcher wants a homer or bases loaded double in his line.

  4. Jeff O – I’d think rather then a team a pitcher might work around a guy they know is hot. Pitchers at any level want to do well.

  5. PP – you’ll still do a draft recap, right? One of my favorite pieces you write every year.

  6. May has just completely lost the strike zone, 21 BBs in his last 14 IP. Hopefully it’s just a matter of inconsistent mechanics or some such, and can be straightened out.

  7. A gut we have not talked about a lot: Darin Ruf, who is obviously overshadowed by Singleton just when he might have generated some discussion.

    .330 BA, .401 OBP, .511 SLG, 4 HR, 21 BBs, 23 SOs at Lakewood, at age 23. Did what he was supposed to do.

    .262 BA, .319 OBP, .446 SLG, 2 HR, 4 BBs, 14 SOs at Clearwater, will be 24 in July. Holding his own, but the SOs and BBs might mean he is overanxious to do as well at the higher level.

    If he is a prospect, we might expect to see him get hot in that league too and pull his peripherals back toward his Lakewood record.

    But so far he has shown well. Maybe Andy Tracy? Or a little better than Andy and therefore a solid average 1B. In the game I watched he seemed fine fundamentally–good fielder, baserunner, managed his ABs well.

    Would be nice to go into the AS break in 2011 with two 1B prospects, one solid, the other off the charts.

  8. Singleton needs to start shagging fly’s in LF NOW. Hahha in all seriousness, this is a monster draft for the Phillies. From everything I’ve read so far I’d like to see them nab the 3B/P Cowart kid, seems like they’re type of guy.

  9. Was at the Reading/New Hampshire game yesterday. Flande was very bad, all over the place. He hit a couple guys, and the second batter of the game tagged him for a HR. Overall, a very diappointing game for him. The ball was jumping off Brown’s bat. All balls were hit on a rope. Very impressive. Teuberheim came in a did a good job shutting down the Fisher-Cats. Escalona closed and looked shaky. He gave up a HR, and ran some deep counts. Was throwing 85-87 off the stadium gun. Goosewich had 3 hits and a HR for Reading. Ruzzotti had a nice line-drive HR, just clearing the right field qall. Big thick body. Galvis looked great in the field, and chipped in with 2 nice hits, and an RBI. He’s coming on a little with the bat.

  10. Freddie Galvis has a OBP OF .270 and SLG of .266. If his bat is coming on, then he must be being graded on a curve.

  11. While galvis still has poor numbers, I believe wuat he meant was that he’s been hitting better the last few games

  12. One of the reasons I wanted to see Clearwater play was Cody Overbeck. In the three games I have seen him play against Palm Beach he has not seen anything to hit. He has walked four times in those games and 7 times in his last six games. They are just pitching around him. He misses Rizzotti hitting behind him. Hopefully he can join him soon in Reading.

    Cody is going all out defensively. Last night he laid out on a hard hit grounder down the line and on another he ranged as far as he could in front of the shortstop on a seeing eye base hit. In both hits he did not get any leather on the ball. But he has made all the routine plays.

    Anthony Gose looks good at the plate working a walk to lead off last night’s game and driving two hard hit balls in the hole to right but has been a disaster on the bases. Last night he attempted a delayed steal and was thrown out to start the game and the game went down hill from that. He obviously has a green light to run at will.

    Was it the heat and humidity, an ump who squeezed him or lack of focus no doubt Trevor May struggled with his command and control last night. But in the third inning he showed what a kind of pitcher he can be when he locates his fastball and gets his breaking ball over. The future is there but not just yet.

  13. That’s right, mego. Just trying to say that Galvis looked better at bat, going from .200 to .229 this past week. We all know he has a ways to go as a hitter.

  14. Rickey, great report. Glad to hear that Overbeck looked ok at 3B. Hopefully he can be an adequate fielder there. I’m also glad to hear that Gose worked a walk and hit the ball hard. Those are the two things I wasn’t sure he could do. Baserunning he can learn.

  15. Gose’s caught stealings don’t really bother me, as he was pretty much doing it off pure speed last year. Now he just has to adjust to it, he’s a bright kid. I think he’ll figure it out, he’s figured out how to walk the past two weeks, he has like 10 walks his last 10 games or something.

    And fwiw, Carl Crawford was thrown out 20 times on 56 attempts when he was Gose’s age.

  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if Overbeck is working overtime at improving his 3B defense. He’s well aware of the situation in the organization and I’m sure he’s been told that his defense might hold him back. I expect he might be moved up to Reading after the all star game but its not like they have another 3B to play at C Water. The amazing thing about Singleton to me is that he’s created this buzz in only about 22 games. I don’t mean the buzz with us, that’s easy to do, I mean the buzz in the league and the buzz with the national scouts. That’s usually the amount of time in which the scouts question whether a player can keep it up. You don’t hear any of that which is amazing to me and has me even more excited. We’ll see how he does now that he’s getting pitched around and whether he can stay true to staying in the strike zone, taking his walks and still getting hits on the few strikes he sees.
    PP, I look forward to your post draft recap and I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading it again next week.

  17. Why no love for leandro castro who is putting up some solid numbers at Lakewood. He hits for a lot of doubles, triples and he is showing some power with stolen bases. Defensively pretty solid around the outfield at any position and he starting to get some walks.

  18. Also love your draft reports, pp. Any catchers catch your eye.we need to draft at least two.

  19. Rocky, we drafted Andrew Susac last year. Everyone on this board was hoping to get him signed. Instead he went to Oregan State. I found a little blur on him which makes losing him feel much worse.

    “Susac was a key contributor in the late-season surge that saw the Beavers (31-22) win 10 of 15 to close the regular season. He not only batted .311 (14 for 45) with three doubles, a homer and six RBIs over that stretch, but also continued to make progress as a leader and one of Pacific-10 Conference’s best defensive catchers. ”

    I agree we can use a really good catching prospect from this draft.

  20. Yeah, post draft article and top 30 lists are highlights here.

    Understand the whole job thing will make it hard to give constant updates on Tuesday – unfortunately you can’t make enough money running good websites about Phillies minor league teams to quit your day job…

    I ranked Castro pretty high in my top 30. I’d love him a lot more if he didn’t hack away at everything they throw. He’s also a bit undersized to be jacking a ton of homers – but he could be a really solid doubles hitter.

  21. Anyone think Derek Dietrich is worth the 27th pick? He probably won’t be there in the 2nd round. He’s a known commodity who put up huge numbers at Georgia Tech and is still only 20. He won’t stay at SS, but if you believe he can handle 2nd or 3rd, his bat puts him in the late 1st-early 2nd range. The Phillies have taken a fair number of college infielders, with varying degrees of success.

    Basically everyone except Keith Law seems confident that Dietrich would be a solid fielder at 3rd, and Law still ranks him #40 overall. Since there will be good high school pitchers available in later rounds, perhaps a very signable, high-floor, high-ceiling infielder wouldn’t be a bad choice at 27. That would enable the Phillies to spend more money on high school players in later rounds, an approach that has paid huge dividends.

  22. “And fwiw, Carl Crawford was thrown out 20 times on 56 attempts when he was Gose’s age.”

    Great point! Hopefully when he comes up to the bigs, Lopes will be around to train him.

  23. “And fwiw, Carl Crawford was thrown out 20 times on 56 attempts when he was Gose’s age.”

    Great point! Hopefully when Gose comes up to the bigs, Lopes will still be here to teach him how to tear it up.

  24. MLB Traderumors is reporting that the Phillies have interest in a Domican pitcher named Yunskey Maya.Any one know anything about him?

  25. A bit on Singleton from BA Hot Sheet chat

    Tim C. (Chicago): What are you thoughts on Johnathan Singleton long-term? I have heard he had a rough senior year and that really hurt his prospect status.

    Matthew Eddy: Yes, this is true. Also true, Jon Singleton is quite possibly the most popular prospect in Hot Sheet history. Thank you, Jayson Stark for singing his praises. But yes, the Phils were able to grab Singleton in the eighth round last year because he hit just .321 as a high school senior. They had seen him much better than that, though, as an underclassman and on the showcase circuit. For Low-A Lakewood this week, he went 8-for-23 (.348) with three doubles, six walks and three strikeouts.

  26. Man it has been painful in Clearwater the last three weeks. After having a 5.5 game lead on May 13th we seemed to be a lock to win the first half, then Rizzotti leaves and the team falls apart. They still have a decent overall record and normally it would not be too dissappointing, but after that quick start it is a bummer.

    I agree Overbeck sorely misses another strong bat in the lineup behind him. As far as Gose and the steals, I wouldn’t mind the CS so much, but the pick offs at first, and the steals like last night before the pitch is even , geez. I guess they have to learn timing somewhere, and Clearwater is here for that very thing, but…

    Trevor May has now pitched 11 games and gone only 47.2 innings I believe, so the control issue is certainly not new. He frequently goes deep into counts. I don’t know if he is trying to learn a new pitch or if it is just his age. He is still racking up Ks so I’m not too worried about him, but I would like to see him get one or two 7-inning games under his belt this year.

    I actually talked to Trevor about doing an interview the night before last night, so if anyone has any ideas for questions shoot me an email jeffcrupper(at)jeffcrupper.com.

    P.S. Saw Tyson Gillies in the stands last night at Clearwater.

  27. Murray’s comment on Singleton above:

    “We’ll see how he does now that he’s getting pitched around and whether he can stay true to staying in the strike zone, taking his walks and still getting hits on the few strikes he sees.”

    That nails the picture for future Singleton watching, Murray. Well expressed.

  28. Lets watch and see if they pitch to Singleton tonight.

    As far as Gose caught stealing and getting pickoff ,you can’t learn if you don’t try.

  29. A righthand pitcher who throws 89-92 we have a lot of those, what makes this cuban pitcher so special?

  30. Matt Rizzotti mic’d up on R-Phils website is hilarious!!! You all should check it out…

  31. That was great, I love stuff like that RPhils2010. It’s clips like that which make me realize why some guys hold on to their minor league careers for so long (ie. Spidale, etc). They just like hanging with the guys.

    Although they’re not making much cash, hitting around in the afternoon looks a lot better than sitting behind a desk.

  32. Rizzotti was named Phillies Player of the Month today. He was 3 for 4, 2 doubles with a walk in tonights continuation of the 5/27 Sea Dogs game. He’s a real funny and personable guy as shown on the video. I think the gameday site is down, I can’t get any games now.

  33. and Gose too! throw in a triple, and he’s a player that’s really starting to get exciting

  34. My hope is they concentrate on pitching and infielders during the first 10 picks.

    Our most hopeful prospects seem to be position players; we could use an infusion of more pitching, both HS and college.

    The pitching cupboard is not bare; just somewhat short of offering to supply several good ones for the continuing success of the franchise!

  35. Rocky: All 89-92 mph pitchers are not created equal. Greg Maddux is one. Brandon Duckworth is another. There is a world of difference between them and a hundred shades of perrformance, from hall of fame to pretty good to just passing to wannabe.

  36. Cole Hamels rarely throws above 92. I guess that makes him a below average pitcher.

  37. If they trade this kid for some washed-up #4 pitcher this year I’m going to flip.

  38. It’s getting difficult not to be over-the-top excited about Singleton. If this is just a hot streak, it’s one for the ages. More likely, this fellow can just flat out hit and, just as important, doesn’t swing at bad pitches. We haven’t had a legit prospect go on a tear like this one, since Howard in 2004.

  39. Even then, Howard still struck out quite a bit. I agree it’s hard to temper the enthusiasm, but I am curious to see him struggle in order to see how he reacts. I’d suspect that he would continue to walk, which will always be a positive.

  40. Singleton 7 walks in the last five games. Two Ks with two bbs today. Does that mean he is reaching for pitches? July 1 promotion seems right especially if they won’t pitch to him.

  41. I thought I was the onlyone interested for awhile but I have seen some others recently… Pretty fun game, I hadn’t played in awhile so I made up my mind to buy neopoints and get going again. Seems like a lot has changed but enjoying it 🙂

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