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Some notable goings on up the middle since we last spoke…Fidel Hernandez has been suspended for 50 games, Harold Garcia has been activated from the DL, and Jonathan Villar has taken it up a notch at the plate.  See below for stats and comments.  Stats are thru 5/30.

Lehigh Valley

Luis Maza, 29, .220/.300/.262 in 141 AB’s. 0HR 8RBI, 1 SB, .303 vs. LH, .194 vs. RH, .185 with RISP, .176 in May; 10% bb rate; 13% k rate.  38 games at 2B, 4 errors, (.977); 4.53 RF. A very slow month for Maza who has fallen off rather drastically for a Lehigh Valley offense that needs all the help it can get.

Melvin Dorta, 28, Hit .176 in 17 at bats in Reading before getting called up.  LV: .270/.329/.338 in 74 AB’s.  1HR 8 RBI, 2 SB; .263 vs. LH, .273 vs. RH, .316 with RISP, .204 in May, 8% BB rate, 12% K rate.  17 games at 2B without an error; 4.29 RF; 11 games at SS, 1 error (.972). A small sample size but Dorta has been serviceable for Lehigh Valley in the absence of Wilson Valdez.

Brian Bocock, 25, .172/.212/.231 in 134AB’s.  1HR 7 RBI; 2SB 3CS; .269 vs. LH, .148 vs. RH; .074 with RISP; .188 in May; 5% bb rate, 25% k rate.  39 games, 5 errors (.973); 4.64 RF. His bat is absolutely abysmal and does not belong at this level.  That being said, his glove has been fantastic saving many runs for Lehigh Valley pitchers.


Freddy Galvis, 20, .213/.254/.236 in 174 AB’s.  0HR 8 RBI; 3 SB; .244 vs. LH, .203 vs. RH; .316 with RISP, .202 in May; 5% bb rate, 14% k rate.  49 games, 2 errors (.991); 4.31 RF. The struggles continue at the plate for the sure handed Galvis. He continues to play a fantastic SS.

Ozzie Chavez, 26, .193/.276/.246 in 114 AB’s.  1HR 7 RBI, 0SB 3CS; .174 vs. LH, .198 vs. RH; .182 in May, .200 with RISP; 10% bb rate, 18% k rate.  36 games at 2B, 3 errors (.980); 4.06 RF; 4 games at 3B, 1 error, 2 games at SS without an error. A bad April became a miserable May at the plate for Chavez. Has played well defensively.


Harold Garcia, 23, .279/.357/.377 in 61 AB’s. 0HR 7 RBI, 4 SB; .250 vs. LH, .289 vs. RH; .227 with RISP.  14 games at 2B without an error; 3.86 RF. Garcia came of the DL after spending the first five weeks of the season nursing injuries.  After hitting .291 in Lakewood last year, Garcia has picked up where he left off last season in the early going.

Troy Hanzawa, 24, .222/.302/.281 in 153 AB’s.  0HR 21 RBI; 1SB 3CS; .250 vs. LH, .210 vs. RH; .286 with RISP; .169 with bases empty; .227 in May; 8% bb rate; 20% k rate.  48 games at SS, 7 errors (.960); 3.54 RF. More is hoped for out of Hanzawa who was impressive in Lakewood last year.  His averages with runners in scoring position vs. bases empty suggests that there is a little something extra there that gets touched when under pressure.

Korby Mintken, 24, .297/.354/.363 in 91 AB’s.  0HR 9 RBI; 9SB 1CS; .125 vs. LH, .358 vs. RH; .313 with RISP; .226 in May; 9% bb rate, 26% k rate.  18 games at 2B, 3 errors (.951); 4 games at 3B, 1 error; 4 games at SS, 2 errors. A good early going for Mintken, however strikeout numbers are up.

Fidel Hernandez, 23, has been under suspension for use of performance enhancing substances since May 3.  The 50 game suspension keeps him on the bench until the end of June. Prior to getting suspended he was hitting .274 with 0HR and 7RBI in 74 AB’s.


Jeremy Barnes, 23, .288/.389/.394 in 165 AB’s.  1HR 18 RBI; 7SB 5CS; .280 vs. LH, .292 vs. RH; .265 with RISP; .236 in May; 14% bb rate; 19% k rate.  44 games at 2B, 6 errors (.967), 4.05RF. Barnes continues to perform at the plate with nice splits.  Showing a good eye as well. His defense has been relatively solid.

Alan Schoenberger, 21, .310/.339/.345 in 58 AB’s.  0HR 8 RBI; 2 SB; .200 vs. LH, .349 vs. RH; .389 with RISP; 2% bb rate; 15% k rate.  5 games at SS, 2 errors (.867); 3 games at 3B without an error; 6 games at 2B, 1 error; Not enough to judge, but with what little playing time he has gotten, he has performed.

Jonathan Villar, 19, .298/.363/.368 in 171 AB’s. 0HR 17 RBI; 18 SB, 7CS; .283 vs. LH, .306 vs. RH; .302 with RISP, .308 in May; 7% bb rate, 27% k rate.  49 games at SS, 18 errors (.921). 4.31 RF.  Villar is certainly the player up the middle to be the most excited about since we last spoke.  He has been a catalyst for the Lakewood offense. Defensively, he needs a significant amount of work.

16 thoughts on “Around the System–Middle Infield

  1. The errors for Villar are certainly concerning, as is the lack of power, but he’s only 19 and you hope he develops both. IMO he’s our best infield prospect in the system.

  2. If you have the athletic ability, the one thing you can teach is technique, consistency of positioning of the body, etc. Villar looks like he has a shot to be a starter if he gets a little better each year with the glove and bat. Probably 3.5 years away. We hope the bat stays alive and he can bring his walk rate up a point or two, while cutting back on strikeouts. Looks like he has some plate discipline with the walks, but maybe needs to develop better pitch recognition.

  3. Garcia is the other hopeful. Those two are really the only two who seem to have some potential with both the glove and bat.

    Galvis might be a late bloomer, learning to hit .250+ in mid-twenties. That could be with another team if the wait is that long. His glove will give us and other organizations the patience to wait though, so he has a long-term shot.

  4. The errors might not be an issue. It simply depends on if its a result of poor fielding or great range? Is he getting to a ton of balls and just missing them or is he screwing up more routine plays?

  5. Agree, NEPP. I have not heard anything about his hands being bad. Minor league errors are due to a few things: 1) bad positioning, so that you taking the ball awkwardly–that can be cured by coaching and experience, 2) bad hands–harder to cure but can be improved a little via coaching in how to position and receive the ball, and 3) poor decisions–making a wild throw when the chances of getting the runner are poor is an example. If his hands are “soft” and he is athletic, usually the guy can improve incrementally year on year. But that is where the biggest factor–mental attitude–comes in.

  6. Yeah, I wouldn’t go crazy about the errors.

    At this point it’s hard to predict Galvis to be anything more than a Wilson Valdez type middle infielder. Great D, but not much with the bat. Hopefully he’s able to prove me wrong though.

  7. I believe Garcia needs to be protected this year on the 40 man roster. If left unprotected, Garcia will be selected in the minor league portion of the rule 5 this year. I doubt anyone would be in a position to claim (and keep) him in the major league phase.
    Garcia does not get the hype here that Overbeck and Rizzotti receive as possible bench plaayers, but he can play a premium position (SS) and he plays 2b. He seems to have the ability to make the majors as a utility guy.

  8. One of life’s great mysteries. If Fidel Hernandez was suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs, why didn’t he ever display enhanced performance.
    Our minor league IFs are a great wasteland. Can’t really remember a time when it seemed so glum across the board.

  9. Agreed that Villar is the no. 1 middle infield prospect right now – a good ways after that it’s Barnes and Garcia and then the floor drops out. But it’s better than last year.

  10. If Garcia is not on the 40-man he could still be put on the AAA roster and protected from the minor league portion of the rule 5.

  11. I’ve seen Garcia play last year and was impressed with him then both on offense and defense. He could play his way into a major league player – likely a utility player.

    AA and AAA have nothing other than Galvis who could be a slick fielder with very little pop in his bat. Not really a player you want to have as a starter unless his bat turns around.

    Basically at this point there is no major league help near for the Phillies, maybe some of these lower level prospects will develop and move up, but they are still a few years away.

  12. Catch22 —
    Not sure why you’d say IF situation is better now than last season. Galvis and Hernandez looked like better prospects last year, we still had Donald with some hope for him, Hanzawa looked like a chance prospect but has slipped since, we still had Mattair with a minuscule amount of hope, Valenzuela hadn’t totally fallen off the map, and we hadn’t gone through another draft without finding any help. So now everyone’s a year older and there hasn’t been a good lower level fill in. I guess you could argue that Villar is thought of a little more highly now than a year ago, but that seems about it on the middle IF positives.

  13. Your point about Donald is well-taken. He was a ray of light in the IF. But, aside from that, I did not hold out much hope for either Galvis or Hernandez. Villar and Garcia represent more hope than I had last year and I add Barnes to the mix as well, but, of course, we’re talking a matter of degree. It’s still a bit of a dead zone in the organization.

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