36 thoughts on “May 20 Open Discussion

  1. Note: The “offshore ” leagues are now listed with the other minor teams on the Phillies minors affl. Maybe I am behind the times but i thought that was amazing.

  2. JJR,

    The caught stealing and pickoff were probably on the same play. If a runner gets picked-off but continues running towards 2nd is counts as a caught stealing also.

  3. Dom Brown seems like he is a little slow coming back from the thumb injury. I think he will pick it up again tho and will definately be an Eastern Leage All-Star Thoughts? Also who will replace Taubenheim on Reading’s roster?

  4. Just some random Thursday thoughts:

    That’s insane the number of triples that Gose has – I’m curious what the franchise record is.

    I’m trying hard to temper my enthusiam about Singleton – it’s only been one week after all – but he is having a rock solid start his second year.

    It’s very encouraging to see Shreve’s professional career getting underway on a good note. I think I’d like to see some more strikeouts, but that’s being nitpicky. It will be interesting to see how many innings he throws this year, and what the Phillies general plan is for moving him along.

    And just a general box-score related question: I’ve seen a few times when a guy (Brown last night, and Gose a few times) gets listed as picked-off and caught stealing – is that two separate occurences (i.e. picked off in the 3rd, caught stealing in the sixth), or can it mean that the runner gets picked off, attempts to steal and gets thrown out on the same play?

    (actually, I just answered my own question by looking at the recap – it did all occur on the same play)

    – Jeff

  5. I’ve done my share of minor league scorekeeping. Yes, when a runner is listed as picked off and caught stealing it’s on the same play.

  6. Looks like it says Harman was suspended for violating Anti-Doping rules by failing to inform authorities of his whereabouts 3 times in an 18 month period. Must have missed the busted for PED’s part.

  7. I have seen the “offshore” affiliates listed among the minor league affiliates before. A key factor is whether they are playing games on not. The MiLB site has listed all for some time now.

  8. What is unfair? If he missed drug tests because he could not be located, the agency he has to be held responsible. Otherwise every player who wanted to cheat would submit false information to avoid drug tests.

  9. In response to someone’s post yesterday saying that Jared Cosart could potentially be in the discussion as a top ten prospect by year end, I wondered how often a LoA prospect was ranked in the top ten. I was able to go back to 2003, using Baseball America as my resource. To determine the classification, I used the LAST stop of their prior minor league season. It’s early, but my guess is regardless of his success, I think Cosart will stay at Lakewood for the duration of 2010.

    Here is what I found, I show the classification, number of players in a top ten listing and the percentage of top 10 prospects from 2003-2010. I put foreign players in their own category

    AAA AA HiA LoA DNP foreign
    24 38 3 7 4 4
    30% 48% 4% 9% 5% 5%

    I’m not surprised that the majority of top ten prospects made it to AA. The DNP denotes someone that was drafted, didn’t play at any affiliation, but was still ranked as a top ten prospect (Delmon Young/2004, J. Upton/2006, D. Price/2008, Strasburg/2010). The foreign players are Hideki Matsui and Jose Contreras from 2003, Kaz Matsui/2004 and D. Matsuzaka from 2007.

    The 7 LoA players who made a top ten in any given year are as follows:

    Gaviin Floyd – 2003
    Prince Fielder – 2004
    Ian Stewart – 2005
    Delmon Young – 2005
    Justin Upton – 2007
    Cameron Maybin – 2007
    Madison Bumgarner – 2009

    Since there were so few HiA players, I will name them as well since two are major names

    Joe Mauer – 2003
    Andrew Miller (then with Detroit) – 2007
    Jason Heyward – 2009

    I think this information shows that it is a pretty big deal for any A ball player to be shown as a top ten overall prospect. To have Cosart mentioned at this level, at this point in his career, is pretty impressive.

  10. I think PEDs should be legal and allowed in sports. so I don’t give a crap about him getting busted. But no, it isn’t unfair, he was busted for violating the drug testing rules in relation to PEDs. I never said he tested positive for anything.

  11. On Harman:
    From my understanding (and through research I have done with MLB drug testing/investigations and the National Antidrug Doping Agency) — due to my job in pro sports, you HAVE to be at that location they give you. In reality they should give you up to 8 hours to get to that specific location; however, in some cases, they may give less time. So for his absence to reoccur several times is a bit questionable. The agencies (there are several) are VERY in tune to their whereabouts and can pretty much just drop a test on a guy when the request is given upon appropriate reason. That is my knowledge from a domestic standpoint — unsure if the rules apply otherwise internationally.

  12. Leads the league in slugging and OPS, top 5 in average, on base percentage and home runs … yep, I’m guessing D Brown just might slip onto the Eastern League all star team

  13. I did a little research on the Triples. Since 2000, Shane Victorino had the most triples (16) for a Phillies Farm Team (AAA) He accomplished that in 2005. Mark Budzinski had 15 in ’04. Michael Bourne had 14 in ’04 and 13 in ’06. Gillies had 14 in ’09 for the Seattle Farm.

    The top Philly Farm hands last year were Gose and Brown with 9. Collier had 8.

  14. Gose is a lock for 10+ triples a year. Brown was also thrown out at the plate yesterday trying to score from first on a double. Cosart will definitely be in the top 10 if he stays healthy all year. I expect he’ll make his last 2 or 3 starts in Clearwater in August before they shut him down at around 100 innings. Remember he hadn’t pitched in two years. I’m waiting for Hernandez and Hyatt to each get bumped up a level so Shreve can get a permanent rotation spot. Colvin had a huge start this week because I’m sure there are discussions about whether to send him to W Sport in June. Here’s a shout out to Jason Donald and Lou Marson for batting 8th and 9th last night for the Indians. Way to go fellows!

  15. I like the idea I had with Knapp . Late July for so bump cosart
    up but fewer innings.

    On Vic’s triples AAA parks are generally bigger.

  16. In the last 3 games Singleton has had a 5/1 BB/K ratio. The contact and power were displayed in the first handful of games and now he’s showing the plate discipline. I know it’s only 3 games but I think that’s almost enough to show that the plate discipline last year wasn’t a fluke. Also 2 steals in the last 3 games. Saying he’s a 5-tool player would be a stretch but it seems that he’s showing as many skills as an 18-year old 1B can show.

  17. Dom Brown is so good that even when he has a “rough day” (albeit on the basepaths) he still goes 2/3 with a BB.

  18. 3 games is not even close to “almost enough” to prove anything. Jeff Francoeur had a .400+ OBP at the end of April.

  19. The AA team lost again today to Harrisburg 3-2 but there are always interesting angles to watch to get a better understanding of the talent level at AA. We all know about Domonic Brown. Enough said.

    Drew Naylor was hit hard in the first inning giving up two runs on four hits in the opening frame. His fastball was up in the zone and sat at 86-87 in the first. In the second inning Freddy Galvis struck out swinging at a ball two feet off the plate to end the inning with runners at first and second. Galvis allow his previous at bat to affect his fielding as he booted a slow hooper to start the bottom of the second. This seemed to fire up Naylor as he struck out the final two batters to strand the runner at third with a combination of 90-91 fastballs and sharp breaking 76 mph curve balls. He went on to pitch six shutout innings but his fastball never again touched 90 sitting in the high 80’s the rest of the way but was down in the zone. However for that one inning Naylor looked like a major league prospect.

    Sergio Escalona came on in the 8th inning throwing belt high 86 mph fastballs and predictably one went over the head of Q. Berry off the 400 ft. sign in center for a triple. That batter scored the eventual winning run. Escalona showed a major league curve ball but a minor league fastball.

    Let’s hope they shake this team up and give some younger players now at high A a chance.to do better at AA by mid season. Just up from A+ Matt Rizzotti inside outed a pinch double down the left field line to tie up the game at 2-2 in the top of the eight. Why he is not starting is a good question because the minor league lifers who make up the majority of this team are not getting the job done offensively.

  20. Anonymous Says:
    May 20, 2010 at 1:14 PM

    “I like the idea that I had…”


  21. For what it’s worth there seems to be an unusual amount of top prospects with no experience above Low A this season. Using Jim Callis’ Top 50 as a guide, he had Dustin Ackley, Ryan Westmoreland, Jacob Turner, Tyler Matzek, Dee Gordon, Aaron Crow, Kyle Gibson. I will say that if Jarred Cosart is indeed a top ten prospect, no way does he wrap up the season in Lakewood.

  22. Alan – I think that is the tail-end effect of more teams favoring young, cost controlled players over veterans more in recent years.

  23. I just looked this stuff up:

    Drabek has been pitching in AA again. His line is interesting: 47 IP — 41 H — R 26! (16 ER) — 4 HR — BB 21 — K 45 — GO/AO 1.94

    He’s striking guys out and getting grounders and that’s great. He’s also allowed a lot of runs. Unearned runs don’t effect your ERA but a lot of times it’s still at least partly the pitcher’s fault. One thing that makes evaluating pitchers using just stats difficult in the minors is not knowing the quality of the defense behind him or the context of the league and home park.

    Other guys we traded are mostly not doing that great at this point:

    Carrasco (AAA): 7 GS — 39.2 IP — H 40 — R 23 (18 ER) — HR 5 — BB 19 — K 31 — GO/AO.

    Carrasco isn’t getting too far in his starts and he’s walked a few so he’s probably having command/control issues. Again, a lot of runs allowed. Getting some grounders though.

    Donald (AAA): .277/.396/.423

    Getting a well deserved shot in the show due to an injury. Everyone seems to think he’s a platoon/utility guy albeit a useful one.

    Knapp is hurt.

    Cardenas (AAA): .216/.266/.243

    He’s been hurt — only 74 ABs.

    Taylor (AAA): .232/.290/.408 125 ABs

    Slow start obviously and his parent club (A’s) needs bats.

    D’Arnaud (A +): .324/..356/.529.

    Lots of folks kinda hated to see this guy leave and for good reason. He’s been hurt a little for about three weeks and only has 68 ABs.

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