Bastardo Back to Philly, Lidge to the DL

Brad Lidge was placed on the DL once again with right elbow inflammation, retroactive to May 9, after making just 4 appearances for the Phils.  Called up from Lehigh Valley to take his roster spot is LHP Antonio Bastardo, who has allowed just 1 hit, and no earned runs in his 5 appearances in Lehigh Valley since being sent down a couple of weeks ago.  Bastardo has struck out 8 in 3.2 innings or work for Lehigh Valley.

Update: The corresponding Lehigh Valley roster move has RHP Alex Concepcion been activated from the DL (turf toe).

One more notable transaction today, Reading reliever Chance Chapman was placed on the DL with a Right Oblique Strain.  P Tyson Brummett, who has been exclusively in releif this year, and quite well for CLearwater was called up to Reading.

52 thoughts on “Bastardo Back to Philly, Lidge to the DL

  1. Hopefully Contreras can keep carrying the load. Hopefully Bastardo pitches well enough to stick around this time.

  2. Bastardo has done well in his few appearances for the big team.
    His minor lg numbers are good…very good.

    He is better paired with Romero as our two pen lefties, anyway.

    Like you, I hope he can stay this time for the season.

    BUT, if Contreras fades, there is the option of Mathieson who has been terrific at LV. Good to have him there if needed. Also would be a public relations coup as one of the better comeback stories in sports this year.

    He seems to be a reliever-in-waiting.

  3. Bastardo should have never been sent down. With Romero struggling and Madson hurt, the Phillies had nobody to handle leftys. Bastardo has performed as well as anybody in the big league bullpen anyway.

  4. Bastardo is clearly a major league pitcher and a promising one at that. He was only in the minors due to an odd roster situation. He’s back where he belongs and I look for more good things to happen, his stuff can be electric.

  5. Bastardo only had 13 AAA innings under his belt coming into this season, and a 6.46 ERA in limited MLB action. This season he’s pitched 8.1 innings and walked 7. I don’t think his going to the minors was any kind of hardship or injustice.

  6. I am very perplexed. For example, Herndon had a bad day today, so people want him off the team. But, Brad Lidge had a terrible season all last year, and he stayed put. Relievers have bad innings, so, how can you tell when they’re done?

    Personally, i think Herndon is solid. Bastardo I think is excellent, and much more consistent than most of the people we have to throw out. Anyone complaining about his play has to look at everyone else we have.

  7. Herndon is solid? 20 hits in 14 innings. Close to 2 WHIP. He has not been very good, lets be honest.

  8. Oh and he also cant strike out anyone. His only redeeming feature is a good double play rate.

  9. Upon reflection, it had to be Bastardo, as Mathieson has no options left and once called up, would be a problem to try to send down when and if Lidge comes off the DL.

  10. In my opinion they did not bring up Mathieson, because he appears to have no options left. This would cause problems if and when Lidge comes off the DL. Therefore, I don’t expect Mathieson to come up unless there is a clear roster spot open,that does not exist solely because someone is on DL for the short term.

  11. i like both bastardo and mathieson. i believe there both ready but bastardo was the right move can always use another lefty in the bullpen. mathieson will be up soon, he already used his option this year when he was sent down from spring training. they can now bring him up and down as many times as they want with out using another option this year. He also has one more left so next year they can do the same. i think by the end of the year we’ll see both of them up there. i dont think either will close at all this year unless maybe we have a 3 run lead. when do you think we will see brown move up to AAA? i think its about time.

  12. They are being very careful with Brown; appropriately so.

    There is no NEED to move him quickly now such as the Braves with Heywood. Whether it would have benefited Heywood to spend some good time at AAA before bringing him up might never be known. But there should be little doubt that the Braves were desperate for a budding star to generate more fans in the seats…and possible additional lineup power.

    In the short run that might w ork out for them; maybe that polishing time lost will generate a penalty later on.

    But…since Brown has NOW, for the first time, showed some frequent HR power, it is necessary to allow that aspect to take hold. Should he keep this going into mid-June, IMO they could THEN move him up to LV.

    If he then does well, he should not play winter ball, or iof he does, it should be for a short time. THEN, he could come to 2011 spring training and work himself onto the roster and into sharing some left fielding.

    No need to rush. The park is full; the concessions moving well;the fans happy.

  13. Herndon is like a Moyer in relief. He has given up a lot of hits but for the most part gotten thing done. Moyer gives up five runs but wins for whatever reason. Do you take him?

  14. It will be nice when players can be promoted and demoted based on merit and not their contract or roster status.
    When/if Lidge comes back healthy and performs decently does Amaro consider trading him this year? That would create a spot for Mathieson if they’re convinced he can do the job.

  15. Can’t understand comparing a Herdon to a Lidge, lidge is proven world series winning closer, why Herdon is a minor league pitcher staying on a team cause he has some ability, if he had option he would be at lehigh valley. This team is just playing really good with so much missing, mathieson cant be that far away to replace either baez or herdon, you cant come into 5 run leads and let your team down, he hurt them today if they need the bullpen, herdon had nothing on the ball. at least with mathieson its here 96 miles a hour fastball hit it not breaking balls that do nothing like herdon.

  16. I think Bastardo and Mathieson will both have futures in Philly. I think Mathieson could be groomed for set up man/posssibly closer. Bastardo the left specialist. I think Lidge, Madson, and Romero will all be gone by 2012. The minors is starting to build itself up in depth in the pen (Schwimmer, Defratus, Zeid, Stutes, etc).

  17. Of all the stats on Herndon is most damming is .600 on the first pitch and .400 on 0-1 (an aggressive batters pitch since he can’t K or not likely to walk.
    The only Phils pitcher I have noticed with those bad numbers was Wade’s first solo deal Paul Spoljoric (Spelling doesn,t count)
    6 in 10 hitters getting a hit means under so condition does he come in with runners on. So time to go.

  18. Bill from Crashburn noted that Mathieson is in a service time crunch. He already has 2+ years of ‘official’ service. If he comes up too soon he will be arbitration eligible this winter. While the difference between his club renewal salary and what an arbitrator might award probably isn’t all that much this winter, every little bit helps to keep the core together. And if his arm is finally stable, it will buy an extra year of his time and keep his salary down compared to the same year if he comes up now.

  19. No Wheels,

    I am not going to argue that those numbers aren’t terrible, but you should note the sample size is 5 and 10 ABs respectively. They should continue to pitch him in no pressure situations and see if he settles in. Given the blow-out potential of this offense and the blow-up potential of the Kendrick and Moyer, he should find enough work. And if he continues to struggle, maybe LAA will take a no-name or cash and future considerations in return for his rights.

  20. Cot’s lists Mathieson’s service time as 2.071. Unless I’m completely miscalculating things, he’d only need to be in the minors for about two weeks to come short of three full seasons. It’s certainly not the money though. The fact that they can’t option him back is likely the priority.

  21. Just to clarify, Mathieson can indeed be optioned this season. In fact he’s in the minors this season because he has an option available for this year. Anyone who is on the 40 man roster and in the minors is using an option that season and can be called up and sent down all season without consequence.

  22. Oh yeah, That Mathieson would really break the bank in arbitration this season, and the bidding war touched off when teams realize they can snap up a 27 year old coming off two “Tommy John” surgeries on his pitching elbow would far exceed the Phillies ability to pay, which would be a shame seeing as he is such a vital and necessary component of the “core” and all. And, if it is the same Bill, consider the source.

    The character who came on here a short time back and wailed over the terrible indignities to Bastardo of having to draw a minor league salary for a couple of games, can now be officially invited to stop whining for a couple of seconds, till it is time to be on to the next whine.

  23. Who’s going to trade for a closer who’s not getting the job done and making $12M+? That is ludicrous.

  24. If the Phillies are holding him back, it likely is not related to the arbitration money NEXT year. (He is not going to make any money in arbitration). It would be planning ahead, to extend his arbitration an additional year. An extra arbitration year, in 2014, is more meaningful than a couple of middle relief innings right now. Mathieson is not going to set up or close right now anyway.

  25. I have never been a Jose Contreras fan,but there is no doubt
    the more intense the situation the better he is. This closer thing may be the best spot for him.

  26. Let me repeat this is 2010. 2014 maybe the end of the universe.
    We need to start at least trying relief prospects at this point.
    I can’t see not being able to make a deal for Herndon is you really have to.

  27. Mathieson hasn’t been called up because they don’t have the moves to make at the big league level. If herndon had an option he would be in lehigh and mathieson in the Philly bullpen. He isn’t going to fill a long man role and the rest of the pen has no options.

  28. What’s up. Mathieson has not pitched in four days. He needs work to stay sharp. Guess they want to see Mathieson fail in an outing or two to see how he bounces back from adversity which he has not faced at all this season. They got to keep coming up with some kind of excuses to keep him at AAA. Though wouldn’t be surprised if Virrarreal is the next reliever Amaro calls up over Mathieson. If they are serious about not burning out what’s left in the pen by the 4th of July how can they keep carrying Herndon and Figueroa out there?

  29. Question for me is why do they keep “Figgy” instead of bringing up Mathieson. Only reason I can think of is that Figgy could start a game here and there in addition to doing some relief work.

    Is that worth it? Instead of Mathieson?

  30. All of this will be a non-issue in about 6 weeks. Herndon should have his 90 days on the active roster, then they can DL him the rest of the year, if they want.
    All of of this hand wringing about Mathieson? He is not needed… and the Phillies have 2 RH pitchers in the major league bullpen that can throw gas, just like him. He can wait until July.

  31. Please show me the path Mike. Mathieson is not needed but you are worried about 2014 arbs. Sorry is he valuable or not?

  32. There are only are only 26 pitchers in the whole NL with a higher WHIP than Herndon.

  33. nowheels, he is a minor league asset. I don’t know if he is valuable or not.
    Amaro is not an average fan, worried about the 6th inning of a game in May. If holding Mathieson back a couple weeks in 2010 saves the major league club 2 million dollars in 2014, then he is doing his job. That is called managing your rescources. I could see the concern if the team was losing games because of the bull-pen, but they are not. They have the best record in the league. What is the beef?

  34. Herndon has allowed runs in 3 of his 13 appearances. His ERA is barely over 5, and would be around 2 were it not for the series of dribblers in the rain delay game against the Marlins (of the 5 hits he gave up in that game, 2 left the infield, only one of which was hard hit). He is fine in the role they are using him, although I think it was a mistake to use him on back-to-back days yesterday.

    Also, Baez has a 1.29 ERA in May, and since they realized he is strictly a one inning pitcher he has been really good. The simple fact is despite all of the injuries, the bullpen has been fine. Mathieson is doing well were he is right now, building confidence in his surgically reconstructed arm. If they need him they will call him up.

  35. Jones you made a point. The spent a lot of money on a one inning pitcher. I could care less about anything other than THIS year. I made the point before that the 25 spot should be
    a semi open spot where you can move guys in and out as needed. A rule 5 guy blocks that. All point consider a deal should be made to all more flexibility in the roster.

  36. They need to work out a trade for Herndon and option him to the minors where he belongs. Bring Mathieson up.

  37. “I could care less about anything other than THIS year.”

    Then its a very good thing that your not the Phillies GM because I hope to watch this team compete for championships for the next few years as well…

  38. If you could care less about anything but THIS year, why are you constantly on the minor league site? Nowheels, your so dumb it is painful.

  39. Pat on the back for Brummett. Let’s hope his success at A+ can translate at AA. There does seem to be a solid pipeline of relievers coming. While that is not something to get too excited about, having a bunch of young relievers coming up to the majors is a nice way to save some money for the big club.

  40. **** If they are serious about not burning out what’s left in the pen by the 4th of July how can they keep carrying Herndon and Figueroa out there?****

    The bullpen is hardly burnt out. Going into yesterday, they had pitched the 2nd least number of innings in the NL after San Fran. And there is absolutely no reason to panic or freak out about not having Mathieson on the MLB roster as they are in 1st place with the best record in the NL. The sky is hardly falling at the moment.

  41. Just to follow-up on your post NEPP, the Phillies reliever with the most appearances, so far, is Baez with 18. That is tied for 15th in the league. There next 2 highest, Durbin and Contreras are tied for 46th with 15 appearances each.

    And if you want to go by IP, then Durbin is tops the team with 18. That ranks him 34th on the list.

  42. Should note that these rankings are in the NL only. For all of MLB, Baez is 36th in appearances.

  43. Anonymous Says:
    May 16, 2010 at 5:37 PM

    If you could care less about anything but THIS year, why are you constantly on the minor league site? Nowheels, your so dumb it is painful.


  44. 3up3kkk
    You have been reading long enough to know what I mean.
    2010 has priority.

  45. At some point, people need to wake up and see what’s going on. While the bullpen has not yet fully gelled, the overall bullpen talent and reserve is as good as it’s ever been in the entire time I’ve watched the Phillies. Yes, they need to get people a little more set in roles and some guys are out, but there’s a ton of talent and, for the first time in years, excellent reserves in the minors. Regardless of what half-informed people may tell you, the bullpen is not likely to be a problem for them this year, particularly if, as I suspect, Contreras has the ability and mind-set to close. I am more concerned about the depth of our starting pitching and our position players than I am about the bullpen.

  46. The main problem seems they all are one inning guys. A stretch of bad start could be a problem.

  47. If they are all one inning guys, how would bringing up Mathieson help any? That’s why they need to keep Figueroa for now.

  48. NoWheels, 2010 has no more priority than any other season when deciding on what is best for the team’s current vs. long-term future.

    Otherwise, you should be advocating trading the team’s prospects every season for immediate help. Afterall, what good is Domonic Brown to the Phillies in 2010 other than as a bargaining chip. Maybe in the best Ed Wade tradition, they can trade him for a middle reliever who can pitch multiple innings?

    But if I remember correctly, you were a vocal opponent of the Blanton trade a few years ago and are still complaining about Taylor being included as part of the Halladay deal, so you obviously don’t fully subscribe to the “current season is the only thing that matters” mantra afterall.

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