Gillies Placed on DL, Aumont Update

Some breaking news out of Reading this morning, OF Tyson Gillies, acquired in the CLiff Lee deal was placed on the DL with a left hamstring strain.  Gillies had been playing better lately after really struggling initially this year.  He had a 7 game hitting streak snapped on Monday, With speed being Gillies game, the Phils are sure to be conservative with this injury.  Gillies was hitting .247 with 2 HR and 6 RBI, to go along with 1 stolen base in his 97 AB’s this season. See below for Aumont commenatry from todays game.

Update: A nice first inning for Phillipe Aumont, coming off two horrible outings. In the first inning against New Hampshire, Aumont struck out two and retired the side 1-2-3.   Most importantly, 13 pitches, 11 for strikes.  Velocity 90-92 on fastball. In the bottom half of the first, Domonic Brown launced the first pitch he saw into the left center seats for his 7th homer of the year. Brown has now homered in 6 of his last 11 games.

Update: Lead off walk, strikeout, single to left, HBP, single (2RS), walk, single (2Rs)..runner thrown out trying to go to third, stolen base, strikeout.  Not pretty at all for Aumont who threw 34 pitches in the inning, just 16 for strikes.  He clearly lost his composure after a lead off walk, and things went downhill from there.  He was bailed out by a runner thrown out trying to advancee to third on a single.  Line: 2IP 3H 4ER 2BB 3K 1HBP; 47 pitches, 27 for strikes.  THrowing 88-91 in the 2nd inning.

3rd Inning: k, k, fly out.  Aumont settled back down to throw his second 1-2-3 inning.  Unfortunate 2nd inning in between.  Line 3IP 3 H 4ER 2BB 5K 1HBP; 60 pitches, 37 for strikes. A very interesting at bat by Domonic Brown in the bottom half, where he fouled off 11 straight pitches before striking out.  17 pitch at bat.

4th Inning: Another 1-2-3 inning for Aumont.  Three of his four innings have been 1-2-3 with the major bump being the 2nd.  Line: 4IP 3H 4ER 2BB 6K, 1 HBP; 68 pitches, 43 for strikes. Velocity between 88-91 in the 4th.

5th inning: double, wild pitch, Error third base (run), sb, fly out, k, BB.  That will do it for Aumont.  90 pitches, 57 for strikes.  FInal Line: 4.2 IP 4H 5ER 3BB 8K.  Fairly unimpressive all in  all for Aumont.  When any runner reached base, it caused an immediate visit by either the catcher, first basemen, or pitching coach. He was throwing 90-93 in his final inning of work.

79 thoughts on “Gillies Placed on DL, Aumont Update

  1. Not sure how long he’s been dealing with the injury but it would explain why he wasn’t running at all.

  2. According to those “in the know” in Reading, it has been about two weeks, but has worsened recently.

  3. UGGH…….At least Cliff Lee only pitched 7.2 shutout innings last night. I will hope for a speedy recovery and good rest of the season for Gillies. I would love to see some signs of positive returns on that deal.

  4. i was thinking about Aumont’s recent game and I gotta believe that his 8 walk game was the result of him working on a specific pitch. my guess is they told him to keep throwing it regardless of results. at least, that is what i am telling myself.

  5. Gose’s start to the game highlights why he is a great prospect. he reached on an error (possibly because the first baseman was rushing due to his speed). he then stole 2 bases and scored a first inning run. that is talent folks. that is a skill that is very hard to find. he is still only 19 at high A and is already creating terror on the base paths.

  6. Surprised Aumont is only 90-92 … maybe he’s taking something off to better control the zone. As long as he has good movement and control, the velocity will work.

  7. pp only thing wrong with that comment is you can’t steal first,if he doesn’t hit what good is the speed, remember the comments on gillies as he moves up he wont get those cheap hits, you get in lower ball. love to see the kid do good,but he isn’t setting the world on fire yet.

  8. Clearly May is a bit overhyped. He struggles with his control and command just like this morning walking a batter in each of his first three innings.

  9. I doubt the Mariners would take aumont gillies and jc back for lee at the deadline if they are still in last…lol

  10. I like Gillies but the Phils took Gillies over Saunders…the same Saunders who is 4-8 with a dinger in 2 games in the majors. I sure hope they got the right guy because I’m not so sure….. It sounds like Aumont did terrible out of the stretch when he had men on base but did very well in the full windup. That can be fixed…

  11. The Phillies did not take Gillies over Saunders. That’s an idiotic assertion. Aumont is still adjusting and still very raw. Gillies had a very nice past few weeks leading up to the DL trip. JC Ramirez has been very impressive. Anyone judging the Cliff Lee deal based on April and a week in May is just downright unrealistic.

  12. Rickey, May is not overhyped. In fact, I don’t think he gets as much attention as he should. He is 20. He’s 11th in the FSL in ERA and 5th in the FSL in strikeouts. Despite all the walks, he has a WHIP of 1.24 (although I suppose if one adds HBPs, his baserunners per inning would look worse). He has a K/IP of 14. FOURTEEN!

    KG said his mechanics need work but his secondary pitches are improved. How could you not be excited by this guy’s potential AND performance?

  13. Let’s wait at least a year before calling Gillies’ career over. The kid had 60 walks last year. You don’t suddenly forget how to do that. I’m giving him some time to adjust.

  14. Does anyone get concerned about Brown’s K rate? He’s hitting like crazy, and not making many outs, but it seems like every out he’s making is a strikeout.

    Probably the only flaw I can see in his game right now.

  15. I wanted Saunders over Gillies in the Lee deal, but in the interest of full disclosure he was hitting .200 in 80 ABs at Tacoma before being called up. Let’s wait and see his full body of Work.

  16. I liked Aumount’s line. It was 27 up 27 down, but he looked like he has the ability, just needs to work on his control.

    What worries me is… that is what we say about Cole Hamels. And that worries me. The Phillies don’t need these pitchers who throw amazing innings, hit one speed bump and then self-destruct. The upside is, Aumount is in the minors, working on his mechanics, and is young.

    The downside is… no one will trade for Cole Hamels, and if we do trade him and he has a good game, we’ll have people commenting like that guy above did about Cliff Lee.

  17. RE: Brown and the Ks.

    His strikeouts do seem to be up this year, but so does the power. I think the general line of thinking is that strikeouts are acceptable depending are how productive you are when you aren’t striking out, and Brown has been really freaking productive this year – and he’s still drawing a high amount of walks.

    – Jeff

  18. I’m not worried about Aumont – he’s going to drive us nuts before he really gets good, but I’m glad he is retaining velocity into the middle innings (which suggests to me that he’s not throwing close to all out) and striking out batters – all good signs.

    More rakeage for Brown and Overbeck. If they trade Brown, I swear I am going to blow up my computer.

  19. Dr. Steve – with all due respect, most young pitchers tend to self-destruct with bad innings – that’s part of the growing process.

    On nobody trading for Hamels – well, I think you’re dead wrong. If the Phils floated his name out there a bunch of teams would start to salivate and rightfully so – Hamels is going to get through this transition period and probably be better than ever. I believe that he’s a very valuable commodity.

  20. Someone mentioned Aumont’s wildness being connected to him working on a specific pitch. It reminded me of an interview linked last year to Marson, who stated that the Phillies insist that pitchers through a certain percentage of change-ups. Did Aumont arrive with a change-up or was it all hard stuff? Has he been throwing one since being in Reading?

  21. Cliff Lee deal still on pace to be one of the worst deals in Phillies history. They should have kept him or gotten so much more.

  22. Peco Pick Says:
    May 12, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    Word is Rizzotti got bumped up to Reading after today’s game

    Maybe Ruf goes to Clearwater he is too old for Lakewood.

  23. On pace? What pace is that? We have 3 very talented minor leaguers that deserve at least 3 years to show what they can do. If one of them succeeds to have an average major league career, it was a good deal. There should be a ban on people talking about the Cliff Lee deal for the rest of the season.

  24. Mr Artist
    how would one major league player equal one of the top pitchers in baseball. You are and were wrong just admit it and forget any ban. We are playing 2010 not 2013.
    Tell me you would flip to see Doc and Cliff pitching today.

  25. Catch?
    I’m not worried about Aumont ????

    Here is a question. Did starting hurt him and does he move back to relief and maybe be some real help THIS YEAR.

    PS. Lidge is probably out .does Schwim get a shot?

  26. one major league player for six years as opposed to one year of Cliff. Eh it won’t be a terrible deal. I think one of them has to be above average, and one average. Then its a great deal. And Nowheels how can YOU be so quick to always pronounce others wrong. Lets give the deal some time before you bury people.

  27. @nowheels.

    Three legit prospects with fairly high ceilings for a guy who was going to bolt at the end of the season is a pretty fair deal. Two of those guys will be with the big club, and all three have the potential to be impact guys at this point.

  28. First of all,even if Lee had bolted he leaves behind two picks.
    And let me repeat this 2010 and they are having a pennant and world series THIS YEAR. Which of the “prospects” do you
    like best. The one that can’t get to the third inning or the guy
    who doesn’t believe in walks?
    Three “prospects” vs. two sandwich picks and a world series
    hmmmm. Let me think that over. Ok I thought about it.

    Check out Gose in May and tell me he won’t pass Gillies who is two years older.


  29. I don’t think the Phils mind Brown’s K’s. They are not outrageous. It’s the power they want him to show at the expense of K’s.

  30. wheels we get it you don’t like the Lee trade, call up Eskin and whine about it don’t do it here, it really makes you look like a dope.

  31. @NoWheels – Maybe hold back for, I don’t know, more than a month of the season before passing judgment on three sub-21 kids. We would’ve had Cliff for a few months and there’s no guarantee on the picks. You don’t throw away the future for one year — this is a franchise and they need to have their eyes on both to succeed consistently.

    And again, please use decent grammar and provide a cogent argument instead of “you are and were wrong just admit it” and “GET REAL.”

  32. I DIDNOT bring it up first.

    SidBream Says:
    May 12, 2010 at 3:48 PM

    Cliff Lee deal still on pace to be one of the worst deals in Phillies history. They should have kept him or gotten so much more.
    The Artist Formerly Known As Michael Bourn Says:
    May 12, 2010 at 4:06 PM

    On pace? What pace is that? We have 3 very talented minor leaguers that deserve at least 3 years to show what they can do. If one of them succeeds to have an average major league career, it was a good deal. There should be a ban on people talking about the Cliff Lee deal for the rest of the season.

  33. There are many Phillies sites that you can go on to complain about the Cliff Lee deal, nowheels. Why not try something different and offer an intelligent thought on the minor leagues, when you are posting here.

  34. May is 2 years out of high school as of June 2010. I think that most of the time the phillies brass know what they are doing with players. Aumont was thrown into the Majors to soon when he went to Seattle. They will have good and bad games. Even the most experienced do. Give these kids a break. and admire them for hard work and lots of pressure.

  35. Anonymous Says:
    May 12, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    gillies will be 22 in october. that trade is just plain awful for the phils

  36. Matt Says:
    May 12, 2010 at 7:49 PM

    Leave NoWheels alone. He’s obviously a senile old man with nothing to do all day.

    Maybe but I wasn’t dumb enough to believe in this trade from the beginning.

  37. The thing about “two draft picks” is you don’t know what you’re going to get. These guys, while they aren’t “proven” they are talents. We drafted Joe Savery 19th overall. “Two draft picks” means nothing, and the timetable on their returns (if there are any) is even less.

    If they even sign with the Phillies.

  38. why do people act as though the draft picks are some guarantee to be decent prospects? First of all, you have to pay their large bonuses, which takes away from the rest of your draft, and second of all, they have a much better chance of failing than succeeding. When you get prospects in a trade, they are like “qualified” draft picks.

    I think in the end, Ruben didn’t get enough for Lee, but to give up on these prospects is just stupid. A even if they aren’t stars, just having them on the roster for cheap enables you to make other moves. If Aumont can someday be a decent closer (obviously up for debate), thats $10 million we don’t have to spend on someone like Lidge.

    If you’ve watched sports for more than 1 year, you should know that there are NO guarantees in sports, and running your mouth about how “right” you are about something that won’t truly be determined for another couple years, just makes you look uneducated.

  39. I think the Phillies made a mistake allowing Aumont to start in AA. The guy was a reliever last year. He barely threw any innings. They knew they were re-working his delivery. They should have allowed him to get used to his new delivery in A ball.
    He may get IT before the end of the season. He is only 21, so he has plenty of time, even if he has to repeat AA.

  40. NoWheels- The more you talk the more you remind me of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Rielly. You are never wrong and to even admit that you could be wrong is the most absurd thing to even consider…because you can’t be wrong. If the Phillies win the world series this year in five games and Aumont Gillies and Ramirez all become all stars, I have a feeling you will say “well in 2010 they could’ve swept the world series if they had kept Lee, and since we got such ‘great prospects’ for him, how many mvp awards have they won?? just one for Gillies… BAD TRADE I TOLD YOU FROM THE START!!!”
    Noone on here is saying your wrong for not liking the trade. Many of us have reservations. But your stance becomes more assanine the more you open your mouth. It’s been ONE MONTH man. Because you did’nt like the trade from the start doesn’t mean it is a terrible trade. Your pronouncements of doom gloom and failure don’t make it a terrible trade. Your man crush on Cliff Lee doesn’t make it a terrible trade. The only thing that will make it a terrible trade is if Aumont, Gillies, and Ramirez fail. If that happens I will be happy to admit ‘I was wrong’ (try it one time it’s really quite liberating). Until that time though, stop rooting for our prospects to fail so you can justify your viewpoint. Be a Phillies fan and hope they succeed so you can say ‘You know what, I might not have liked the trade at the time. But god damnit Ruben knew what he was doing.’ (with much more brutalization of the english language thrown in). Thank you for your time.

  41. you don’t give up a top 10 MLB pitcher for 3 guys that ‘might’ be good. especially when you have an entire offseason to drive up said pitcher’s trade value.

    the 3 guys the phils got could be good. none are considered all star type players. the team is a WS contender NOW. you don’t trade a top pitcher for prospects while you’re a favorite to win your league.

    then again, we’re talking about the same GM that just gave howard one of the worst contracts in baseball…

  42. I’m not trying to justify the trade – it’s a polarizing transaction. You hate or like it – and there are good arguments for both sides. I’m not even talking about that. I am just talking about Phillippe Aumont, the minor league player we have now. He is startlingly inconsistent, but I think there’s a lot of ability there (nasty, moving hard breaking stuff) and I think, in the long run, he’s going to be a good player, but I don’t think the long run is this year and it’s probably not next year either. I think we’re talking 2012 and beyond. Get used to it – that’s the reality. None of the players acquired in the Lee deal will likely see any substantial big league time until 2012 and afterward, if at all. I’m not judging the trade, just telling you my perception of the players involved.

  43. I’m really sick of reading about the Cliff Lee deal. The only thing worse than complaining about the deal is actually labeling the deal bad for the Phillies after seeing THREE players they got back for 1 month of minor league games. In 5 years, if both Gillies and Aumont are regular starters for the big league team, I doubt that “nowheels please” will even be here, let alone complaining about the Cliff Lee deal.

    Really, discussing the deal at this point is just ridiculous. We all get it. Having Lee in the rotation over Kendrick would have been better in 2010. GREAT. We get it. We understand. But Amaro actually has to try and care about 2011, and 2012, and 2015. So when Tyson Gillies and Phillippe Aumont are contributing to the big league club, at the league minimum, in 2012, which allows us to retain Jimmy Rollins, the same people crying over the Lee deal should acknowledge that the deal allowed us to keep one of our core players and maintain the incredible run the big league team is on.

  44. I know about the players they got. I’m not pretending to have seen any of them play (except for aumont in the WBC), I’m just going off of what I’ve read from various scouts and experts.

    I know this site is mainly for prospect discussion. I frequent this site, but rarely post. It just bothers me to see people here consistently overvalue phils prospects. (people here were up in arms about guys like outman, cardenas, carrasco, donald, marson, etc. — I didn’t use taylor’s name because he still can be decent, even with his slow start).

    The Lee trade was asinine. The guys they got aren’t that good (from what scouts are saying)…I think being phils fans clouds a lot of people’s judgements when discussing these players — they try to make them something they’re not.

    My point is that you don’t trade a proven commodity for 3 maybes when you’re trying to win a championship. Sorry if this caused a diversion to the purpose of this site. I enjoy the content here…I just need to stop reading the comments

  45. The problem is that you’re writing off three prospects after 1 month of games. As I mentioned in my recent draft article, 9 teams passed on Tim Lincecum. Do you think they want a do over? Every team feels differently about every prospect. That’s why some teams refuse to trade a prospect, even if that prospect might not pan out. That’s why some GM’s get new jobs with new teams, and they try and trade for players in their old org. Because they know those prospects.

    The Phillies aren’t making 2010 a go for broke year. And they shouldn’t. They’re a big market team, but they aren’t going to trot out a $200M payroll. They’ve committed to keeping their home grown stars, which 6 years ago was a big problem. Even now, with payroll at an all time high, a stadium packed to capacity, back to back pennants, and a World Series ring, people are still unhappy with the general direction the team is going.

    Cliff Lee was only here to help in 2010. So he was moved, three players came in, three prospects went to Toronto, and Roy Halladay came in. That’s the easiest way to look at it. The prospects we traded for Lee last year might still turn into very valuable big leaguers. The prospects we got for Cliff Lee might turn into valuable big leaguers. The prospects we gave up for Halladay might turn into valuable big leaguers. Check back in 5 years. But the point is, and the complaints are, that the decision wasn’t because the Phillies are cheap (which is one of the craziest comments you can make considering where the team is now, and where they came from), it was because they didn’t want the next 2 or 3 seasons to be followed by 3-4 seasons of 75 win teams and rebuilding, when the current core leaves and there are no prospects to take their place.

    As for people overvaluing prospects, I think you’re decidedly wrong. If you go back and read my Top 30 prospects writeup, I voiced both the best case scenarios as well as the red flags as to why these guys might not make it. Most people know that the majority of prospects don’t make it. But this place is geared toward providing content on the minors almost every day. People get attached to these guys because they are reading about them every day, or checking for them in the box scores every day. Its only natural. Most rational Phillies fans here know that Austin Hyatt’s numbers at Clearwater, for example, need to be taken with a grain of salt.

    For me, that’s progress.

  46. Personally, I totally understand why the Phillies traded Lee. They were operating under a set budget and he had to go. They also wanted to look to the future, which is smart.

    The only tweak I would have done would have been instead of doing for the “3 quarters for a dollar” route, I would have insisted on 1 top 15 player. If Cliff Lee, a legitimate ace (although most likely a rental), couldn’t bring in a top 15 player, then personally, I don’t think the GM is doing his job. I would rather take my chances that the top 15 guy will be a solid contributor to the main club than trying to catch lighting in a bottle with 3 above-average players. Of course though, with prospects, everything is a crapshoot, but I think going the 1 player route would have given us a better chance. Totally understand that we’re only one month into it though, and we’ll just have to see how things process.

    I do agree that as a whole (not necessarily saying PP), we probably overvalue prospect players on this site, although as PP mentions, I think as a group we’re getting better about tempering our expectations.

    Just my 2 cents.

  47. Good luck trying to get miserable fools to stop complaining about the trade. There are still guys complaining on message boards about Ferguson Jenkins and Ryan Sanberg. Totally oblivious that most of the other readers are not old enough remember or care about either player.

  48. In Reading Eagle today, Mike Drago has a quote from Steve Roadcap (Mgr) saying they have Aumont on a strict pitch count, and have instructed him to “pitch to contact”, working both sides of the plate with his fastball, and mixing in the off-speed stuff. He really has very limited innings to date, and it sounds like Seattle did very little to develop him (versus looking to maximize the talent he brought to the table on day 1).

    And I know we can’t quanitfy make-up, but it sure looks like talent that brings work ethic and attititude everyday tend to improve over time. I’ll take my chance with a guy like Gillies.

    I’m still bullish on this deal.

  49. No. Anonymous did not call most on the site as ignorant. He called out the few that are complaining about trades made 30 and 40 years ago as miserable fools.
    The team has done nothing but ‘right’ in the last 5 years, and you are too miserable to enjoy it or too ignorant to give the front office any credit. Your constant complaining about Michael Taylor and Cliff Lee is sickening, and that is coming from a guy who would not have traded either guy.

  50. The thing I don’t understand is that Cliff Lee was here for 3 months and all of sudden he is the best pitcher in the game. I know he won a Cy Young in 08, but didn’t he win the Cy Yuk in 07? Cliff Lee is good. We get it. What’s done is done, and there is nothing you can do to change unless your flux capacitor is fully functional. It’s not? Oh well. Everyone says that we would have gotten two good, if not great, prospects from when Lee left after this year. Well knowing the Phils they would have drafted two toolsy HS players that would be atleast 4 years away. RAJ got three players that are pretty good that could help the squad in a year or two. To repeat what has been said before me, give these guys more than 5 weeks to determine what they are worth.

  51. Just my two cents… The Lee deal wasn’t bad because of the rationale, it was (potentially) bad because of the iffy return. While comparing packages may be a fool’s errand given how little we actually know as fans, it just seems bad business to surprise the industry with a trade when industry practice is to make it known a veteran is available and then have a bidding war. I can’t remember the last time a blockbuster came out of nowhere like the Lee deal. We hadn’t heard even whispers. Whatever you want to say about the actual prospects, and I agree it’s too early to judge, I just didn’t like the process and will always have the nagging feeling that it wasn’t done in a way that maximized value.

    That is, until Gillies is an all-star centerfielder on our pennant winning 2016 team.

  52. Aumont on pitch to contact, sorry dont understand pitch to contact, I just thought we could have gotten better return than aumont for lee, why no infielders, when we are so short on infield prospect, that’s my complaint. I have seen stutes like his stuff, anyone have a opinion on him.

  53. Ice-9:

    “In Reading Eagle today, Mike Drago has a quote from Steve Roadcap (Mgr) saying they have Aumont on a strict pitch count, and have instructed him to “pitch to contact”, working both sides of the plate with his fastball, and mixing in the off-speed stuff. He really has very limited innings to date, and it sounds like Seattle did very little to develop him (versus looking to maximize the talent he brought to the table on day 1).”

    I like this philosophy. Pitching to contact means trusting your stuff and not getting into a rut where you are afraid to throw your FB because it will get murdered. We have all seen pitchers nible their way back to the minors not being aggressive.

    In pitching to contact, Aumont should have good inning when his command is good. Aggressive pitchers do well when they are throwing good strikes with something on it.

    When he loses command he will be off the plate, resulting in HBP or walks. Or he will be right over the middle, resulting in hits.

    But this is a great way to develop a reality-based mind-set and a pitcher who really knows how his stuff plays and is confident enough to throw the ball over the plate in good spots without being too fine.

    Good method.

  54. Makes me nervous that he is “pitching to contact” and has issued 16 walks in his past 10 innings. Hopefully he can nail down his new/old mechanics soon.

  55. Another way to look at “pitch to contact” is that the Phillies Brass don’t care about the strikeouts right now. Pound the strike zone! Work on your command/mechanics now and grow confident that your hard, sinking fastball will produce many early count, ground ball outs. Ultimately, you’ll be a complete pitcher who can go deep in games and get a strikeout when it’s needed, versus looking good in a box score the next day.

    Call it the Halladay blueprint: Hitter, a strike is coming your way. In or out? Up or down? Fast, slow or slower? That’s all for you to decide.

  56. Agree the walks can be due to inconsistency in repeating delivery and release. Does not negate the “pitch to contact” method of development.

  57. “Pitch to contact” is baseball euphemism for quit being afraid of the hitter. Example #1 of that early in the year with Kyle Kendrick being afraid to throw the ball over the plate.

    Too many guys grow up facing aluminum bats and become afraid of hitters making contact because even poor contact can result in base hits vs. breaking a wooden bat.

    My guess with Aumont is that they are trying to get him comfortable with going after hitters with his above average fastball rather than trying to make perfect pitches with breaking pitches.

  58. Back to Brown’s Ks for a minute, I remember reading an article that Charlie Manuel worked with Brown for a few minutes in ST. He had him open up a little bit and try to drive the ball more. I think Charlie said he’ll strike a little more but when he makes contact the bat will sing (my words).

  59. And just to lighten the mood a bit here – Greg Golson 1 for 4 so far after being called up by the Yankees. But fear not folks, wasn’t called up for his stellar offensive output at AAA (think he was at .242). My assumption is the occassional speed and defense, for however long he’s up for.

    But at the end of the day – good for him!

  60. This about winning the world series not collecting prospects. Three “prospects” vs. two sandwich picks and a world series title. enough said.

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