New video of Jarred Cosart

Thanks to the amazing resource that is, I found five new videos of Jarred Cosart. They were uploaded just a few days ago, and come from his April 14th appearance.

Part 1, 4/14/2010
Part 2, 4/14/2010
Part 3, 4/14/2010
Part 4, 4/14/2010
Part 5, 4/14/2010

Old scouting bureau video pre-2008 draft.

Just a few thoughts. His tempo is still very slow, and that hitch from his pre-draft delivery is still there. But it appears the Phillies have smoothed out his motion a bit, and he seems a bit more under control. The arm speed is still blazing fast, and you can see the fastball explode out of his hand. The big difference I see is that he comes from a lower arm slot, so I don’t think he’ll be able to throw a traditional curveball, and I wonder how well he’ll be able to command a changeup from that slot. He throws a few hard sliders in the video, which will probably be the preferred secondary pitch he sticks with. I wonder if maybe he’ll be able to pick up a split finger grip on a changeup, similar to the pitch Roy Halladay uses. Halladay’s “changeup” sits in the 83-85 range, from what I’ve seen, and with Cosart’s 93-96 mph fastball, that would be an ideal range for his changeup as well. Still, impressive stuff here. Massive arm strength.

You can also check out other good videos of Lakewood guys by looking at the channel for this user, PhillesProspects, here.

7 thoughts on “New video of Jarred Cosart

  1. He reminds me somewhat of a right handed Cliff Lee. I like the idea of him adding a change-up to really maximize the potential of the fastball and slider he’s already stifling hitters with. Great stuff as always.

  2. A couple of things on his delivery.
    1. Not a lot of moving parts. Minimal leg kick and nice easy motion. Not a maximal effort guy. Very under control. And even with the hitch, this allows him to be pretty quick to the plate.

    2. Hides the ball pretty well for an uncomplicated delivery.

    3. Gets the ball and throws it. Of course he’ll have to vary things a little with runners on in the future. But he wants the get the ball and pitch. This is not a small thing. Did anyone see J.C. Romero on the mound yesterday? That was someone who wanted to be anywhere but on the mound.

    4. If that last breaking ball was a slider, it had a little too much loop to it. Needs some work. Looked a little slurvy.

    As always a lot depends on development of his secondary pitches and this is where the Phillies system has tended to fall down on the job. But if he can get mid-90’s out of that nice easy motion, there’s a lot to work with here.

  3. I hadn’t looked at the scouting bureau video before watching the new ones. His old leg kick was throwing him off and causing him to be completely out of control.

    Big difference now. He seems to make little change whether runners are on or not. Like I said, he’ll need to start varying his timing a little, especially if he doesn’t have a great pick off move. But he is so much more under control now that it’s very impressive.

  4. rough day for cosart. i wasn’t sure where to post, but i see that Shreve has already pitched 12 inning and was wondering how his stuff was looking (i.e. velo/movement)

  5. I’m no expert at evaluating pitchers, but Cosart’s motion is mostly arm and not much body. While this speaks well for his arm strength, pitching this way puts more strain on the arm and ultimately can lead to arm problems. I appreciate that he made changes because he was too wild, but this motion worries me for the long term.

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