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SONAR takes on corner outfield prospects

The next installment of the SONAR series is going to focus on corner outfielders. I’ve decided to group the two positions (LF and RF) together, because its common for prospects in the minors to switch between the outfield spots, and in many cases, you’ll see a player with 70 games in RF and 55 in LF, his team obviously sees him in a corner, and his arm is probably borderline in right field, but they are giving him a chance there. The difference in LF and RF is small, but it is an important difference. Rightfielders are required to make the longest throw, from the right field corner to 3B, while the LF’s longest throw is to home plate. A corner outfielder is less valuable than a CF in terms of defense, and a right fielder is a tick or two more valuable than a leftfielder. Both positions are more valuable defensively than 1B, though the offensive expectation in LF is slightly higher than RF. If you’re new to the concept of SONAR, how it works, what it means, etc etc, then I suggest you read this, then check here for more scores and information. Check below the fold for more

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Kevin Goldstein’s Phillies Top 15

Friend of the website Kevin Goldstein has his Phillies Top 15 prospects list up today, which you can check out here. Like everyone else, he’s bullish on Domonic Brown, and unsurprisingly, he likes Phillippe Aumont quite a bit. He’s not as high on some of our other prospects, dropping lots of 3 star ratings on guys who I might value a bit more, but his assessments seem quite fair. I’m going to attempt to work in another Q/A with him about his list, as its always a popular feature, but with his increased workload at Baseball Prospectus in 2010, I can’t make any promises. If you have any questions you’d specifically like to ask him, post them here and I’ll see if I can incorporate some of them if he’s able to do a quick Q/A.

Reader Top 30; Final Spot

What a long strange trip its been. We’ve finally reached the end of the Reader Top 30 for 2010. There has been lots of good (and bad) discussion about the prospects who made it, and some who won’t make it. Matt Way took the #29 spot, and that means there are 8 players left for one final slot in the Top 30. Look for my SONAR piece on corner outfielders later today, and then if all goes well, my personal Top 30 will be posted on Friday. As I mentioned before, I was asked to provide my Top 30 this year, as well as a minor league overview for the 2010 Phillies Annual which is prepared by Jason from Beerleaguer. You can order a copy here to see what I have to say. My order for this website will be the same as in the Annual, but with more detailed info/writeups. Finally, if you want to submit a personal top 30 list, which I will attempt to log into an Excel spreadsheet for later viewing, please send an email to phuturephillies at gmail dot com and put “Reader Top 30” in the subject line. Thank you. Check below for the last poll.

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