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Reader Top 30 Wrapup

The Reader Top 30 is complete, with Drew Carpenter taking the 30th and final spot on the list, edging out Kyrell Hudson and Kelly Dugan. Participation was excellent this year, especially for the first 15 or so spots, as we regularly cracked the 400 vote mark. Check below the fold for the details of the final list

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Reader Top 30; Final Spot

What a long strange trip its been. We’ve finally reached the end of the Reader Top 30 for 2010. There has been lots of good (and bad) discussion about the prospects who made it, and some who won’t make it. Matt Way took the #29 spot, and that means there are 8 players left for one final slot in the Top 30. Look for my SONAR piece on corner outfielders later today, and then if all goes well, my personal Top 30 will be posted on Friday. As I mentioned before, I was asked to provide my Top 30 this year, as well as a minor league overview for the 2010 Phillies Annual which is prepared by Jason from Beerleaguer. You can order a copy here to see what I have to say. My order for this website will be the same as in the Annual, but with more detailed info/writeups. Finally, if you want to submit a personal top 30 list, which I will attempt to log into an Excel spreadsheet for later viewing, please send an email to phuturephillies at gmail dot com and put “Reader Top 30” in the subject line. Thank you. Check below for the last poll.

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Reader Top 30; #29

Catcher turned pitcher Jesus Sanchez takes the #28 spot, leaving just two spots left to go in this year’s Reader Top 30. My current aim is to have my own Top 30 ready by Friday, but that is, as always, subject to change. No one received write-in support in the last round, which is probably just as well, since there are only 2 spots left. Kevin Goldstein’s Top 15 for the Phillies should be up either today (Monday) or Tuesday, and I’m going to see if he can squeeze in a brief Q/A for the site once his list is posted. Check below for more.

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Reader Top 30; #28

Three spots remain, as Jonathon Villar just barely edges out Jesus Sanchez for #27. Anthony Hewitt got a mention as a write-in, so I’ll add him to the next round. Here’s the schedule for the coming week. We’ll finish #29 and 30 early next week, I hope to have my SONAR piece on corner outfielders done, and then hopefully by the end of next week my personal Top 30 list will be posted. When we wrap up the Reader Top 30, I’ll put together a collaboration of individual top 30’s from those that submit them, but don’t send them yet. So, check below for #28…

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Reader Top 30; #27

Before we get to the Reader Top 30, I just wanted to link two different articles. The first comes from notable prospect evaluator Alex Eisenberg at Baseball Intellect, where he’s posted his Top 15 Phillies prospects. Some of the content is premium and available only for subscribers. The second link is to a site called Diamond Futures, which covers prospects. You can read the author’s take on 19 of our prospects here. I always try and link stuff from people who get in touch with me, so I’m doing my good deed for the day there. Onto the Reader Top 30. We’re almost done, and blogger extraordinaire Michael Schwimer takes home the #26 spot in comfortable fashion. Travis Mattair and Mike Cisco both got a write in vote, so I’ll try and add them both. Check below for more..

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Reader Top 30; #25

We’ll get back on track with the voting for #25. Im planning on leaving the voting open for about 24 hours for each of the remaining spots, so make sure to check in once a day and get your vote in. I’m also finishing up the writeup for the SONAR scores for catching prospects, which should be done in the next day or so. Colby Shreve, who has yet to throw a pitch in the Phillies system, takes the voting at #24. Its a leap of faith at this point, but the pre-surgery template looked pretty outstanding, and there haven’t been any reports that I’ve read indicating he’s had setbacks, some rehabs take longer than others. I initially thought I’d have Shreve higher on my list, but when I sat down to produce my Top 30, he ended up #29. There was a bit of write-in support for Jesus Sanchez, Matt Way, and Jonathon Villar. I actually was able to add all of them to the polling for #25, so check below for more.

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Reader Top 30; #23

Jon Pettibone wins the runoff for #21, so he takes that spot with Yohan Flande sliding in at #22. There were a number of write in votes for #21, including Julio Rodriguez, John Mayberry Jr, Austin Hyatt, Michael Schwimer, and Jesus Sanchez. Rodriguez and Mayberry were written in before I believe, so I’ll go ahead and add those two guys to the voting this round. If you want to vote for someone not on the ballot, please vote other, and then in the comments type “OTHER – and your player here” so I can record it. Thanks.

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Reader Top 30; runoff for #21/22

The voting for #21 was separated by only 1 vote, and as I mentioned, I want to speed up this process a bit because spring training is closing in and we still have stuff to cover here, including my top 30, figuring out assignments for 2010 and a bunch of other stuff. So we’ll do a run-off for #21 between Jon Pettibone and Yohan Flande. The loser becomes #22, and then we add 2 new names for #23. Check below for the poll

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Reader Top 30; #21

Joe Savery edges out the voting for #20 by a very slim margin, just ahead of both Yohan Flande and Jon Pettibone. Another runoff could have been in order, but I’m just going to go with Savery here since he’s leading, and then the vote can go on as scheduled for #21. The voting between Flande and Pettibone should be interesting, and Leandro Castro was close behind. Kelly Dugan and Julio Rodriguez each got a write-in vote that I saw, Dugan gets the edge because he was the first name listed. So check below for the next round.

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