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Jim Salisbury’s “State of the Phillies” series

Over at CSN, Jim Salisbury has been going position by position through the Phillies system, talking about the prospects the organization likes at certain positions, etc etc. So far he’s covered catcher, first base, and second base. Check out his writeups and feel free to discuss them in this post, which I can bump up if it falls off the first page. Thanks to reader “David” for pointing out the story to me.

Also, a thank you to Todd, a contributor here who maintains the updated depth charts and 40 man roster entries you can find at the top of the main page. He recently created a spreadsheet in google documents with every player in the organization, prospect and career minor leaguer alike, and how that player was acquired. You can find it on the Rosters Page at the top of the site or by clicking here.

SONAR takes on SS prospects

Sorry for the delay after the 3B writeup, I took some time to get all of the pitcher reports in order, but now we’re moving on to the shortstop position, one of the toughest to evaluate, along with catchers. If you’re new to the concept of the SONAR score, I recommend you read the intro here, and then check out the reports for 1B, 2B, and 3B. SONAR is a look at what a player has accomplished statistically, looking at the metrics that are most indicative of future success, and putting it into the proper context with regard to league, level and age. Its a one year score, based on pure 2009 data, and is not meant as a replacement for scouting reports, just as a supplemental piece of data, one which should be used in conjunction with other evaluation methods. After 2010, a new statistic will be introduced which combines 2 years of SONAR data to form a weighted score. For now, we just have one score for 2009. Lets get right into it.

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