Daily Archives: February 9, 2010

SONAR takes on Catcher prospects

Welcome to the latest installment of the SONAR takes on series. If you’re new to the concept, I recommend you check out my intro piece on SONAR here, then check out the reports for first base, second base, shortstop, and third base so you have an idea of how I’m approaching the project. After catcher, I’m going to do the corner outfielders together, then centerfield, and that will wrap up the position player side of the ledger. I’ll then break down the pitchers, before finally releasing a top 100 prospects based on SONAR scores. After that, I’m going to reveal my top 15 prospects for each team, which will be a synthesis of my own personal opinions of the prospects, plus my work here with SONAR. We really won’t know how accurate my readings on these prospects are until we have multiple years of data, but it should be fun to look back at these lists next year and see which guys proved to be real and which faded into obscurity. So lets get started with the catchers…

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