Daily Archives: February 8, 2010

Reader Top 30; #25

We’ll get back on track with the voting for #25. Im planning on leaving the voting open for about 24 hours for each of the remaining spots, so make sure to check in once a day and get your vote in. I’m also finishing up the writeup for the SONAR scores for catching prospects, which should be done in the next day or so. Colby Shreve, who has yet to throw a pitch in the Phillies system, takes the voting at #24. Its a leap of faith at this point, but the pre-surgery template looked pretty outstanding, and there haven’t been any reports that I’ve read indicating he’s had setbacks, some rehabs take longer than others. I initially thought I’d have Shreve higher on my list, but when I sat down to produce my Top 30, he ended up #29. There was a bit of write-in support for Jesus Sanchez, Matt Way, and Jonathon Villar. I actually was able to add all of them to the polling for #25, so check below for more.

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