40 man roster moves

OF Quintin Berry, P Jesus Sanchez, and P Yohan Flande have all been added to the Phillies 40 man roster, effectively protecting them from selection in the upcoming Rule 5 draft.  In Sanchez’s first year on the mound, he started off slow but was very impressive by years end pitching for Lakewood. Flande, was dominant in Clearwater, but struggled at times in Reading and looks to start the year back in the Reading rotation.  Berry’s best asset is clearly his speed, which is well above average, having stolen 48 bases this year.  Plate discipline and defense appear to be the key areas for Berry to work on during the 2010 campaign which most likely will be in Lehigh Valley.

Notably, 1B Andy Tracy, P John Ennis, C Paul Hoover and P Tyler Walker were all outrighted from the Phillies and are currently free agents.  Early reports suggest that the Phils are interested in talking to at least Tracy, Ennis, and Hoover about remaining in the organization in 2010.

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  1. No surprises here. Berry has value as insurance for Victorino or as a chip in a trade. Flande got a lot of attention with his dominance at Clearwater and his improvement at AA after a rough start. Sanchez surprised a lot of people with his impressive (first?) year as a pitcher after converting from catcher. He’s following the Ricky Bottalico career path. Phillies’ closer in 2013?

  2. FYI Quintin is down in Puerto Rico this winter. The season just started last week and he is 3-11 with 3 BB and 1 SB so far. I think he has good potential as a 4th or 5th OF off the bench if he can keep his average in the .270 range. While his progress has been slow, high OBP guys with good speed and defense can be pretty valuable. He gets overlooked a little because his lack of power keeps his OPS down, but OBP is the more important component of that stat.

  3. I honestly don’t think there is any way Kennelly or Garcia could stick with any major league team for an entire season so I think we could be good with those two.

  4. In terms of 6-year minor league free agents, I hope that they resign Alex Concepcion, as he was looking decent this year- although probably not worth a spot on the 40-man roster. Also,considering the pathetic nature of the upper level middle infield picture, what is there to lose by bringing back Fidel Hernandez and Brad Harmon?

  5. When do the 40-man rosters have to be finalized? Couldn’t Edgar Garcia and/or Tim Kennelly still be added to the roster – I think there are only 30 players right now…

  6. Agree with PP on Garcia and Kennelly, especially the former. Garcia has enough potential that a second division team might take him and stash him on the DL for a year with some phantom injury just to keep him and hope he develops.

  7. Phillies are leaving room to take someone (or two) in the Rule 5. A young shortstop / utility guy might work or an arm (paging Bobby Mosebach) to see if they can catch lightning in a bottle.
    Need room for free agents. You don’t want to drop a guy in December… it’s like saying “Hey, Over Here, Take this Guy!”
    P.S. not to get off topic, but a great website has started up – Dodgerdivorce.com. It has a terrific blog about how the McCourt family put together their money to buy the team. Very house of cards. I know the fans have not liked the Phillies owners, but these people have REAL money – going back several generations.
    I apologize to our hard working host for going off topic, but this page from the blog was a real insight into the money at play in baseball.

  8. for the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft, what are the rules regarding which minor leaguers (obviously not on the 40-man roster) are protected in each of the AAA and AA portions, and which are exposed?

  9. Is there anyway to update the 40-man roster on this site? Tough to get the Phllies to do it on their site. Like to see how many spots are available for Free Agents or protecting Garcia.

  10. Hopefully the Phillies bring back Walker. I think he could be a nice 6th inning guy or a 14th man on the pitching staff hanging out in LV in the event of injury. I have a feeling their going to be young in the pen this year, so having a veteran in the wings is never a bad idea.

    As for bringing back Harmon, I don’t think that’s a good idea. First off, he probably wants a change of scenery as much as we want to get rid of him. He might even be delusional enough to think that this organization messed him up somehow.

  11. I forgot about Garcia. I have to think that the organization hasn’t been terribly impressed with what they’ve seen from him in Arizona to leave him unprotected.

    Of course, I’m sure it’s a calculated risk — as Pat Burrell says above, neither Garcia nor Kennelly have the present ability or future projection that would warrant a 25-man roster spot at the current time.

  12. So, I would like to ask the question, do people really think this is all for the additions? Just 30 guys ? I had Edgar Garcia and Kennelly also. Plus I had Harold Garcia as an eligible, and I think he might be picked. Also Scott Mathieson was added earlier, so that might leave it at 4 added. Surprised that Harman and Fidel Hernandez were let go, I don’t think they had 6 years of service, so I believe it was a plain old release. I guess the talk of bringing back Miguel Cairo at AAA shows the direction they will go. I still have Ozzie Chavez at a SS in org. and him and a Cairo type and another Cairo type back-up will likely fill AAA. Past AAA I think they can fill with the prospects they have.

    By the way, teams can not “stash” players on the DL for the year off of Rule 5, and retain the rights without them going through a legitimate year on the 25 man roster. If they try that , the player will sit out for a year on DL , and go back to the same requirement of spending a year on active roster to retain rights. I don’t think it would be worth all that.

  13. Friday the 40 man roster has to be finalized, so there is time to add a few players. If Garcia or Kennelly are drafted, they cannot be stashed on the DL, they have to be on the active 25 man roster. Kennelly’s upside is a super utility man who can’t play shortstop or 2B, so there isn’t much reward for the risk of drafting him. I don’t know what Garcia’s upside is, but my guess is he burned bridges with the team last year.

  14. On the minor league portion of the rule 5 draft , as someone asked, Cot’s Baseball Contracts has the rundown. I think it is 37 for the AAA roster and 37 for the AA roster. After you remove the 40 man roster people, the minor league free agents, and the less than 3 years , or so, players who are not eligible, I doubt there are even 37 eligible players left. It is really nothing to bother worrying about, if the player is not selected in the Major League portion, because the only players team expose to the minor league portion are players they want to expose. It is really to set a price list for players they don’t want. I think that the fee for a player selected in the Major League portion is 25,000, the AAA is 12,000 and the AA is 8,000 and I am thinking there is an A portion for 4,000 , something like that. It sets the price for players they don’t want, that other teams might.

  15. Phillies news release says they’re at 30 for the 40 man; and it has to be finalized by nov 20 to ensure protection in the Rule 5 draft. So if Garcia and Kennelly aren’t on by then, it shows what the org thinks of them.

    Headgear… most of the time Phillies website updates 40 man quickly… these three moves were posted last night when it was announced. I can see 38 listed – which (i guess) is true until free agency begins.. then the 8 FA drop off — myers, park, bako, stairs, eyre, feliz, martinez and cairo. As of now the org has exclusive negotiating rights with those players that just filed, I’ve gathered.


  16. Please give me the name of 2009 high draft pick from California. All I have is that he is direct from high school and I think he was a lefthanded fielder and hitter.GOOD LUCK!! THANKS

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