Daily Archives: November 12, 2009

SONAR Scores – The pitchers

By now I’m going to assume that you’ve seen my introductory piece on this new statistic I’ve created, which I’ve dubbed the SONAR Score. Because I don’t have to do a huge setup here explaining the premise of the entire project, I’m going to address a few quick points before getting to the pitching scores, then just dig right in. I won’t comment on everyone, obviously, because there are over 80 players on the sheet. Not all of these guys are legit prospects, obviously, but they are all scored on the same scale, all of the adjustments are applied, so including them does no harm. I also left Jason Knapp and Carlos Carrasco on the list as a point of reference, I’m well aware that they are no longer in the Phillies system. So, with that intro, lets get down to it.

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