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Reader Top 30; #7

Last posting of 2009, and before I get to #7, I wanted to dish out a bunch of thank yous. First off, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site this year. Without the work of the contributors, whether it be the weekly affiliate reports, the direct contributions from Mr Schwimer, analysis pieces, or helping me add info to the site, this place would be much less interesting and informative, so thank you to everyone involved on that front. Second, thanks to all of the readers here, and those of you who actively participate in the discussions. If you’ve just found the site, or you’ve been here since the beginning, I thank you for continuing to come back and making this all the more worth my while. 2009 was a record setting year for the site, with over 1.5 million hits this calendar year, surpassing the 1.1 million hits last year. August 2009 was the busiest month in the site’s history, with over 240,000 visitors, including the busiest day ever, draftee signing deadline day on August 17th, with 25,000 visitors. However you found this place, I’m glad you did, and I hope you continue to come back. I have a number of projects in the pipeline for 2010, and I hope the site continues to grow. I never imagined the site becoming what it has when I started it on a whim 3 years ago, but I’m proud of where we are, and excited about where we’re going. Now, on to the voting for #7…

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Quick site update

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, and its not really a topic for discussion, so comments will be locked. If you need to get in touch with me on this, you can send me an e-mail. I’ve mentioned it tons of times before, but my goal in starting this site was always to keep it ad free, mainly because I don’t need to make money off of this site, and because I know how intrusive and annoying ads can be. I’ve had offers to integrate ads into the site, to merge my site with other sites, and just about everything in between. I’ve resisted all those offers, and I likely will in the future as well. This place runs on the hard work of everyone involved, especially guys like gregg who take tons of time to add their own content and keep things fresh. So, I actually came up with an alternate idea that might work. You may have noticed that I’ve added a “donation” button on the right side of the page. This button links to PayPal, and allows you to donate money in the name of the site. This donation button is 100% optional, you shouldn’t feel obligated to donate money, and I’ll never personally ask anyone who visits here to donate. But if you do want to toss a few dollars into the fund, I’d appreciate it. What will it go toward? Well, I have to renew the domain name every year to keep the unique web address and not .wordpress attached to it. Also, the money will go toward subscription services that provide baseball content that I can synthesize and pass along in some form. Finally, the money could be used to pay for content for the site, whether it be getting players to contribute in the same fashion as Michael Schwimer, or anything of that sort. This isn’t a tax writeoff, or some grand scheme. But if you want to contribute to this site, the option is there for you. I won’t address it again on the site, if you want to discuss it, then email is the avenue for that.

Reader Top 30; #6

Anthony Gose, who had a solid full season debut in 2009, took the voting for #5 with 46% of the vote. Domingo Santana took 22% of the vote, and it was a mish mash behind those two. Gose now rounds out the top 5, which is Domonic Brown, Trevor May, Phillippe Aumont, Tyson Gillies and Gose. The voting in the next 5 should be interesting, and will be really wide open once we get past the top 10. Without giving away all of my secrets, I had Brown, Gillies and May as my #1, 2 and 3 on my upcoming Top 30. We’ll get to the voting for #6 now…

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Reader Top 30; #5

I hope everyone’s holiday went well. Things will be slow from now until after the New Year, so I’ll leave each voting slot open for a few days, but again, we’re in no rush. I’ve been spending some of my down time working on putting some of the SONAR scores up for other teams, and you can find them at the top of the page under the SONAR scores link. I’m doing them as I have time, as well as some other general work on the site. If you notice something is out of place, I’m probably just tweaking things under the hood, no reason to panic. Let’s roll on with the Top 30…

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Reader Top 30; #4

The voting for #3 was one of the closest votes we’ve had over the last 2 seasons, with newly acquired Phillippe Aumont edging out his teammate Tyson Gillies for #3. Final vote totals were

Aumont 192
Gillies 164
Gose 85
Santana 60
Valle 23
Cosart 17
Singleton 2
Other 8

Just a reminder. If you vote OTHER, you have to actually post who your vote was for, I don’t see the write-ins for other. Check below the fold for #4

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Roster Juggling

Time to take a look at the latest of the Winter Roster moves as the minor league rosters continue to take shape.  A number of players were released by the Phils organization, including: Robert Roth, Dan Brauer, Esmelvin Jiminez, Brandan Akashian, Phil Aviola, Francisco Murillo, Cory Wine, Vlad De Los Santos, David Hissey and TJ Warren. I am mildly surprised at Roth, otherwise no big surprises for me here. 

A number of minor leaguers were re-signed.  Next to their names is where I project them to be next year.  P John Ennis (Lehigh Valley), P Jake Woods (Lehigh Valley), P Jason Mackintosh (Reading), C  Kevin Nelson (Reading), OF Mike Spidale (Reading), OF/!B Brian Stavisky (Reading), OF Kevin Mahar (Reading/Lehigh Valley), OF Javis Diaz (Clearwater), 2B Fidel Hernandez (Reading) and P Santos Hernandez (Clearwater). Continue reading Roster Juggling

Reader Top 30; #3

The voting for #2 wasn’t quite as close as I thought it would be, but Trevor May comes out on top, collecting 252 of the 683 votes, good for 38%. He was followed by Phillippe Aumont with 142 and Tyson Gillies with 108. I’m really interested to see how the next 5 or 6 play out in the voting. I completed my Top 30 for the upcoming Phillies Annual 2010, which will be released in a few weeks. I’m going to keep my list top secret as to not influence the voting here. Check below the fold for more.

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Reader Top 30; #2

Of course there was very little drama in yesterday’s voting, as Domonic Brown is the team’s obvious #1 prospect. The voting from here on out will get more and more interesting, as there is no clear cut obvious guy after Brown. Last year the top 5 or 6 was pretty well defined, this year its much more wide open. I’m not sure how many guys I can add in each day, but I’ll try to get at least 7 names on the poll each time. Remember, you’re free to argue for your guy in the comments section, but please do so in a respectful manner. Check below the fold for the voting on #2

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Reader Top 30; #1

As I mentioned in the Halladay analysis, we have to re-start the voting since we just lost 3 of our 4 best prospects and also added 3 more prospects in the deal. So, you know the drill. Vote for 1 prospect per day, highest vote total moves on, and we go till we get to #30. Check below the fold for the first vote…

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SONAR score comparison of prospects dealt

Someone requested this, and it will definitely be interesting to look at. I have a big database of data for all 30 teams, which I want to try and put together, but I just haven’t had the time. But I can easily find the scores for Aumont, Gillies and Ramirez. I’ll also give the scores for Drabek, Taylor and D’Arnaud again, which I actually already gave before, but I’ll re-post them just for reference. Check below the fold..

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