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Phillies Top 10 at BA

Just remembered that the list will be posted tomorrow. The list itself will be free content, but the scouting reports will not be, so please don’t post them here. I was going to roll out the SONAR scores for pitchers today, but I haven’t had a chance to finish writing it up, and we’ll have other stuff to discuss with the Top 10 list, so I’ll hold off till Tuesday or Wednesday. I have no inside knowledge of the list, obviously, but I’m going to take a guess, based on BA’s tendencies.

01. Kyle Drabek
02. Domonic Brown
03. Michael Taylor
04. Anthony Gose
05. Travis D’Arnaud
06. Trevor May
07. Sebastian Valle
08. Yohan Flande
09. Kyrell Hudson
10. Brody Colvin

Im pretty sure the top 10 of my top 30 won’t look like this, but this is my expectation, or something close. We’ll see.

Check below the fold for the actual list

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