Lehigh Valley Weekend Report

6/12/09–After receiving news that both Lou Marson and Jason Donald were placed on the DL, and the nights scheduled starter, Kyle Kendrick, was called up to the big club, the ‘Pigs showed some resiliency in their 3-2, ten inning win over Charlotte. Charlotte scored two early runs off of spot starter Jake Woods, who went 4 innings, and gave up 2 runs on 4 hits.  Lehigh Valley bounced back with a run in the third when David Newhan scored on a passed ball, and added another in the 4th on an RBI double by Paul Hoover to tie the score at two.  The game remained tied at two until the 10th, when JJ Furmaniak’s RBI single scored Miguel Cairo.  The Lehigh Valley bullpen pitched six scoreless innings in relief of Woods, with Tyler Walker (2-1) picking up the win. Cairo, Hoover, and newly recalled Mike Spidale all had two hits for the ‘Pigs.

6/13/09–The ‘Pigs gave the ball to Rodrigo Lopez on Saturday, who, after retiring the first 9 batters he faced gave up a two run homer in the fourth and a 3 run shot in the fifth, which gave Charlotte a 6-1 lead, in their rain shortened seven inning win over the ‘Pigs on Saturday night. The ‘Pigs did take the first inning lead on back to back doubles by Mike Cervenak and Andy Tracy, but didnt score again until a Andy Tracy sac fly in the 6th.  Lehigh Valley added two more in the 7th on RBI singles by Miguel Cairo and Rich Thompson, making the final 6-4.  Rich Thompson had a big night for the ‘Pigs with 2 hits, a run and a stolen base(14).

6/14/09–Former Blue Jay Rookie of the Year candidate Gustavo Chacin got the start for Lehigh Valley on Sunday.  Mike Cervenak got things started for Lehigh Valley with his fourth homer of the year in the first, and continued with a 2 run single in the third to give the ‘Pigs a 3-0 lead.  The third inning continued for Lehigh Valley with RBI singles by John Mayberry and David Newhan giving the ‘Pigs a 5-0 lead.   Charlotte bounced back with single runs in the fifth and sixth and starter Gustavo Chacin (1-1) left after six, having pitched well giving up 2 runs on 4 hits.  He walked one and struck out 6. After Charlotte added another to make the score 5-3 in the 7th, Jason Anderson and Cedric Bowers shut down Charlotte for the final three innings, with Bowers striking out the side to earn his first save of the season.  Mike Cervenak (2-4, hr, 3RBI) David Newhan (2-4, 2RBI) and Andy Tracy (2-4, 2r, sb) all had multi hit games for Lehigh Valley, who took three out of four against Charlotte.

Notes: Jason Ellison (elbow)was out of Fridays starting lineup injured, but had to come in during the 8th inning to replace the cramping Mike Spidale. Ellison missed the game Saturday as well.

The ‘Pigs bullpen has not allowed a run in their last 16 innings pitched.

Miguel Cairo has hit in 19 of his 23 games with the ‘Pigs (.346)

Mike Cervenak has a 9 game hitting streak.

–Prior to the game on Sunday, Lehigh Valley had gone exactly one month without scoring four or more runs in an inning.

Roster Juggling– Pay attention now….Lou Marson and Jason Donald were both placed on the DL on Friday.  Orlando Guevara was recalled from Extended Spring Training to back up Paul Hoover at catcher until Marson returns. Infielder Jorge Velandia, who has been on the DL with a mythical right shin contusion was activated to take Donald’s roster spot.  Kyle Kendrick was recalled Friday by the Phils, and sent back down Saturday, after one outing where in took the loss in extra innings against the Red Sox.  Sergio Escalona, was then recalled by the Phillies once again, to take their extra spot in the bullpen needed because of the injury to Scott Eyre. Recalled from Reading to take Escalona’s spot was Jason Anderson, who has been pitching very well in Reading, recently closing several games.  It is his third trip back and forth between Reading and Allentown this year. Finally on Sunday, Tyler Walker was recalled by the Phils, with Sergio Escalona returning to Lehigh Valley after his one game on Saturday.

Pitching Probables against Durham:  Monday: Carlos Carrasco; Tuesday: Drew Carpenter; Wednesday: Kyle Kendrick; Thursday: Rodrigo Lopez.

29 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Weekend Report

  1. After watching the Red Sox with their ridiculously stacked bull pen – with both veterans and youth alike; I wish the Phillies would take that approach. I think Carrasco can contribute out of the bullpen now. I know he has not been groomed for it… but he has the talent… and could get good guidance from MLB players today. It just seems the only way a prospect gets pulled up is if the club as no other choice… due to injuries…which means opportunities are few and far between. These other moves where middle grade prospects or old hands trying to rediscover their suff go up and down seem designed just to keep top prospects with as many options as possible.

    This is all observation – nothing to back it up – but that said… Bring up the talent, coach em up; and see if they sink or swim.

  2. Some one please tell me why Bako and Taschner are taking up spots when someone else could fill in. The next move should be Carpenter to start and Bastardo to relief.

  3. I’m with you no wheels

    Gregg – I’m sorry I neglected to say nice job; and thanks for the update.

  4. Carpenter hasn’t really shown anything the few times he’s gotten a chance. I still say his upside is Clay Condrey.

  5. i know its off topic for this thread, but bastardo to the pen is the worst thing you can do for his development. The kid needs time to sort out his offspeed stuff. You need to either keep him in the rotation and let him learn on the fly, or send him back down to AAA and tell him to focus on refining those pitches.

  6. clay condrey is not a bad guy to have but i think his upside could be blanton but most likely a decent #5 which has some value. I’m hoping a talk w/ jamie may have helped him to get it and reach his potential as a solid 3/4.

  7. Back on topic, lot of roster moves lately for the Pigs. Is there a roster spot open or has it been filled with the recall or Escalona? Does Zagurski get the bump up soon? Also, I’m assuming the team will sit on Majewski until absolutely necessary, given that he’d have to travel through waivers if sent back down?

    As for Taschner, aside from Saturday’s performance against Boston – one of the best offenses in the league – he has been largely effective, particularly for the last arm in the pen. Not that this thread should be a referendum on the performance of Jack-Tash…just sayin’.

    It was interesting to see the FO build bullpen depth into the AAA roster this offseason – I imagine a guy like Escalona wasn’t that high in their plans, though he’s done a decent job in his time with the big club. It’s just a shame Koplove asked for his release, as he likely would’ve gotten a shot had he stuck with LHV. Still, I’d be shocked if he didn’t get the bump up to Pittsburgh soon.

  8. Here’s why they move players up and down. Pitcher pitches 2 innings one day, not a available next game. Move up another pitcher who is available. It makes sense, moreso than grand roster schemes revised every 5 minutes. There is no need to waste future starters or potential regulars with irregular appearances in a reserve or bench role just to appease some statistical imperatrive produced through pseudo personnel evaluations. There is no phantom disabled list. Valendia was working out in Florida to return to action. If people don’t think a bruise can reduce one’s physical abilities, perhaps they should go get one and find out.

  9. Marfis do you believe there is no need to bring up a batter for interleague DH?
    What about Carpenter?

  10. marky mark
    Only problem is when he is bad he is very bad. Its a little late to stretch a 33 year old . Next year might be a different thing.

  11. At 33, wasn’t jamie moyer just starting his career, or in the eyes of his club better suited for retirement and coaching?

    Just saying, age alone isn’t enough. I think walker could be a nice addition to the pen.

  12. I don’t think Philadelphia intended to bounce players up and down as much as they were forced to by the weekend pitching circumstances.

    Nowheels, you’ve been praising Carpenter lately. I want to see him do this over a full season before I pencil him into the big league staff. If you need a spot start somewhere and he’s ready, sure, right the hot hand. But there is no reason to force a move right now.

  13. Gregg, thanks for all of the recent updates. If it wasn’t for this site, and your posts, I’d have missed most of the transactions.

  14. On the DH thing. I thought they host Toronto tomorrow,, right. They really woundn’t need to have a DH till they go to Baltimore on the 23rd. Then, they’d have to go from 13 to 12 pitchers. No, they only have 12 now , because they called up Bako. Maybe they add Mayberry at that time. Maybe they could send down Coste for a week. That’s the move I could see. We’ll see.

  15. Alan
    One way or another I would like to see the best roster possible. There is not much to loss by giving Carpenter another shot. Is it wasn’t for fate he would of been here and not much to learn in AAA. You have to face major league batters to go to the next step. If he fails he goes back.

    Marfis I meant on the 23rd I should of been clearer. Again we have a 23 man roster like last year.

  16. as i stated last week since carrasco who seems to not get into trouble early and can bring it 95 mph should be tryed in the pen. for 1 inning he could potentially get up to 96-97.

  17. Potential Ironpig:

    In the third inning of the second game, the Senators’ Edgardo Baez flied out to right field for the second out. Ian Desmond made the tag at third. Michael Taylor fired a one-hop tracer to the plate, where Kevin Nelson held on after being steamrolled by Desmond. It likely would rank as the Web Gem of the day on a certain sports network.
    . . . Said Senators manager John Stearns about Michael Taylor’s throwing arm: “He has the best arm I’ve seen since Ellis Valentine.”
    A Video Clip of this tremendous throw can be seen at
    ReadingPhillies.com click on the interview with Slayden wearing the blue hat, it is about 3/4 of the way through the interview. Spectacular!

  18. Rodeo–
    I saw Chacin yesterday and he looked pretty good but not overpowering. He was between 84-87 all day and was ahead of hitters, retiring the first nine he faced. He seemed to run out of gas earlier than you would hope, starting to really struggle around the fifth with several hard hit balls. With his background, he is a very good pitcher to take a chance on, and is working his way back pretty well so far.

  19. What a throw by Taylor, def. has a plus arm. Though, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but the phillies current outfielders seem to have shown a lot when it comes to arm strength and accuracy.

  20. Nice to hear that about Taylor’s throwing arm.

    I’ve been thinking about historical comp.s for Taylor, in terms of his skill-set. Although he batted lefty, the guy who, to me, seems most similar is Dave Parker. Big guy, high average, great arm, good speed, and nice (although not elite) power. Sounds a lot like Michael Taylor. Even their minor league statistics are similar. I’ve heard some folks slam Dave Parker but, trust me, if Michael Taylor turns out to be another Dave Parker, we’ll be in damned good shape.

  21. What makes the throw special is that he is running to his left and immediately must transition to square upto the plate and deliver on the ss of the other team. Throw came in from about 280 feet.

  22. You know, you look at a guy like Michael Taylor and you think to your self “how does this guy slip down into the 5th round?” I understand how Ryan Howard slipped that far – he was just another potential home run hitter with a lot of raw power and who struck out too much in college. But Michael Taylor appears to be so multi-talented. The scouting and drafting process just amazes me sometimes.

  23. Thanks gregg. I’m thinking he could end up being in the bullpen rotation at some point if they keep running through arms at this pace. If he can go 2-3 innings effectively he could help the team a lot in that role.

  24. Well, apparently Taylor’s college career didn’t live up to the hype. When the Phillies got him, they broke him out of his Stanford swing back to his traditional stance and swing and viola, he’s the prospect that he is today.

  25. Nowheels i was actually responding to nepps comment about carpenters upside being condry, while i think it could be as a #5 or best case scenario joe blanton.

  26. cairo should definately be on the roster over bruntlett with mayberry the power bat off the bench. the minors are there to support the big team not the other way around. taylor looked bad as did condrey. zagurski imo is not the answer. carpenter is better, from what i saw, than condrey or durbin. romero is doing what got him released in boston. you just cant WALK batters. its ridiculous.

  27. marky mark Says:

    Nowheels i was actually responding to nepps comment about carpenters upside being condrey while I think it could be as a #5 or best case scenario joe blanton.

    I agree. Condrey doesn’t seem to like the end of game pressure. Although DC had one bad inning last night,I am still
    on his train.
    BTW. Good night for the Aussies

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