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Relief Pitcher Tyler Walker, who has over four years of major league experience, has been recalled by the Phils for todays game against Boston.  Walker has pitched very well in Lehigh Valley, going 2-1, with a 1.40 ERA in his 15 appearances.  Opponents are hitting just .125 against him this year, and he has 3 saves.  Walker’s control has been excellent walking just 3 and striking  out 20, in 19.1 innings pitched.  It is my belief, for what it is worth, that Walker is the one  that can give the Phillies what they need from Lehigh Valley.  He will provide some consistency, has closed in the majors (he had 23 saves in ’05) in the past and can pitch multiple innings if needed.  Sergio Escalona was sent back down to Lehigh Valley after pitching multiple innings for the Phils last night.

14 thoughts on “Roster Note

  1. Walker is a little tricky because he cant be sent back down without clearing waivers. I would expect Walker to be up for awhile with Taschner going down when Eyre/Lidge come back because he has an option left.

  2. It’s probably just me but I get the feeling the Phills don’t want to use Taschner’s option unless they have to.

  3. He doesnt get into game and then when he does he kills them. Plus he cant get lefthanders out(.292)(right .286 a subtle difference I admit)

  4. I wouldn’t be terribly upset if taschner plays the rest of the year in the minors pending the play of walker.

  5. I dont understand your interest in blocking a real player for a guy who is giving up hits at a .290 rate.

  6. I don’t understand why the Phillies are blocking Jason Knapp, Kyle Drabek and Vance Worley for Cole Hamels, who is giving up hits at a .300 rate.

    Seriously though, Taschner is not killing the club. Lefties have a high OBP on him, but he has not allowed an extra base hit to a lefty batter all season. He’s allowing the small hits but preventing the big ones. As for blocking players, are Sergio Escalona, Mike Zagurski etc. really better options right now? I’m not convinced they are.

  7. Taschner doesn’t seem to be blocking anyone since they have already gone through Kendrick, Escalona, and Walker within the week..

    hopefullly Walker will actually pitch better.

  8. Alan He was brought in get LHs out not fill up first base. Sorry I want Carpenter to get another try. We will see about Walker I cant remember a thing about him. Koplove would of been so interesting. too bad

  9. The Phils seem to have expanded their roster by optioning relievers to keep them fresh. I don’t recall that being employed that much.

  10. Walker sounds like he should be up here, but I can’t understand the thinking that resulted in Kendrick coming up, since the loss of Eyre required a reliever, not a starter. It is also unclear who the Phillies will use when they need a lefthander for one or two batters. Taschner, as noted by nowheels is not good against lefties and Romero is needed for the eighth inning. It seems unlikely that Walker would be installed as the eighth inning guy. Meanwhile, Escalona, despite his one bad inning against Boston had retired four out of five left handed batters that he faced, overall.

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