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Rule 5 draft, potential targets

We know Pat Gillick loves the Rule 5 draft, and he’s likely got his eye on someone. Baseball America gave a brief list of potential selections here. Baseball Prospectus also gave some interesting names here. Just going off of the names given in these lists, as I haven’t had time to dig yet and maybe uncover other targets, here are my favorite guys I’d like to see the Phillies grab

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Projected Williamsport rotation

Getting even tougher now…

De Fratus
(2008 draftee?)

I suppose Diekman could end up here, but since he was a JuCo guy, they should give him a shot at Lakewood. Jiwan James was pretty awful in his debut, I imagine he’ll remain in extended and then go back to the GCL. Matos could start at Lakewood in the bullpen, I suppose they could even get real aggressive with Sampson and skip him to Lakewood too. I think a few guys from the June draft will end up in the rotation. Correa should be close to a lock here, I don’t see them skipping him straight to A ball.