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BA’s Top 10 Phillies prospects (guess)

Baseball America is trotting out their team Top 10’s and started this year with the NL East. Atlanta, New York and Washington have already been unveiled, which means Philadelphia and Florida will come next Monday and Wedenesday. So, get your guesses in now. I’ll give it a shot, based on how I think they think

01. Carrasco
02. Cardenas
03. Savery
04. Brown
05. Outman
06. Drabek
07. Donald
08. Sampson
09. Galvis
10. Mattair

wildcards are d’Arnaud and Marson.

Some odds and ends

Darren Byrd won the vote yesterday for the 31st spot on the list, and with everyone else moving up 1 spot, he becomes the 30th prospect on the list. I wanted to again thank everyone who came here every day and voted during the process. I hope you guys stick around and become more active in the comments section of new posts, because discussion and discourse is what this site is all about. If you still want to share your personal top 30, just send an email to phuturephillies at hotmail dot com and give me your list in order. I’ll collect all of the lists and post the results sometime in the next week or two.

I also wanted to give a little update on my personal prospect rankings. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time working on a system to evaluate prospects, both as a tool for comparison and a way to come up with rudimentary predictions for future success/failure. The actual design of the formula wasn’t too tough, but importing the data for 700 players takes a lot of time, and I’m really only about 50% done at this point. I want to make sure that it’s complete and ready to go before I start discussing my findings, so my own personal Top 30 is going to be delayed for a little while.

In conjunction with the above paragraph, I have a question. Would it be interesting for you guys to see my lists of Top 30 prospects for every other team in baseball after I give my Phillies list, as well as positional rankings and overall team rankings? I ask because I’ve debated starting another blog devoted to all of the minors, but at the same time I realize there isn’t a whole lot of Phillies news in the offseason, and I could probably just discuss the lists here. If you guys have no interest in reading about that stuff, then I might have to go about setting up another blog for that purpose. Just wanted some feedback on that.

Next week, I wanted to start working on guesses as to where prospects will start 2008, starting with 3A and working our way down. So, start thinking about that and we’ll get started on Monday or Tuesday.