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Interesting take on Jason Jaramillo

We kind of touched on what to expect from Jaramillo going forward in the Reader Top 30 threads, where he took the 13th spot. Some felt he didn’t merit a ranking that high, which is understandable considering his less than amazing 2007 numbers. Baseball America’s Team USA breakdown

Bryan Anderson (Cardinals) and Jason Jaramillo (Phillies) split time behind the plate in the Arizona Fall League. Although Anderson is the more promising prospect, there is not much difference between the two in current ability. Anderson, who hit .298/.350/.388 for Double-A Springfield as a 20-year-old, is an offensive-minded catcher with good contact-hitting skills. Jaramillo, 25, hit .271/.350/.361 for Triple-A Ottawa right and shows more patience at the plate than Anderson does right now. Jaramillo also did a bit better than Anderson at throwing out base-stealers in 2007. Having the lefthanded-hitting Anderson and the righthanded-hitting Jaramillo should make for a nice platoon for manager Davey Johnson.

“Anderson is the better hitter of the two, but Jaramillo gives you more consistency behind the plate with above-average arm strength and accuracy with his throws,” a scout from a National League club said. “There isn’t much of a drop-off with either one behind the plate, but Jaramillo is the better defender. Anderson gives you more punch, but it’s not like Jaramillo is a bad hitter. This is a guy who had a really nice year in Triple-A (in 2007).”

Whether he’s just being nice for the sake of it, it’s nice to see something positive here, and it’s again highlighting his performance defensively, which is a plus. Anderson, for what it’s worth, was ranked as the Cardinals’ 6th best prospect entering 2007, and one of the better catching prospects in the minors.

Phillies minor league free agents

Just saw the list at Baseball America, no real surprises, but felt I’d pass it along. I think they might try and bring back guys like Burnham and Brito, but we’ll see.

Righthanders: Ryan Cameron, Matt Childers, Julio de la Cruz, Landon Jacobsen, Gary Knotts, Tim McClaskey, Bubba Nelson, Chris Rojas, Brian Sanches, Heath Totten, Charles Weatherby, Jason Wylie
Lefthanders: Eude Brito, Allen Davis, Chris Key, Luis Villarreal, Cory Willey
Catchers: Jason Hill, Dusty Wathan
First basemen: Gary Burnham, John Urick
Second basemen: Carlos Leon, Peeter Ramos
Third basemen: Joey Hammond, Brennan King
Shortstops: Gookie Dawkins, Danny Sandoval
Outfielders: Shaun Boyd, Nic Jackson, Greg Jacobs, Matt Padgett, Jim Rushford, Pedro Swann

Reader Top 30, #29

We’re coming down to the wire, and the vote for 28 was one of the closest, with Scott Mitchinson beating out Matt Spencer by 1 vote. Mitchinson is a guy who has always put up good numbers when on the field, but has rarely been on the field. So while his data set is fairly good, it’s fairly limited, which has to be taken into account. If he were to remain healthy, it would be interesting to see what he could do. So, two more slots left, and a lot of deserving guys left.

01. Carrasco
02. Cardenas
03. Savery
04. Costanzo
05. Outman
06. Carpenter
07. Marson
08. Donald
09. Drabek
10. Happ
11. Harman
12. Golson
13. Jaramillo
14. E Garcia
15. Brown
16. Bastardo
17. Bisenius
18. Berry
19. Myers
20. d’Arnaud
21. Naylor
22. Galvis
23. Correa
24. Mattair
25. Bolt
26. Diekman
27. Sampson
28. Mitchinson

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