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Long-Time Phillies Staffer Dead at 65

Larry Rojas was a regular figure around Clearwater, and despite a heart transplant in 1985 and a stroke a few years ago, he remained VERY active in Clearwater with player development and helped create many Phuture Phillies throughout his career.   My wife and I made it a point to say hi to him at every Clearwater game and took a few minutes to chat with him. He would often bring my wife little presents from his trips to Philly, and was a terrific man. He will be missed by us and the many players and people he touched throughout his life.

Larry had been with the Phillies since 1970, and earlier this year he was presented with the Phillies Latino Legends award in a ceremony at CBP in a ceremony prior to the game on September 7th.

We’ll miss you Larry!

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Reader Top 30, #27

Jacob Diekman takes #26 with some ease yesterday, with Julian Sampson and Matt Spencer picking up some steam. We’re almost finished, and I wanted to thank everyone for coming every day and voting, and I hope you guys stick around and continue the positive discussions going forward.  So, let’s do #27 today

01. Carrasco
02. Cardenas
03. Savery
04. Costanzo
05. Outman
06. Carpenter
07. Marson
08. Donald
09. Drabek
10. Happ
11. Harman
12. Golson
13. Jaramillo
14. E Garcia
15. Brown
16. Bastardo
17. Bisenius
18. Berry
19. Myers
20. d’Arnaud
21. Naylor
22. Galvis
23. Correa
24. Mattair
25. Bolt
26. Diekman

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