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Weighted park factors

This is just something that I thought would be interesting to pass along, in case you hadn’t come across it before. Baseball Think Factory calculates park factors for all of the minor league levels except rookie ball, both for 2007 and then a 3 year number as well, which is more accurate because of a larger sample. Park factors in general aren’t 100% reliable because of a number of factors, but they can give you a general idea in terms of which parks are very hitter friendly and which parks favor pitchers. The info can be found here.

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New player profiles

Gonna spend some time over this long weekend working on some new player profile pages, which you can access on the left side under the player’s name. So far, we have

Carlos Carrasco
Adrian Cardenas
Drew Carpenter
Josh Outman
Dominic Brown

I’ll take requests. I’m working on more video clips, and right now I have scouting videos for about 25 other guys.

Q/A with Deric McKamey at Baseball HQ

A week ago, I posted the Top 15 prospect list from Baseball HQ penned by Deric McKamey, and it sparked a nice discussion. Deric was kind enough to answer some questions for us, so I’ll share that here. Before I get to that, here is a bit more info on the project. The 2008 Minor League Baseball Analyst profiles over 1000 minor league prospects and includes detailed scouting reports, sabermetrics, Major League Equivalencies, organizational lists, Top 100 list, and Potential Ratings. The book can be purchased through Baseball HQ where the purchaser will also receive a free update to the lists in the book. People may also purchase the book through any of the major on-line bookstores. The Minor League Baseball Analyst is expected to arrive mid-January. Ok, now you know the system being used and where to purchase the full work if you want it, so lets get to the questions.

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Welcome back

I hope everyone had a splendid holiday. I wanted to go back to the Baseball HQ Top 15 prospects, because the author of the list offered to answer some questions for us based on the list. So if you have specific questions and you didn’t post them in the original post, you can post them here, I’ll take a few and send them his way. I’m also going to try and work on some more player profile pages over the next couple days as well. I have a few other ideas in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Holiday hiatus

I’ve been under the weather lately, so the content may have been lacking, but it’s really going to be lacking over the next week or so. I have a hectic 6 or 7 days coming up, including traveling back to PA for four days, so I probably won’t update the blog again until next Wednesday or so unless something major happens, then I’ll check in briefly. I have a few Q/A’s planned, plus some more analysis pieces, and some other goodies. If you’re new to the site, there’s a year’s worth of content at your finger tips, and if you’ve been here for a while, just wanted to say thanks again for continuing to come back. I started this blog on a whim, and today I’m happy to announce we’ve reached a milestone….


500,000 hits and 5,455 comments left in a one year time span.

I’ve got a number of ideas for 2008 to make the site even better, and I hope that you guys keep checking in and keeping adding to the discussions. Thanks again for the support, and Happy Holidays.

Baseball HQ’s Top 15 Phillies prospects

Deric McKamey from Baseball HQ was kind enough to contact me and offered to do a Q/A for the site based on his release of the Phillies Top 15 prospects. Baseball HQ is more fantasy baseball oriented, but it’s always nice to have another perspective or view on prospects. He passed along the Top 15, along with the grading scale and method, which I will post below. I’ll give the info, we can debate his list, and then I’ll come up with a few questions for him and we’ll get some answers in return. So, check below for the list.

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2008 Spring Training invites

I’m still sick as a dog, but saw this and wanted to post it. Article here.

Carlos Carrasco
Mike Cervenek
Ron Chiavacci
Vic Darensbourg
Jason Donald
Greg Golson
Tuffy Gosewisch
Tim Gradoville
Paul Hoover
Brennan King
Gary Knotts
Lou Marson
Brian Mazone
Josh Outman
Valentino Pascucci
Joe Savery
Casey Smith
Andy Tracy
Brandon Watson 

An interesting array of prospects and non-prospects. Discuss.

Brad Harman quick hit

Baseball America does a little feature on the website where they mention who just missed their team’s top 10 list, and Harman was the guy for the Phillies, which means he’ll end up as prospect #11 in their Top 30. Here’s the blurb

Brad Harman, 2b, Phillies. Harman played on Australia’s World Baseball Classic team as a 20-year-old before enduring a trying 2006, but he got back on track last season. He once again looks like a potential .280 hitter with 15 homers per year. With a quicker first step, he might even be able to play shortstop.

As a big Harman fan, this is obviously nice to see. 2008 is going to be a pivotal year for Harman’s baseball career.

Just for fun

I was looking through old prospect lists for the Phillies at Baseball America, and I went back to the 2004 list. I love going back and reading the future outlooks for guys, just to see how close they came to their predictions and prognostications. The Phillies Top 10, in order, with their future outlooks. A good idea raised in the comments, after the Phillies Top 10, I’ll give you the Top 10 lists of other teams. Check below the fold for the details

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Questions for Chris Kline at Baseball America

Chris contacted me and offered to do a Q/A for the site, so I’m going to put together a bunch of questions for him and send it his way in the next few days. I’ve got some ideas for questions already, but I’ll open it to the floor. If you have something you’d like answered, either submit your question via e-mail to me, or leave it in the comments. I won’t be able to get all of them in, but I’ll take a few. So, fire away.