Projected Lakewood rotation

This one will be tougher, as it isn’t quite clear who will jump from rookie ball to Lakewood.

Darren Byrd
Jarrod Freeman
Kyle Drabek
Drew Naylor
Jacob Diekman

Of course we know Savery could start here, based on what the folks at BA think, and Drabek probably won’t be ready to pitch until May or June, and I assume he’s going to start back here. I think Byrd will repeat Lakewood, and Freeman given another shot to start here. Others to consider to fill Drabek’s spot for a while; Miguel Matos, Tyson Brummett (if he doesn’t start at Clearwater), Scott Mitchinson (Clearwater seems more likely. Did I miss anyone obvious?

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  1. I suppose both Brummett or Chapman could be here, though they should really be in Clearwater even if both are in the bullpen.

    My two dark horse candidates for Lakewood would be Julian Sampson and Freddy Ballestas. Sampson needs to be treated like he was a 2nd round pick. From the BA comments I have a feeling he could move quickly, though I would also note that he probably should have severe limits on his innings so he ends up in the 125-140 range max if he starts at Lakewood.

    Ballestas is the other dark horse possibility. He is a late bloomer that was dominant at VSL last year and also this winter. He has actually been promoted in the last week the VWL Zulia main team. He is 21, so he is not that young and he apparently has good stuff (low 90s fastball, touches 94). He is closer to Sergio Escalona in experience than some of the younger arms that will certainly debut at GCL.

  2. Would seem that VWL vets lefty Escalona mentioned above would be in the BlueClaw rotation again unless they give up on him and Moises Melendez would be the lefty out of the pen there.

  3. How about the leftie who started in GCL last summer right after the Draft and promptly moved up to Williamsport and eventually ended up in Lakewood? Chris Rhoads. Not a very big guy, is a college draft, but seemed to have someone’s eye as they moved him quickly. Would it be logical to think he might start out at Lakewood and then move on to Clearwater mid season? I read somewhere that he looked good in FIL.


  4. I think Rhoads will be a bullpen guy, he’s got some sleeper potential.

    It’s tough to try and gauge who the Phillies will look to move into relief. We have lots of interesting pitching prospects who seem like they could go either way.

  5. A lot of raw talent in that five. It’ll be interesting to see how they all perform, but especially the guys repeating the level (Byrd and Freeman) to see if they take a step forward.

    Given the glut in A ball, perhaps the most interesting thing to see is who the Phils plan to move into relief. Mitchinson could be sent to the pen to fast track him; Chapman should go to the pen; and perhaps there are some surprises in store.

  6. Will Drabek be ready to start the season in ’08? I thought that TJ surgery required like 18 months to come back from…

  7. From what I understand, TJ surgery takes 18mos – 2yrs before someone is 100% back (feeling comfortable, throwing at top velocity, etc), but I think most guys – Randy Wolf is a recent example – are pitching within a year, albeit not at their peak ability.

    – Jeff

  8. He had a real nice August, but was far from dominant from April to July. Byrd’s biggest asset right now is being able to keep the ball on the ground. His command and control weren’t exceptional, and he didn’t miss as many bats as you’d like to see. I think keeping him at Lakewood for 2 months might help him. Once Drabek is back on the mound and pitching, if Byrd is throwing well you send him to Clearwater.

  9. Based on his numbers, Darren Byrd should be moved up. Do y’all know something about his stuff that his numbers don’t indicate? I mean if he’s fringy in the first place, then let’s replace him with someone who’s got a chance. My impression is that he works a lot like Kyle Kendrick. He kept the ball in the park, he allowed less than a hit an inning, and he missed enough bats to give himself a chance. Repeating Lakewood would be a waste of time for him and the Phillies.

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