Congrats to J-Roll

Don’t have time for an entry today, but Ed Wade must be smiling today, as another fruit of his labor claimed some heavy duty hardware, winning the NL MVP yesterday. Wade, for as much as we panned him as a GM, never traded away Ryan Howard, Chase Utley or Rollins, the three guys who are now the core of the team. Utley would have to be the odds on favorite to win the 2008 MVP, if you can even project things like that, as he’d have probably won in 2007 if not for the injury. Even if Wade did try and trade Howard for Ted Lilly or Zack Duke, at the end of the day he didn’t, and because of it, the Phillies are much better off. Lots of people really despise Eddie, but I find myself disliking him less and less, and at the end of the day, he does deserve a lot of credit for the current core of this team.

After the holiday here, we’ll start looking at projected rotations and lineups for the minor league affiliates, starting with Allentown.

11 thoughts on “Congrats to J-Roll

  1. didn’t Dead Wade try and get rid of Howard? But it was OG who traded Thome and kept Howard. I agree Wade made some good transactions and non-transactions, but his mistakes are far worse than his accomplishments.

  2. How much does he deserve though, isn’t Arbuckle the final call on the drafting?

    I find it hard to credit someone for what they DIDN’T do.

  3. I’m sorry, I just cannot applaud Ed Wade. As far as I can tell, Ed Wade did two really good things as general manager of the Phillies. He signed J-Roll to a long-term contract, which was not exactly rocket science, but has turned out to be a very good move. Second, he engineered the Bobby Abreu trade which, in all candor, was a great trade.

    Well, that’s about it. Ed Wade did not run the farm system. If you want to give someone props for drafting Hamels, Howard, Utley, Rollins, Myers and Rolen, you have to point to Mike Arbuckle, who has done a very good job (I won’t say he’s done a great job, because the system has never been particularly deep).

    Ed Wade was always way over his head as the Phillies’ GM – constantly getting outfoxed, outplanned, and outmaneuvered by his more savvy opponents. The biggest problem with Wade was his inability to ever have a “plan B” if is main plan did not work out. If Ed Wade was the GM of the 2007 Phillies, they never would have done some of the little things in the middle of the season that brought the team the pennant. Let’s be frank, without Moyer, Lohse, Romero, or perhaps even Iguchi, the Phillies would not have won the NL East as their margin for error was virtually non-existent, as it often is in the NL. You can say what you want about Gillick, but he made those moves and I cannot for the life of me believe that Wade could have been so nimble (or given up so little to get these players). Also, I guarantee you that Ed Wade would have screwed up the Howard/Thome situation. We would have entered spring training with a “situation” and it would have come to an awkward head, with the possible result that Howard would have been traded (don’t kid yourself, Ed was trying desperately to trade Howard and it would have happened if a few teams had offered a little more).

    Pat Gillick has screwed up his share of things, but Gillick constantly works hard to adjust the team throughout the season. Wade kind of threw his chips on the table and said “oh well, we did our best.”

    I cannot tell you how happy I am that he is gone.

    Good riddance and good luck, Houston.

  4. I’d love to understand how you could say the Abreu trade was a great trade. He obviously hasn’t been as good in NY as he was in Philly, but unless you’re gonna argue the old “addition by subtraction” argument then I can’t see how you could make that comment. Sure, we saved money, but we got NOTHING. Aside from the money, the key player in the trade is out of baseball…a few more hours and the Yankees would have parted with someone of more value (obviously not Phil Hughes), but at this point we basically gave them Abreu for taking his salary.

  5. I think he was talking about the trade where we GOT Bobby Abreu, not the one where we gave him away for free. I think that was Gillick, anyway.

  6. Speaking of giving Abreu away for free… the cornerstone of that deal, C.J. Henry, just re-signed with the Yankees organization after the Phils granted him his release. Good luck to him… and he’ll probably need it, because he makes Greg Golson look like a surefire All-Star with phenomenal plate discipline.

  7. Yes, OF COURSE, I was talking about the trade where we obtained Bobby Abreu for Kevin Stocker. I am no Wade fan as described above, but this was a great trade.

    One can argue the merits of the trade getting rid of Abreu, but that’s not the trade I was talking about.

  8. Ah, the trade to GET Abreu…that makes much more sense.

    As for CJ Henry resigning with the Yankees…that is a good thing…at least for me. I was the idiot buying his rookie cards after we got him in the trade. At least this leaves a glimmer of hope that I could ever get my money out of them.

  9. James, I hope you had a happy Holiday. I would love to hear your take on some of the recent minor league wheeling and dealing. It hasnt been anything major, but the phillies have made a few moves that we could get lucky on. Any insight on Snell or the 5 other minor league guys we signed? Restovich and watson look like they could vie for an end of the bench job.

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