Interview With Lynx Catcher Jason Jaramillo

Jason Jaramillo

Ottawa Lynx catcher twenty four year old Jason Jaramillo is one of the jewels of the Philadelphia Phillies farm system. In this, his first full season at the Triple A level, Jaramillo to this point, doesn’t seem fazed at all by his debut in the highest level in the minor leagues.

“I have two brothers who played pro ball so I knew at a young age what I wanted to be and what it would take to get to the Major Leagues.”

Jaramillo grew up in Racine, Wisconsin, he cheered for the Milwaukee Brewers and idolized two of the majors top catchers of all time.

“Definitely my idols, me being a catcher, are Ivan Rodgriguez and Benito Santiago. I didn’t have a favorite baseball team. I’m a fan of baseball and I followed everyone although I followed the Brewers a little more as they were kind of my local team.”

He graduated from Case High School in 2001 and was rated the top senior high school baseball prospect in Wisconsin by Baseball America. He next attended the University of Oklahoma on a baseball scholarship passing up signing with the Phillies in 2001 but eventually signing in 2004, (second round sixty second pick overall).

“Oklahoma State University was a wonderful experience. The coaches were great and the baseball atmosphere was intense,” explained Jaramillo. “Wisconsin is not a place crawling with pro scouts so I took the first opportunity I was given. Turned out great.”

After signing with the Phillies, he has moved quickly through the system spending 2004 in Batavia, 2005 in Lakewood and last year in Reading with a two game stint in Scranton. Last year Jaramillo also participated in the prestigious Arizona fall League, a showcase attended by many top scouts and baseball executives. There he was named to the AFL top prospect team and lead all catchers with a .379 avg.

“The AFL was a great experience and it allowed me to make up for the time I’d lost to injuries midway through the season.”

Jaramillo has been moving quickly through the Phillies system but doesn’t seem to feel that his accomplishments so far are anything special or noteworthy.

“I’ve been preparing for this all my life. I love catching and we have a great bunch of guys on the team. It’s fun to play with them and to hang out with them. I’m enjoying my time here, said Jaramillo.Besides, I can’t control my baseball future.”

Catching is a physical and mental grind over the long course of any baseball season and for most catchers, offense is a bonus. Often, it can be difficult to separate these two aspects of the game. Being a catcher means running the game, dealing with different pitchers, knowing the opposition hitters and dealing with the day to day physical poundings catchers endure.

“ You try and keep the two separate. (offense and defense). “I’m not saying I can always do it but you try. I definitely work hard on my defense and take pride in doing the best I can on that particular day.”

Scouting reports and pre game meetings are an important aspect of the defensive game for Jaramillo.

“Before each game that days starting pitcher and I go over the other hitters and figure out who has been hot and how we can get them out. Plus it can change during the game and you have to go with the flow-go with what is working.”

In key spots in the game these adjustments can become a game of cat and mouse but the emphasis is always on what is working for the pitcher at the time.

“We make adjustments during the game if needed but I always try to go with the pitchers strength that day and what he is confident in. We worry about that more than a particular hitters strength.”

Much of the success of the Lynx pitching staff so far this season should be accredited in no small part to Jaramillo. But the offense has been there as well, a carryover from his last twenty three AA games where he hit .317 and safely in nineteen of those twenty three. He currently is hitting .353-tied for sixth in the IL. He is slugging .412 and has 9 RBI in fourteen games and has been hitting out of the important third spot in the order.

“I like to paint and I like to listen to all types of music,” offered Jaramillo on how he relaxes off the field, “but I love baseball best.”


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  3. Jaramillo went to Oklahoma State. He is quoted as stating “Oklahoma University”. That is a complete misquotation. I’m sure Jaramillo knows where he went to school. Oklahoma University doesn’t even exist. It’s the University of Oklahoma. I would advise removing this story immediately.

  4. Thanks for taking the time and energy to interview one of our important prospects. Understandably, you won’t get much below the surface of these guys’ being, but tone is revealing sometimes.
    Hope other interviews will be forthcoming…maybe w a little more depth??Like more on their backgrounds, i.e., where they are/have been coming from.

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