New VSL and DSL players at minor league spring training

Here are the players from the DSL and VSL who were on the minor league workgroup lists. Note that Moises Melendez was the only one who was on workgroup 4, so he may have a shot at something higher than GCL. He impressed in the senior Venezuelan winter league this fall.

Francisco Murillo – 1B/C – age 20 – VSL
Freddy Galvis – SS – age 17 – new signing
Jamie Morales – SS/2B – age 23 – VSL
Ambiorex Rincon – 2B – age 20 – DSL
Arlon Quiroz – OF – age 20 – VSL
Sergio Escalona – LHP – age 22 – VSL
Antonio Florentino – RHP – age 19 – DSL
Miguel Matos – RHP – age 19 – DSL
Mauricio Romero – RHP – age 20 – VSL
Moises Melendez – LHP – age 20 – VSL

6 total from the VSL (which was the league champ) and 3 from DSL. Melendez is the most polished and probably will merit at least a starting role at GCL. Matos and Florentino are intriguing projectible arms with good seasons in 2006. Murillo is the player most likely to make an offensive impact. Quiroz, a speedy OF, has been mentioned in several of the early spring training game reports.

5 thoughts on “New VSL and DSL players at minor league spring training

  1. Excellent, thanks Andy. I talked to Chris Kline the other day via e-mail, still trying to get him to do a Q/A here, but he briefly mentioned that he fell in love with Freddy Galvez in camp, said he looks like he belongs. That’s pretty promising to hear at this point.

  2. Bruno Doi was robbed. It will be interesting to see if any of them get a full season assignment.

  3. I suspect most of those brought over came with the intention of giving them a full season assignment, at least if they played reasonably well in ST. Guessing Doi will be here for short season.

  4. In past years most of the players in Spring Training are the ones that end up at GCL. Sometimes 1-2 get sent back if they don’t do well in spring training. I remember Williams Jaspe was over here a couple of years ago. On the other hand, there are often 1-2 players that start in the VSL/DSL and get promoted by the time GCL starts. I believe that happened to Alberto Cambero last year.

    All in all, however, I suspect this is pretty much the GCL list. It totals 10 players, so that is a big part of the GCL roster which will also have 5-10 carrovers from last year before we even get to any new draftees.

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