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The votes are in, goodbye Aaron Rowand

In a vote that surprised me a bit, 19 of you that voted, 41%, said that we should trade Aaron Rowand and make Michael Bourn the everyday centerfielder. Obviously, some of you are very confident in his ability right now, or Michael had some free time in the clubhouse and just kept voting over and over again. Either way, here’s how the votes have lined up so far:

46 votes

19: Trade Rowand, make Bourn the starter
11: Make him the 4th/5th OF
11: Send him to Ottawa
5: Trade him for a young reliever

If you haven’t voted yet, please do so, and feel free to leave your comments either here or in yesterday’s post. We’ve had some good discussions here in the last week or so, and I’m hoping as the season progresses we get even more interaction.

The Phillies conclude their preseason with two games against Boston in Philadelphia tonight and tomorrow. Jon Lieber didn’t make the trip north, which means Zach Segovia will probably be on the team, even if only briefly, unless the Phillies make a trade. Right now, the Phillies 25 man roster looks like this;

C – Barajas
1B – Howard
2B – Utley
3B – Helms
SS – Rollins
LF – Burrell
CF – Rowand
RF – Victorino
C – Ruiz
INF – Nunez
INF – Dobbs
OF – Bourn
OF – Werth

SP – Myers
SP – Hamels
SP – Garcia
SP – Eaton
SP – Moyer

CL – Gordon
SU – Madson
RP – Geary
RP – Smith
RP – Alfonseca
RP – Condrey
RP – Lieber

If Lieber starts on the DL, that probably means that Segovia gets his spot, unless the Phillies go with Coste on the bench (when healthy) and only use 11 pitchers. When Lieber returns, one of them will have to go. Condrey is out of options, so if he’s sent down, he must clear waivers. If the Phillies trade for Rosario or another reliever, Condrey might also be let go. On the bench, Dobbs seems like the most expendable of the group, but he also had the best spring, and it’s tough to see him losing his job to Coste, especially since he can play both INF and OF.

I wouldn’t put a deal past Gillick at this point. If you remember back to last season at this time, we still had Rob Tejeda, who was traded at the 11th hour to Texas for Dave Dellucci. Should be interesting to see what happens. At this point, it looks like Bourn is going to be the only prospect to make the team out of camp, but Joe Bisenius is probably still the best bet to be the first prospect called up this season, barring an emergency start from either Happ or Segovia.

Also, one quick mention. I’m going to be writing all of the affiliate reports (except the VSL/DSL) for the start of the season, since I haven’t really had time to get everything coordinated, but as the season progresses, I should be able to integrate others into the mix. I want to try and create a uniform method for my madness before opening it up to everyone else. I’ve got big plans for this blog, but I need to make sure everything is running smoothly before branching out into a bunch of different directions. For those who have contacted me, thanks for the interest, and I will get more details to you at a later time.