Daily Archives: March 19, 2007

Phillies lose Germano to Padres

Though it apparently hasn’t been confirmed yet by Phillies.com, Justin Germano was placed on waivers and claimed by the Padres, according to beerleaguer. This move, if true, is disappointing on two fronts. First, Germano was acquired for Rheal Cormier last summer. Cormier, at the time, had to have at least some value, and getting a guy who was out of MLB options, if you didn’t plan on keeping him around, probably wasn’t the smartest move. Second, Germano is younger than some of the other options (Condrey and Warden) and though he isn’t a prime prospect, was still in the 20-30 range, and still could have helped down the road in some capacity, whether it be as a reliever or an emergency starter.

The Phillies bullpen is in disarray right now, and it’s hard to see how this move can be viewed as an improvement. It isn’t like losing a top prospect, but it still stings when it seems this could have been avoided. Interestingly, Germano was traded by San Diego to Cincinnati, and is now returning back to the place he got his start. Best of luck to him going forward.
UPDATE ——-> Sportingnews has the article and this quote from Germano

“I’m pretty shocked,” Germano said soon after assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. informed him of the move. “I thought I was right there. I had one bad inning. I knew they didn’t expect me to be perfect every time out.”