Daily Archives: March 31, 2007

It’s official…sort of. Bourn has made the roster

Not that this is a surprise, but this is a blog, I try to keep up with current events, and this morning The Inquirer ran an article saying Bourn has basically made the squad, and could actually see some spot starts at times, as opposed to just a late inning replacement. While I would not want him taking AB’s away from Burrell in the first 8 innings of a game, having him start a game or two a week in center instead of Rowand might not be a bad idea, and Rowand at least gives you some pop off the bench as a pinch hitter. Both Jon Lieber and Freddy Garcia will start the season on the DL, which means Zach Segovia will remain with the team. Should Garcia need to miss his first start on either April 7th or 8th, then Segovia will probably be the guy. Once Garcia returns, Zach might shift to the pen until Jon Lieber returns.

All in all, it was a spring with some positives and negatives. James Happ’s numbers looked bad, but in the innings I saw him pitch, the stuff looked good. He was probably nervous more than anything, and a bit of time in AAA can’t hurt him, though I do wonder if he might not be more valuable pitching in the big league pen this year, and then going back to starting next year. Joe Bisenius got some quality work in, but he still needs to refine his control a bit more. Jason Jaramillo probably opened some eyes and showed he might be closer to the bigs than was expected when spring training started. On the flip side, Jim Ed Warden was a disappointment, and my first “bad guess” of 2007. Fabio Castro looked rough, and will probably need some time in the minors to get himself back on track. The Alfredo Simon experiment was brutal, and waiver signing Anderson Garcia didn’t look too great either. Greg Dobbs, though no longer a prospect, had a great spring, and could be a 5 year younger version of Chris Coste. That will just depend on how focused he remains and how hard he continues to work. Speaking of Coste, a rough spring for him, both hitting and healthwise. He could get the last spot on the 25 man roster, at least until Lieber comes back, or he might find himself on another team in a week. We’ll see.