Two more quick hits

Busy day today, huh?

Buried at the bottom of this article, it mentions Michael Dubee will open at Lakewood. I’m not sure whether this is an oversight or whether it’s true. Back in January, I guessed on the Lakewood roster (which you can see by clicking on the left side of the page) and predicted Dubee would get a spot. I had my doubts, but felt he might get a slot in the rotation based on his pedigree and his last name, and it appears he could.

Also, an article released an hour ago talks about Condrey and Warden battling for a shot at the big league pen. Condrey has been good except for one awful outing, Warden has been up and down. They also mention that either Segovia or Happ could be needed as a 5th starter if both Lieber and Garcia aren’t able to make their normal turns. Segovia will pitch on Saturday and be stretched out so he could pitch on Thursday if needed, Happ will start this Thursday and could be stretched out as well. Dennis Deitch waxes poetic on Happ in this article, comparing him to Randy Wolf. Should be quite an interesting final week of spring training.

7 thoughts on “Two more quick hits

  1. I have no confidence in Condrey whatsoever. He’s a mop-up type
    of guy whose stuff is average at very best. As for Warden, I
    don’t think our pen is solid enough to absorb the luxury of a
    Rule 5 guy.

  2. I would be disappointed if we tossed Germano to keep Condrey.
    I think Warden could be a help in the pen, with his very different delivery being a change of pace.

    Happ could well enjoy Wolf-type success, especially since he seems to have added a little velocity. He pitches very well and gets his Ks. Hopefully, he is used a little more judiciously and avoid the overuse injury that mucked up Wolf’s Phillies career.

  3. The thing about Warden, IMO, is that he has only recently switched to his new delivery (which, incidentally, does not
    seem to be as dramatic as some sidewinders) and he hasn’t yet
    mastered it. Can we afford to give him a slot to learn his
    craft? I think it’s good to have a sidewinder in the pen–the
    Yanks have two effective ones (one left and one right)–but
    Warden is still in the learning mode.

  4. The ideal situation on Warden is we make an arrangement with Cleveland, maybe send them a guy like Moss who has no future here, but might blossom with a fresh start, and then we can send Warden to AAA and he becomes ours. Then, he’s got time to work on his mechanics in lower leverage situations in AAA. If he figures it out, we bring him up, if not, yea well.

  5. Dubee will indeed be starting in Lakewood, i talked to him 2 days ago and he said he was starting there.

  6. disappointed in tossing Germano for Condrey? Why? Condrey has better stuff and better numbers. Granted, either way you toss it you’re still talking about two fringe pitchers.

  7. With all due respect, I don’t think Condrey has ANY stuff. His
    forte (if he has one) is that he’s around the plate most of the
    time, but his “stuff” reminds me of the last days of Worrell in
    Philly–very hitable.

    As for Warden, I think Phuturephillies has the answer. Cleveland
    might well make a cheap deal for him. Incidentally, is that what
    will happen to Budde too–or will we get him like we did Victorino?

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