2022 Post Draft Discussion; July 25th

As we have in past years, Phuture Phillies will continue posting a 2022 First-Year Player Draft thread so we can keep all our draft talk in one place.  This is where I will look for any information on signings you uncover and post in the Comments Section.  If you hear one of our new prospects has signed, please share the link here.

The Phillies’ draft signings are being tracked on our 2022 Draft Tracker. As signings are officially announced, the tracker will be updated.  Be sure to share any information and I will incorporate it into the tracker.

The draft tab on the menu above is active and up-to-date.

The Draft >>> 2022 Draft Discussions and Picks includes all our draft articles for this year and past years, as well as other links.  Some older links may no longer be active.

Of course, all draft talk is encouraged here.  I will start new threads if/when the number of comments becomes too unwieldy.  In the past, that has been weekly.  These discussions will end when the signing period has passed.  I believe that date is August 1st.

I expect to be able to confirm a lot of signings before the Phillies announce them.  About a dozen players have already reported to the Complex for physicals.  Some signings have taken place.  I’ll be there Monday morning to scout out the new faces.

The Phillies have already shown that they will be active in the undrafted free agent market.  Those who they expect to sign are already arriving at the Complex.  The deadline for signing undrafted players runs until they return to school (if the rule remains the same as last year).

As the Phillies sign non-drafted free agents, I’ll be adding them to the draft tracker.

And, finally, I would like to thank Hinkie for all the prospect information he shared on Phuture Phillies.  It was detailed and extensive.  I’m sure everyone appreciates his efforts.  I certainly do.  Prospect information is a subject about which I know very little.  I’m more likely to hear in whom the Phillies are interested than I am to know specifics about the player.

Hinkie, let me know if you want me to start Prospect threads earlier than I have in the past.  I could publish them weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, year-round, or any combination in which they best fit the prospect season.

As of this posting, the Phillies have signed #3, #5-10 for a savings of around $439K.  They have signed 12, 13, 15, 17 at or below slot – no savings, no cost against pool.

Tracker is updated.

33 thoughts on “2022 Post Draft Discussion; July 25th

  1. Jim, I love that tracker, it’s awesome.

    Are we saving that money to go overslot with Crawford? Or is some of that money going towards Boyd?

    1. I’ve heard Crawford may be a difficult signing. So, I guess, Crawford. But, I also heard they expect to sign all 19, so, who knows.

  2. Would guess they are trying to save money for Boyd and Rincon at #14. Don’t see Crawford being an above slot type of pick.

  3. With Crawford getting just 100-thousand dollars above slot, I’m wondering where all the money the Phillies saved on their day 2 picks is going. I’m sure Emaarion Boyd is getting above slot, but by how much? And/or is McFarlane getting overpaid (by a lot). I wouldn’t think so. Maybe they plan to sign a few more UDFA HS players (like the kid Farmer [?]) I posted in the last thread.

    1. Crawford was with the announcers and mentioned that he was headed to Clearwater tomorrow. Hopefully, he’ll be playing in FCL games very soon.

      Man, I hope he pans out. Seems like the Phillies are still searching for a replacement for Shane Victorino.

  4. BTW … Thank you, Jim. I love talking draft. And thanks to all of the other posters who contributed to the draft threads, especially Romus and Howard.

    It’s probably best to start the draft threads maybe late February/early March. But I’ll find things to post any time of the year.
    And thank you, Jim for all your work here @ Phuture Phillies. And thank you for including the draft threads and draft tracker.

    1. Hinkie the pitcher from Notre Dame I saw him once ,thought he had decent stuff, do you know anything about him?

  5. Hinkie -thank you so much for all the information you provide on the draft. I don’t follow high school or college players at all so you are my sole source of draft information and I always find it detailed and interesting. The time and effort you put in are amazing. I appreciate what you do on a routine basis.

    1. Hinkie, ditto Dave47’s remarks. Your contributions on draft-eligible prospects and their outlooks are amazing. And with Jim’s work in so many other areas, and the comments by so many other knowledgeable posters, they make Phuture Phillies the superb site that it is.

  6. Hinkie, was Ezra Farmer one of your guys on the UDFA wish list? I think he just signed, with the C from Marshall. And, please add my thanks to all that you contribute, especially at Draft time.

    1. matt … I hadn’t heard of Ezra Farmer before the draft. I posted some video of him in the last draft thread after reading the Phillies signed him. I just mentioned him again while wondering if Brian Barber may have given him an above slot (>$125,000) bonus, and/or wondering if the team might still have some bonus pool money available that they may be able to use to sign any other prep or JUCO players as UDFAs.

      And here’s some Ezra Farmer ⬇

      1. Just saw Matt Gelb reports Farmer got full slot ($125,000).

        1. so that’s 3rd round money- on top of Crawfords 3.8, for two high school centerfielders. not sure i love that allocation of resources.
          Seeing Porter signed for 3.7 in Texas. So did Boras orchestrate that entire thing with Rocker/Porter? if SD gave another HS kid with TJ surgery 3.9 at 15, seems like teams had to be hearing a higher number for Porter to sign.
          Between the 9 million for the two, Boras makes out better himself, even if Porter got less from Texas than he might have gotten elsewhere.

  7. I have 16 of 19 draft picks signed. Still unsigned #4 RHP McFarlane, #18 2B Wimmer, and #20 RHP Karaffa.

    Bonuses not yet reported for 11, 14, 17, 19.

    Before signing Boyd, Phillies had $1.148M available to sign McFarlane, Boyd, #18, #20, and any overages for unreported.

    Five NDFA reported as signed. More to come as they pass physicals. A lot of the “unsigned” are already in Clearwater waiting for physicals/results.

  8. Wow……..Padres signed Robby Snelling …. nine days after the club selected him with the 39th pick in the MLB draft………..for $3M…..AJ Preller worked the draft pretty good if Snelling turns into a top rotation guy.

  9. I guess with Boyd’s speed/glove combo he could become Roman Quinn which is more than 90% of players drafted after the top 3 rounds, right?

    1. CFers Crawfors at 1, Boyd at 11….makes for a very friendly competitive journey for them, especially Boyd who may feel he has something to prove.
      I like it…I like the philosophy the Phillies are using.
      They both will be at the Complex, and the FCL and then the FIL.

      1. That path is certainly the case for this season, though I could easily see Crawford jumping to Clearwater next year with Boyd as the main CF for FCL.

        1. Yeah, that is how it will probably play out…unless Boyd explodes on the scene….read where he is a tireless worker, early morning to late in the evening.

  10. I dont follow too closely but could somebody explain how we signed Boyd for $500k+ overslot if we only saved $257k on 1-10? Thanks!

    1. The team can also spend up to 5% over the pool w/o any penalty. In the Phillies case, that equals 315-thousand dollars. Add that to the 257-thousand dollars saved on day one and two picks.

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