Halfway Plus Three

The Phillies reached the All-Star break in third place in the NL East Division.  Three games into the second half, they have dropped a 3-game series to the lowly Chicago Cubs.  AT HOME.  WITH THEIR ROTATION PROPERLY RESTED.  They have dropped to a 49-46 record and are at least a full game behind the St. Louis Cardinals for the third wild card. 

The Phillies scored 7 runs in the series.  When a team comes out that flat, at home against an inferior team they should beat, well

It might be time to rethink the direction of the team.  Maybe Dave Dombrowski is too distracted by the possible expansion of MLB into Nashville.  He has done precious little to correct the deficiencies that are evident with this team.

During the offseason, he failed to upgrade the team’s defense.  Instead, he spent a huge chunk of money on a couple outfielders who resemble Michael Jackson.  You know, wear a glove for no apparent reason.  He failed to upgrade the shortstop position.  He failed to upgrade CF and settled for a bargain bin, free agent.  He went cheap on the bullpen and signed a failed closer and Familia.  He neglected the starting rotation banking on the healthy knees of one starter and the continued excellence of a rookie.  And, he didn’t get a leadoff hitter.  Thirty HR and 124 K do not meet the qualifications for a leadoff hitter.

Later in the season, we were prepared to point back to the Toronto series as an example of games that we could have won to have a better record.  I think this Cubs series has surpassed that in importance and missed opportunity.

So, what should Dave do?  What would you do?  What would I do?  I’m of a very different mind than most of you, I think.  I would start selling.  Try to get rid of those albatross contracts that Dave gave to Schwarber and Castellanos.  Post a “for sale” sign and hope to unload anyone that draws interest, except Harper, Wheeler, Nola.  I’d also like to hold onto Suarez, Dominguez, Brogdon.

I know it’s not likely.  I realize I’m just venting.  I’m thankful for Apple and Peacock otherwise I would have had to watch the whole series.

But, I seriously would not trade my top prospects to try and plug holes at the deadline.  This team is going nowhere.  Whatever surgery Harper needs on his throwing arm, do it now instead of waiting for the offseason.  Oh, and it WAS a “stupid question”.  nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

If nothing else, this gives you a place to talk about the Phillies for the week.

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  1. Jim you aren’t the only one that wants to sell, but we are in the minority. Seems the majority wants to push all our chips in in a season just to break a stupid playoff drought. You are right this team is going nowhere with it’s current construction. I’d sell off what you can, fix Bryce, and come back firing next year. You got a lot of bad money coming off the books this offseason. I’d be upset if Dave trades prospects in a season where you got no shot. And the Philles finally have some promising prospects. If you’re contenders I’d be all for trading prospects, but this team is far from it.

    1. Who can you realistically sell off? For the position players, the Phillies will not be eating money (yet) on Schwarber, Castellanos, JT. Bohm could be moved, but we have no replacements at 3B and it’s not like he’s going to get much back. Nobody is trading for Didi. Rhys is probably the biggest trade chip but he’s not really the reason why the Phillies are losing.

      For sure there could be some value coming back for Hand and maybe Knebel. Nobody is trading for Familia. Kyle Gibson could get you something back.

      That said, the Phillies will only get back mostly lotto tickets.

  2. You are not alone!

    “This team is going nowhere.” Very disappointed in NIck C. Expected strikeouts but not this mess. JT is right behind him. You got the untouchables absolutely correct, in my opinion.

  3. it may not be sustainable but Knebel seems to be performing better. ALL of the catchers, not just Realmuto, seem to be doing well. And, of course proving again that there are “lies,( and )damn lies, closely followed by statistics” ESPN lists the Phils as currently the 8th best (out of 30) fielding team in all baseball, just behind the LA Dodgers but just in front of the Toronto Blue Jays. https://www.espn.com/mlb/stats/team/_/view/fielding

  4. Do not want to trade prospects. Never do. The Phillies have so few real minor league hitting prospects that they cannot afford to trade even one. Specifically O’Hoppe and Rojas, Lee and the New Zealand kid. No more Meade for Sanchez trades.

    I would move De La Cruz from Lakewood to Reading. He has been around for years now and maybe he is making a move. It can’t hurt. Anybody that wants to trade Painter and Abel so the Phillies can POSSIBLY sneak into the playoffs is nuts.

  5. I’m strongly against a fire sale. The return would be pitiful, and it would absolutely destroy the Phillies fan base.. If Harper can play without doing any further damage to his arm; he’s a go. Harper is getting paid $30 million a year for a reason. Use the off season to fix or at least start to address our deficiencies.

  6. Whether it’s the right decision, or the wrong decision … I would be floored if Dave Dombrowski does a 180, and isn’t buying. The team has been absent from the postseason for a decade. That means something to the ownership and especially the fans.
    I don’t know how big the club will go in the trade market. I’m certain they won’t deal Painter or Abel. I’m pretty sure (but not 100%) they won’t swap McGarry. After that, anything could happen.
    If I had to guess, I’d predict Dombrowski is less “all in” than teams like the NYYs, Astros, Mets, Braves, LADs, and SDPs. He’ll probably get a SP. It may likely be a rental. Three dudes who may be at the top of his list are Martin Perez, Noah Syndergaard, and (the guy they saw yesterday) Drew Smyly. Dombo drafted Smyly (and dealt him for David Price), and Smyly is already throwing on Bailey Falter’s schedule. Any of Perez/Thor/Smyly are upgrades, but none will cost a top prospect.
    At the same time, I wouldn’t rule out some “outside the box” maneuver by the Phillies POBO. Maybe he pulls off some sort of convoluted deal where he eats even more money, gets a player who could help this season, and another player (or prospect) that would aid the 2023 squad. Maybe a deal with Tampa where the Phillies get Kevin Kiermairer and Tyler Glassnow as an example.
    Anyway … this is Dave Dombrowski’s time. Negotiating this week is what John Middleton brought him in here for. It should get interesting.

    1. Also would monitor the Red Sox this week. They are in a free fall. If Chaim Bloom sells (not sure he will), Dombrowski could be first in line for Nathan Eovaldi. Dombo loves Eovaldi. Eovaldi is a rental, and (like Perez) has been shaky his last couple of outings. That could limit his asking price.

      1. Agree Hinkie…Sox losers of 13 of their last 16 games….Os actually could catch them this week , so they could be done for the year,
        ….and Nate Eovaldi with a FIP approaching 5 may not cost much of anything…and maybe a change of scenery for the last two months may spur a resurgence.

        1. I could see Eovaldi or Drew Smyly part 2. Neither of these players should cost us our elite prospects (nor should it) and each could be a huge upgrade over what Bailey Falter has given us. If we are thinking about who it might cost, start with Jonan Rojas and work down from there. One guy who I would hate to lose but I think could get traded is Ben Brown. Personally, I hope it is Rojas and another prospect in the top 15-30. Rojas has amazing tools, but I think he is a little overrated on this site.

          1. Who knows the Sox could want Muzziotti back in their system….and maybe add another prospect……..a pitching prospect like Morales.
            Eovaldi is a two month rental and has not really been great so far this year so the price will not be high…..same with Smyly

            1. Agree with you, Romus. A Muzziotti Morales package holds value, especially for a rental. And Dombrowski would probably find it palatable.

            2. If you think Eovaldi still has good stuff, I make that deal without a moment’s hesitation. Neither prospect is a must keep guy.

    2. They may actually be more willing to swap Abel than McGarry at this point. Griff is not far from the bigs and considering the lack of rotation depth, its not absurd to think he could make his MLB debut this season.

  7. I agree with all of your complaints, and yet, the Phillies are only 1 game out of the playoffs. I think MLB GMs think that their job is to get a team into the playoffs, and then anything can happen. Especially if you have a 1-2 of Wheeler and Nola. Harper will be back. And it is very possible that Castellanos gets hot at some point. Imo DD is all in. He is buying.

    I agree w Hinkie that Painter and Abel are unlikely to be dealt unless it is for a great long term piece (Soto or Xander for example). But crazier trades have happened. I remember being shocked when the Phils got Cliff Lee.

    I disagree that McGarry is unlikely to be dealt. Imo he is the top trade chip. I could definitely see a McGarry for Bednar deal. I am not saying that I want that trade. Just saying what I think DD could do. Upgrading SS is much harder. There just are not a lot of great SS on teams that would sell, unless for some reason Boston wants to sell Xander. So best option to upgrade SS is to buy a 2B and move Stott over.

    1. I agree with your first paragraph. Yes, the Phillies are frustrating but they aren’t the only club with problems. The Padres, Cardinals, Giants, and every other club vying for the wildcard all have flaws. Dombrowski will be buying but I’ll be surprised if he’s shopping down the expensive aisles. I think it will be similar to last year’s trades and given Eflin’s injury problems, a priority will be a pitcher that’s controllable for more than this year.

      I think McGarry is more likely to get called up and spot start than be traded at this point but who knows, maybe they’ll get blown away by a trade offer.

      Even if Boston is in sell mode, they’re going to have difficulty trading Bogaerts due to his ability to opt out in two months and Boras already announcing that he’s not signing an extension. The difficulty is that technically Bogaerts could remain with his new club, so acquiring commensurate value will be tricky to say the least.

      With regards to your comment about buying a 2B, I think you’re forgetting that Segura could be back as soon as next week. Stott will definitely play a lot of SS when Segura returns. We’ll see how Didi handles it.

    2. Not disagreeing with you that McGarry for Bednar is realistic, but my goodness I dont want that. Bednar had the half of his life and is coming back to earth. Honestly with Coonrod coming back, is a bullpen piece really the target? Pen looks alright to me as is.

      1. The shift isn’t just killing offensive production it’s killing baseball imho.

        Can’t wait for it to be gone. The only other way I’d be willing to allow it, is in the way you get to use timeouts. Give a team 1 shift per game, on 1 batter. Maybe 3, but again… I hate the shift. It’s horrendous for baseball.

      2. The shift isn’t just killing offensive production it’s killing baseball imho.

        Can’t wait for it to be gone. The only other way I’d be willing to allow it, is in the way you get to use timeouts. Give a team 1 shift per game, on 1 batter. Maybe 3, but again… I hate the shift. It’s horrendous for baseball.

        1. You guys know when the defense shifts one way, that leaves a whole spot of the field wiiiiide open for hitters to target. Maybe hitters should stop the homer or nothing approach and learn to poke pitches to the vacated area. That would stop the shift organically without a rule change coming into play.

          1. Yep, but players can’t do it. Not when you have pitchers using substances to increase their spin rates. I’m not a fan of taking away a single up the middle. It’s horrendous for the game. It’s one of the reasons why players are hitting the way they do .. to beat the shift. You have to get the ball in the air, basically. Or hit one by the fat lard 1B 🙂

          2. Dan do you have any idea how elite MLB hitters’ hand eye coordination is? If it was so easy, they would do it. it’s not easy. it’s really hard. Have you ever seen Bryce try to bunt it up the third base line? he has tried it many times, it basically never works. the pitchers are too good.

            1. I listen to Mike Schimdt… when he does the Sunday home games….and a guy gets two strikes and he is really not a big power guy…..he will chime in and say to Tom McCarthy or Ben or John Kruk…. and say….this guy should ” choke, stroke and poke the ball”…I laugh….Mike Schimdt never did that when he played, though have to admit for a big power guy he only struck out 19% of the time, so he did not need to do it.

            2. The two strike /behind- in -the- count scene for a batter is practically a death knell. Even future Hall of Famer Mike Trout, baseball’s $400 million man, couldn’t muster a batting average over .200 in 0-2, 1-2, or 2-2 counts back in his hey day. prior to the pandemic of 2020 season, a few years ago…not sure what it is the last 3 years..

  8. Amazing what a 3-game losing streak can do to the fanbase.

    Phillies are 1 game out of a playoff spot and will not be sellers, especially with any of the guys they just signed as FA’s this past off-season.

    Schwarber is not a lead-off hitter and shouldn’t be hitting there. They really don’t have an option at this point. DD focus needs to be on finding another SP and someone who can play CF and get on base to bat lead-off.

    Yes, they are not as good as the Dodgers, Mets, or Braves over 162 games and they won’t be after the trade deadline either, but they can be better than them over a 5 or 7 game series.

    That’s the goal in 2022.

  9. I understand Jim’s venting, and I feel the same frustration. A team with leadership, which Schwarber was supposed to bring, and which I would expect from JT, needs to light some fire on this team, and not just at a reporter. The Cubs were 22 games under .500 to start this Series, and we were brutal. Not the BP’s fault which we had to blame previously, but squarely on the shoulders of the hitters making a ton of money. DD said that one of his off season priorities was CF and a leadoff hitter. He didn’t get either. Yes, Schwarber has 30 HRs, and that is nice, but he Ks waaay too much, and I think 9s about 1 for his last 50. Castellanos, since he had some nice singles the first month, has, since May 1, 270 ABs, and there are about 164 such hitters with over 200 ABs in that time. Mr. “I didn’t go to College, I hit baseballs” ranks 161 in OPS. Not good. Didi is cooked, but I surmise that we will get a SP, one like Hinkie envisions, and a utility guy with some hitting skills. I mentioned Ian Happ last week. I don’t see, and absolutely do not want, any of Painter/Abel/McGarry gone, and really don’t want to see Erik Miller gone. A SP is necessary, and we are really going nowhere, even with us being 1 game out, without all of Hoskins, Castles, and Schwarber getting hot until Segura and Harper get back. And, despite “the back of his Baseball card”, I have very little faith in Castellanos. He seems totally screwed up, frustrated, off balance, unable to stay off low and away pitches, and unable to hit them. And, doesn’t seem to be able to square up pitches in the zone. An awful lot to fix.

  10. The charm and wit of your lead for this week Jimmy was fantastic. More than a few chuckles as I read it to start my work week.

    My bet is on a lot more of the same. DD will make a few minor moves for pitching and maybe another minor move for CF but not anything major. I think they are going to bank on getting Segura and Harper back

    Bank on another streak of some sort from Schwarber and then some sort of rise to the medians from JT and Nick to nab a WC.

    If it were up to me though I would be a seller. Mostly because I can see with my own 2 eyes how far ahead the Met’s and Braves are. the Braves are so young too. Chasing WC’s IMO is a prescription for constant mediocrity. especially when you are doing it with a payroll at the top of the cap.

    The Braves have a payroll of $179 mil to our $233 mil

    Now I don’t know what I would sell. I don’t know what value any of what we have holds. I’m speaking solely of the 26 man. But I’d be open to listening on anything if it nets me a good young prospect or some financial flexibility.

    The mixture of what is in that clubhouse just doesn’t work. You can’t be afraid to fold a hand and get dealt another one. What would be crazy is to push all your chips in on a bad hand.

    1. IMO, minimal move (s) over this next week and a bigger shake-up in the off season.
      The absence of Didi and Segura saves the clubs $27M, and possibly moving Rhys will save another $10/12M.
      And get one of those shortstops who may hit the market….Correa/Turner/Swanson.

      1. I like Turner quite a bit for this club. Correa seems like he’s always hurt and Dansby….well he always kills the Phillies which means he would probably stink here..

      2. Romus, are we sure that moving off from Segura is what they will do? I know the savings in $, and I know Didi is definitely gone. And, I know there is some thought that DD hits FA again and brings in Turner for instance, so Stott stays at 2B. But, I am not sure of that. I think they value Rhys as part of the team much more than a lot of folks here do. Nobody is coming up from the Farm to play 2B or 3B, and I don’t know that moving from Rhys to put Bohm at 1B makes us any better. I just don’t have any feel for what the team might do, but I am concerned that Middleton doesn’t green light spending big in FA once again, even if we move on from Eflin and Gibson and Hoskins and Segura and Didi.

        1. How about Hall at 1B, I would like to see him get a chance to show his defense, can’t be any worse than Rhys. Actually, I bet it’s better. Agree with you, the FA expenditures experience might make JM reluctant to go big again, but I do hope Turner is in the crosshairs.

          I don’t think they will re-up Segura, his contracts seem to be too limiting to the organizations.

        2. matt…purely business and finances…..they need to be below the tax next year.
          And ,if it were me…..I buy-out Segura…..and we all like Rhys, however after next year’s Arb4 of $10/12M…. he will be over-priced with Boras as his agent.
          Will he take a home town discount!
          And Hall can play first base…defensively he is no slouch over there.
          Stott goes to third and sign one of the better shortstops….Swanson comes in the less AAV and perhaps fewer years than Correa or Turner.
          Age wise he is a year younger than Turner and a year older than Correa.
          My second choice would be Turner.

          1. So, you trade Bohm also, Romus? And, who plays 2B? And, we still then need SP because I don’t see Eflin and Gibson coming back, and I am not sold on Ranger, Falter or Sanchez, plus we need a #3, not a few more 4/5s. It’s crazy that there are still so many holes, and hard to fill them all. I know you have us trading guys, I just don’t know that we get much back.

            1. No matt….Bohm remains at third…..with one of the three FA shortstops signed, fingers-crossed….and Stott at second, the defense up the middle is tight.
              However, CF still remains a mystery…plenty of internal candidates that can do the job defensively, its their bats that are question marks. Mickey M and Matt V can easily handle the defense aspect of CF.

    2. DMAR, couldn’t have said it better myself. The year after year desperation to get a WC is crazy. The Phillies need to build from the bottom up. I said it last year and will say it again. Put major money in amateur scouting, player development, minor league scouting and a new LA head scout. It will take several years but if the right people are hired it will work. Long-term the Phillies are going nowhere with the current philosophy and I blame Middleton for his desperation to just hoist any type of banner up a flagpole even if it says third WC winner.

    1. I hadn’t thought of this until it was pointed out in The Athletic but this International Draft deal being negotiated between the MLB and MLBPA is jamming up the trade market due to QO going away or possibly not and leaving GM’s indecisive on what it might take to get a player and what you’re stuck with for the deal..

    2. DMAR…….the only group that voted against it 6/7 years ago…the Latin American players caucus…they represent about 30% of the MLBPA..
      I think it gets approved…remember the FBI investigation 4/5 years ago….where they were close to finding RICO violations in the MLB signing process…..ie…Yasiel Puig’s case from Cuba…I think they let it go if MLB decides to do a draft….Latin players may have changed their toon.

  11. I really focused on Castellanos yesterday. His swing is an absolute mess! I looked more like a tennis racket where low to high is what you are looking for to generate top spin. His bat must have raised about 2 feet from the beginning to the end of his swing … with that swing, he has very little chance of squaring up a ball. This creates a HUGE hole in his swing and explains why he makes very little hard contact. I’m assuming he knows this, but it is ALARMING to watch.

  12. Jim………Thoroughly agree with your discourse on the state or disarray of the Phillies whatever the case may be. Really, a good piece to read.

    I hope DD is more into the team than the expansion site, but who can say. I know, I am still waiting for the nuggets that are going to make a difference……maybe soon, but you have to give something to get something and I’m not sure we have or want to give up what little value we have. I must say the DD glamor is starting to fade a bit with me.

    I think there is a perception that we are an offensive juggernaut, which we are not. We are still weak defensively and would be far worse statistically if scorekeepers would actually charge errors.

    I think they will move or jettison some players. I don’t think anything earth shaking is going to occur. I think we can afford to move some catchers as throw ins.

    We need 3B, CF and SP in the worst way. I agree with whoever said Harper should get the elbow fixed now. The postseason is probably just a mirage…..been so hot lately.🥵

  13. all the talk over the weekend was over the castellanos drama, but to me the gaping hole in the lineup is SS. Didi just isnt cutting it and I think he needs to go, if you can trade him great but if not, just DFA him. He seems like a real good dude, but its a business and he is just not a good player right now. Let him get picked up by some last place team and try to revamp his career getting full time at bats there, but hes just killing the offense now, its an auto out every time he comes up.

    Overall I think that is the problem; too many auto outs where the at bats arent even competitive. I know you are not gonna have .300 hitters from top to bottom, and thats cool. but when you have a runner on base in the 9th inning, there are just too many guys who give them zero shot. Castellanos’ at bat vs Robertson was terrible in a spot where he really could have earned some redemption with an xbh. Odubel and did are auto outs. Honestly it stinks that we are locked into JT for so long bc even he isnt getting the job done and in a different situation I would love to see Sands get a shot with how hes playing. But Im not ridiculous, I know JT isnt going anywhere now or anytime soon.

    Just dont like having so many guys in the lineup who I know I can switch the channel when they come to bat

    1. I would consider trading 1 of Hoskins & Realmuto. Maybe both … I know it’s unpopular .. but I’d trade Hoskins 1st to relieve the logjam at DH & the OF. Shift Schwarber to 1st or Bohm to first .. fill in the opening. You should be able to get a defensive upgrade by sacrifing some offense.

      With realmuto … I just believe the Phillies have an internal replacement for him in O’Hoppe. Now … it’s a gamble, but he money reallocated with 2 pitchers .. a Lockdown reliever and 7th inning deliver … should net more wins imo.

      They are both good, and i would love to keep them, but I feel the reallocation of the team payroll could net more wins, especially if realmuto is more of a defensive catcher than offensive now

      Throw your tomatoes, I have my umbrella up!

      1. Put your umbrella away, we are going to have to give something up, it might as well be in an area where we have some inventory. I figure Hoskins, Bohm, DiDi, Herrera, Segura, Familia, Rojas, Marchan, Sands, Maton, Moniak, Falter, Sanchez, Morales, Ortiz, McGarry, Gibson, Urpick 2 RPs, Castellanos (🙏), etc., etc. are fair game, let’s clean this thing up.

      2. The only problem is, nobody is offering a kings ransom for those guys. I get that Rhys has a lot of fans here, and when hes hot, hes crazy hot, but I do get very annoyed that he is always either 20 for his last 42 or 4 for his last 28, theres very little in between and that is very frustrating with him. JT i would LOVE to get out of that contract. Hes an average catcher in an organization whos biggest strength in development is catchers. But the org would never.

  14. DD, I only watched Saturday’s game, I don’t and won’t stream, so Friday and Sunday were out for me. What I did see was a great performance by Wheeler wasted by some awful ABs. I do not pretend to be a Hitting Coach, but I have watched the game long enough to understand that there is such a thing as situational hitting. We do not do that. We are terrible with RISP. We tied the game on Saturday, and had 2 runners on. Bohm comes up, and no way am I picking on him because the high priced Vets are worse, but he swings at the first pitch, pulls a grounder to 3B, DP and threat over. A run there wins the game. Forget the 10th inning, it shouldn’t have gotten that far. No way do you swing at that pitch unless it was one he could drive to the gap in RF. The pitch was going to be fouled off or hit on the ground exactly like it was. We had to move the runners there, at the very least. There is no adjustment to situations, no moving runners, no adjustments for the count. It’s crazy. Schwarber only swings for HRs, I don’t know what Castellanos is doing up there, and clearly he doesn’t either, because his whole body of work this year shows an out of sync, frustrated player, who is either too far off the plate, has screwed up his swing somehow, or can’t pick up the pitches, or all of the above. That was 1 game on Saturday, but there are at least a half dozen Ws that were Ls because we failed to do simple things. And, I know hitting is hard, but the same approach does not work in every situation, and I want to see something change.

    1. I agree with all of this. Except Bohm is the one dude who has been hitting in all situations, im ok to give him a pass for one first pitch out he made, for the most part hes been getting on base in big spots. The others though, not at all. Situational hitting is different from regular hitting for two main reasons:

      – In big spots, the approach should be a little bit more conservative, especially with runners on base. Put the ball in play. Spoil pitches with 2 strikes and wait for a mistake. The hard part is though that

      -You are always always facing a good pitcher. This inheritably will make players stats lower in big spots because you arent going up against the junk baller with a 94 mph fastball, you are going up against a star closer, or if you are a lefty, a nasty LHP.

      I understand your feelings on streaming, it stinks, so i dont blame you for not watching friday or sunday, but man, the 9th inning at bats by castellanos, did and even stubbs (who ill give a pass to because hes been excellent all year and had already hit a homer) were just brutal

  15. Yes, Dan, I only used Bohm’s AB as a sample, not to pick on him at all. There have been plenty worse. Castellanos has to lead the League in DPs. I just happened to see that game, Saturday. And, I am not talking about “Wee Willie Keeler and hit them where they ain’t”, simply a better approach in RISP situations.

  16. Selling doesn’t make a lot of sense, the team is 1GB of a Wildcard and the Cardinals just had almost as bad of a showing against the Reds as we had against the Cubs & they’re also playing in TOR without their two best players. A winning culture needs to be built and that means going for it even if they fall a game or two short.

    My number 1 target would be Tyler Mahle but I understand that would probably require an overpayment. If it could get done without McGarry, Abel, and Painter I’m all in. Tyler Naquin would be a great compliment to Matt Vierling in CF and an upgrade over Odubel if they want to go one stop shopping. Would love to pair his .271/.342/.486 against RHP with Vierling’s .281/.349/.421 line against LHP.

    Something like Tyler Mahle/Tyler Naquin for Bailey Falter, Mickey Moniak, Ben Brown, and Logan O’Hoppe (or Johan Rojas). I view this as a similar deal to the Kyle Gibson/Ian Kennedy deal from last year but with more upside.

    I’d also make a move for a high leverage reliever but I don’t necessarily have a target in mind. I wouldn’t give up much as I’m not looking for a true closer. I like the current back end mix of Alvarado/Seranthony/Brogdon/Hand and with Coonrad coming back I think they just need another controllable arm.

    1. “…….think they just need another controllable arm.”…JoJo may be ready to go full tilt….as for Knebel , Nelson and Bellatti….the three have had their moments of success

      1. I want to see Ryan Sherriff at some point. I think he can be tough on opposing LHHs. I also believe Mychal Givens would be a smart & reasonably priced option this week. Phillies had some interest in Givens this winter, but signed Familia instead (🤮). He’d give the BP a differt look (low slot righty w/some sidewinder funk). I’m a sucker for different look options in the pen. Givens even has some experience closing.

        1. Givens would be nice……he does have an issue with throwing strikes at times, with the Reds last year….but then again what reliever doesn’t anymore.

      2. I’d just like to build some depth there. I think they have a good pen now but if they lose a high leverage arm I don’t love it.

        Not sure there’s a significant upgrade out there given Coonrad, Romero, and even Appel in the minors but I’d look into it to help this year & replace Hand/Knebel next year.

  17. Obviously this team is in buy mode. They’re getting back Segura and the mvp in the next month. Those are huge pickups. We’ve all seen mediocre teams get hot at the end and win it all. The Nationals were a below 500 team. Whose to say that JT and Castellanos won’t get hot? The back of their baseball cards certainly suggest they’re capable of more than they’ve been giving. I’m also confident that Suarez will return to a mid 3.5 era type pitcher which would be a solid 3. I expect a trade to get us a 4 starter which would allow Gibson to be an adequate 5. Watching the Cubs made me wonder what the price would be for Smyly, Happ and Robertson. I was thinking OHoppe or Rojas plus Miller and a throw in with upside like Moniak. Time will tell but let’s not jump ship yet, it’s still July.

    1. Almost hate dealing with the Cubbies….two of the biggest burns in Phillies history were dealing with the Cubs…Fergie Jenkins and Ryne Sandberg…would O’Hoppe be the third! 😦

  18. I mentioned Happ and Robertson last week, Romus, and got a number of negative responses about Robertson, although I would take a chance if the price is right. I don’t believe that O’Hoppe and Miller gets those 2, plus Smyly, as Murray opined, but I wonder how far DD will go. I would make a lousy GM because even though our Farm is ranked in the bottom 3rd, I fall in love with all the guys that have any trade value. I know O’Hoppe is blocked, but I don’t want to give him away for a rental. I like Miller and Rojas and don’t want to give them away, and I don’t trade Abel or Painter, and almost don’t on McGarry. So, that doesn’t leave me with much to offer, LOL!

    1. Erik Miller is having a fine season as relievers go.
      Jhailyn Ortiz lit up July.
      Marcjan is still a good defensive catcher who has potential offensively
      Mickey M. has the ability now just needs to put it together in the show.
      Morales has the right stuff but the wrong button for control.
      Hans Crouse and Luis Garcia…scratch off Gus lottery tickets.
      Muzziotti….has the tools needs a team with the patience.

      Combo package of them can get you Smyly and Robertson, probably not Happ

      1. Matt Gelb says with Miller’s 1.35 ERA he’ll be in AAA very quickly. That should enhance his trade value

  19. You Kiermaier phanatics who continually envision him in your CF phantasies can eliminate him from your wishlists. He has elected for season ending hip surgery.

  20. Do we or don’t we, Romus, still have hopes for Miller as a SP? I thought that was still a possibility? I trade Marchan, Crouse and Garcia for Robertson and Happ. I don’t know that Morales gets us much. But, that still leaves us short a SP. Ortiz and Morales for Mahle? There we go!

  21. Maybe that whole “defense doesn’t matter” idea isn’t working out so great? 2 hits in the 2d, then a BB and a throwing error by Camargo, tonight, down 2-0

    1. True,………….but, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good, ask Stott.!

    2. Yes, Camargo gets the error, but a 1rst baseman who doesn’t have his feet set in concrete catches that ball. Later he drops a foul in the dugout. Hoskins couldn’t catch a cold. So tonight they replaced Bohm at 3rd, tomorrow maybe Hoskins with Hall.

      1. Skeet, I didn’t see the play, just the result, so I unfairly blamed Carmago when it was on Rhys. Great clutch HR by Stott.

    3. That should have been an error on Rhys. Did you see he stretched up the first base line instead of at the ball. It was a terrible le stretch by Rhys. Ricky Bo called him out on it.

  22. Getting two-month rentals does not cost much as far as quality prospect capital.
    The braves were about the few teams recently in 2021 that cashed on it in the oF in Rosario, Soler, and Pederson.
    It is hit and miss with a lot of those original one-year contract/rental guys.

  23. Looks like another dead-end with the international draft….MLBPA rejects the MLB proposal. Have to see where it goes from here.
    “……the status quo for both the international amateur setup and the qualifying offer will remain. That’s a notable development for upcoming free agent markets, as teams will still have to forfeit draft picks and/or international signing bonus space to sign players who received and rejected the QO”

  24. Segura is headed to Lehigh tomorrow. There’s talk that Segura will be coming off the IL Aug. 3. Didi better be DFAd. Munoz and Camargo are acceptable bench players.

    1. Hopefully that’s the case. Unless he gets hot over the next week (don’t see that happening). He doesn’t fit unless they want to limit Segura down the stretch.

      Against RHP:
      DH Hall
      2B Segura
      SS Stott
      3B Bohm

      Against LHP

      DH Bohm
      2B Segura
      SS Stott
      3B Camargo

  25. Despite the acquisition of Schwarber and Castellanos, the lineup needs punch and consistency. What about Hoskins, Vierling and Abel for Byran Reynolds. Would that start a serious conversation with the Pirates?

    1. Nope. Bryan Reynolds won’t be a FA until 2026. The Pirates payroll when the season started was $55M. Why would they be interested in Hoskins, who’s likely going to be making close to $10M in his final year of arbitration? In case you didn’t know, the Pirates are cheap. Vierling is playing at a replacement level, so he’s not moving the needle at all. So it’s basically Abel for 3+ years of Reynolds which is certainly not enough. Abel and McGarry would get the conversation started, but the Phillies would likely still have to add in Erik Miller.

      1. If it took Abel, McGarry, Miller and Rojas to get Reynolds, I say do it. But I doubt that package beats several other rival suitors.

  26. OK, here’s a suggestion for lead off hitter — Alex Bohm. He is getting on base consistently but does’t often hit for power or hit with guys in scoring position. But he does get on.

    He’s also not the long-term answer, but for this season, he might be the best player to lead off.

  27. When Segura comes back, something is going to have to give in the infield.

    What’s our preference? Mine is to DFA Didi, already. If not that, send Munoz back down. Some suggest sending down Stott for more seasoning, but I think he’s contributing more on the Big Club right now than would a replacement.

  28. Based on DD’s comments, it looks like he’s read Hinkie’s post and will be a buyer, but modestly just to make the playoffs. That suggests our top prospects will remain. Whew! A sigh of relief. And get ready for some real dealing over the winter.

    1. If the top prospects remain, you’re not getting any of the top trade candidates.

    2. It was a good interview, but I wouldn’t trust anything DD says publicly right now. A lot of smoke screens. He wants to keep expectations low so if he doesn’t pull off a big deal, no one is upset. But you can bet that he is trying to get a big deal done. That’s his history. He loves to get star players. It all comes down to price (prospects and $). But he is hunting for sure.

      1. Actually, I don’t think he’s hiding anything. Sure, it’s possible he might do a big deal he feels he can’t refuse if it pops up out of nowhere, but DD is a lot like Pat Gillick – he typically does exactly what he says he’s going to do. He is a no B.S. kind of guy and understands the team’s needs and limitations and how to balance long and short-term goal. He’s a maestro.

  29. As for acquisitions, I see DD getting Michael Taylor from KC to play CF – having a decent year with the bat but a quality gold glove defender last year. At 31, he is a free agent after 2023 with an affordable 4.5 mil contract – would not cost alot. I also would not be surprised to see DD go after Carl Edwards from the Nats for the bullpen. He is having a good year but has bounced around from team to team for several years now. He is a free agent at year end and would fit into a middle inning spot to assist moving game to the higher leverage relievers.

    Otherwise, starting pitching will become a problem going forward. Does it make any sense to deal with Padres for Blake Snell, with a 16 mil contract, and a continuing disappointing career and hope you can turn him around to a solid # 3 ? The Padres need all the cash they can get in order to acquire Soto and other players but are against the cap and are constrained. Do you make a trade now for next year as well as this year – rather than just fill a slot ? I can’t imagine Snell would cost a whole lot – say two prospects and eat his salary ?

    1. Taylor would be a smart acquisition but I can’t see the value in trading for him when Vierling has shown to be average defensively. Taylor is not playing gold glove defense this year according to Fangraphs. I can’t understand why anybody would want Benintendi or Happ. I do like the SP Keller from KCR a lot and he wouldn’t cost much.

      Interesting suggestion SWFL about Bohm as leadoff. I’d like to see him bat 2nd and Stott leadoff. I don’t like Schwarber and Hoskins 1/2 at all. It works for those two probably but I think the kids would really respond to being 1/2.

      Would you guys trade McGarry for Rodon? I don’t think DD is talking about McGarry when he says he doesn’t want to trade top prospects. Quintana, Kuhl, Lyles, Cole Irvin, Pineda, and Greinke make sense for SPs to go after. I would really like to see them get Kelly from ARZ but I doubt he’s available like Keller from KCR.

      Trea Turner for 8/270 (thanks Rangers)? It would definitely take 6/170? This would not put the Phils over luxury tax even after paying for a 3/4 SP. I don’t think Harper would mind. The important number to him was 13. He wanted to know it was his team and ownership would do what it takes to win. Such a shame he got hurt. He would have had another chance at MVP this year.

      Looking at Trout’s numbers thinking he may actually be available at next years trade deadline, I have to ask what is up with his K rate?

  30. I shared this on my facebook wall, thought that I would share it here too…The Catcher is one of the most misunderstood positions in sports. So I thought that I would write a post to clear up the top 5 most common misunderstandings that I hear:

    1. A catcher’s receiving/pitch framing has more impact on the game than any other skill by any non-pitcher. There are 10-15 boarder-line pitches every game. A good catcher will get 2/3rds of them called a strike. An average catcher will get 1/3rd called a strike. A poor catcher none of them. Ball/strike calls on boarder-line pitches dramatically impacts a game and the pitcher’s confidence. Some say that pitch framing is unfair. Maybe so, but it’s how the game works. Umpires are human and thus subject to influence by recency bias. The last thing an umpire sees before making a call is the catcher’s glove. If a poor catcher brings his glove out of the zone, it is going to be called a ball. Even if the pitch crossed as a strike. And vice versa

    2. Wild pitches vs passed balls. This is the most common misunderstanding that I hear. The right way to think about whether a pitch is a wild pitch or a passed ball is to use the analogy of a shortstop throwing to a first baseman. If the shortstop throws a ball in the dirt, and the first baseman can’t pick it, then the error is on the thrower. Same concept with pitcher and catcher. If the pitch is in the dirt, and the catcher can’t block it, it is a wild pitch. Nothing else matters. Ball in the dirt, wild pitch. It can go through the catcher’s legs or hit off his chest protector or his glove. Still a wild pitch. Using the shortstop/1B analogy, a passed ball occurs in the same scenario in which you would give a 1B an error. Basically, if it is a good throw and he misses the catch. A passed ball is an error on the catcher. Treat it the same as if you would give an error to the 1B.

    1. 3. The above said, blocking bad pitches is a critical catcher’s skill. It’s the second most important skill of a catcher. And while catcher’s work hard on this skill, it is impossible to block every pitch. Where the pitch lands relative to the plate and pitch spin materially impacts whether a pitch is blockable. Also whether a pitcher throws a pitch that the catcher wasn’t expecting impacts ability to block.

      4. Throwing a bases stealer out is the 3rd most important skill of a catcher. There are many factors that go into a safe/out call outside of a catcher’s control. First, a pitcher’s time to plate and ability to hold a runner close impacts safe/out more than any other factor. That’s why MLB first base coaches have stop watches. They are timing the time to plate. Above a certain time, it’s an automatic steal. The math just doesn’t work for the catcher. The ability for the shortstop to quickly apply the tag also impacts safe/out. Finally the pitch type impacts safe/out. A fastball gets to the plate faster than a curve/change up. That’s why, Pop time is how you measure whether a catcher is a good thrower, not safe/out ratio. The catcher “pop time” is the time between the pop of the glove from the pitch and the pop of the glove of the fielder at second base. MLB catcher’s have a pop time between 1.85-2.0 seconds. Can’t be a catcher at the MLB level with a pop time above 2.0. Pretty much same range for D1. Need a 1.9-2.0 pop time to be a D1 catcher.

      5. Leadership is the most important quality of a catcher. He has to be vocal and a leader. That’s the persona. Pitchers have to have confidence throwing to him. Confidence in his pitch calling. But also trust that he will do his job. He has to establish a good relationship with the home plate umpire. Which extends to his at bats. No complaining about calls when hitting. Relationships between umpire and catcher matters. A lot. A catcher should control the game. Project confidence and be liked by the umpire. It matters. A lot.

      There are many other important aspects of a catcher, but those are the big ones.

      1. vi, this was a great post. Based on your criteria, doesn’t that make Marchan a very valuable commodity? I think he is the guy who may be part of a deadline deal.

        1. Thanks Matt. Yes, Marchan is valuable because he is an MLB quality defensive catcher. I haven’t seen him enough two say if he is a regular or a backup. Logan is also exceptional at pitch framing.

  31. I think McGarry was being referenced by Dombrowski when he specifically mentioned his never having been reluctant to promote from AA to the Majors, and an impact on 2023. I don’t think he or Painter/Abel are moved. I am also not at all expecting to get one of the top trade options, but a couple of more modest ones. I still like Happ.

    1. matt:
      Dave D.’s modus operandi in the past was his biggest trades were made in the off-season, usually Dec, ie Miggy to the Tigers in ’07, Sale from the WSOX, Dec 2016, Cepedes from Sox, Dec 2014……the one exception I can think of was David Price’s deadline deal of 2014…..so given what he says about this week, falls right in line with his past philosophy. Any trade may not be of the big splash variety..
      Could it be a smoke-screen, who knows with the GM business!

  32. Lost in all the rigamarole (did I just write “rigamarole”?) of the Cubs debacle, the draftee signings, and the trade talk is a BIG one: Scott Kingery is officially OFF of the interstate. Whoo Hoo!! As of today, he is batting .201 at LHV.

    I’m not making fun of him by any means or of his situation and the Phillies situation. I’ve been a big fan of Kingery since they drafted him. I just think wouldn’t it have been great if Kingery and Stott were the duo to hold the middle infield together?

  33. Did Romus just write “modus operandi”? It’s getting pretty highbrow on Phuture Phillies. Did he come up with that phrase on his own or did Moffo give it to him? I love this site.

  34. Pirates in town for the weekend…Reynolds, Bednar have to be in discussions. A’s, Royals, Reds, Dbacks (Varsho?) also seem to be viable trade partners. Don’t see many rentals being of any impact down the stretch. If the Phillies are in win now mode, Dombrowski will make a splash despite his public comments. The rest of ’22 is part of the window. On the other hand, the team lacks heart along with the requisite talent. It’s been reverting to its slightly above .500 state, even though last night’s W may seem like a season saver…I want to see DD do what he does best, otherwise patchwork trade acquisitions will matter little, and certainly not enough to do more than eek into the playoffs.

  35. mark, I honestly don’t think that Reynolds or Bednar are on DD’s radar for this trade deadline. I believe that the Pirates would want exactly the prospects we are not trading, and making the Playoffs is a goal, but without that big splash. With Segura coming back, what last night showed me is that Stott moves to SS, and either DiDi is a utility guy, or, if he balks, he gets DFA’d. I am not saying your opinion is wrong, but what I believe the team will do. Painter/Abel/McGarry are not going anywhere.

  36. The Phillies as a team are Jhailyn Ortiz they tease with a night like last night and you’ll almost forget what happened the 3 games before and what is about to happen the next night LOL

    All that said it was still a very enjoyable night. I posted 3 weeks ago to just DFA Didi and let Stott play and everyone jumped on to that. The Brewers did it with LOCAIN months ago.

    Lastly and possibly this has been said before can we eliminate the walk up songs and replace it with the on base song. Meaning you have to get on base to hear your song and do your peacocking.

    Nothing worse than watching a batter fiddle around in the batters box as his music plays and then seeing him ground out on 1 pitch.

    1. DMAR………………my personal favorite is watching a batter jaw at an umpire about a pitch called a strike 2 that is 1” off the plate. Than corkscrew into the ground swinging at strike 3 that is at chin level.

  37. When he was picked as MacPhail’s successor, I was very down on DD.

    In the two years that have followed, I have become a big fan. It’s easy to say that he hasn’t done much, but I don’t see it that way. I think he was charged with doing two things that were very difficult with the club he was given. One was to make the postseason as soon as possible and the other was to build for the future. The team he got was hovering at the luxury tax level and had a system that should have been full of prospects given where they had picked for the previous 5 years but that was really a bad system due to the utter incompetence of Klentak and Almaraz.

    DD knows that this team is a potential WC team but it’s likely not a WS contender (although they could catch lightning in a bottle – we don’t know). He also knows that he MUST improve the farm and start to promote young players and play the young players they have. He cannot do a trade deadline sell, because he is not permitted to do that. The owner won’t let him. So he has to walk a tightrope. The team will acquire a 4th or 5th starter most likely and hopefully a player who has some upside (Eovaldi is a good example). He is not going to trade his top prospects to do so – he as much as said that yesterday, which is great news because we need those stud young pitchers in Philly. So you can forget about them moving Abel, Painter, McGarry and O’Hoppe – it almost certainly won’t happen and that’s good. My prediction is that guys like Rojas, Miller and Ben Brown will be in play and one of those guys will be traded along with someone rated in the 15-25 range.

    As for DD not improving the bullpen. How can you slam him for that? He has done an amazing job of finding under-the-radar players and making this a very good bullpen out of thin air. This is exactly what you hire a guy like DD to do and he’s done it. Count me as a huge fan.

    1. Agree fully Catch. The BP has been excellent and so what if they missed on Familia. It was worth a try as relievers tend to go 1 up 1 down.

      I’d only question O’Hoppe as I think its a waste of resources to keep him in the minors past this season (if he’s blocked by JT). So something would need to give there.

      Moving JT would be something you do in the offseason not in season. Too disruptive. However if there is something of equal value out there for O’Hoppe he has to pull the trigger on that move.

      Equal value is not a lottery ticket or a rental either. It might be the one position where we have a little MLB type depth.

      1. DMAR…..as for O’Hoppe, I said it before….get him a few reps around the field..1B, LF and even 3B. He is a versatile athlete can easily handle moves thrown at him

      2. Agreed, so they missed on Familia, oh well, but they hit on Hand and more importantly, they hit on cheap nobodies like Nick Nelson and Andrew Bellatti. Knebel hasn’t been what they hoped for, but he’s still a fine late inning guy and he should bounce back. Another guy who deserves huge applause is Caleb Cotham. This guy appears to be a superb pitching coach.

  38. I agree with you both on the BP. Sure, Familia was a miss, and Knebel was not good as a Closer, but one of the things that RobT has done really well is improve the BP by giving them set roles. DD’s under the radar BP moves have actually been pretty good, and the BP has performed well. That doesn’t mean we don’t add another arm. That seems to be a deadline staple, but, this year, not the priority. That would be a SP and another hitter.

    1. Sure add another arm out there but that doesn’t mean you have to go outside the organization for that. Appel, Duron, Miller even would be more than serviceable than Familia.

  39. Rodon’s name gets added to next years SP FAs. I guess it was his IP that triggered an opt out. The initial deal was 2/$44 million. The Giants aren’t likely to trade him now as they are still in the hunt for a WC.

    Also additionally Bogaerts is an FA to go along with Turner. Both players going into their age 30 seasons. I expect Bogey to be cheaper and more willing to slide over to 2B and let Stott man the SS full time.

    1. With the increasing likelihood that Segura’s ’23 option is not picked up in order to make room for greater uogrades next season, and Turner being a free agent target this winter, I would just as soon play Stott at 2b sooner than later…meaning, in ’23. Bogaerts could become a 3b anywhere he signs, and Bohm is not a 3b now or in the future. I think DD should dangle Bohm in the off season to a rebuilding club. I’ve seen enough of his glove and onfield demeanor to decide he’s not a piece for me moving forward. So…3b, 2b, cf and SP are current voids on this roster from where I sit.

  40. Stott’s OPS by month:

    March/April: .328
    May: .331
    June: .727
    July: .751

    Sometimes you have to stick with a young player through some struggles. For most, MLB is a big adjustment.

    1. Precisely but you also have to know the human being. Some are not wired to endure that much failure without it snow balling on them…

    2. Good stat WCP! I am really high on Stott. I am not sure if he is a SS or 2B but I think that he will be a high quality major leaguer for a long time. Reminds me of Dansby.

      1. Agreed V1 – when he was struggling this year, I said I believe in the skillset and I do. He needs to be better about hitting the ball with authority the other way, but everything else is just a matter of him adjusting and improving in time. The fielding at a premier position, the hitting, the plate discipline the clutch gene – it’s all there. He’s a guy you could see having a long career and being a cog on perennial contender. I love this guy – great pick!

    3. WCP, I’m looking at the stats you posted for Stott and I forget, do you remember when Girardi was fired?

  41. DMAR – If you going to move Stott to SS, you don’t need Bogaerts at 5/125. In that case, resign Segura at 2/24. He’s only 2 and a half years older and would play a better 2B.

    1. Ciada I have to believe Bogey is a much better offensive player than Segura and would be equally as good at 2B or go ahead and play him at SS it really doesn’t matter

      But to your $$$ point I think he is more in line with a Marcus Semien type deal

  42. Also, Realmuto is headed for a 4-win season. That is very good. Whether you use Fangraphs or Baseball Reference, he is a Top 5 catcher in baseball by WAR. Not sure what folks expect.

    1. It was expected that Realmuto would pick up some of the offensive slack when Segura and Harper went down. JT has started to heat up recently but he still has a ways to go to replicate his oWar from last season. He’s still an excellent catcher, but the logjam of catching prospects in the minors are making people think that JT could be expendable.

      JT is still owed 3 more years. It’s still way too early for the Phillies to start eating money to facilitate a trade. He’s not the reason why the Phillies are losing anyways.

      Imagine if the Phillies gave JT a 6 year deal. That’s why we don’t give catchers long term deals. Heck, I didn’t want to give him 5 years. I’m expecting 3 good years, 1 average year, and 1 bad year for his current contract.

      1. Depending on how the other catchers develop, I could see him moved after next year, but agree 3 good years, one average year and one bad year is how I saw this playing out. The hope is they eat half his contract and trade him before the last year.

        1. This is what I call “Big Market Problems”. It’s great that you can throw money at any FA you want. But if that player doesn’t live up to expectations, then you’re stuck with that contract and it can limit your maneuverability.

          If JT has a good year in year 3, do you still trade him? But if he has a subpar year in year 3, you’ll find that you might have eat a lot of money to move him. Worst yet, he has a brutal year (like Didi last season) and now you can’t move him at all.

  43. WCPhan – I just think people here feel that Realmuto is not playing up to his contract even though he is a top five catcher.

    Marcus Semien’s contract is pretty hefty so if Bogaerts is going to get something like it, I don’t believe the Phillies will go there.

    I’d imagine the Angels would love to shed 7M of Syndergaard’s pay and not demand a whole lot. Merrill Kelly would be great to get but it would cost a ton.

  44. I hate to be that guy, I usually am very pro-stats and pro-new age thinking about players value. But I watch basically every single game, and I do think there is something to be said for what we as fans see on a daily basis. You can tell me JT is a 5, 10, 20 fwar player. What I know is that when i watch the games, he fails to come through in big spots frequently. He also has a noticeable lack of pop compared to past years, and it stinks seeing Sands demolishing AAA right now knowing he has nowhere in our lineup.

    Same with Rhys, I personally am sick of how he is either in God mode and can’t be retired or he is hitting .150 in last last 2 weeks and striking out against soft tossing lefties. Id rather a guy just be consistent. The team has this issue and has for the last 5 years; it puts them in a place where when everybody is struggling at the same time, they are straight up unwatchable, and they go on losing spurts that derail the whole season. In the end of the day, I am not anti-numbers but I do think there are nuances the numbers dont account for. Last nights win was fun, but the trend is that these late game wins happen when the Stotts of the world and the Stubbs and Bohms come through….its never the vets who you need more from.

    1. Every year Rhys has like 6 weeks where he hits .400 and the rst of the season combined he hits .215. The end results look fine and give him decent stats and decent WAR, but I just am not a fan of players who are THAT streaky. I feel like Rhys belongs on a last place team where he could maybe even be their lone all star, but for a team that is built to make the playoffs, the cold streaks are just too much of a killer.

      1. That averages out to almost a.260 season. With his power numbers, I’ll take that.

        1. You are going on a vacation for 6 days. would you rather it be sunny for good chunks of all 6 days, but each day have a 1 hr rain shower, or would you rather have absolutely perfect weather for 2 days with zero rain, and then 4 days of nonstop thunderstorms? Rhys is like the second vacation. You are right it averages out to be fine, but the lows are too low.

      2. DegDan:
        ……what has always concerned me with Rhys…the defense and his RISP.
        The career slash RISP of 248/.370/.478 (tOPS+-100) maybe a bit lower than most power guys hitting at the top or middle of the lineup..
        However, this year he has picked it up a bit, especially with the BA…..258/343/419 (tOPS+-106).
        He has to realize, and it looks that way now, …..runners in scoring position need a batter to produce hits to keep the inning and momentum going. A BB can be counter productive

        1. A BB is basically always productive, but Rhys does have highs and lows and his inconsistency is one of his flaws.

          But there are way bigger issues on this team, including the 5th starter, Castellanos (let’s face it, this year, his contract has perhaps been the worst in baseball so far), Gregorious and the very thin bottom of the line-up. Bohm has played better recently, but he has a long way to go before he’s a productive player – for a guy who struggles in the field, he doesn’t get on base enough or hit with enough power. Perhaps he will grow into his role, but he’s just very so-so right now. As you watch this team from a distance, you see how much you miss when Segura and Harper are out.

  45. The Phillies have a lot if cash invested in Harper, Schwarber, Castellanos, Realmuto, Segura, Gregorius, and even Hoskins, but the team seems to go as far as the bottom of the order takes them. Since Harper’s injury, the team is at it’s best when Bohm, Stott, Vierling, Munoz, and, Camargo carry them. Last night was a good example. Bohm had 3 hits, Stott had the double and game winning HR, Vierling (even though he was leading off), Munoz, and Camargo also chipped in with hits. I like rooting for all of those younger guys.

    1. With Soto out there and now Angel’s dangling Ohtani…wonder what it would take for the Phillies to get both!
      …I jest.

      1. Middleton just needs to open door #2………….did Rocco ship you that cask of Monkey Shoulder?

  46. Ok, Hinkie, off of that sentiment, where do you add at the deadline next week? I assume you don’t want Happ then, just for example? No Benintendi or Michael A. Taylor? I think we all think a back of the rotation SP. And, when Segura comes back, are you keeping Munoz and DFAing Didi?

    1. matt … it’s possible Didi is DFA’d, but I don’t think it’s likely. More than likely Munoz goes back to LHV. I think Odubel could also be an option to get DFA’d. And as I write this. Michael Barkan says Jim Salisbury will have news on this topic after the commercial.

      1. Well? It’s been over a half an hour… is the commercial over yet? What’s the scoop?

      2. No news from Salisbury. He just believes Stott should start at SS over Didi. That’s not news. Everybody can see that.

        As far as the trade deadline goes, I stand by what I posted at the top of this thread. Dombrowski is capable of anything, but he’ll most likely end up with a rental SP. Nathan Eovaldi is probably going to be right at or near the top of Dombrowski’s wish list. Drew Smyly, Martin Perez, and Noah Syndergaard are the other three options I think are candidates to become Phillies.
        Mychal Givens is the reliever that makes the most sense (for reasons I posted yesterday).

        It also wouldn’t surprise me to see Dombrowski eat more money to facilitate a better deal. They’re already over the cap. Why stop now?

        1. Talked to my buddy, the Blue Jays fan, who thinks that the Jays are also looking for rental pitching help. Syndergaard is at the top of his list.

  47. Not the “almost Ace, Nola” tonight. Atlanta seems to constantly have guys come up and play well, and still make deadline deals, and will do so again this year. Striker seems like Bob Gibson vs our hitters!

  48. For those impatient to rush O’Hoppe to the Bank and Realmuto out of town, let me suggest patience.

    O’Hoppe can use seasoning. Let him play at Lehigh Valley a while, perhaps next year then serve a year as back up to JT. Then, JT will be in the final year of his contract and O’Hoppe will have the experience needed to be a starting catcher, and the starter on what we hope will be a contending team. Even if his progress is accelerated (Lehigh Valley late this year, up to the Big Club mid 2023) it still leaves plenty of time for Realmuto to work through his contract to the Phillies benefit and of a young catcher in O’Hoppe learning from the veteran.

    Finally, v1 mentioned leadership as a catcher’s chief attribute. That implies experience. The veteran pitchers on the Phillies are not going to be “led” by a rookie who hasn’t even played at AAA.

    Let the kid develop.

    1. I agree. The plan would be for O’Hoppe to have a full year at AAA next year and to be promoted as the back-up sometime in 2024 to see if he can hit big league pitching. If he can, the team might move Realmuto after the 2024 season (having to pay probably half his salary – but that’s not a bad deal if O’Hoppe is ready to play).

      1. According to the numbers………O’Hoppe will need to be protected on the 40 come Dec…..teams normally carry two catchers on the 40…some will carry three.
        Of JTR, O’Hoppe, Sands, Stubbs and Marchan….two will be gone.

        1. Good point, Romus. Wanna bet one of the catchers will be part of any deal DD makes?

    2. Where does that leave Marchan or Sands? The DH is not an option and there’s no indication that the Phillies will move on from Stubbs. When O’Hoppe comes up to Lehigh, one of them has to go somewhere.

  49. two notes on Lehigh Valley:

    1. Two long-time favorites who have struggled are enjoying hot streaks — Mickey Mo and Scott Kingery. Good to see. Personally, I think Mickey is showing he’s ready for the next step and I wouldn’t mind DFA’ing Odubel to open a spot for regular playing time for him to prove himself.

    2. Related to my post above about catchers. I wish Donny Sands well and would be delighted if he can hit in Philly like he does in Allentown. But that may be unrealistic given his career track record is considerably more modest. And his Lehigh Valley BABIP is a ridiculously unsustainable 397.

  50. With the draft over, all the dev coordinators are here as well as the player dev execs.

    There have been a lot of scouts at the Complex this season. More this week. I counted 11 for sure on Monday and maybe 2-3 more who might have been scouts.

    There has been a lot of spec about trade targets. I’ve heard Happ’s name a couple of times. The only spec where I heard both sides was a SP from Texas, Perez I think, for Ortiz and another mid-tier prospect. I think it was Miller.

    Perez is on a $4M contract and a FA at the end of the season.

    Does that work? I think it’s an overpay on our part, but not by much. We have a definite need. Ortiz is blocked at corner OF for four more years. Miller is expected to return to a rotation next season, but we are getting deep there with Able, Painter, McGarry, Brown. Plus, we have a need.

    1. Good stuff, Jim. In this market (and where this club finds themselves at the moment) a rental SP makes the most sense. Perez left a searing impression in his two starts against the Phillies this season: 0 ER in 13 IP. I’d still keep an eye on Nathan Eovaldi (Boston lost again last night). Drew Smyly and Noah Synergaard are the other two possibilities.
      Dombrowski/Fuld have a recent history of dealing with the Rangers so Jon Daniels/Chris Young likely have a pretty good understanding of the Phils’ farm system. Texas wants to contend ASAP (after spending a gah-zillion dollars in free agency). Ortiz and Miller are near MLB ready. I’d hate to lose Miller. The Phillies have a dearth of LHSP prospects (no offense to Bailey Falter or Christopher Sanchez). But if that’s what it takes to land Perez, Dombrowski is going to have to do it. No guarantee that Eflin will be back any time soon, and the Phillies need to fill the gaping hole in their rotation.

      1. Perez for Ortiz and Miller is a fair trade, gives you the arm you need now and allows you to retain your top 5 prospects. Depending on the other options available to you, that is a trade you’d probably make without too much hesitation. And I like Miller, but, realistically, he’s probably going to be BP arm, which reduces his value significantly. Ortiz may develop and may not, so it’s not the end of the world if you trade him.

  51. Question for Jim/Hinkie….I cannot obtain a copy of the latest CBA, and also now that there is no international draft approved, so……if Carlos Correa decides to opt out of his contract, or for that matter any player that has that ‘opt-out’ option and uses it, can the losing team still be able to extend them a QO?

    1. I believe they can Romus because we got Nick the Stick that way and still lost our 2rnd

      1. DMAR….ok, I guess then nothing changed from the precious CBA on this.
        I know the QO option was based on the international draft resolution by July 25th deadline…then I have been reading that MLBPA and MLB still can negotiate the parameters around that draft and still come to a final resolution….so not sure how it will shake out.

        1. Yes I believe it stays in force as it was if they didn’t accept the International Draft proposal…

          I guess the reality of it was the QO really hasn’t hurt too many FAs of late.

          Conforto got crunched but that’s about it

          1. W/O an international draft, QO’s are still a thing. Same rules. A FA can be tagged just one time during his career. Carlos Correa was hit with the QO last winter so he’ll be free of it this go round. Same with Michael Conforto.

            I’m not sure if the international draft negotiations are officially over or not.

            1. Ok thanks Hinkie.
              That means shortstop hopefuls….Turner, Swanson and Bogaerts will all be tagged.
              I hate losing 2nd round picks…besides missing out on a top 50 or 60 player….the slot money is lost.
              I see what the Padres did with Snelling….Phillies have no shot with high ceiling HS arms if they keep losing out on 2nd round picks.

            2. Yeah. I was hoping the owners and players could agree to the international draft. I don’t think any team has been more negatively impacted by the QO system than the Phillues. Not only have they lost 5 picks over the last few years, but the one time they tagged a guy (Jeremy Hellickson), he accepted the offer. The Phils got stuck paying him 18M, and got no pick.

            3. The Phillies suffering more than most is a testament to their incompetence in developing and evaluating talent. It’s like they are always one to two steps behind the highly competent teams and they don’t do the right things or exercise the proper patience to catch up.

  52. The Tigers say that Tarik Skubal is available. What would you GM wannabes give up for him?

    I’ve been intrigued by him for these past two years. I’d be willing to give up a lot to get him.

    1. Abel, McGarry, Falter, Lee, and Alvarado for Skubal, Turnball, and Soto.

      May only get 2024 as a full season out of Turnball but I think it’s worth it.

  53. Yesterday at 9:04 AM I posted the following:

    “The Phillies as a team are Jhailyn Ortiz they tease with a night like last night and you’ll almost forget what happened the 3 games before and what is about to happen the next night LOL”

    Now they could surprise us today and win the series. At least the Cards got smoked in Toronto last night

    …..but I don’t expect the teams we’re contending against for the WC to sit on their hands.

  54. I believe, DMAR, that there will be a lot of movement in the next few days. SD, SF, the Cards are all going to be active, or try to be, and we are going to do something. That much is guaranteed. The big question I have re: Jim’s proposed trade, is the organization’s belief of where Miller’s future is. I like him a lot, as alot of us here do, but if he is a BP arm down the road, even a really good one, I make the trade for Perez. If he is a SP, I would hesitate. I think the Pitchers Hinkie mentioned are also possibilities. And, I would add Quintana

    1. Matt, guys like Miller are among the 2nd tier of farm talent that if you are rebuilding, you don’t trade away – but if you are in win now mode, you do…and so will Dombrowski.

      From what DD has said publicly, my guess is we could see a SP like Martin Perez from Texas, and a CF like Ian Happ from the Cubs. Those acquisitions would require 2nd tier prospects.

  55. You can’t make this stuff up ➡️ On the pre-game show today (it’s a kids theme show), they listed the Phillies starting lineup, but instead of listing the BA’s, they listed the guy’s favorite player growing up. Batting 9th today … Odubel Herrera. His favorite player … Jose Reyes. Think about that.

  56. You would think some PR person might have suggested a different choice? I guess not. I would have Bohm and Stott ahead of Castles. As we hit August, the “trust the back of the Baseball Card” theory goes out the window. I still hope he does something, but Stott and Bohm have hit better lately. I would have considered one of them at lead off today, but that’s just me.

    1. Bohm’s, a hitter not a power hitter. He hits a heck of a lot of singles. Alec, your leading off, just hit the baseball, doesn’t matter where it goes. Don’t worry about winning the game someone else will do that. I agree with you Matt, back of the card gives way to, “what have you done for me lately”. We are on the home stretch, if you had the 1rst half to show your stuff and you came up short, push your ego aside and suck it up.

  57. Three Phillies trade that make sense according to Sportsbook Review:
    1. OF Simon Muzziotti and RHP Noah Skirrow to the Los Angeles Angels for RHP Noah Syndergaard2.
    2.RHP Jean Cabrera and 1B Josh Ockimey to the Colorado Rockies for RHP Daniel Bard
    3..SS Casey Martin to the Kansas City Royals for CF Michael Taylor.

    …..this guy apparently over-values the Phillies farm.

    1. Romus; I agree. None of those prospects are enough for the proposed deal with no disrespect to the prospects..

      1. Yeah……Thor and the aged Bard are rental for two months and very unpredictable at this point.
        Taylor is a low power guy with a great glove and has one more year left.
        They probably would not bring back much anyways…but I would think the Phillies would need to bump and enhance their offering a tick or two.

  58. I’ll take Thor, Romus. That seems like a very reasonable price! Nice W today, and good things can happen when the ball is put in play. BP with 3 innings and 1 hit. Nice!

    1. matt13…I do think this writer says the Phillies should make all three trades.
      Of course all three players are two month rentals.

  59. Baseball is so funny/unpredictable.
    The Phillies get swept (at home) by the Cubs. They then win a series against the Braves. The only game they lose is the one Aaron Nola starts.

    And I’m a big believer in the mental side of baseball (all sports). You see what Alec Bohm looked like last year and earlier this season when he was swimming in a sea of negativity. He’s turned the corner, ironically w/the help/support of Nick Castellanos and Didi Gregorius. Those two players were critical in counseling Bohm. Now Castellanos and Gregorius are in need of their own mental health breaks IMO. Rob Thomson is doing Nick C no favors by running him out there every day/night. His brain is probably overheating right now. Sit him for a couple of games. Let him catch his breath/reboot.

    And two thumbs up to the Kyle Gibson and the Phillies BP. Outstanding work vs one the best lineups in baseball today!

  60. A month ago, Michael Taylor seemed to me to be an upgrade, but I am not so sure he is. Defensively, yes, and that’s important, but I don’t know if I want to get him. I like Happ, but he may be too costly. Does anyone like Tommy Pham?

  61. There’s talk that DD won’t be trading the big 3 (Painter, Abel, McGarry) which is fine by me.

  62. Jayson Stark was on 97.5 The Fanatic this afternoon. Some of what he said (nothing too shocking):

    ✳ It’s a sellers market because there are more clubs buying than selling.

    ✳ Dombrowski is shopping for a SP3 or SP4, a reliever (preferably a closer, but at least a 7th or 8th inning guy), and a glove first CFer.

    ✳ Dombo has already said “No” to teams asking for Abel, Painter, McGarry, and O’Hoppe.


        1. I LOVE hearing that. Ben Brown is a guy who could slot in as a cheap #3 for years – that has enormous value.

    1. It’s interesting that DD is looking for a glove first CF, since I think Johan Rojas could be that guy.

      Rojas and/or Erik Miller should be able to get you a 4/5 rental starter or a non-closer.

      I hope the Phillies will hold onto Hao Yu Lee and Rickardo Perez.

      1. Maybe DD wants a glove-first CF just for this season and Rojas is for the future.

        Whoever, it won’t be Bentiendi who reportedly is going to the Yankees.

  63. At matt 13 – I think Taylor goes to the front – and has been there. My guess is DD likes trades with several players and he is discussing what it would take for KC to add reliever Barlow to that trade.

  64. Benintendi to the Yankees. It’s starting. I don’t know what it cost but I read 3 prospects.

    1. Kansas City will receive minor league players Chandler Champlain, Beck Way and T.J. Sikkema in return, per Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

      1. At first glance, MLB Pipeline has them as the Yankees #19 and #21 prospects, with Champlain unranked. However, looking at their numbers, Way and Sikkema have had good years at A+, with Champlain having a decent year at A ball. Beck Way is almost like the Phillies’ Ben Brown, in terms of numbers. It’s curious that the Royals would agree to this trade now instead of holding out for a higher ranked prospect. The Royals must really like this group of prospects.

        There’s talk that Benintendi is willing to get vaccinated.

        1. Similar numbers between Brown and Way, though Brown has a lot more strikeouts and has been totally dominant since his 6th or 7th appearance this year. Sikkema gives off Erik Miller vibes. They’re both lefties who are returning from injury and have really good numbers in limited innings.

          1. So for the Phillies to beat the Royals offer, I think we would have to offer something like Ben Brown and Jean Cabrera. I’m good with not doing that.

  65. What would it take for DD to acquire two rentals from his old team in Boston – Xander Bogaerts and Nathan Eovaldi? The latter makes a lot of sense since a #3 SP is priority one. However, with Didi’s days in Philadelphia numbered, Stott having the flexibility to play either SS or 2B, and Bohm’s glove at 3B quite a liability, wouldn’t Bogey be worth a playoff run? Even if they weren’t able to re-sign him in the off season, there’s speculation that Trea Turner would be a free agent target, so SS remains a position in flux.

    I know how well Bohm has been recently at the plate, but he is not nor can anyone assure us that he ever will be an even average glove. Dombrowski won’t trade top prospects for rentals, so how about offering Bohm, Erik Miller and Jhailyn Ortiz to Chaim Bloom for Bogaerts and Eovaldi. I would then keep Stott at SS since Segura is returning soon, and slot Bogey at 3b for the balance of ’22…and then take your chances on whether to re-sign him in the winter or not. DD can still upgrade CF at the deadline without losing any top 5 prospects.

    1. …speaking of CF, Jackie Bradley Jr is also back with the Bosox, so perhaps DD can address 3 needs with one trade. JBJ is the kind of defensive upgrade the doctor is prescribing, and how much more would the Phillies have to offer to include him in that package from Beantown? Very little…

      DH Harper
      1b Hoskins
      2b Segura
      SS Stott
      3b Bogaerts
      LF Schwarber
      CF Bradley Jr
      RF Castellanos

      Rotation: Nola, Wheeler, Eovaldi, Suarez, Gibson

  66. So how’s this…

    PHILLIES get:
    Xander Bogaerts 3b/SS – rental
    Nathan Eovaldi RHP – rental
    Jackie Bradley Jr CF – owed $12M in ’23, then FA
    plus CASH

    RED SOX get:
    Alec Bohm 1b/3b/dh
    Erik Miller LHP
    Jhailyn Ortiz OF
    Didi Gregorius SS

    1. …and with Bradley as a salary dump for Boston, you save the top 5 prospects, fill positions of need, have the potential to re-sign Bogaerts and/or Eovaldi in the off season, and begin to phase Johan Rojas in CF next year.

    2. Agree with Romus Mark and you know I love you but I would not do this deal….

      grab some Jo

  67. Please stop including Didi in any trade deals. If we don’t want him, most teams don’t want him either. He’s 32, under performing and has a very high salary relative to his performance.

    1. It’s even worse than that. He’s an expensive player who is playing like a AAAA player. He literally has negative value given his salary.

  68. Theoretical trade:

    Phillies get:
    Jose Urquidy
    Jose Siri

    Astros get:
    Ben Brown

    Phils get a reliable SP under control thru 2025 and the teams exchange CFs who mash in AAA but maybe just need a change of MLB scenery. Both under control for years.

    Too much for the Phils to cough up?

    1. This is way too much. The Astros would jump at this deal.

      I get that the CFs need a change of scenery, but Siri is 27 and Moniak is 24. I’ll stick with the younger guy.

      And even though Urquidy is under control, he’s not that great. He’s a 4/5 pitcher. He’s had 18 starts and his WAR is 0.7. He’s almost like another Kyle Gibson. And we want to give up Brown AND O’Hoppe for that?

      1. Good point…wonder if they’d bite if we swapped Sands in there for O’Hoppe and downgraded Ben Brown to another arm. Whatever DD does this deadline, I hope he gets a guy with controllable years beyond 2022.

    2. It might solve some short-term problems, but this sounds like a trade we could regret making for years.

      Just want to say again, that I am really not thrilled with our first round draft pick this year. Unless his bat is way better than we’ve been told or he is projecting to fill out a LOT (and, it doesn’t look like that’s probable), this guy’s peak is as a 3 WAR player. Unless you’re drafting a college athlete who you think will contribute in the next 2 years to a playoff team, you don’t draft skinny hitters who you think might become something like Doug Glanville in 4 or 5 years. That makes no sense to me.

      I love a lot of things that Barber has done, but he’s had horrible success drafting hitters and I just have a rotten feeling this pick is going to turn out like the other athletic outfielders we’ve drafted over the last 40 years – not too well – to put it mildly.

      1. … or more likely (though certainly no guarantee), Justin Crawford looks/produces more like his dad than Doug Glanville as he ages.

        1. Again … there are never guarantees with any young prospect. However, there is something to be said for second generation prospects. Look around the league. Guys like Vlad jr, Bo Bichette, Fernando Tatis, the Gurriel brothers, and Ronald Acuna jr are exceptional at baseball. Little known fact: Mike Trout’s dad, Jeff, played MiLB.

          1. Hinkie…I hope you are right.
            I did that analogy with one Miguel Tejada Jr a few years ago….all the tool kid, but….could not hit a breaking ball.

          2. Yeah, the father’s history and build (although senior was said to be stronger and more burly as a prospect), help somewhat, but, unless this kid fills out a ton or has an absolute bat whip of a swing, you’re looking at a high-risk 3 WAR upside player. I don’t like recruiting model here. If you have a kid that has a lower upside (which I think this kid has – and forget about the tools – Roman Quinn has tools – I’m talking about the ability to be a superb hitter – I know he can field), I want him to be nearly a sure thing.

            Anyway, I hope I’m wrong, but how good has Barber been so far in identifying hitters? He has me concerned for sure. Fortunately, he’s a wizard on drafting pitchers, so I do appreciate that.

            1. Once again, I can’t guarantee (even predict) Justin Crawford is going to be a top 50 prospect, or a top MLB OFer. But if your concern is his body, I feel pretty confident in saying Crawford (on the basis of genetics) is likely to fill out nicely … probably going to look the part. I expect him to probably weigh about 200 lbs by the time he’s 22 YO.

            2. Fingers crossed! I’ve got a few skinny-as-a-rail sons that are thrilled they didn’t fill out the way their dad did. Just saying – 🙂

            3. Same here…..I do think the mother’s side makes for a lot of the genetic make-up of the off-spring…at least the hairline! :).

  69. It appears the Phils will not give up the better players on the pharm to secure a top flight pitcher and I am fine with that. They will need to settle for a second tier starter at best. I just hope it is not Jose Quintana.

    He is having a decent year but his previous two seasons were terrible and if he comes to Philly, I think that’s what will happen just as it has to many other pitchers who came here at the trade deadline.

  70. I really don’t think that Bohm is a consideration for DD to include in any deal. I think Ortiz, maybe Miller, but I really like him, and one of the Catchers is the highest level that may be traded from our prospect pool. I think Painter, Abel, McGarry, Brown are all off limits. Again, just my opinion, but I don’t think Dombrowski has been blowing smoke. Maybe one of those guys, or more than one, if we include Rojas, if the team was making a run for a WS. But, not to make the Playoffs. I think that is a goal, and making the Playoffs since we haven’t since 2011, is worthwhile, there is a limit to what we give up for a rental. And, I don’t see us in on anyone who has multiple years of control left.

  71. The Marlins’ Max Meyer, the #3 overall pick in 2020, will be headed for TJ surgery. At age 23, he made his ML debut vs the Phillies. His next game, he blew out his elbow. The fragility of pitchers is scary.

    1. Being this late in the year, he may not be back in the majors pitching again until spring 2024. I am sure they will not rush him.

  72. Guru, that is a really great point. As I continue to not want to give up our top guys, I remember back to when we made 2 really big trades. The Cliff lee deal would not have been made by Cleveland without a young Pitching prospect named Jason Knapp, no relation to Andrew that I know of. Injuries stopped him from ever having a ML career. To get Doc, the key was Kyle Drabek, MLB bloodlines, top rated Pitching prospect, and didn’t have success due to injury again. I remember these 2 every time I say I don’t want to trade any of our guys. Of course, none of these proposed trades gets us Doc or Cliff Lee, and I don’t view us as a WS contender like I did when we got those guys, but it is a gamble, especially with Pitchers. I still don’t trade any of them, Painter, Abel, McGarry, Brown, and maybe Miller, but anyone who disagrees can always throw Knapp and Drabek back at me.

    1. I didn’t make that comment to mean that I wanted the Phillies to make the trades. It was just a statement of what happened.

      If the Phillies want to keep their prospects, I’m good with that. I’m leaning towards keeping the prospects primarily because we can’t sign FAs all the time. We have to save money somewhere. You keep the prospects that you feel will make it and then see what happens.

  73. I knew that, Guru, it just made me think about those trades again and what happened to the 2 key Pitchers in both deals. I keep saying I don’t want to trade this guy or that guy, and my list is so long you would think we have a Top 5 farm in the League, but I think we have some guys that will be really good. It still requires good health luck.

  74. Just for fun, I am guessing that our first deal is Sunday evening, and we acquire Mychal Givens from the Cubs. Another deal on deadline day, Tuesday.

  75. There’s no excuse for Familia to still be on this roster. He can’t be trusted in an 8-2 game vs the Pirates. I don’t care how much is left to eat, release him now.

  76. If Familia doesn’t get DFAd after the game, then I don’t know what’s going on. The Phillies are giving him multiple chances in low leverage situations and he still can’t get it done. It’s ridiculous.

  77. Should be Familia’s last appearance in a Phillies uniform. DFA to make room for trade acquisitions.

  78. I can’t think of any games this year in which Familia has pitched where I thought he looked good for the whole outing. It seems that when he throws a nice moving sinker it is followed by straight fastballs down the middle which are hit hard. He was purposely brought in against Pittsburg with a low pressure six run game and it was like watching batting practice. This is one of those contracts where they just need to bite the bullet and DFA. It would be nice to have had Appel available instead. You have got to think maybe this was his final appearance as a Phillies. Nice close by Seranthony, but should not have been needed

    1. Agree. That has got to be Familia’s final appearance as a Phillie. LOL, when he showed up for the start of the 9th inning, my wife told me they’re looking to lose this game (even up 8-2). I asked her, “How many runs do you predict Familia will give up?”. She answered, “six or seven”. Pretty sure she would have nailed it if Rob Thomson didn’t finally come to his senses, and pull the former Met. No idea why Thomson took so long to take him out.

  79. You are right, Hinkie. He should have been pulled after the BB that loaded the bases. There is no way to trust him against any team, in any situation, after this performance. He has to just be released, call up Appel for tomorrow and see what we add at the deadline.

  80. I don’t like to be a second-guesser, but I would never put Familia in the 9th inning, no matter the score. The Phillies were on the brink of a demoralizing loss. I agree. DFA him and bring up Mark Appel.

  81. Dave D, of all his moves, may have failed at one….Familia’s acquisition ..and at the price in dollars ($6M).
    Pay him his $2M left on this seasons contract and let him go.
    I would trust Francisco Morales more than Familia’s 4.8 FIP at this point.

    1. In fairness Romus its Familia that failed…

      But no excuse now if he’s still on the roster after today….

      Was I seeing last night when I though MLB Network was reporting Ohtani traded to the Dodgers for 4 Players including Gonsolin and Lux?

      1. DMAR…concerning Dodgers:
        If the Angels were to relent and see trading Ohtani as an opportunity to turn things around, this is how it may work.
        Heard Angels want top 4 prospects in any club who wants to deal with them.:

        Dodgers Receive:
        SP/DH Shohei Ohtani
        RP Aaron Loup

        Angels Receive:
        2B/SS Gavin Lux
        SP Dustin May
        No. 3 prospect INF Michael Busch
        No. 4 prospect Andy Pages

        1. Ok so I was seeing things. What they were showing and I swear to you I saw out listed out on the screen was a hypothetical….I weary and just about to nod off

          and thank the lord I did as I didn’t see what was an apparent melt down by that guy…I won’t say his name/////

          1. Obviously your glass was more than half empty when you saw that…….understandably if you were watching the 9th inning.

  82. On a more positive note Alec has come a long way since ” I Hate this effin place”

    and maybe just maybe Nicky Sticks is awakening from his slumber. Amaro was all over his hard balls to the left side but when he’s really right he’s hitting hard liners to right center. When you start to see that you’ll know he’s found his timing.

  83. Time to replace Familia, I haven’t caught a lot of games on TV this year … but I believe I’ve witnessed Familia’s best outing .. it was 1,2,3,4,5 batter inning

    I’m a fan of the Appel story line, let him have a go at it

    Other interesting news… in Angels camp, it sounds like the Power duo of Trout & Ohtani are falling apart in terms of the fans. They see trout needs rest, therefore ohtani needs to be traded.. or that trout is basically untraceable with his deal and being under a 4war player since 2019. I get the feeling they have another crack at the post season before it’s blow up time

    1. Trout has a back concern he will have to deal with now as he ages…..mid-back around rib cage……so that could be an issue for the Angels also.

  84. My wife notices the oddest things when we’re watching the game. She looks at the TV and says look the title of this game is poop…

    I said what are you talking about and sure enough in the upper left chevron is the P for Phillies 2 zeros and the P for Pirates

    I found RAJ very insightful last night. First time I really ever heard him willing to go into the process of GMing. Loved how he thought deeply about how trades upended a player’s life and often an entire family and how it was important for him to be there with the traded player.

    No matter what you thought of the guy when he was our GM he is a great guy. And so is the entire Amaro Family.

    1. I was not a big fan of RAJ the GM, but I think he’s a very good color commentator. I also think he seems to be a very nice guy and, while we are at it, the Phillies appear to be an organization full of nice people. They always have been – from the owner down to the people who work the phones on the ticket line. They care. It’s real and it makes a difference. If they had acted like a bunch of carpetbaggers like the 76ers (and, whatever you think of the 76ers team and its players, the management could care less about the fans – seriously – you’re just an economic unit to them), I would have never renewed my partial plan every year, but they always go the extra mile and that resonates with me.

      1. As I grow older I know criticism is fair and its part of helping a person grow. Perhaps we can learn to better critique things by using better wording

        Perhaps its what wore Jim down a bit.

        Its amazing how a word or two can change the emotion of a point trying to be made

        1. Very true on word selection. I’m in Sales, 10+ years and I spend a decent amount of time ensuring my word selection is not pushing sales in a direction I don’t want it to go. Pretty important, especially in emails& texts. In person you get a chance to read a person more.

          For the record, I was one of the few backers for Amaro. He made a few missteps, no doubt, but I always thought the criticism on him was too heavy in terms of his role vs the players execution. Not to drum up old pain points, but I think it’s becoming more clear that Amaro performed better than his replacement. I think DD will wind up topping them both, he just needs another year of moves – 2 trade deadlines and 1 off-season to right this ship.

          Lastly, Ive enjoyed RAJ on the broadcast, brings some good insights.

          1. I won’t rehash the Amaro regime, but his replacement was a disaster, so saying Amaro was better is a pretty low bar.

            DD is, by far, the best GM we’ve had here since Gillick. He’s really fantastic – I’m a big fan.

          2. RAJ came in at the wrong time for him. The Montgomery regime was a dysfunctional mess. He had near 0 resources for analytics because Montgomery and bless his heart was immensely loyal to Dallas Green and Bowa who saw it as unnecessary and quite detrimental to their own roles within.

            Its funny the praise heaped on DD and I don’t disagree he’s good but he’s left his past couple of orgs with some tremendously bloated contracts and devoid of prospects.

            Tigers still haven’t recovered and his work in Boston is overlooked because of the WS Win he brought them. Rightly so perhaps but the extension to Sale and the FA deal to Price were not great moves by any stretch.

            And as long as he doesn’t strip mine us for a WC color me happy so far.

            1. Two things.

              First, I think Amaro came here at the right time for him. He has shown no ability to rebuild a club or to replenish a farm (all he did was deplete, deplete, and deplete – he didn’t get the nickname “ruin tomorrow” by accident), but he was good at extending the competition window, even I’ll admit that (although it came at a heavy price). If Amaro was with a rebuilding club, I think it would have been a disaster from the get go.

              As for DD, I shared the concerns you mentioned. When he was hired, I was very much down on him for these reasons. But the conclusion I have reached over these couple of years is that he knows what is best, but he makes the moves the owner wants to make to achieve the owner’s objectives. In those situations, it was clear the owner wanted to win now, so he sold the farm parts to make that happen. Here, I think he was told to win and rebuild the farm (with mixed results so far) and, as a result, he has been very diligent about trying to be careful to balance the present and the future. He’s been superb thus far in my view.

            2. So now its when DD makes bad moves its because that’s what the owners wanted him to do but when Amaro (see Ryan Howard) does it he’s terrible

              Gillick great for WS in 08 Amaro is a dolt for 09 and then amazing run of pennants after that…

              I got it…

              I love you bud. We’ve always disagreed on this and I know he stole your prom date in HS so you can have the last word again and have a great weekend.

              I’m off for the rest of the day to spend time with my grandson 🙂

              Let’s GO PHILS

            3. We can never know what the owner is telling the GM to do, so we just have to look at what the GM actually does.

              Amaro sold, sold, sold prospects every year and, when the dust cleared, he did extend his window, but when it was over, it crashed hard and the system was bare. We’ve had a long playoff drought that he started (and Klentak could not pull out of – the length of the drought certainly isn’t all Ruben’s fault).

              I was worried we would have the same issue with DD based on his past. It’s not contradictory or hypocritical. DD and Amaro are different guys. They do different things. But I have been impressed with the way he has balanced things so far. I wasn’t expecting that because DD has left a couple of clubs in ruins. But he’s trying to preserve the future here and, he has also been very good at doing some other things, like rebuilding a bullpen on the fly, which is super hard to do. He’s not perfect, but I like how he’s gone about overseeing this team so far.

  85. I heard that Familia was DFA’d and Appel recalled. Was I hallucinating? On the Amaro front, the first autograph I got as a kid, and I am 68, was Ruben Amaro, Sr. I met him at the Balwyn Park Pharmacy, if any of you are familiar with that section of Philly, and he was such a nice and gracious guy, especially to that little awe struck kid. I always rooted for him, and always had a soft spot for RAJ. I enjoy his commentary, and fully realize the mistakes he made at GM. I still enjoy listening to him.

  86. I have been a vocal critic of Bohm, but I have to tip my hat, he is playing great baseball right now. Kudos to him for turning it around. I am very happy to see it! we desperately needed him to be a player and he has become one. Plays like this are changing my mind. Hat tip to to Hinkie too for being a long time believer.

    1. Yup, tip of the cap to Hinkie on Bohm’s fielding. I didn’t see that coming, but he did and that’s great. Now we need Bohm to develop more power or improve his OBP (or some combination of both). He’s a developing player, so it could easily happen. Oddly enough, Bohm’s ceiling as a hitter is, in my view, similar to what Nick Castellanos did in his best seasons at the plate.

      1. Thank you both for the hat tip, but the recognition should go to Bobby Dickerson (for his work on the physical or mechanical stuff) and veteran teammates especially Didi Gregorius, Nick Castellanos, and Rhys Hoskins for their mentorship. Those guys did everything they could to get Bohm back mentally.
        IMO, Alec suffers from fragility of confidence. I don’t know if he uses a sports psychologist, but he should (again … just my opinion).
        I expect him to give the team avg defense at 3B for at least a couple more years before he likely bulks up a bit more, slows down, and moves to a different corner. Fingers crossed 🤞😃

        1. Hinkie, I believe he’s moving in the right direction. On his defense, he is a work in progress and his ceiling will only be acceptable. For instance, the play at 3rd last night. Stubbs had the runner pegged, heck of a throw, in plenty of time. Alec didn’t get there in time set-up to make the play. These are the things he needs to gain experience on defense.

          If he can keep hitting though, he becomes an acceptable alternative for 3B so we can improve positions that are not acceptable. Agree with you, he’s thin skinned and wears his feelings in his countenance. If Castellanos could give a little of indifference to him, I said “a little” it would probably help him. By the way, if you ever want to know if he thinks he screwed up, just look at him.

  87. The crappy thing about the Familia batting practice session is that it might carry over through the weekend. The Pirates were never in the game until Wheeler gave up the home run in the seventh inning. The five run ninth has given them a whole different outlook as the series continues. They undoubtedly feel that they can score now and play with the Phillies. Had the game ended 8-0 or 8-2, the Bucs may have been licking their wounds. Not now, I’m afraid.

  88. At the very least, besides my anxiety level, it forced RobT to use SerA when he should not have had to, and that could matter with Falter going today. We know the BP will need to be used, and if SerA has to pitch then that makes him unavailable for Saturday, so there is a ripple effect.

    1. Familia has no business being on a big league roster right now. They are much better off with Romero or Appel in place of Familia. Appel isn’t great (he throws hard now, but with very little deception), but I think he’s better than Familia.

  89. I see SD, currently ahead of us, and St.L, currently right behind us, as continuing to be our competition for the last WC. The Yankees have already made a trade, I believe the Dodgers will, and the next 2 teams I am positive that will be active are the Cards and Padres. So, DD needs to get this right, and bring in someone/multiple someones to help us get there. I really believe that whatever we do will be a key to us making the Playoffs. I am not counting out us getting Thor.

  90. Need to hand out kudos to Spencer Howard on his third consecutive impressive outing. This one went five scoreless innings with a low pitch count. A change of scenery has finally done him well. It probably wasn’t going to happen in Philly. Happy for him.

    Got to watch Brady Singer pitch last night. Wanted the Phillies to pick him in the draft but they went with C. Randolph at 10 and Singer went to KC at 18. Found it interesting that 3 years earlier the Blue Jays drafted him in the 2nd round but couldn’t sign him.

    1. Again to quote RAJ every trade should be equitable and fair for both sides and the players involved

      1. Yes, RAJ even mentioned one of my favorite lines, you need to trade talent for talent.

      2. That’s obviously one reason he isn’t the GM anymore.

        It’s one thing to play dirty pool and trade another team a guy you think is damaged goods. That’s bad faith – it’s deceptive and wrong.

        That being said, it is NOT the job of the Phillies’ GM to be worried about how “fair” the trade is for the other team. Do you think it was “unfair” for the Phillies to get Bobby Abreu for Kevin Stocker? Should they have balked at that trade because they weren’t giving the Rays sufficient consideration for Abreu? Hell no.

        1. In fact, a guy like Billy Beane is so keen on taking advantage of the other GMs that, apparently, when he goes to make a trade, he often tells the other GM they either have to accept or reject the offer (which they just received on the call) on the spot, thus depriving that other party of the opportunity to weigh the pros and the cons of the trade. Of course, the other GM is free to say – if you won’t give me 3 hours to think about this, then forget it – and I am sure that’s what usually happens.

          1. I think he also clearly stated there were some GMs and he wouldn’t name names that he wasn’t happy with or inferred he didn’t like that they didn’t bargain in good faith/fair exchange of value.

            Surely every GM doesn’t operate that way. Preller for example but the tale of the tape ultimately is can you build a division champ and get to the WS.

            Lots of GMs floating around that can’t say they have.

            Beane is a bit of an enigma who I believe trades on being a down trodden loser. As the movie depicts he turns down an offer to be the highest paid GM in history to stay close to his daughter. Maybe that’s true…

            or maybe he’s just afraid to put his acumen on the table with real resources so he can truly be evaluated at his profession. Which by the way I don’t believe he is actually a GM anymore because of his outside business interests.

          2. Padres GM AJ Preller got in trouble when he made that trade with the Sox and the player’s medical later revealed a hidden injury…..the league had to step in .
            Preller’s goodwill took a hit.
            GMs intentions, are not wanting to skunk other GMs..sometimes it happens.

        2. In light of Abreu’s career yeah maybe it was. He was another player who was a stat darling. Gillick trades him for nothing and wins us a WS a few short years later…

          1. Okay, give me a break. Abreu for Stocker was one of the most lopsided trades in baseball history, not just Phillies history. If you can’t acknowledge that, we’re not having a rational conversation here.

            1. And everyone is missing the main point – it’s not the job of the GM to worry about whether the trade is fair to the other team. It’s the job of the GM to make the best transaction possible for his team.

            2. So much hypocrisy in that statement I don’t know where to begin…

              Don’t ignore my premise that maybe Abreu wasn’t all that good if the Rays one of the most forward looking teams traded him for Stocker. Maybe they knew 10 years before what

              Gillick a HOF GM learned fast and got him out of here for nothing.

              So which is it did Gillick get fleeced or did the Rays get fleeced.

            3. That is just utter nonsense, DMAR.

              At that point, the Rays were the LEAST forward looking team in the majors. They started by signing a bunch of old guys.

              As for it being a legitimate observation – no, it isn’t. Abreu is a borderline HOF candidate (he won’t make it – and shouldn’t – but he’s in the conversation). He produced 47 WAR for the Phillies. Stocker produced 2.3 WAR for the Rays. It was, objectively, one of the most lopsided trades in MLB history.

          2. And, while we are at it. What on earth does Pat Gillick’s trade of Abreu, 8 years after the Phillies acquired him from Tampa Bay (and when he was on the decline and very expensive by 2006 standards) have anything to do with whether the Phillies killed the Stocker for Abreu trade in 1997/98, when he was making the minimum salary and his best years were right ahead of him?

            1. The ONLY reason I mentioned the Abreu trade was to provide an example of a trade where one side got much more value than the other side to emphasize the point that the GM on the winning side of the deal has only one duty – to get the best deal possible for his team, not to worry about whether the deal is fair for the other team. You could pick 100 or 1,000 examples of this. I just happened to pick the Abreu trade. But pick whatever one-sided trade you want as an example. The only exception is where the team that wins truly operates in bad faith by, for example, concealing an injury.

  91. catch, I agree. When we traded Bobby Abreu for nothing, it was to open the leadership of the team to Rollins/Utley, it was in no way a “fair” trade, but one that generated the team becoming a winning one. No offense to Abreu who still played well after he left here. With prospects, it is based on what the perception is by the team receiving the prospects. As we know, they don’t always work out. The other team’s GM is responsible for making his best deal, and often it’s dumping salary or moving a player fo reasons other than talent. When we traded Cliff lee the return was terrible. The Indians did better when they traded him to us, than what we did by trading him, after he and Utley almost won a WS alone. A little hyperbole there!

      1. It seems hard for a fan to know what restraints a GM is placed under by team owners, for example with salary. Obviously under RAJ the Phillies had some substantial success and players wanted to play for the team, plus the rules and organizations were different way back then.. And he was certainly lambasted when he traded Cliff Lee for three minor league prospects. At this point perhaps the relevant question is whether people think RAJ is a good baseball announcer or analyst.

        1. IHeart….Ruben was one of the greatest Philies GM for his first three years…2009-2011….they won 292 games and lost 194….600%
          He should have did the George Costanza philosphy….and went out close to the top, called it quits then.

          1. But he was handed a young, WS team?

            It reminds me a lot of George Seifert. Remember him? He won 2 Super Bowls with the 49ers. He was handed a team with Joe Montana, Steve Young, Charles Haley and Jerry Rice. George seemed to be a competent coach, but they weren’t good because of George.

            1. True….though he was asst to Ed Wade for ten years…’99 thru 2009…and we really do not know how much influence he had in getting all those young guys in prior to Gillicks’ arrival.

      2. That’s really unfair. I am not saying he’s a bad person, I just thought he was not a good GM and I have a valid basis for saying that.

        In fact, I have gone out of my way to praise him as a color commentator and announcer – he’s really good at that. I also have no doubt that he’s a quality person and, in the scheme of things in this world, isn’t that really the most important thing?

        I have nothing against RAJ as a person whatsoever.

  92. Pat Gillick was, by all accounts, a very good GM, maybe even better than that. I still believe that the Freddy Garcia trade was one where he was injured before the trade happened, and the WSox GM knew it. Amaro takes the heat for the Lee trade that we got screwed on, but Gillick was still an adviser, and the Seattle prospects were ones Gillick knew. Bill Giles was still the Managing Partner, and I believe he forced that Lee trade as a condition of getting, and signing, Doc. A stupid deal, both Baseball wise, Lee was worth much more, and there no shopping him around the League, just a quick deal with Seattle, and Business wise, as Lee was only making $9M. I also believe that with\ Lee and Halladay in 2010, we may have won another WS. Anyway, my apologies for the tangent.

    1. matt13…no love for Ed Wade?
      He had a small hand in constructing that team…..Rollins, Utley, Vic, Hamels, Myers, Burrell, Madson and Howard were all his doings.

  93. His best job was not trading them. But, he was brutal at the deadline! Klentak-esque in failed BP arms, even ones that were good elsewhere!

    1. When it cam to relievers, Wade did decide to go along and make Madson a reliever for 2004 and 2005….Pat Gillick tried to make him a starter again in 2006 which they later learned that year, would not work.

    2. Eddie made the amazing Abreu trade and then had a mixed record (he did sign Thome), BUT he was smart enough not to take the bait and refused to trade away the crown jewels in the system even though he must have been tempted to do so.

      Ed’s problem wasn’t his discipline or even his plan. His problem was how to adjust when Plan A didn’t work. Guys like Gillick and DD seem to have this magical ability to turn the page and find another solution.

    1. Oh hell yes. Gregorious provides no extra value. Gallo could immediately play a solid right field for at least a month and maybe he gets hot at the plate. Looks like he needs a change of scenery too. I’d do that without thinking about it too much. And if he goes to the bench or shares left (or platoons) when Harper comes back is TBD. Hot hand plays.

      1. FWIW….Didi has approx. $5M left on this year’s contract ….Gallo has $3M.
        Do not know if that will make a whole lot of matter.

  94. Wow… I got to apologize to Jim. I mentioned the “A” word around here … and he still can still get fans fired up about the job he did or didn’t do. He’s the Mitch Williams of Phillies GM’s .. I believe at some point fans will grow to love him more … anyways …
    Sorry Jim … I bought him up.

    We should’ve won more titles in that era but we are about to open another one. I think 2022 = 2006/2007.
    The Phillies figure out the OF defensive upgrade, they hold on till Painter, Abel, and McGarry can provide cheap highly productive help to the SP… maybe some to the pen for a bit with Wheeler and Nola extended … they are onto something. Get a true Bonafide closer to complement Sir A & Brogdon… that’s a WS contender If those guys turn out as expected.. Sign turner to 2B, Stott to SS. Feeling good… this time next year… RUSH those pitchers, don’t be wasting bullets in the minors

  95. How fast can the Phillies reasonably push:

    I guess I should ask .. how would the Rays handle these pitchers?

    I’m hoping McGarry skips AAA, or is at least at AAA by the end of the season. Painter should get a few starts in AA before the season ends .. that’s what I’m hoping for as of right now

    1. The only reason why the Guardians have made Plesac available is because he’s a 4/5 pitcher and not a 3/4 pitcher. I’ve said it before, the Phillies need to look for good AND controllable. In his last 2 years, his SO rate has went down, his walk and hit rate has went up from his first 2 years. He’s actually getting worse. If the Phillies are looking for a 4/5 pitcher, we already have Falter.

  96. Plesac is basically Gibson 2.0 with more years of control. I guess if you can get him, you do it as long as you don’t break the farm to get him.

  97. According to Brooks….his velo has ticked down over the years….which is usually not a good sign. He may look to be a back-end guy as you suggest….also K/9 now a little less than 7.
    Not sure what his swing and miss ratio is.
    FB Velo:
    2019 93.93
    2020 92.92
    2021 93.00
    2022 92.18

  98. Holy smokes, the Mariners are giving up a ransom for Luis Castillo. Mariners giving up #18 Noelvi Marte, #93 Edwin Arroyo, their #5 prospect Levi Stoudt and Andrew Moore.

    Mariners are really desperate to make the playoffs. This definitely takes them out of the running for Juan Soto. The Mariners only ranked prospect that’s left is #67 Harry Ford.

    1. I’m trying to think of a deal that would beat that for the Phillies and it would be Painter, Abel and Rojas.

  99. King’s ransom paid by Seattle for sure…this seller’s market reminds me of the housing market the last few years. Not good for the potential buyers.

    1. The issue now is with this large haul, did the price of any starting pitching go up?

  100. The Mariners are the 1 team with a longer Playoff drought than us, and certainly a big price they paid. Despite the awful Cubs series, the team since then has showed DD that they are worthy of adding in the next couple of days. I didn’t expect us to be in on Castillo, considering the price tag, but I still expect meaningful additions. And, while we are discussing adding, I need to give kudos to Bailey Falter for a very good game last night. According to Matt Gelb, the team hadn’t considered removing Familia from the Roster and believes it is due to his mentoring younger players. Not dismissing the validity of that, but he also says the “time to cut ties may be getting closer.”

    1. Notable performances by Bailey, the BP, and Rhys. Nice 380+ rbi single by Schwarber who broke into his HR trot prematurely, also liked the fire Thomson showed on the same play concerning Herrera coasting into 3rd. I thought a really nice mix of plate appearances by Rhys, took what they gave him.

    2. mentoring is fine with me, using him in a game is not. hire him as a coach if that is what you want from him.

  101. With the Reds/Mariner trade done…reinforces my disappointment in the Phillies LA international signings over the last decade….Castillo, and Marte, an all star and one soon to be with Marte….just more impactful LA players signed by other teams……that also did not cost the clubs an arm and leg to ink them .

    1. matt….yes,.Chooch…..and he was signed over 20 years ago for what…less than $10K….maybe Sixto will come around and he was signed for $35K.
      Hope Preston Mattingly and the powers to be, have done a better evaluation job with Y. Garcis, Rick Perez and William Bergolla…all rated high among their respective international classes.

  102. The rumors for Yankees landing Soto is Gleybar + 5 of Yankees top 10 prospects. If they make that trade, then everyone else is playing for 2nd place. Barring injury, the Yankees would be unbeatable.

    Imo to beat that offer we would need to give up Bohm, Painter, Abel, McGarry, O’Hoppe and Rojas. That’s painful. But I would do it personally. Imo we have a 3-4 window with our stars. Having 2 MVP candidates bat 2 and 3 in the lineup for the next decade would cover for a lot of flaws. Play Camargo at 3B. Flip Rhys for a BP arm and move Schwarber to 1B. All in baby!

  103. It’s evaluations and development also, Romus. I don’t know which has been worse, although we have gotten a couple of highly rated International kids, like J.Ortiz, who have not panned out, or have not panned out yet. I think the haul that the Reds got for Castillo ups their asking price for Mahle, who may now be too high for us. I wouldn’t be disappointed with Syndergaard or Quintana, and I think the asking prices for them will be significantly yes. I haven’t heard any more CF chatter, and we always add a BP arm.

    1. matt….important factors, both Thor and Jose Q. are two month rentals….you have to keep that in mind…that tends to lower the return value….Castillo still has another year with Seattle and could be QO by them after 2023..
      Two prospects will be what it would take for each of Thor or Jose Q.

  104. Would you have made that deal, Romus, if it meant Abel and Painter and Rojas? I would not have, but that doesn’t make me right. Castillo is a proven top SP, and I hope, and have nothing more than hope, that Abel and painter can become ones. The 2 prospects for Thor or JoseQ will be much lesser on the rating scale.

    1. Not sure….very tempting.
      Castillo is a play-off caliber starting pitcher….some of the other pitchers on the market now are viable and average-to -good regular season starters but not a play-off starting pitcher.
      I guess I would pass on both Abel and painter…one maybe, and say Ben Brown or McGarry or Miller if the Reds would have taken it.

  105. Quick poll: Would you trade Johan Rojas for (2 months of) Carlos Rodon (and the option to slap a QO on him after this season)?

    🟢 Yes
    🔴 No

    1. Hinkie….does this rule still apply?
      “….only players who spent the entire season with the same organization are eligible to receive a qualifying offer; midseason trade acquisitions and signings cannot receive one”.

      ….with some many changes anymore I may have missed something.

      1. My bad, Romus. It does. Phillies would not be able to use the QO. That makes a difference.

        1. OTOH…….the asking price from the Giants could be lower or they may have to accept a lower offer if they are not getting the deals they want.

    2. Oh heck yes I make that trade. Rojas is not nearly as good of a prospect as we think he is. I think Ben Brown is likely to be more valuable as a major league player than Rojas. And Rodon is elite. You could make a WS run with him in the rotation given the strength the BP has become. So yeah, Rodon for Rojas? While I’d like to give up less, I’d do it. The harder question is would you do it for Brown and Marchan?

  106. I have to say yes, Hinkie, and I have had high hopes for Rojas. Rodon fits that #3 SP spot

    1. Any one or two of:
      Crouse, Muzziotti, Wilson, Garcia, Morales or Ortiz may get Rodon.

  107. Based on his historically aggressive nature, I can’t escape the notion that DD will pull off something big. He said he’s not trading top prospects for rentals. So, I think he’ll acquire a controllable impact player from somewhere, be it a bat or an arm. We all wanna keep Abel, Painter, McGarry, O’Hoppe and Rojas, maybe even Ben Brown…but I think at least one of them will be traded, along with a system catcher and Jhailyn Ortiz. We’ll see come Tue @4pm.

  108. Matt Gelb suggests that with the Phillies scouting Thor last Monday, and his next start is scheduled for Tuesday, on paper he makes sense for partial salary relief for LAA, with a lesser prospect package heading to the Angels. The Phillies can take on a little more salary before reaching the next tier of a luxury tax penalty.

    1. I like the move. Wasn’t much of a Jojo fan. Adds quality defense to a team that needs it at a position where there isn’t a lot of MLB depth. Maybe Maton is moved for an arm?

  109. .189 BA, poor K/BB ratio, why? Bring up Nick Maton. Why trade JoJo? I am really not getting this.

    1. I think they like Ryan Sherriff as a LHRP. I’ve been looking forward to seeing him pitch for the Phillies. Also think it’s possible Bailey Falter ends up in the BP when they trade for a SP.
      Sosa adds a plus glove, and may signal an additional move. Didi could be traded (to the Yankees for Joey Gallo maybe), or could be released.

      Either way, I’m sorry to see JoJo go. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a shot to start in St. Louis at some point.

      1. 😉⤵

        1. Shocker! I like the upgrade on defense, not sure if he is the starting SS through rest of the year or not. Also I have to wonder who gets displaced when Segura returns.

          Romero was one who I could see being a bullpen cog over next couple of years.

      2. Falter moved to longman in bullpen? Since he has been optioned so much I could see that to prevent losing him. Or he ends up traded because of that

    2. I don’t get this either. There’s no doubt that his glove is elite. He has no more options so he’s here to stay on the 26 man roster. But right now, you’ll have Sosa, Camargo, Didi, Stott, and Munoz. A move will definitely have to be made. And that’s before Segura comes back.

      The only thing I can see is that the Phillies might be willing to give him a shot at 2B next season. His dWar is legit, so if his bat comes around, we could be easily looking at a 3+ WAR player which he was last season.

      Maton and Sosa as 2B platoon wouldn’t be that bad.

      I think Sosa’s addition lessens the chances of Segura returning to the Phillies next season.

  110. Quick poll: Would you trade Griff McGarry, Logan O’Hoppe and Simon Muzziotti for Zach Plesac and Steven Kwan?

    🟢 Yes
    🔴 No

    1. Yes, hate to lose McGarry especially but looking at Kwan that was the tipping point for me

    2. No. I’d rather just start McGarry or Falter and move a lesser piece for a glove first CF.

      I personally like the idea of trading our catching depth (Sands/Marchan) and an additional piece/pieces for Siri in Houston.

    3. No – won’t trade McGarry for anything but a controllable (3+ years) player. Like Kwan but has no power and as you propose, O’Hoppe cancels out Kwan. Plesac is 4/5 leaning 5 pitcher. McGarry does not = Plesac – giving away upside.

    4. No way. Kwan is a leftfielder. It would be hard to pass up if Schwarber could play 1b and Red Sox would trade Bogaerts for Hoskins. I wouldn’t trade Hoskins until the offseason tho. He is too important for team chemistry.

      How about O’ Hoppe, McGarry, Vierling, and Lee for Straw and Plesac? Guardians might actually consider it. Naylor (their top catching prospect) may only be a DH.

    5. I wouldn’t trade two of the Phillies top four prospects unless I was getting a stud pitcher that was controllable, like Tarik Skubal.

      I can get a decent OF in the market easier than pitching and would prefer not to use crucial prospect capital for an OF like Kwan, especially how the Phillies are currently constructed. Perhaps my mindset slightly changes if they make Bryce a fulltime 1B and Castellanos a fulltime DH next year.

        1. I’m not convinced they are dangling Skubal. I think the Tigers leaked it on purpose to see if any club will overpay for him if they miss out on the big trade targets like Castillo and Montas. It’s just due diligence on their part and they’re smart to listen if anyone makes a proposal.

          Avila and Dombrowski have a “unique” relationship, so you never say never but at the end of the day Skubal likely stays put. My point was more about getting a stud pitcher for the Phillies top prospects rather than zeroing in on Skubal.

          1. That makes sense…Tigers have nothing to lose to see what interest there may be out there and what Suibal could bring back for them.
            Tigers did well drafting him in the 9th round.

  111. Think Sosa is an opportunity to “improve the overall group of player assets” for a relatively low cost – given his good glove. Jojo isn’t a whole lot different than Sanchez, in fact slightly less. With Sherriff – there are enough lefties in the pen. This smacks of further moves no matter what – whether its now or over the winter.

  112. Starting pitching has never been this expensive. You really cannot trade any pitcher who can be at least a 3/4 pitcher. Right now, I think Abel, Painter, McGarry, Brown all have the possibility of being at least a 3/4 pitcher. Not only that, the odds of all of them panning out are slim but possible. So you need to hold onto as many as you can.

  113. No from me, Hinkie. It takes a huge deal, bringing back an All Star under team control for at least 2 years, and Plesac and Kwan are not that, for me to move McGarry. I expect to see Griff in CBP next season, and not on a “meet the prospects” outing.

  114. For me, I’m 🟢 on that Cleveland deal.
    I like McGarry a lot, but he is no slam dunk to be a SP.
    Kwan completes the Phillies lineup. He’s the leadoff hitter Dombrowski has been searching for since arriving in town. Check out his career OBP’s: .431 in college, .380 in MiLB, .369 in his rookie season. He’s under team control thru 2027. And he is an abv avg (maybe plus) CFer who has to play LF in Cleveland because Myles Straw is there.

    1. Hinkie…I like Kwan, however if it is CFer under control with some offensive pedigree going for them, I prefer giving up a McGarry and one of OFers like a Mickey M or Muzziotti or Vierling for Brewer’s Sal Frelick.
      He has Nails written on him and a few years younger than Kwan .

  115. Good point by RU about Sosa as a value move.

    I really like Herrera, Ortiz, and Miller to Rangers for Perez, White, and Calhoun. Rangers have wanted Herrera back in the past. White would be nice to have as a 4/5th OF for his defense. Calhoun would be nice to have as bench bat/ late replacement for Castellanos.

  116. I am thinking that Kyle Gibson loves this trade if it’s me I DFA Didi and send Munoz down. I also agree there’s more moves to come and I think before the deadline.

  117. MLB has Sosa reassigned to minors, so does that mean he passed thru waivers already?

    1. No, he’s on his way to Pittsburgh. He’s expected to join the team there tomorrow.

  118. Very good outing by Knebel, Ranger and Belotti! Kudos! Some of the worst base running you will ever see!

    1. Hard not to get excited about what this BP is rounding into. Looking forward to Dave Dombrowski putting the finishing touches on this squad.
      And the icing on the cake ➡️ most/all of their top prospects are really on a roll! Painter and Rojas were impressive tonight.

  119. Johan Camargo was optioned down after the game for Sosa.

    Didi has made some crazy plays with the glove and I think that’s keeping him on the ML roster.

  120. Last day of July, I feel very good about our chances for the Playoffs. Not only to beat out the Cards, but the Padres also. The deadline moves are always crucial, just look at the Braves last year, and will be again this time.

    1. matt….keep your fingers crossed that the Cardinals do not end up with Juan Soto…..losing Gorman and Carlson out of their lineup will hurt them…but Soto’s offense makes up for that, plus more.

  121. You are correct Romus! I don’t think they outbid some of the other teams, and he would certainly make a difference. SD is also strongly involved and I still hope to catch them. It should be a busy couple of days especially with tomorrow’s off day. I am putting a lot of trust in DD.

    1. Agree….maybe the Rangers will do it…they seem to have the money available down the road
      Dodgers and Padres just makes them so much tougher..
      The flip side….the Nats look to make a killing in the return.
      When the Phillies did their rebuild 7/8 years ago, moving on from Utley, Rollins, Chooch and Hamels…..the return results ended up meh…….Eflin and maybe in a round about way grab, JTR, were the pluses.

      1. The Nats are trading Soto BEFORE his prime because he doesn’t want to be there anymore. The Nats want to give him crazy money but Soto wants to go where he can win soon.

        You can’t compare Soto with the Phillies rebuild because those players were well into their 30s when they were traded.

        The closest comparable would be when the Phillies traded a 27 year old Scott Rolen to the Cardinals when Rolen wanted out. We got back Placido Polanco which was great, but nowhere near the value Rolen gave the Cardinals in his prime. Trading Rolen was one of the lowlights of my Phillies’ memories.

        1. Fair point…..though the Phillies received more players in their efforts in their rebuild…they may not have been the depth of quality, but prospects are prospects.
          Nevertheless, Alfaro, Jake Thompson and Nick Williams were top 100 players…not sure were Eflin was ranked, but he was at one time a first round draft choice by the Padres.

  122. He wanted to be out, Guru, he didn’t believe the team would do what it would take to win. I think the Schilling return was worse. And, the Cliff Lee trade was brutally bad, and unnecessary. It signaled the time for Bill Giles to go and John Middleton assume control of the team. You are correct in Soto’s age making the Nats return through the roof, but what we got for Hamels, in particular, was far from robust. And, I think there is an argument that the rebuild started too late.

    1. Trades in general will look ugly in hindsight because of the bust probability of prospects. The Hamels trade was disappointing because going quantity over quality almost never works out, and you knew it once that trade was announced. The crazy thing was that the prospect that the Phillies wanted (Nomar Mazara) didn’t pan out either.

      And as much as we like to rag on past trades that didn’t work out for the Phillies, imgaine all the Phillies prospects that didn’t pan out for the other team i.e. the Roy Halladay trade, the Hunter Pence trade, the Joe Blanton trade, the majority of the Cliff Lee trade with the Indians.

      It goes both ways.

  123. A bullpen game coming on Tuesday which is not good. It’s puts so much stress on the pen the next two days (Wed + Thu). Is Sanchez not available to start on Tuesday?

    Also, can someone correct me? When the Phillies drafted Romero in 2016, hadn’t he just pitched in the CWS D2 and thrown like a hundred and fifty pitches in game?

    1. Think with the new rules Sanchez has to stay at AAA for 15 days before he can be recalled. Also limited to 4 options per year and not sure how many they’ve already used for him.

  124. Hoping for a SP that slots into Tuesday’s start coming via trade in time, ciada. Would rather avoid a BP game.

      1. The price for Tyler Mahle has went up in the wake of the Luis Castillo trade.

        Teams are now looking at rentals and there’s going to be a bidding war for some of them, which includes Thor. Hard to imagine that the Phillies will be able to get him without giving up O’Hoppe or even Ben Brown.

  125. Camargo, Sosa movement doesn’t make sense which tells me the imminent trades will settle the roster. Didi may be gone one way or another after all is said and done.

    1. Yes. I was thinking that Bohm, who even with the slow start has currently gotten his batting average up around 0.300, might get a good return and thus be traded, but like you write Mark8:29 the recent roster moves suggest otherwise!

  126. Matt Gelb tweet:

    Alec Bohm is now hitting .440 (33 for 75) this month. He’d be the first Phillies hitter (min 50 PA) to bat .440 in a month since Jim Eisenreich in 1996.
    Dom Brown part 2, or turning a corner?

    1. He turned a corner. He was so lost last season, it was crazy.

      This season, he started off hot, cooled down and then adjusted again. That last HR, you could see him get his foot down early, and ripped that pitch. He’s getting very comfortable and turning on pitches which is great.

  127. Bohm 4 for 4 today with a knock. He’s now hitting 300, 8th in the NL in BA.

    I have to say that baseball is way more fun when your team scores its runs with base hits and not just homers.

  128. Always can rely on you for the stats, Romus. Now, you and Dombrowski get us someone who moves the needle and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (like that’s possible).

  129. Got em where they want them. Familia is in the game for hopefully his last appearance in a Phillies uniform.

  130. Gregorius might not be hitting much, but his D has been the best lately that he has exhibited while in Philadelphia.

    1. Skeet….Didi may be doing well to showcase himself for his next team next season.
      Obviously, highly doubtful he returns to Philly.

      1. Agree, I am sure he isn’t in 2023 plans. I like the public image, though. Aug. 2 is coming……..excited, ehhhhh or disappointing ……….what will it be?

  131. The Blue Jays are sniffing around Jose Quintana, presumably because the cost for Thor and Perez might be too high.

  132. I still don’t get the Sosa move. I know Hinkie pisted some trade value chart that said the Cards way overpaid for JoJo, which must mean we got a steal, but just at a time when Didi is playing his best D, Segura coming back, Stott has to play, and where does that leave Dosa? And why Camargo down, not Munoz? Anyway, hoping Montas goes to Yanks or Toronto not Cards.

    1. I don’t get the Sosa move either. They have Didi, Stott, Maton, Munoz and Camargo to play SS. Even if Didi and Munoz are gone they still have three guys. Romero is a lefty and he should not be traded away for a luxury.

  133. matt13 – among all shortstops graded in saving runs last 2 years – Sosa came in as the fifth best and he wasn’t far away from 3 and 4. He is young, 26. He had a breakout year with the bat in 2021 but because he doesn’t play regularly – this year his offense has fallen way off. The Cards had to trade him or lose him due to moving other infielders (Edman) to fill in for DeJong – who first collapsed and then Sosa who got off weakly with the stick. Sosa has a superior glove and it was rumored by mlb Trade sources that Yankees wanted him to split time with Kiner-Falefa but Phillies beat them to it. Acquiring him for Jojo is like getting a $1.00 worth of value for 33 cents. I think DD is going to continue to do these kinds of trades until the overall roster is much stronger – inch by inch. Imagine in a late inning game having Sosa, Stott, Segura, and probably a glove first OF to be acquired – it takes away the sting of the offense only Phillies.

  134. Ben Brown promoted to AA, good for him. I am not expecting him to be traded, and I am wondering how far he jumps in our prospect rankings.

    1. Great news for the kid…he has come a long way…hard to believe the Phillies are getting great value right now from low picks like Brown (33rd-’17) and O’Hoppe (23rd-’18)……in one respect that is amazing, but if they get to the show and are able to be productive MLB players that is a real jackpot winning number for the Phillies
      The odds of that happening are so low..

    2. If he’s not traded at the deadline Brown will be in the rotation by the middle of next year. Brown, McGarry, Abel and Painter are, by far and away, the best crop of young starting pitchers the Phillies have had in the last 50 year and perhaps ever. That’s not hyperbole – it’s the truth.

      1. Do remember the names of the “Four Aces”? Did any of them ever end up pitching in the majors?

        1. Pettibone, May, Cosart, Rodriguez and Colvin……..Trevor May made it to the show as a reliever …Jarred Cosart for a brief time…Jon Pettibone injured his shoulder and was done…..Brody Colvin not sure how it ended up and Julio Rod. not sure also where he ended up.

          1. I was actually thinking about the David Coggin, Rob Burger and Randy Knoll, and Jason Kershner version from 1995. Front page of the Daily News, about how we had 4 future ‘Aces’ down on the farm.

            Just looked it up: Coggin and Kershner did end up making it to the MLB, but nothing substantial.

            I’m not saying anything bad about Abel, Painter and the rest, I just have to remind myself this isn’t the first time we thought we were stacked.

      2. They’re very good and we all want them to succeed but let’s slow down the hype train a little and see how they handle upper level hitting.

    3. It’s about time. He’s been on a roll for a while now and the Phillies are letting throw around 90 pitches every time he goes out there. He’s really gotten his walk rate under control.

      1. I think Ortiz will get the call-up to LHV this week.
        Facing Triple-A pitching and the experience many of them have will be good test for him

        1. Ortiz has had 104 games at AA. His Reading numbers haven’t been spectacular but at this point, especially since he’s on the 40 man, he needs to be moved along. Ortiz still has a chance to prove he belongs.

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