Open Discussion: Week of January 16, 2022

Day 47 of Mister Manfred’s lockout.  The two sides met on Thursday.  The owners’ representatives made an offer.  The sides separated without much discussion.  The owners now await the players’ counter.

The owners’ offer covered many somewhat secondary points but managed to avoid many if not all of the issues, specifically raising the minimum salary, reaching free agency earlier, reaching arbitration earlier, raising the CBT threshold, and amending revenue sharing.  Changes to free agency and revenue sharing have been and remain non-starters for the owners.

Key points of the owners’ proposal were –

  • MLB offered to revamp its system for compensating players with between two and three years of major league service time, offering a system similar to that which the players rejected when the owners offered it as a replacement for arbitration.  This would eliminate Super 2s but would allow it to be grandfathered in as a choice for players with at least one day of service time.
  • MLB offered to address service time manipulation by rewarding teams that promoted prospects from MLB’s Top 100 who won ROY or finished in the top 3 for CY Young or MVP in his first three seasons.  The flaw here in the union’s eyes is that the lists and awards are determined by writers, many of whom are on the MLB payroll (but, not Rosenthal, of course).  The reward would be an extra draft pick, possibly an international draft pick.
  • So, apparently, the MLB’s offer includes an international draft.
  • MLB offered to address tanking by offering a draft lottery for the three worst teams.  Teams could only qualify for the lottery in two consecutive seasons, not three.  (The union wants a more realistic eight-team lottery.)
  • MLB also continued to push for a 14-team playoff.
  • MLB proposed a universal designated hitter.

In previous discussions –

  • MLB had offered to eliminate direct draft-pick compensation for signing a free agent
  • the players had accepted expanded playoffs
  • MLB proposed to increase the competitive balance threshold from $210 million to $214 million but added penalties for teams that exceed it
  • the players agreed to allow teams to place advertising patches on uniforms
  • the players had proposed reaching free agency and arbitration earlier
  • the players proposed raising the CBT threshold to $245 million
  • the players proposed amending revenue sharing

Now we wait for the players’ counter-proposal.

I’m not as confident as I was a while ago.  There was a time when I couldn’t imagine the owners risking losing spring training money which is entirely theirs.  Now, it seems very likely that some or all of spring training will be lost.  In fact, I’m afraid the owners won’t blink until they start losing regular season games.

The international signing period opened on Saturday.  Now, we can watch the poor owners shower millioins of dollars on teenagers who won’t reach the majors until 2026 or later, if they reach it at all.

The Phillies have a budget of $5,179,700. They have signed 13 players so far and have spent $4,400,000 on seven of their guys and have $779,700 to spend on the other six and any additional players.  Any signings under $10K don’t count.

Here are the 13 players they have signed so far.  I don’t post bonuses since it puts players and families in Venezuela at risk.

  1. William Bergolla Jr., SS, Venezuela
  2. Aroon Escobar, SS, Venezuela
  3. Romel Perez, OF, Venezuela
  4. Leny Carela, SS, Dominican Republic
  5. Neifi Rosario, OF, Dominican Republic
  6. Angel Mata, C, Venezuela
  7. Eduar Chirinos, LHP, Venezuela
  8. Nolan Beltran, SS, Colombia
  9. Luis Gonzalez, RHP, Venezuela
  10. Juan Villavicencio, SS, Venezuela
  11. Kilwer Colmenares, SS, Venezuela
  12. Manolfi Jimenez, OF, Dominican Republic
  13. Andres Hernandez, SS, Venezuela

I started a breakdown of the international draft at halftime when the number of signed international free agents was 395.  Here’s what I found.

  • Organization (Bonus Pool) # Players Signed
  • Arizona D-backs ($6,262,600) – 10 Players
  • Atlanta Braves ($5,179,700) – 15 Players
  • Baltimore Orioles ($6,262,600) – 24 Players
  • Boston Red Sox ($5,179,700) – 10 Players
  • Chicago Cubs ($5,179,700) – 12 Players
  • Chicago White Sox ($5,179,700) – 3 Players
  • Cincinnati Reds ($5,721,200) – 13 Players
  • Cleveland Guardians ($6,262,600) – 16 Players
  • Colorado Rockies ($6,262,600) – 9 Players
  • Detroit Tigers ($5,721,200) – 10 Players
  • Houston Astros ($5,179,700) – 16 Players
  • Kansas City Royals ($6,262,600) – 5 Players
  • Los Angeles Angels ($5,179,700) – 11 Players
  • Los Angeles Dodgers ($4,644,000) – 30 Players
  • Miami Marlins ($5,721,200) – 27 Players
  • Milwaukee Brewers ($5,721,200) – 18 Players
  • Minnesota Twins ($5,721,200) – 6 Players
  • New York Mets ($5,179,700) – 21 Players
  • New York Yankees ($5,179,700) – 6 Players
  • Oakland Athletics ($5,179,700) – 4 Players
  • Philadelphia Phillies ($5,179,700) – 13 Players
  • Pittsburgh Pirates ($6,262,600) – 19 Players
  • St. Louis Cardinals ($6,262,600) – 12 Players
  • San Diego Padres ($6,262,600) – 20 Players
  • San Francisco Giants ($5,179,700) – 10 Players
  • Seattle Mariners ($5,179,700) – 6 Players
  • Tampa Bay Rays ($5,721,200) – 10 Players
  • Texas Rangers ($5,179,700) – 19 Players
  • Toronto Blue Jays ($4,644,000) – 10 Players
  • Washington Nationals ($5,179,700) – 10 Players

By country:

  • Dominican Republic – 183
  • Venenezuela -152
  • Colombia – 11
  • Cuba – 15
  • Panama – 13
  • Nicauraga – 5
  • Mexico  –  6
  • Aruba – 2
  • Curacao – 1
  • Spain – 1
  • Russia – 1
  • Bahamas – 3
  • Taiwan – 1
  • South Korea –  1

BY position:

  • Catcher – 46
  • LHP – 26
  • RHP – 111
  • Infield – 131 (mostly SS)
  • Outfield – 81

This is the courtesy thread for comments and discussion about the Phillies and other BASEBALL topics.

Rosters and Stuff

Key Dates:

  • December 1, 2021: CBA expires
  • December 2, 2021: Manfred locks out players
  • December 15, 2021: Close of the 2020-21 international signing period
  • January 15, 2022 – Start of the 2021-22 international signing period
  • January 28,2022: Caribbean Series
  • TBA: Minor League spring training reporting date (probably mid-to-late February)
  • April 5, 2022: Lehigh Valley season opener at home v. Columbus
  • April 8, 2022:  Clearwater season opener at home v. Fort Myers
  • April 8, 2022:  Jersey Shore season opener at home v. Aberdeen
  • April 8, 2022:  Reading season opener at home v. Somerset


1/09/2022 – RHP Nick Duron assigned to Reading
1/09/2022 – Phillies signed FA RHP Nick Duron to an MiLB contract
1/07/2022 – FCL Phillies released Hsu Chi-Ling


94 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of January 16, 2022

  1. thanks very much for the extremely impressive breakdown of the International draft….. though of course I am sorry the game that was at halftime was not more entrancing

  2. I still believe the players offer will come near the end of the month and it will trigger serious talks..I believe once talks do commence the remaining issues can be addressed in a fairly timely manner. Yet I can see ST delayed for 7-10 days.. That puts pressure on the season as 30 days of games seems to be the right amount to get pitchers up to speed… Not as much of an issue for hitters.

    1. I agree with Hawkeye. The compromise to a new CBA is pretty clear. It’s more a matter of when (not if) the two sides will get serious about the negotiations. The CBT is going to go up (probably to 225M in 2022, and then a little more every year after). The penalties for signing a QO FA will go away. The DH is going to happen. Sponsor patches are a given. Expanded playoffs (probably 14 teams) has to be a thing. The time to free agency and arbitration probably aren’t going to change.
      The two sides need to take steps to discourage tanking, and also take care of the younger players.
      A three team draft lottery is ridiculous. That is not nearly enough to dissuade clubs from intentionally losing. IMO, the lottery should cover at least the top 5 spots, and should be weighted in reverse order of the teams who missed the playoffs. So in other words, if you have the best record of the clubs out of the postseason, you’d have the best odds of winning a top 5 pick. And if you had the lousiest record in the league, you’d own the worst odds of capturing a top 5 selection.
      The owners should also agree to bump the league’s minimum wage by a healthy amount in exchange for no change to service time. Give first year players 800-thousand dollars, second year guys 1M dollars, and third year dudes 1.2M.

      1. “if you have the best record of the clubs out of the postseason, you’d have the best odds of winning a top 5 pick. And if you had the lousiest record in the league, you’d own the worst odds of capturing a top 5 selection.”

        I love this idea…

      2. A way to end tanking is to have hard slot money for each draft pick. No more over or under signing so teams start picking based on talent not signability. I would also have draft eligible players register for the draft and give a round designation that it will take to sign. For instance if you say round 3 and get drafted there you have to sign or lose all future draft eligibility and have to go UDFA which I would cap at 250K.

  3. ‘the players agreed to allow teams to place advertising patches on uniforms’.,
    ……….NASCAR sponsors already have the patches in place, are licking their chops and can’t wait to jump on this..

  4. Wake me when this is over! As John Pinette used to say in one of his comedy routines, “Des is bullsheet”.

  5. I need to get this off my chest (and I know Romus agrees). My biggest MLB pet peeve is the way the Cardinals are treated (or the advantages they are given). And it came more into focus this weekend when I was studying the international bonus pools. Somehow, MLB lists St Louis as a small market team/a revenue receiving franchise. And they are given extra/competitive balance draft picks each year. They also are awarded the largest J2 pools each season. Those perks are supposed to go the clubs who can’t pay players like the larger market clubs can. I don’t know the exact market size in St Louis, but I do know that organization (unlike Pittsburgh, Tampa, Cleveland, Baltimore, and a couple of others) is absolutely swimming in cash. Every year, the Cardinals have one of the league’s top payrolls.

    2021 #10 MLB team payroll (171.4M)
    2020 #10 MLB team payroll (73.2M)
    2019 #6 MLB team payroll (174.3M)
    2018 #10 MLB team payroll (161M)

    They currently have the 10th highest payroll for the 2022 season.
    And (check this out) Forbes lists the Cardinals as the 7th most valuable franchise in MLB. Does this sound like a team who should be receiving extra draft picks, and larger international bonus pools?

    …. and even while receiving these extra benefits, the Cardinals still got caught cheating/hacking the Astros a few years ago.

    1. Yep Hinkie …..what can you do!
      When 15 other owners agree to allow it to happen not much can be done.
      One of the criteria they use to determine team standing….they base the market size on the TV market for that region…..but then again how do Oakland As and Baltimore qualify and Washington Nats and SF Giants are considered large market teams.

      At this point I would only give them their 15 picks after the 2nd round…the current Round B Comp Balance picks

    2. Am totally with you. I’ve had this conversation with my baseball buddies as well. I root for them to fail as much as I do any new york team to fail.

  6. Hinkie, I agree with you that a CBA compromise seems logical, but we are not dealing with rational people. We have 2 sides, both of whom feel they got shortchanged in the last CBA, and want major changes. They have no pressure to deal until they start losing money, and hope the other side blinks first. I don’t expect any serious negotiating to even start until the beginning of ST is compromised. The players’ 2 big issues were time to FA and revenue sharing restructuring. Neither of those 2 things will probably occur.

    1. Watched clip of Lou Helmig on You Tube , he is a 6’ 5” left handed hitting outfielder.
      Body looks like Cozens.

  7. Thanks Jim, you’re my #1 source for strike info. Also, the prospect info is pretty good 😃! I can see mlb owners not blinking at losing ST dollars, with how difficult it maybe to manage with Covid. Losing one ST hurts, but over the course of the contract , it is likely a net gain for the owners… if they get what they want

    I posted this before, but my suggestion for preventing tanking … is to encourage winning. Set the Luxury tax threshold at 220mil,and for teams within the top 10-15 teams total team salaries for multiple seasons 2-3+, deducted the minor league salaries/payroll/bonuses from the teams LTT totals, so they can “go for it” by adding a player at the deadline or in the offseason. If teams don’t want to spend or not put the organizations “health” over wealth … then they suffer. If they want to tank, make it a lottery based not only on the mlb record, but the minor league records, the # of top 100 prospects/overall farm system rating. Just don’t reward losing with automatic top picks my 2 cents

    They should also lock in profits for both owners and players . For instance owners get 45% of all profits, players get 40% of all profits, 5% for minor league upgrades, 10% for stadium repayment or improvements … maybe a portion to lower ticket prices 🤷‍♂️

  8. The veteran players don’t care about spring training and will do their best to make sure this lock out doesn’t get resolved until late March. Having said that, your suggested landing spot on the issues sounds very reasonable.

  9. Murray – Pitchers are hurt most by the lockout. They need to have their normal spring training to get their innings up. A contract by late March would be a major disadvantage to all of them and the season would start late.

    1. Plus pitchers are coming off a 162-game season that followed a 60-game season. Buck Showalter on MLBN last summer said he is concerned how pitchers will be able to handle another 162-game season. A full spring training is so vital to arms.

  10. Seems like the owners made some concessions.

    Either way it’ll be both sides fault when there’s a strike or a delay in season.

    Greed on both sides.

    About done with MLB

  11. In the season shortened 2020 COVID year when the sides finally got around to playing how much time was there for a ST type of ramp up? I’m drawing a blank.. I know it was less than normal. That may be this year’s model if ST is delayed to long..

    1. I think it was like 3 weeks or so. As I recall, when the season started, starting pitchers were up to around 75-80 pitches and maybe 5 innings or so.

  12. Jim Bowden did a column in the Athletic asking readers for trade proposals. A trade he likes for both sides is Chapman and Laureano to us for Bohm and Painter. I know I am reluctant to trade Painter, but this seems like a trade that costs us significantly less than what I thought it would take. Your thoughts?

    1. I am going to surprise people on here (who am used to my saying no, no, no to prospect and young player heavy trades), but I would do this trade. It would be an enormous upgrade offensively and defensively to two positions of great need and it would probably still allow them to acquire a big bat in left field. You make this trade, sign a big bat for left field, acquire one more middle reliever and you are seriously in business and you have Chapman for two years and Laureano for 3. It would hurt a little but wouldn’t really detract from the farm system rebuild that is ongoing. This would be a potentially special, special trade and I’m doing it – even if means you have to throw a guy like Vierling or Bailey Falter (or Luis Garcia) in as well.

      1. I don’t know how or why people have become infatuated with Laureano. But if the Phillies don’t see him as an upgrade over the guys they already have, then he’s not a guy they’re going to give up a Painter for, let alone throw in other prospects/players “like Vierling or Bailey Falter (or Luis Garcia)”.

    2. A lot of the trade proposals I see on here are ridiculous and not worth commenting on, so I don’t. But, this one I would do, I like it.

      1. I also like this trade for the Phillies, it fits their window for contention. I’ve thought all along the A’s would be very interested in 5 years of Bohm for 2 years of Chapman. I love Laureano, and even though I rank Painter as the Phillies #1 prospect, I think DD would have to probably throw in another player/prospect (maybe Falter or Maton) to make this happen.

        1. Laureano’s PED red flag diminishes his value somewhat but I would pull the trigger on this if it mitigates the cost in prospect capital. Chapman’s gold glove and power bat would light up CBP. A veteran core in the clubhouse might hopefully keep Laureano honest, not that he would otherwise pose a problem. Positionally, this move makes so much sense for both clubs.

        2. If you had to choose between Falter and Maton, with all due respect to Maton, it’s a no brainer to me. Maton is likely never going to be a starting player. Falter has a range of possible outcomes, but a not insignificant chance of becoming a mid-rotation starter (I think people seriously underestimate his ability) and I’d hate to lose that, so you try to keep him out of the deal. Although, as I type this, I realize Falter is precisely the type of guy Beane would insist upon the Phillies including and I’d still do it with him in the deal, although I might want a lottery ticket back from the A’s as well.

          1. I agree that Falter holds some trade value. I threw/have thrown Maton’s name out there because the A’s are looking to unload Elvis Andrus (and his salary), and will need a young/inexpensive MLB ready SS.

            1. That trade is a no brainer even with Bohm, Painter, Matin, and Falter going to the As for me.

              Thank you Mr. Jim for your work. Now I know I can go here for good updates on the lockout plus all the other great work you do. It has to be at least 10 years I’ve been reading this site and I’m sure it will be another 10 years.

  13. The Athletic has released the results of their Phillies Fans Survey. Thanks to Matt Gelb for pointing out that the team is finally rid of Andy MacPhail (retired in December). For me, that (and no more Klentak) clears the Phillies of some of its’ darkest/at least most boring days of my lifetime. As I’ve mentioned numerous times, the MacKlentak team (sorry to use that term one last time, Jim) was way too vanilla, and certainly were over-matched when it came to competing in the rebuild universe vs Atlanta, Toronto, Chisox, and Padres.

    Among the highlights of the survey:

    * Phillies fans most want to acquire Kris Bryant after the lockout. I voted for Bryan Reynolds. I’d also prefer Michael Conforto to Bryant.

    * How confident are you in John Middleton?
    Unsure 30.7%
    Not very confident 36.3%
    Not confident at all 19.4%
    … ouch! You know Middleton is going to read that survey.
    He also got a lot of criticism for not going past the LTT. Maybe this (and watching Steve Cohen spend like a drunken sailor) lights a fire under him to “do/spend whatever it takes” to push this club into the postseason.

  14. So last night I got really bored working a side job and a buddy of mine challenged me to make a roster of forgotten Phillies. Rules, player has to have played at least 1 game (no more than 2 years on the roster) and has to have played for the Phillies in my lifetime (1985).

    1. Kenny Lofton CF
    2. Howie Kendrick 2B
    3. Michael Young SS
    4. Jose Bautista LF
    5. Lance Parrish C
    6. Ron Gant DH
    7. Todd Zeile 3B
    8. Jeff Conine 1B
    9. Andy Van Slyke RF

    Danny Tartabull OF
    Grady Sizemore OF
    Juan Pierre OF
    Jay Bruce 1B/OF
    Asdrubal Cabrera INF

    1. Pedro Martinez
    2. Fernando Valenzuela
    3. Freddy Garcia
    4. Dave Stewart
    5. AJ Burnett

    Doug Jones

    I’m sure I missed some decent players and I think I might have one or 2 that played 3 years.

    1. Andy Ashby for SP is not a bad one. Him and Schilling were supposed to be 1A & 1B … that definitely didn’t happen. Ashby was such a mental baby from what i recall. Cried his way out of here.

    2. As a Pirate , Andy Van Slyke once said when he went out to center field at the Vet after Lenny Dykstra had been out there for a few innings of a game… was like walking in a toxic waste dump.

    3. I can only go as far back as the 80’s but how about Sid Fernandez Jerry Koosman in the rotation. Mike Easler, Joe Morgan, Tom Herr as some more position players.

    1. Romus, my short analysis of BA’s Top 100. There are not 66 prospects who are better than Stott or will have better careers than Stott, and as much as I like Abel, Painter may be better.

      1. matt13…….I tend to agree with you concerning Stott and where he is placed on their list. There has been a hesitancy since he was drafted at listing high among the projection lists….probably the cautious beliefs of the analysts. I do not know why.
        maybe it was his collegian conference and its lower credentials than conferences like the SEC, PAC12, Big Ten and Big 12….I just do not know why., Jon Mayo’s crew had him at number 9 in his draft year, so they seem to have it right.
        As for Abel and Painter…..I see them as the same at this pont….just want to see more of Painter.

        1. My observation after following BA for years is that they rate players with a standout tool higher than one that is consistent across the board.
          ex. Stott #67 Hit: 55 | Power: 50 | Run: 55 | Fielding: 55 | Arm: 55
          Tyler Freeman #63 Hit: 60 | Power: 40 | Run: 50 | Fielding: 50 | Arm: 50
          Jose Barrio #33 Hit: 50 | Power: 55 | Run: 60 | Fielding: 55 | Arm: 60

          1. Here’s where they ate screwing up on Stott (and probably a lot of other players). What about plate discipline? This is one of the most important tools of all. Stott has like 65/70 plate discipline and this makes him a top 30-40 prospect in my view – it’s what sets him apart from other guys with just standard tools.

            1. Where they “are” screwing up. Sorry, I typed that response from my iphone.

              But, yeah, plate discipline is, by far, one of the most important attributes of a player (far, far more important than a player’s arm for virtually all positions) and, using a now outdated evaluation model, they don’t even attempt to measure the player’s ability to draw walks. As most of us know, if you don’t have even decent plate discipline, you almost certainly will not have a strong big league career. Every organization is littered with these guys and more recent examples include Maikel Franco and Jorge Alfaro.

            2. One more thing on Stott. He has made astonishing and continued progress as a hitter since he started as a freshman at UNLV. Every year as a collegian and as a pro, he’s made steady and significant gains. I wouldn’t bet against this guy. There’s something special about him and it wouldn’t surprise he if developed into an all-star level player. I feel comfortable saying that he’s much, much better than his ranking right now.

            3. Yes, I’ve said repeatedly that Stott has the IT factor. His plate discipline, in game acumen, confidence and pedigree make his profile very encouraging. I see him slashing .275/.375/.475 (OPS .850) with 20 HR power and early career proficiency at SS before sliding to either 2b or 3b.

            4. The plate discipline for me, is a very telling stat on likelihood they will be good. If a player can draw a walk and not lead the league in SOs that is very telling to me

  15. From the NL East

    Marlins have five top 100 prospects
    Mets have three
    Nationals have three
    Braves have three
    Phillies have two

      1. Well … technically you can make the argument that the Phillies have 4 prospects on the BA Top 100 list. They just don’t own all 4 of them anymore. Probably more accurate to say 3, I can’t say the Phillies coaching staff would help unlock Mead’s potential, or Mead discover it all on his own.

        The sliver lining … the Phillies farm system is improving! Just without the guy you don’t want us to mention 🙂

      1. Curt Schilling has 79 WAR – he’s a first class jerk and more but he’s a no doubt about it Hall of Famer. Criminal he isn’t in already.

        1. I think he gets in eventually…”Schilling hit a high water mark of 71.1 percent of the vote last voting cycle and likely would have been a shoo-in for this one, but then he virtually set himself on fire (again).”

          1. Yes, no doubt that Schilling did himself no favors and now that he wants out, who can blame any writer for accommodating him?

            1. Unfortunately politics is now one of the tenets of evaluation for the younger sports writers. There is no argument that carries the day that can explain Schilling isn’t a HOF. He never did PED’S. Younger sports writers hate his politics.. So they vote against him..

            2. Let’s get the baseball merits out of the way first. He is absolutely, positively a HOF player. There’s no legitimate basis to deny him admission based on his playing career. He had 79 WAR during the regular season, which is way more than enough value for admission standing alone and then he had THREE iconic postseason performances including one of the most famous (bloody sock) postseasons ever.

              The politics aspect is disturbing although, in defense of the sportswriters, Schilling seems to go out of his way to alienate people and then he said he didn’t want admission. So he’s done a lot to fan the flames.

        2. Catch, this is to totally agree with your point, and of course Bonds who probably has 300,000 WAR might be in a similar category, but perhaps this also has to do with something that people talk about concerning comparing baseball players from different historic eras. In addition to rules changes, equipment changes, training and resource changes, historically let’s say in the Babe Ruth or of course earlier eras, players did not have to measure up to conduct guidelines, for example Schilling’s transgender comments and muslim/nazi comparisons. Not to condone them in any way just to comment that historically I don’t think HOF voters cared that much. I think this is a change for the better; that now if you are discriminating or lie about gambling(or use corked bats), it could hurt you.

      1. I think MLBPA was concerned…players would have to have two separate domiciles….and then there is the Canadian exchange rates and taxes.

        Sternberg prefers open-air stadium….less cost……but now he may have to have a dome/retractable of some sort.

        Look…Steve Cohen is the richest guy in baseball….almost $15B worth…have him loan the Rays $500M…a non-interest bearing loan, to fund half the ballpark with a roof (city, thru a stadium tax, and team fund the remaining portion)…AND Rays give Mets their Comp Balance Pick (alternating years Round A or B) for the next 5 years.

        1. Phillies will need to find another color guy or gal…assuming LA will want to stay part-time.
          Any suggestions?

  16. I was bored at work and thought what the prospect list we are doing would look like if we only made the order based upon their top ceiling:
    L Garcia
    That would be my list. I don’t know enough about most in rookie level and didn’t include the new international signings. (There are 3 that have my interest with having high upside)

  17. I didn’t know which thread to put this in, but the new #25 poll does not give me the ability to add a comment to cast a vote. I don’t know if anyone else had the same issue.

    1. Sorry, I copied the preceding poll after closing it to comments. It carried the closed comments to the newer copy.

      I opened it back up. Thank you.

  18. Hah! Looking like a surge of sudden Blake Brown fans voting on today’s prospect poll….

    1. Haven’t been voting but today I had to help the cause for Azuaje….Blake Brown? Really? Must be a good looking kid, Romus.

  19. catch … you need to go back to the Fan’s poll and use just two words to vote for Alexeis Azuaje. I don’t think your vote counted in the last poll.

  20. Totally subjective point on my part but I don’t think we should sleep on Matt Vierling. I realize there is little statistical support for this but my hunch is that he may become the Phillies’ Max Muncy. Whatever he might lack in say, the Bryson Stott profile, he has in intangibles. He may wind up being traded under Dombrowski’s watch, and understandably so, but I would hate to lose the productive glue guy that he could become.

    1. mark……his K/BB thru the minors was respectable…18%-K….8%-BB, but his ISO of less than .140 suggest he may be need to have more pop to be a regular everyday player.
      However he does fit all the other categories….field, run, throw and hit for contact….plus positional versatility.

      1. If a DH comes Vierling becomes much more important as he will be in field much more covering for others who get a break from the field. He could also become the starting CF if things fall his way

        1. He could see a lot of playing time ……from collectively playing multiple positions.
          Especially if there are injuries, as is often the case every year.
          Then again, there is also Luke Williams who will be in the mix, and he is able to play all positions, but pitch and catch.

  21. Nothing like a bitterly cold winter’s day to quasi-realistically dream about opening day’s starting lineup behind Zack Wheeler….

    Cody Bellinger 1b
    JT Realmuto c
    Bryce Harper rf
    Kris Bryant lf
    Rhys Hoskins dh
    Bryson Stott ss
    Matt Chapman 3b
    Kevin Kiermaier cf
    Jean Segura 2b

  22. So, you all saw the “Blake-Brown-a-thon” on the previous poll. I don’t like when we get hijacked like that. But, it’s nice to see a player have family support and also carryover support from college.

    Some interesting information about Blake.

    He was signed as a free agent after the 2020 draft. That’s the 5 round draft.

    He was rated #375 in the Baseball America top 500 that year.

    As a senior, he would have had no leverage when signing.

    Brown made his professional debut at High-A Jersey Shore in 2021 and made his final appearance of the season with Double-A Reading.

    Brown faced 184 batters in 41.0 innings in relief. He went 2-1 with a 3.07 ERA and 8 saves. He walked 36 (7.9 BB/9, 19.6%) and struck out 59 (13.0 K/9,32.1%).

    Brown had the same control problems at college at UNC-Asheville.

    If Brown can improve his control, he has a fastball at 97-98 mph and touched 99 mph last season.

    1. Wild Thing….Ricky Vaughn (Charlie Sheen) ‘ Major League’.
      He gets the control under control…Phillies could have a gem.
      I remember 100 Miles Giles had about a 6 or 7 BB/9 @ CLW or Lakewood one year, and he was able to turn it around…fingers-crossed with Mr Brown.

  23. One of our readers posted this in the pool comment section. I thought it was good enough to share here.

    (Jean) “Cabrera is 3-1 with a 1.37 ERA in 11 starts with Rookie-level Phillies White in the Dominican Summer League. He has a 0.85 WHIP and held opponents to a .196 batting average in his first professional season. Cabrera struck out 57 and walked seven in 46 innings. He is the organization’s first 19-year-old Paul Owens Award winner since Carlos Carrasco in 2006.”

  24. Jim … I think you forgot to open the new poll for votes. And yes, I’d be all in for going past a top 30. With the lockout, the baseball talk is running dry, and there are also a number of prospects who aren’t getting the attention they deserve IMO.

    Here are a few:

    Jordi Marinez
    Andrick Nava
    Andrew Baker
    Jared Carr (well … he actually did get some attention)

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