2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #1 Prospect

With baseball at a standstill, only minor league signings being reported, and all possible trade and draft signing scenarios having been dissected ad infinitum, let’s start the Phuture Phillies Readers Top 30 poll.

I decided to NOT use the easier (for me) 90+ prospect poll.  We’ll start with 25 names and I’ll add more as we progress. 


Here are the parameters I reported earlier.  Links to some other polls are included at the bottom.

Eligibility: “To be eligible for a list, a player must have rookie eligibility. To qualify for rookie status, a player must not have exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues, or accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club or clubs during the 25-player limit period, excluding time on the disabled list or in military service.”

Players who exceeded their rookie status during the 2021 season: Nick Maton, Rafael Marchan, Luke Williams, Bailey Falter, JoJo Romero, Connor Brogdon

Notable players who still maintain rookie status: Mickey Moniak, Matt Vierling, Adonis Medina, Hans Crouse, Christopher Sanchez, Damon Jones, Kyle Dohy, Donnie Sands

Players who are gone: Arquimedes Gamboa, Mauricio Llovera, Ramon Rosso, Cornelius Randolph, Edgar Cabral, NIck Fanti, Aneurys Zabala, Rodolfo Duran, Luke Leftwich

Ch -ch-changes

  • The ballot will be all-inclusive with All eligible players will be listed in alphabetical order.  It’s easier for me to remove names than With nothing else going on I have time to create daily polls.
  • Comments will be permitted.
  • I’m not going to ask for individual top 30 lists. I don’t receive enough participation to make collecting them worth it.
  • I reserve the right to set aside any outcome if I determine that anything irregular occurred.
  • In an earlier article, I listed 99 players who I would include in the polling process.  No one complained about who I was including or that I had missed someone.

If you feel I am not going to get to your guy early enough, by all means, ask me to add him in the comments section.

We should be able to get a representative example of how the Phuture Phillies community values and rates our prospects.

Features of this poll include –

  • As mentioned above, the names will be in alphabetical order.
  • The Other option will be OFF.
  • You can choose ONE prospect.
  • Repeat voting is blocked.
  • Results have been hidden in the past.  I may will continue that policy.

Here are some reference polls.

MLB’s Current Phillies Top 30

Baseball America: Abel, Painter, Stott, Rojas, Wilson, O’Hoppe, Crouse, Vierling, Marchan, Muzziotti

Matt Winkelman’s Near End of Season Top Prospects

Mitch Rupert’s Poll (about halfway into the discussion)

Mitch Rupert’s Personal Top Twenty

My Contribution to Mitch Rupert’s Poll 

The 2021 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Top 30 Prospect List (the one I picked).

The 2020 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Top 30 Prospect List (the last one you picked).

And, here’s the 2022 prospect list I suggested a few weeks ago.  About 40 of these guys are not likely to make it to the poll.  So, if there’s someone you absolutely have to see in the poll, put it in the comments.

  1. Abel, Mick
  2. Adams, Mike
  3. Adams, Tyler
  4. Aldegheri, Samuel
  5. Anderson, Aiden
  6. Angulo, Joalbert
  7. Appel, Mark
  8. Armenta, Erubiel
  9. Azuaje, Alexeis
  10. Baker, Andrew
  11. Barboza, Edward
  12. Baylor, Jamari
  13. Brito, Erick
  14. Brown, Ben
  15. Cabrera, Jean
  16. Carr, Jared
  17. Castellano, Eiberson
  18. Crouse, Hans
  19. Dohy, Kyle
  20. Eastman, Colton
  21. Estanista, Jaydenn
  22. Flores, Wilfredo
  23. Flores, Yemal
  24. Friscia, Vito
  25. Garcia, Luis
  26. Garcia, Yhoswar
  27. Goodheart, Matt
  28. Hernandez, Christian
  29. Jefferson, D.J.
  30. Jimenez, Estibenzon
  31. Jones, Damon
  32. Kroon, Matt
  33. Lackney, Nick
  34. Lee Hao Yu
  35. Lee Sang, Marcus
  36. Leverett, Adam
  37. Lindow, Ethan
  38. Lopez, Victor
  39. Lozano, Fernando
  40. Marcano, Rafael
  41. Marconi, Brian
  42. Martin, Casey
  43. Martinez, Jordi
  44. Mayer, Gunner
  45. McArthur, James
  46. McGarry, Griff
  47. McGowan, Christian
  48. McKenna, Jake
  49. McKenney, Alex
  50. Medina, Adonis
  51. Medina, Oswald
  52. Mejia, Adony
  53. Miller, Erik
  54. Minyety, Freylin
  55. Moniak, Mickey
  56. Morales, Francisco
  57. Muzziotti, Simon
  58. Nava, Andrick
  59. O’Hoppe, Logan
  60. Ottenbreit, Micah
  61. Osterberg, Matt
  62. Ortiz, Jhailyn
  63. Painter, Andrew
  64. Pena, Jose
  65. Perez, Rickardo
  66. Phelan, Corey
  67. Pichardo, Kervin
  68. Pipkin, Dominic
  69. Quirion, Anthony
  70. Radcliff, Baron
  71. Reyes, Carlo
  72. Rojas, Johan
  73. Ross, Austin
  74. Russell, Matt
  75. Sanchez, Christopher
  76. Sanchez, Jadiel
  77. Sands, Donny
  78. Schultz, Andrew
  79. Schulze, Brett
  80. Segovia, Eduar
  81. Simmons, Kendall
  82. Singer, Jeff
  83. Stephen, Josh
  84. Stewart, D.J.
  85. Stott, Bryson
  86. Sullivan, Billy
  87. Tonkel, Gavin
  88. Torres, Nicolas
  89. Urias, Manuel
  90. Valdez, Joel
  91. Velasquez, Giuseppe
  92. Viars, Jordan
  93. Vierling, Matt
  94. Warren, Zach
  95. Wetherbee, Jared
  96. Wilson, Ethan
  97. Woodward, J.P.
  98. Yanez, Gabriel
  99. Zarbniskey, Braden


29 thoughts on “2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #1 Prospect

  1. Thank You jim for all the work you do, and, of course, you chose the more difficult, for you, poll. I can’t thank you enough. I just love this site. For me, it’s Stott at #1, based on his closeness to the Majors, and also the fact that I think he can be an impact player even if he ends up at 2B or 3B. I am not giving up on him as a SS.

    1. For me, there’s a top tier of Abel/Painter/Stott/Rojas. Luis Garcia starts the next tier.
      Of the first tier, I rank them:
      1. Painter
      2. Abel
      3. Stott
      4. Rojas

      Painter and Abel are close. They have similar pedigrees (both were the top prep pitcher in America at one time, and had long track records on the summer showcase circuits). Both have great size/projectable bodies. And each have similar ceilings. I give the slight edge to Painter because he has a better history of throwing strikes.

  2. Can’t argue too much with your ranking, Hinkie. I have Painter next for the exact reason you just stated, a better history of throwing strikes. Then Abel and Rojas.

  3. Stott is my #1 with the recent push from reports that he’s worked hard at playing SS and DD challenged him to win a roster spot going north out of spring camp. He may not have the highest ceiling among prospects but his proximity and it factor make him the face of the farm.

  4. I got Stott #1, based off the recent reports that he looks to project well … at SS, along with some other praise. Could easily be Abel or Painter though. I just hope whoever it is … that they actually contribute like a -#1 prospect should. This roster needs cheap young talent that produces more than anything.

  5. The top 3 are pretty close and you could justify ranking them at any of those spots. I had Abel #1 due to the reports of his stuff. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if one these guys turned out to be much better than the other two in the long run. If this had been 3 months ago, I would have had Stott #3 automatically, but dammit, this guy just continues to improve and I toyed with having him at #1 because chances are he’s going to be a solid big leaguer at the worst. If you want to see something impressive check out Stott’s statistics from his college freshman year until now – he just continues to get better and better and better. Who is to say that he won’t be a really super big league player?

    Anyway, after the big 3 I have Logan O’Hoppe at #4, consider me sold there.

    1. And I like Rojas, who has a super high ceiling and has insanely good tools (you could clearly see it in ST last year), a lot, but good defensive catchers who have excellent plate discipline and potentially plus power are rare, rare beasts and O’Hoppe could be just that.

    2. By top 3 I mean Stott, Abel and Painter. I realize others have Rojas in the top 3.

      I rank them Abel, Stott and Painter, next grouping is Rojas, O’Hoppe, L. Garcia, McGarry and Miller. I don’t hate Hans Crouse by any means, but what I saw last year looked like a potential #4 starter – useful, but limited.

        1. McGarry is #7 for me. He’s got a turbo arm. FB hits upper 90s (even deep into outings), and can dominate the top of the zone with it’s vert movement. His SL is another plus pitch. The question with him is … can he throw enough Ks to remain a starter, or does his control deficiencies send him to the BP? Last season at UVA, he lost his spot in the rotation for a while (because he couldn’t find the K-zone), but he returned to the rotation near the end of the season (regionals & CWS) and rediscovered his arm slot. He dominated in his last three outings (17.1 IP, 5 H, 9 BB, 26 K). He rode that wave of success into his first pass through the Phillies system (24.1 IP, 13 H, 14 BB, 43 K between A & A+). He’s already 22 YO. I think he starts next season at Reading.

  6. I always rank on perceived ceilings. For me the two pitchers are 1:2 with Abel ahead for now. I also don’t have Luis Garcia as high as others do but he certainly did better this year. I have O’Hoppe and Rojas at 4:5 but I’m still thinking both could be traded in Feb after the lockout ends to get us a cheaper but very good CF.

    1. Any or all of Abel, Rojas and O’Hoppe may be traded for a CF not named Kiermaier in Feb. I think it entirely depends on who they sign to play LF.

      1. I think both things are possible, a big trade for a good CF making little money and a Schwarber signing for big money.

  7. Stott #1.
    Weighting upside/risk vs proximity & performance is always a challenge. Story’s AFL performance was further demonstration that his proximity & performance outweigh Abel and Painter’s upside at this point. Especially considering Stott was a high 1st rd pick as well.

    Catch, our top 5 may be identical as I also consider O’Hoppe #4 for the same reasons you noted. And he’s another who just keeps performing and improving at every stop up the ladder!

    1. I agree. Since Stott is practically knocking on the door to the majors he tips the the ranking for me over 2 pitchers who have huge upside.

  8. I have Abel as my #1 and Sott second… I don’t have Painter in my top-five because he hasn’t shown me anything yet…A lot of hype though…

      1. Abel really hasn’t shown much yet either, I’m going Stott, Abel, Painter and O’Hoppe. Vierling is one I’m not sure where to place. His exit velocity and athleticism was eye opening.

        1. I always like Vierling….as a 5th rounder out of ND looked like a steal…..and a former Missouri HS Gatorade Player of the Year.
          And his minor league metrics,
          slash 254/320/.388…ISO-,125..BABIP-.308…BB-6%…K-18%..over 700 PAs,
          certainly show he has abilities to be a MLB player,
          maybe as a 4th OFer, plus he also has the physical tools.
          I think for him, as with all, it comes down to consistency in making contact.
          I have him in the 10-15 range.

          1. Actually, Vierling’s aggregate minor league metrics are pretty poor and do not suggest a major league performer. That said, he clearly had a breakout year last year and the other stats are now old (given that he had no stats for 2020). Vierling is an interesting guy. The type of guy the Giants would require in a trade and who could turn out to be a perfectly capable starting outfielder. He’s intriguing for sure and not a bad guy to keep around especially if you get a weak fielding left fielder like Schwarber who could shift mostly to DH if it turns out Vierling is good enough to start (which is not likely, but certainly possible).

            1. I have seen worse and players went onto play in the majors…not as stars but in reserve roles….heck even Freddy of the Phillies for one.,,,,.246/.291/.334..carved out a very nice MLB career.
              What Vierling has going for him bedsides his physical tools….is that slightly above average delta between BB/K

            2. Vierling’s AAA numbers this past season were not very good either, and were a much larger sample than his ML numbers with a .420 BABIP. I have to admit that I’m not a believer and don’t have him in my top 30. I just don’t see it.

          2. Yeah, but Freddy was a middle infield defensive whiz. Not a good comp for Vierling but again, those old stats are almost irrelevant now.

            1. They are both very good defensively at their respective positions….. so they share that trait…..and also versatility, since it appears Vierling will also be able to play the corner infield positions.

  9. Someone on the site mentioned that Vierling was the perfect “Cardinals” prospect and find – I thought that completely captured who he is. I can see him carving out a successful but modest career.

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