2021 Phuture Phillies “Readers” Top 30

We can’t have a season without a Readers’ Top 30.  Since very few of our prospects played last year, there is precious little new information to affect last year’s poll.  I asked you what you thought about a Prospect Poll and we agreed that running one wasn’t worthwhile this year.  However, …

A few weeks ago, I promised to post a Phuture Phillies Top 30.  But, rather than create my own, I have decided to use last year’s outcome as the template for this year’s poll.  I removed the prospects who were traded (like Addison Russ) and condensed everyone forward.  I made very few changes in order except where I felt you guys might have had a change of opinion (based on your comments).  I’m adding new prospects (like the draft picks and J2 signings) roughly where you have traditionally added them.  And, I’ve removed prospects who are no longer prospects (Bohm for one).

So, without further ado, here’s this year’s “Readers” Top 30 with last year’s ranking and some explanations.

  1. Bryson Stott (3)
  2. Spencer Howard (2) – With Alec Bohm’s graduation off the prospect list and the general feeling of discontent over Spencer Howard’s debut, I think the prospects might have switched positions in the poll.
  3. Mick Abel (NR) – This is likely the first deviation.  I’m sure that Abel might have been placed higher in an actual vote, but my aversion to starting a new prospect’s ranking too high won out.  The young man likely hasn’t pitched in a game since his junior year of high school in 2019 but for some innings at Instructs.  After a full season in the minors, I’m sure he’ll be ranked first on merit.
  4. Erik Miller (4)
  5. Rafael Marchan (13)
  6. Mickey Moniak (5) – Moniak didn’t do anything to hurt his ranking, but Marchan impressed Girardi in spring training and that carries a lot of weight with people.  I think Marchan would have made this big jump in the poll this year.
  7. Francisco Morales (6)
  8. Ethan Lindow (8)
  9. Adonis Medina (9) – Medina was pressed into service for one, 4-inning start last September.  After some early jitters, he settled down and retired the final 8 batters he faced.
  10. Luis Garcia (10)
  11. JoJo Romero (11) – Romero made a big impact coming out of the bullpen last season until 2 rough appearances at the end of last season.
  12. Simon Muzziotti (12)
  13. Casey Martin (NR) – Seems like a reasonable place to insert the second round pick, between position players Muzziotti and Rojas.
  14. Damon Jones (14) – Probably a little old at 26-years to be considered a prospect.
  15. Johan Rojas (15)
  16. Logan O’Hoppe (16)
  17. Nick Maton (18)
  18. Kevin Gowdy (19)
  19. Kendall Simmons (20)
  20. Yhoswar Garcia (NR) – Seems like a reasonable place to insert our top J2 pick from 2019,  between position players Simmons and Vierling.
  21. Matt Vierling (21)
  22. Luke Leftwich (22) – Also probably a little old at 26-years to be considered a prospect.
  23. Mauricio Llovera (24) – Llovera made one relief appearance against the Mets in September.  He escaped a bases-loaded, one-out inning, but couldn’t record an out in his second inning, didn’t help that Blake Parker followed up with double/HR.
  24. Starlyn Castillo (26)
  25. Connor Brogdon (27) – Another 26-year-old on the edge of “prospecthood”, but one who opened eyes in his 6 September appearances.  He struck out the side in his last two appearances, both against the World Series runner-up Rays.
  26. Rickardo Perez (NR) – Seems like a reasonable place to insert our top J2 pick from 2020, just ahead of Ortiz.  Maybe a bit high, but he was rated #9 overall by BA.
  27. Jhailyn Ortiz (28)
  28. Baron Radcliff (NR) – Seems like a reasonable place to insert the third round pick, behind Ortiz.
  29. Christopher Sanchez (29)
  30. Jamari Baylor (31)
  31. Josh Stephen (32)
  32. Andrew Schultz (33)
  33. David Parkinson (34)
  34. Colton Eastman (36)
  35. Dominic Pipkin (37)
  36. Zach Warren (39)

Here is the rest of last year’s votes beyond forty – Bailey Falter (38), Kyle Glogoski (37), Juan Aparicio (35), Brett Schulze (33), Rixon Wingrove (29), Ben Brown (24), Gunner Mayer (22), Cornelius Randolph (21), Jonathan Guzman (15), Victor Santos (12), Andrick Nava (8), Wilfredo Flores (7), Edgar Made (5), Jonas De La Cruz (4), Guarner Dipre (4), Josh Hendrickson (4), Alexis Azuaje (3), and Chris Micheles (1).

Here are the guys who were removed from last year’s top 40 with reasons and speculation.

  • Alec Bohm (1) – no longer qualifies as a prospect
  • Connor Seabold (7) – traded
  • Enyel De Los Santos (17) – After visits to the majors in 2018 and 2019, he didn’t get out of the Alternate Camp in 2020.  I think the Phillies have given up on him.
  • Deivy Grullon (23) – DFA-ed, claimed
  • Kyle Young (25) – voluntarily retired
  • Cole Irvin (30) – traded
  • Addison Russ (35) – traded
  • Austin Listi (38) – 27-years-old, recent transactions indicate (to me) that the Phillies no longer see him in their future plans.
  • Darick Hall (40) – 25-years-old, recent transactions indicate (to me) that the Phillies no longer see him in their future plans.
  • Cornelius Randolph (NR) – 24-years-old, recent transactions indicate (to me) that the Phillies no longer see him in their future plans.

FWIW, if I were to do a top thirty, it would look different.

65 thoughts on “2021 Phuture Phillies “Readers” Top 30

  1. Thank Jim, good read. I’d be interested to see your personal top 30 as we all try to refocus our attention back on to our minor leaguers.

  2. I would have Marchan numero uno LOL…He’s about to turn 22 almost a full year younger than Stott

  3. Somewhere in the 25-30 range.
    Aussie 19-year old Chris Burke, LHB OFer, hit decent for Melbourne….one of the youngest in the league….most Phillies’ prospects played on Adelaide, but he played for the Melbourne team. Slashed….242/324/.424 …..with 4 HRs in 74 PAs

    1. Romus when you drive to clearwater, let me know, i need a ride to the newstand for a racing form

  4. Keith Law put his Phillies top 30 on The Athletic. You can’t post it here legally though. All I’ll say is it’s a good read and he has Stott as 1.

  5. Here is Law’sTop 20 without his write-ups. You’ll need to subscribe to the Athletic to see what he says about our prospects and prospects from our eastern division rivals.

    1. Spencer Howard, RHP (Top 100 rank: No. 62)
    2. Mick Abel, RHP (just missed Top 100)
    3. Bryson Stott, SS (just missed the Just Missed List)
    4. Luis Garcia, SS
    5. Simon Muzziotti, OF
    6. Francisco Morales, RHP
    7. Adonis Medina, RHP
    8. Rafael Marchan, C
    9. Casey Martin, SS
    10. Nick Maton, IF
    11. Johan Rojas, OF
    12. Erik Miller, LHP
    13. Kendall Simmons
    14. Enyel De Los Santos, RHP
    15. JoJo Romero, LHP
    16. Damon Jones, LHP
    17. Jhailyn Ortiz, OF/1B
    18. Yhoswar Garcia, OF
    19. Mickey Moniak, OF
    20. C.J. Chatham, SS

    Biggest differences from our list – he still has EDLS, he includes Chatham, otherwise, not too terribly different.

    He considers Howard as in the rotation already, Romero in the bullpen, and Chatham as the utility infielder, so he may have written his write-ups before all the transactions that we expect will affect the active roster.

    1. To me, this list is going to live and die by the outcome of high risk/high reward prospects.

      The first three prospects are pretty solid (although there’s a lot of risk with Howard, sorry to say). After that it’s a grab bag.

      It’s depressing that Muzziotti and Garcia are 4 and 5 – I look at these guys as likely having a ceiling of second division regulars, at least based on their recent performance. Look, they are not horrible prospect, but they are guys you’d like to see ranked like 12-18 on a list like this.

      That said, Morales, Marchan (like what I saw last year), Martin, Rojas, Miller, Simmons, Jones and Garcia all have a possibly high ceiling. If we hit big on two or three of those guys, suddenly the list looks a lot better.

      1. An interesting list would be the highest ceiling list, regardless of risk. Top 10?
        Abel, Howard, Morales, Stott, L Garcia, Simmons, Ortiz, Rojas, Y Garcia, Martin ??

          1. We only differ on Miller v Ortiz other than the ranking. I chose Ortiz because he’s a legit power hitter. If he figures out how to make more contact, he’s a middle of the order hitter. Possibly the only one in our system.

    2. Ortiz ahead of MM is a head scratcher. Baylor hasn’t recorded any games since the season we drafted him he was a raw tools kid I had hoped we would see in this list by this season.

      Now 20 and 2 seasons development time lost odds are long he catches up

      I’ll give the Muzz more credit than a Tocci comp and lean more towards an Ender comp.

      1. DMAR…agree on Muzziotti…..as a LHB, with good speed, he should be able to maintain an above average BABIP…..makes good contact, so BA/OBP should play…SLG probably not so much, though he probably will be able to leg out doubles and triples to boost an ISO rating
        Inciarte has always been my comp for him….though one of the Sox scouts had him 5 years ago as an Jacoby Ellsbury comp…that may have been a little too ambitious..

    3. Jim did Brogdon and Rosso play in enough games or pitch so many innings they are no longer regarded as prospects? Moniak and Romero had multiple appearances. Just wondering. Thanks.

  6. Luis Garcia and Francisco Morales seem to be players with a high ceiling and star level talent. Hoping they reach those ceilings. Also, Kendall Simmons has the tools to be a player and I hope he has a breakout season. Only negative about Mick Abel is simply the small % of HS Pitchers making it. I think he is going to be really good.

  7. FYI – Spring Training invite list is out. Herrera is on it plus a few other interesting minor league names. Not on it is Listi who I guess has been passed by (Hall is on it though).

  8. My top 30 is Gunner Mayer 22

    I know not fair, ‘cause I am his Grandmother, but I do agree with the list of 30 and thanks for this great up to date information, we are starved for any Baseball. We just want to have Baseball back.

    New Phillis Fan

    1. You go girl…your vote counts as much as anyone else.
      Now make sure you tell your grandson you put your vote in for him on the site here.

    2. Welcome Jackie. If you can share what was 2020 like for Gunner, how did he stay in shape, stay sharp and continue to prepare for his next pro start?

      Without knowing when or where that might take place!

    3. Hi Jackie, I actually met and talked to Gunner’s father the summer he was drafted. He gave me some insight into the parent of a prospect experience as well as Gunner’s strengths. I think I saw him pitch on 3 occasions.

    4. Jackie … thanks for posting. I actually have your grandson at #17 (just behind Dominic Pipkin and just in front of Starlyn Castillo) on my Phillies prospect list. Lots of upside for Gunner!

  9. Welcome, Jackie, We have Spencer Howard’s and Micky Moniak’s Dad on here. You are the first Grandmother that I know of. I will now root extra hard for Gunner, and look forward to seeing him play at CBP.

  10. Hey everyone! Been lurking for a while just trying to learn more about the Phillies. I probably won’t comment much, but I love the discussions!

    1. Welcome aboard and we’re all excited to see your son pitch. Many of us go to spring training each March but this year won’t see most of us. The people on here are big fans of the guys and only want the best for them but are also very knowledgeable.

        1. Welcome to Phuture Phillies, Mr, Abel. I didn’t get to meet your son or see him pitch due to the restrictions during Instructs. But, I did see him retrieving foul balls down the left field during one of the three Saturday games they played on Roberts Field rather than in the stadium. From beyond the center field fence, he appeared to be a big kid, built like a tight end. By the way, ball retrieval is one duty of pitchers during games. Bat/ballboy/scorekeeper/pitch tracker/velocity recorder are a few others.

          Your observation regarding the flow of information out of Clearwater is a lament I’ve heard from all of the parents with whom I’ve spoken. I don’t know why parents aren’t kept better informed, especially those whose sons are just out of high school.

          However, it’s not just the organization. I’ve been told that even the reports I file on basic drills and mundane workouts are more than most of the parents can get out of their sons. Hopefully, I can get back inside the Complex soon, and provide the type of reports that I have in the past.

          1. Mr. Abel … Thanks for following, and now posting. It’s exciting that the Phillies finally drafted a high end prep pitcher with their first round pick. I’m hoping they might go back to back prep arms with this summer’s 1-13 selection. I think it would be helpful for your son to have another kid like him travel thru the farm system together. Andrew Painter, Chase Petty, or Anthony Solometo are all candidates (for me) to be taken at 1-13. Petty and Solometo are local kids from South Jersey (Petty was actually born in Millville). Does Mick know any of the three from the summer showcase events?
            Anyway … best of luck to your son. Hope to see him throwing at CBP in the not too distant future.

    2. Welcome Nick…and looking forward to seeing your son pitch.
      From all reports he did well in the fall instructs.

      1. I think its great that the parents are on here, I must do whats right, I am Romus son, i am from his days in alabama. i am a Air Force kid

        1. rocco…..I am proud of you….as any father would be, who’s son knows the horses as well as you do. 🙂

            1. So funny. Rocco must have left Bama early in life. Every kid said that. One of the lasting memories of my time there.

  11. Does anyone know if Hsin-Chieh Lin is still in the Phillies system? Didn’t see any transactions listed for him in 2020…

    1. Wonder if he had to return to Taiwan after March 2020 ……maybe they are on Visas that could be extended last summer.
      But they was no mention of a release in the write-ups three weeks ago……and turns 22 next month , so still young in the system.
      But I am curious also….he has good size 200 lbs or more, and does have good stuff at last reports…..FB velo91-94T95, with apparently a good downward tilt split FB
      Was not listed in fall instructs….so assume he remained in Taiwan.


      1. I think he’s a sneaky good prospect. Seems pretty polished for a teen (at the time of this video). Also has pretty good movement on his pitches.

        1. BTW … the second kid mentioned in the tweet above (Hsu Chi-Ling) also ended up signing with the Phillies.

    2. Yes, he was assigned to Williamsport after a dynamic two innings pitched for Clearwater in 2019. He dropped off the map this weekend along with all the Crosscutters who were lopped off the Williamsport roster. Their transactions haven’t posted, but their status is Assigned to New Team/Level

      I’m pretty sure I explained this in the Open Discussion. And by pretty sure I mean know.

  12. Jackie, Neil, and any other players or their families who may be among our audience,

    I want to pass along that the only Twitter account associated with Phuture Phillies is my account – @jimpeyton19 . The account titled Phuture Phillies belongs to a former editor here. I have been approached by parents complaining about some of his tweets. They are not in any way representing Phuture Phillies. I wish he would have given it to the site when he left.

    The @jimpeyton19 account is my personal account. But, I created it for the sole purpose of following Phillies/baseball information. I use it to disseminate articles as I write them. I also use it to report some GCL action in-game. I use it during Threshers’ games to a lesser extent since there are restrictions on media members doing so.

    If you want to contact me personally, mention it in the comments section and I will contact you through the email account attached to your name..

    1. Jim, it was right when you were taking over this site that I first discovered it years ago. I am so impressed with all the info you provide and have provided over the years to all of your readers. Just a truly great job.

  13. Welcome Mr. Abel. I think we are all big fans of your Son. Cannot wait to see him pitch. How excited is he to get back out there? It’s been a long year.

  14. I concur with all others wishing welcome to all parents and grandparents. It is so awesome for your kids and grandkids to have a chance to realize the dream they have all had. I have a 14 year old grandson who plays on the top travel circuit in our state. Time will tell how he develops but I know like yours he has the same dream. Welcome aboard.

  15. Love the Tony Watson signing. It adds proven left-handed depth to the bullpen. As Cal Dreaming has pointed out, DD is relentless in his efforts to improve the roster.

    1. I find DD’s approach very interesting. Knowing the competitive nature of professional athletes, he is challenging them to take a minor league contract for a chance of higher pay if they succeed in making the MLB roster. It seems that at least some of those who believe in themselves are taking that risk rather than playing safe and going for the lower-risk guaranteed but less valuable MLB deal.

  16. Mr H … your son makes the list at #33
    Mr A … your son debuts at #95

    BTW … I think Bryson Stott is being overlooked on these lists.

    1. I’m still here!
      Several negative comments (not on PP) kept me off Phillies sites for a while but this is a new season and I’m excited to get it started! It’s amazing how much reporting is based on speculation without knowing the facts.

      1. I’m glad you’re still here, Mr. H. Sorry you’ve had to read negative comments on other sites. I think “most” posters here remain positive and respectful when it comes to Spencer and all the other Phuture Phillies. As a matter of fact, Jim would probably ban anyone who wasn’t.
        I’m not sure if it was you or Matt Moniak who once posted here that they were warned the media and fans can be tough in Philadelphia. I hope you’re able to look past the ignorant fans, and enjoy the ride with your Spencer. And who knows … with any luck … this season, we may get to see you sitting in CBP for one of your son’s starts.

        1. It was very early on, maybe just after the draft that Spencer was told what to expect from the fans in Philly. Love the passion but don’t like the negativity. It’s the California in me I guess. Love seeing the dad’s on here and I am so looking forward to not just watching Spencer pitch but baseball in general. I’d go watch a local high school game right now if I could…

        2. I think you would all be surprised how often parents ask me about Phillies’ fans. That seems to be the one constant concern among families. Of course, I tell them that Phillies fans are nice. So, yeah, I lied. 😉

  17. At this point I think it is good to reach out to guys who might have that good season to move the needle some. Guys who are proven in the past at least give the opportunity. Hopefully team can hit on a few. Seems in recent years lots of swing and misses. Maybe DD can spin some of his magic. Think if BP can just get to average it will mean a big jump for team.

  18. Hi all. I’m still here. Mark Singer–Jeff’s dad. Love the sight. I know my son is behind the 8-ball with getting to the bigs but he’s still working hard and waiting for the chance to sink or swim. I know he’s not a prospect but i’m a proud dad for what he’s done so far in his career. T o you other dad’s you always have to expect some negative before the positive. This is Philly baseball and have diehard fans who want nothing more then to see our Phillies win. They also deep inside want success for all our kids. Best of L:uck this year

    1. Mr. Singer … when it comes to LHPs, anything can happen. Your son may not make top 30 lists, but that doesn’t mean he won’t some day get a shot (whether it’s in his hometown or with another club. Just look at Garrett Cleavinger.

      BTW … the same goes for your son Mr. Parkinson, and for Jake Hernandez and Zach Warren.

    2. Very well said. It takes so much commitment by so many to get to the point your son is presently. I love your comment about still working hard and how proud you are. One never knows when that moment may happen. Sometimes the ultimate break comes out of the blue. Best of luck to you and your son.

  19. I too have been reading here for a while, don’t often have time for all the comments, however. I do enjoy the articles and information given, was especially helpful when we were still learning about the Phillies organization. Wishing we could be in Clearwater, but not likely to be this time around. Looking forward to some baseball, that’s for damn sure! Yes, David’s dad…

    1. Like to see your son get the opportunity this season in the majors….he undoubtedly would have, if not for the 2020 situation…he was eventually targeted for LHV in 2020, since he had the 22 starts in Reading in ’19 and he was progressing very well thru the system.
      I do think GMs, especially the older ones like Dave Dombrowski, when they see a guy in his mid-20s blocked at their club’s big league level, do look around to see if an opportunity may exist with another club and who may have interest, of course outside their division or league …and see if there can be an equal exchange of needs.

  20. Ty for the kind words. Jeff being undrafted free agent puts him behind most guys , that we know. He just gets frustrated-but still being around keeps him going. We understand how the politics work but still get frustrated but hope either gets his shot here or somewhere else. Being from Philly we would love it to happen here but now it’s a business and he feels he can compete anywhere. He has my full support or I would have told him to move on. Gotta believe-this opportunity doesn’t come around to too many people Good luck to everyone.

    1. Mr Singer … if it helps … Larry Bowa was also an undrafted FA.
      Sometimes, dreams do come true.

  21. Kiley McDaniel of ESPN put out his Phillies Top 10:

    1. Spencer Howard, RHP, 50 FV (44)
    2. Mick Abel, RHP, 50 FV (108)
    3. Rafael Marchan, C, 45+ FV (121)
    4. Bryson Stott, SS, 45+ FV (146)
    5. Luis Garcia, SS, 45 FV
    6. Francisco Morales, RHP, 45 FV
    7. Mickey Moniak, CF, 45 FV
    8. Simon Muzziotti, CF, 45 FV
    9. Adonis Medina, RHP, 45 FV
    10. Johan Rojas, CF, 40+ FV

    You can see that the first four are ranked in his Top 150. His next four are JoJo, Simmons, Baylor and Martin.

    Couple of tidbits:

    “Moniak probably won’t live up to the hype of being a No. 1 pick, but he has solid average tools . . . and will be a big leaguer of some consequence.”

    “Medina . . . there’s enough here for a back-end starter.”

    “Rojas is my breakout pick for the system . . . has plus raw power, speed and arm strength in a center-field profile”

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