Final Phuture Phillies 2020 Readers Top 30

The final 5 slots have been filled by #36 Colton Eastman (66 votes), #37 Dominic Pipkin (54), #38 Austin Listi (47), #39 Zach Warren (46), and #40 Darick Hall (40).

Here is the rest of the voting – Bailey Falter (38), Kyle Glogoski (37), Juan Aparicio (35), Brett Schulze (33), Rixon Wingrove (29), Ben Brown (24), Gunner Mayer (22), Cornelius Randolph (21), Jonathan Guzman (15), Victor Santos (12), Andrick Nava (8), Wilfredo Flores (7), Edgar Made (5), Jonas De La Cruz (4), Guarner Dipre (4), Josh Hendrickson (4), Alexis Azuaje (3), and Chris Micheles (1).

Final Results

  1. Alec Bohm
  2. Spencer Howard
  3. Bryson Stott
  4. Erik Miller
  5. Mickey Moniak
  6. Francisco Morales
  7. Connor Seabold
  8. Ethan Lindow
  9. Adonis Medina
  10. Luis Garcia
  11. JoJo Romero
  12. Simon Muzziotti
  13. Rafael Marchan
  14. Damon Jones
  15. Johan Rojas
  16. Logan O’Hoppe
  17. Enyel De Los Santos
  18. Nick Maton
  19. Kevin Gowdy
  20. Kendall Simmons
  21. Matt Vierling
  22. Luke Leftwich
  23. Deivy Grullon
  24. Mauricio Llovera
  25. Kyle Young
  26. Starlyn Castillo
  27. Connor Brogdon
  28. Jhailyn Ortiz
  29. Christopher Sanchez
  30. Cole Irvin
  31. Jamari Baylor
  32. Josh Stephen
  33. Andrew Schultz
  34. David Parkinson
  35. Addison Russ
  36. Colton Eastman
  37. Dominic Pipkin
  38. Austin Listi
  39. Zach Warren
  40. Darick Hall

I’m not as concerned with the poll results as I was earlier when there were questions.  I checked some things and there can be an argument for inclusion for all who were questioned.  Maybe not a good one for some of you, but that’s the way I’m going to handle it (or not handle it).  If you still have concerns, make suggestions and become part of the solution when I address future polls at a later date.  Otherwise we’ll just have to live with these anomalies each year.

FWIW, if I were to do a top thirty, it would look a lot different.

16 thoughts on “Final Phuture Phillies 2020 Readers Top 30

  1. Jim, I would like to see your top 30 but I can appreciate why you wouldn’t/couldn’t. In any case, thanks for your labors.

  2. Hall squeezed in there at 40……Jay Floyd had him at 18…assume Fangraphs and the BP guys will have him again in the 60s or 70s.
    This year has to be critical for him…..though he may have to make his mark in the majors with another club.

  3. After the top 3 its pretty much a crapshoot! I enjoyed participating and many thanks to Jim for al his work

  4. Bohm and Howard are as good a 1-2 as I can remember, but our midrange talent is lower than previous years. We do have many lotto tickets who could still pan out.

    As always, I’m hopeful. Good luck, Phuture Phillies!

  5. Agreed. The opinions of folks like Jim and Jay who are dedicated to closely following the Phillies minor leagues, often in person, are greatly valued and appreciated. Thanks for your work Jim, and to everyone for participating with your informative (well, sometimes) opinions.

  6. I’m looking forward to following this list this year. Could this finally be the year that some of these lottery/ Latin America guys turn into stud prospects?
    Morales, Garcia, Rojas, Simmons or some others?

    1. To be fair with the FO, they started putting $$ in IFA for the last 5+ years so it’s about time that the Phillies hit some diamonds in LA market. Big $ Ortiz is the big ticket with a big bust risk written all over it. The Phillies paid for Ortiz’s raw power but it Ortiz cannot hit the ball, he cannot tap into that raw power.

      I have higher hope with the other big $ signing like Morales, Luis Garcia and Starlyn Castillo since they have higher floor. Johan Rojas created so much traction in 2019 and I do hope that the Phillies finally got an uber young prospect in Rojas who can climb up the minors and be the version of Acuna/Soto. Then, there’s Marchan, Aparicio, Nic Torres, Silva, Santos and a bunch of aussie and non-latin in the lower minors who hopefully, don’t fizzle out after A+.

      1. “and be the version of Acuna/Soto.”

        And therein lies a problem. Followers of the Phillies’ minor league players ( I don’t mean you KK or anyone in particular), are so hungry for our own Acuna or Soto that they rush to high expectations too quickly. And, then criticize the player for not living up to their expectations regardless of the circumstances.

        It was done here last season with Luis Garcia. In spite of my reports that his hitting was kind of lucky, he was voted top 5 in the poll. Then when he was sent to Lakewood as one of the youngest players in the league and failed to hit like he did in the GCL, he was immediately labelled a bust.

        We don’t often (ever?) get the top international players, so it’s unlikely we’re going to have the top Latin American players in the minors. Our miss rate is going to be high. And, our hits are more likely to be just serviceable players. But we can continue to hope.

  7. Thanks for all your hard work, jim. I think there are a number of prospects who can make a big jump this year. I am anxious to see who does.

  8. It’s always been a roller coaster for us Phillies fans following the success and regression of the prospects in the farm. Some prospects go up and some go south and goes on like that year after year. My hope is that some of the other high upside prospects (outside of Bohm, Howard and Stott) just break out and don’t look back —- if Erik Miller, Francisco Morales, Luis Garcia, and Logan O’Hoppe will do that — the state of the current farm will improve significantly.

  9. It’s really a shame what has happened to C Randolph: I wonder if any of the baseball sources have him in a top 30 for the Phillies?

    1. Based on his profile alone, that was a poorly made selection in 2015. Tony Gwynn 2.0 was never there from the beginning. No speed, no glove, moderate power at most, and a bat that only shadows a classic lefty swing.

    2. The Randolph is really a head scratcher considering the draft position and the Randolph’s potential/limitation. The Randolph pick was mainly tied up to Randolph’s hit tool (not power and not his SS position at that time). It’s looks OK on his 1st year but the hit tool and plate disciple started to unravel as Randolph faced better competition. Eventhough the Phillies farm is considered one of the 10 weakest in the league, Randolph will not sniff close to any Phillies Top 30.

      Randolph is not the only Top 10 bust but that 1.10 pick in 2015 could really help the current team compete right now.

      1. KuKo…..from what I understand……Happ was Ruben’s choice…but Theo nabbed him at nine… they scrambled and took their next best choice. That is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Not a great draft for first rounders after CRan…Soroka after CRan may be the best.

        1. Reminiscent of the 2014 NFL Draft when Howie caught sleeping on his pants thinking that WR Cooks and/or DB Clinton-Dix will fall in his lap on pick 1.22 until NO grab Cooks and GB jumped over PHI to draft Ha-Ha and forced Howie to trade down and end up drafting Marcus Smith because he came unprepared…

          2015/2016 draft could be provided the Phillies the depth and cheap talent they need right now. Oh well….but it looks like the 2017 class will hopefully make up for the 2015/2016 class….

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